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So as you may know the last few days I’ve been sending as many writers kind messages to encourage them and remind them how talented and special they are. This happened because I was sick of seeing so many people thinking it’s okay to send hateful and hurtful anonymous messages to fanfiction writers.

Writing fanfiction is hard. It’s hard to get characterizations right and there is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with what you write. People will always be there to hate your story, to tell you that it sucks or that you didn’t write the character the way they imagine them to be. It’s tough but we do it because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us! 

Of course there are many people sending writers wonderful messages and that always makes fanfic writers feel like they are doing something worthwhile. But unfortunately people also send writers horrible messages, because they are able to and have easy access to do this.

So I would like to start a movement, the #bekindtowriters movement. This movement is for all fandoms, please spread this to all fanfic writers! This is all I ask:

  • Send your favourite fanfiction writers (on anonymous or not) something kind. Tell them you love them, tell them you loved a certain piece they wrote or anything just be nice
  • Leave comments on a fic that you enjoy and say that you enjoy it. 
  • Writers you are also encouraged to send kind messages to your fellow writers to encourage them! 
  • If you do receive some love from someone, tag it with the hashtag #bekindtowriters 
  • Just spread love and happiness to everyone who do really lovely things and don’t deserve to be attacked. 
  • If hateful or hurtful messages are sent to your inbox delete them

Please spread this. I am trying to spread kindness to as many people as I can but I can’t do this alone. Help me wipe out the hateful people and start to be kind to everyone. Build up the community you are in and care for them. 


a little something i came up with a few nights ago while riding a bus


You are the only person like yourself on this planet
You are the color of your eyes glistening in the sunlight before the sun finally disappears beyond the horizon
You are the feeling of your hair with a spring’s wind whipping through it
You are the chill of the ocean water on your skin the first time going to the beach
You are the creamer invading your favorite coffee in the morning and leaving its milky trace along the brown
You are the darkness of your bedroom at night
You are your voice when caught off guard
You are your favorite nail polish
You are your very first favorite band
You are the guilty pleasure songs blaring through your radio that you refuse to like
You are the warmth of summer
You are the gentle drizzle of spring
You are the brisk breeze flowing through autumn
You are the cold chill of winter
You are the seat you sit in at your dinner table
You are your favorite pair of shoes
You are the sayings that you repeat each day
You are the feeling of being in a crowd of people
You are the rushing of a train passing by when on your way to somewhere in the city
You are the foods you know you can cook
You are the photos of items you find intriguing

You are you
Nothing can change that
And god dammit, if you cannot find anything positive about yourself please read this and remind yourself that self positivity is not only physical.

It comes from within,
From within you.

  • not a child
  • not evil
  • isn’t stupid
  • (seriously, she is probably the most educated character in the series; she can recite the entirety of known elven history)
  • is right about eluvians
  • is unaware of human cultures bc she’s most likely never met a human before Duncan, and even him she knew for like five minutes so it’s understandable 
  • bad with people bc she was isolated as a child (it’s implied that Mahariel and Tamlen were basically her only friends)
  • according to Solas at least, she’s right about blood magic being only as evil as the purposes they’re used for
  • is very proud, that’s true. she’s arrogant at times, but it’s not like she’s the only character in the series with that trait
  • is perfectly willing to accept the consequences of her own actions, but due to low self esteem and self-worth she doesn’t understand that other people would be affected by them
  • is incredibly gifted magically; she mends a corrupted, shattered Eluvian, rebuilding it and cleansing it
  • this potentially means that Merrill will be able to apply her study of the mirror to curing the Blight
  • still isn’t a kid
comment advice

a) one shots are often one shots for a reason, think carefully before leaving that “aww, why is this only one part? :(” comment with absolutely no other feedback

b) the comment “more” is officially banned, I don’t care if you add “please”, if you’re going to say “more”, you are required to list at least one (1) moment that you liked in the fic and construct at least one (1) compliment or keysmash. 

c) if you harass people about update schedules, you’re an asshole

d) honestly I know we talk about the importance of leaving comments and feedback, but comments that are just demands for more content are honestly so discouraging that it’s pretty much negative feedback. We just created this thing for you, and you’re basically telling us it’s not good enough.

RTX Sydney RvB Panel Highlights

They’re not giving us anything for 15 yet. What we do know is:

  • It will be a continuation of the last storyline
  • Miles is no longer writer/director, someone who wrote for S14 has been selected
  • Burnie thinks this person “gets” the character’s voices

  • Miles says he’ll never tell what he thinks happened on the Staff of Charon, but the new person can do whatever they like
Season 14 stuff:
  • Miles spent like 80% of the budget on the Mercs Trilogy

  • Niner was supposed to get an episode, got cut for time reasons

  • It was confirmed again that there is audio footage of a drunk recreation of episode 2 somewhere

  • Gus hated filming the live action crossover episode because he had to be up late

  • The official ship name for Sarge/Grif is “Blood Orange”
  • Joel wants Caboose to get laid

  • Burnie wishes he’d been able to do more with Junior

  • Miles can do pretty much every character’s voice
  • They are really sick of people asking them “ever wonder while we’re here”, seriously guys, stop it. 

(video can be found here)