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RTX Sydney RvB Panel Highlights

They’re not giving us anything for 15 yet. What we do know is:

  • It will be a continuation of the last storyline
  • Miles is no longer writer/director, someone who wrote for S14 has been selected
  • Burnie thinks this person “gets” the character’s voices

  • Miles says he’ll never tell what he thinks happened on the Staff of Charon, but the new person can do whatever they like
Season 14 stuff:
  • Miles spent like 80% of the budget on the Mercs Trilogy

  • Niner was supposed to get an episode, got cut for time reasons

  • It was confirmed again that there is audio footage of a drunk recreation of episode 2 somewhere

  • Gus hated filming the live action crossover episode because he had to be up late

  • The official ship name for Sarge/Grif is “Blood Orange”
  • Joel wants Caboose to get laid

  • Burnie wishes he’d been able to do more with Junior

  • Miles can do pretty much every character’s voice
  • They are really sick of people asking them “ever wonder while we’re here”, seriously guys, stop it. 

(video can be found here)


DC Challenge 52|| Week 14: A character you have fought someone about

↳ Stephanie Brown is a Robin.
I have fought twice about the question if Stephanie was a ‘real’ Robin or not. Spoiler alert: she was!

+Actual text from Batman #633:

Stephanie Brown: Was it any of it real? Was I ever really Robin?
Batman: Of course you were

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so what do we know about the hollstein theme? like i havent rly seen anyone talk about it but i dont remember a musical theme for them in there? and if there was, do you know what it was?

I haven’t seen any official confirmation from any of the Carmilla peeps.

However, my guess is that it’s the music that begins to play towards the end of this scene (timestamp 12:13):

and continues on with the montage of Toronto and them snuggling on the bed.

That’s the most likely choice because it’s the only significant background music that re-appears in the film and Steph explained during the panel at NYCC that their theme would appear a couple times throughout it. Plus, it only ever plays when it’s with Hollstein.

(it plays again towards the end with Laura and Carmilla)

So, this is my guess.


2017 San Diego Comic Con Panel | Stargate Origins


everybody said: don’t go any higher
never push the limits and don’t play with fire
uh-uh, fuck that, i can do anything

Stephanie Brown: Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl, defender of eggplant, not one to give up when there’s still hope (and there’s always room for hope in this business).

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What are your reccs for jaybirb

Okay you didn’t specify what kind of recs you wanted so [cracks knuckles] here we go:


Here’s a masterpost with pretty much all of his appearances, and here’s another one w working links in case you cant afford comics (if you want to buy them check websites like comixology)

I personally enjoyed: 

> His robin run (both pre crisis and post crisis, but you don’t have to necessarily read both of them. You can skip pre crisis as he starts fresh on his post crisis run, but i think prec!jason is v cute and loved reading it.) (what does post and pre crisis mean? Well jason used to exist right? But then where was a reboot, the crisis thing, where his backstory, origin and personality completely changed. Which is why you don’t necessarily have to read pre-reboot, but as I said is a kinda fun read. You can skip it and read it later when you’re more familiar with the timeline and stuff, or not at all.)

  • Pre crisis— Batman #357-#400 / Detective Comics  #524-#567 / Batman #401-403 
  • Post crisis— Batman #408-#425Detective Comics #568-#582 / Blue Devil #19 / Action Comics #556, #594 / Batman Annuals #10-#13 / Superman Annual #11/ New Teen Titans #18- #21, #24, #26-#31 / Nightwing Year One #101-#106 / The Cult #1-#4 / DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s 
  • and if you want to be dead inside, read the aftermath of his death and Deadman - Dead Again  #1-#4

> As Red Hood:  his appearances on  Batman: Under the Red Hood* /  Red Hood: The Lost Days / Green Arrow #69-#72 / Outsiders #44-#46 / Li'l Gotham #2, #10, #12, #17, #20, #21, #24 / and Tiny Titans #23, #29, #33, #39, #45, #47 / Countdown to Final Crisis #51 - #1 I know! i seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff! I personally didn’t like the rest of his appearances on other comics, but you can give it a shot ofc. 

*When i say Batman: Under the Red Hood i mean the trade, which includes Batman #635-641, #645-50 / Batman Annual #25 / Batman #618 (Hush arc)

> N52: n52 is a freaking mess. In my opinion Jason is badly written 24/7 but i guess i still enjoyed some stuff. 

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws / Red Hood-Arsenal are terrible, but….. I love the relationship between Roy, Jason and Kori so i could… rec it. Don’t have a lot of expectations for it and you’re cool to go. 
  • I can’t remember a lot of Batman & Robin but if my memory serves me right, theres a panel where Jason catches Damian with his fucking hips so theres that + Bruce is also an asshole to Jason in #20 ( #10-#12, #17, #20, #33- #37)
  • Batman Eternal was.. okayish too, if you don’t mind the Jason x Barbara, some ooc stuff, and Bruce being an asshole to Jason. Basically if you were okay with rhato, read this, you have nothing to lose.  ( #10-#12, #15, #18-#20, #25-#26, #28)
  • Batman and Robin Eternal had their good fleeteing moments, but mostly is just cringe worthy, i wouldn’t rec it at all tbh but theres one (1) panel with steph and jason together so…. (And the Cass/Harper is p neat)
  • He was pretty cool on the Robin War event (here’s a checklist and more info
  • I also enjoyed him on: DC universe Presents #17 (which is Roy Centered but has some good Jason panels) / Supergirl #35 / Grayson #12, #15 / Deathstroke #15-16 were okaish / Secret Origins #5 / Batman/Superman Annual #1 / 

> Rebirth: so far only Red Hood and the Outlaws, which surprisingly is pretty good so i’d rec reading it. Not as ooc and bad written as everything else the white demon has ever created.

> Other: some alternative universes! / didn’t know where to put them

> + If you want details about each comic check this list

> + A longer list i made for dailyjasontodd here

Blogs that post about Jason (but general dc too)

> Personal blogs:

@strategichomelanddivision, @theunavenged@arkhmknights@jeisontodd, @jasonsstodd, @jacontodd, @panroyharper, @jasonptodd, @unhoods, @jasontoddwayne, @jascntoddz, @stepnaniebrown, @midniter, @clarklent, @jasoncorpsedotcom, @mid-nighter, @gaybrd, @arsenalsjaybird, @ace–jace

> Kinda fansites:

@fuckyeahjasontodd, @jaytoddfacts, @dailyjasontodd

Blogs that make amazing Jason Fanart and whom i would die for (some are more dc general )

@starfleetbabe, @11thsense@spaceshiro, @m4stry, @mayhw@kalireyno@dapandabanda, @kaylabeemarie, @mrjasontodd, @blackstephaniebrown

Fics (bold are fics that haunt me to this day and that is a must read if u love jason okay)

> More rec lists:  Jayroy Fics |  Dc Gen Fics (Jason Centered) | angst Jason fics

* (please check this one out)


He appears on:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight (videogame)
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood (movie)
  • Nightwing Webseries 
  • Justice League Adventures: Trapped In Time (okay fine i don’t know if thats Jason 100% but sue me, thats actually totally him i’m sorry. I mean, look at this & this, that’s Jason my guys)
  • Some people say he could be X from Teen Titans. (Season 3, Episode 2 & Season 5, Episode 9)

> More links:

And i think that’s pretty much it!💕💕

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OMGGGGGG I HAD A MIGRAINE WHAT DID I MISSS WE HAVE AN AIR DATE OMGGG WE HAVE A TITLE WOOOAHHHH I can't process :O the abominable bride ahhh did I miss the meta storm on that my dash looks suspiciously calm what is going on


Here’s the official announcement here.

And they basically meta’d in the panel here.

And why release them simultaneously…

There’s a theory here.

And My theory here.

And a theory on which story the special is adapting here.

And Here.

And here’s an officially released photo here.

And BBCOne’s photos on their website here.

And some hi res promo photos here.

And these beautiful closeups here.

And the Theatrical poster here.

And the main released photo here. 

And With a Title on it Here.

And this realization here.

And this lovely manip here.

And this beautiful manip too.

And John’s pretty gorgeous.

And the trailer was re-released with an airdate on it here.

And the twitter posts about the panel here.

And a beautiful song here.

And an introspection here.

And now you are all caught up :D Did i miss anything, Friends?

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OH MY GOD I wasn't ready for this trailer AT ALL. I was expecting Uncle Sherlock or something lighthearted and we got this horrific trailer. They weren't joking, it is dark indeed. I thought HLV was too much for my heart and now this seems to be 1000x more painful. The atmosphere is soo different. I am sorry for whining but none of my friends are tjlcers and I cannot cope with this rn. Even thinking s4 is closing in, despite the obvious hype I feel this is too early. Jesus Christ this teaser.

YOU AND ME BOTH NONNY. Fucking Christ I can’t sit still right now. My heart is pounding and I really need to pee.

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Anonymous said:
do you think that Bruce had adopted Damian if they weren’t blood related?

I’m gonna go with a strong no on that one, actually. Bruce wasn’t real interested in Damian until he didn’t have any other choice but to be– it was Dick, not Bruce, that let Damian into the family. That happened while Bruce was fake dead, so he had to accept it once he got back, and the first part of Bruce and Damian’s relationship was really rocky.

Does Bruce care about Damian now? Yes, absolutely. No question about it. But I don’t think he would have gotten to that point if Dick hadn’t intervened. Bruce met Damian when he was eight, and Damian didn’t become Robin (under Dick) until he was ten. That’s two years where Bruce knew Damian existed but still chose to leave him with the League of Assassins (ask me about my bitterness!!).

So no, I don’t think Bruce would have adopted him

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