steph speaks

  • not a child
  • not evil
  • isn’t stupid
  • (seriously, she is probably the most educated character in the series; she can recite the entirety of known elven history)
  • is right about eluvians
  • is unaware of human cultures bc she’s most likely never met a human before Duncan, and even him she knew for like five minutes so it’s understandable 
  • bad with people bc she was isolated as a child (it’s implied that Mahariel and Tamlen were basically her only friends)
  • according to Solas at least, she’s right about blood magic being only as evil as the purposes they’re used for
  • is very proud, that’s true. she’s arrogant at times, but it’s not like she’s the only character in the series with that trait
  • is perfectly willing to accept the consequences of her own actions, but due to low self esteem and self-worth she doesn’t understand that other people would be affected by them
  • is incredibly gifted magically; she mends a corrupted, shattered Eluvian, rebuilding it and cleansing it
  • this potentially means that Merrill will be able to apply her study of the mirror to curing the Blight
  • still isn’t a kid

if a girl asks if you’re gay but you don’t know if they’re interested in you or judging you, a good answer is “am i gay??????? i’m ecstatic!!!!!!!” bc if she’s gay she’ll get it and if she’s a homophobe she’ll think you’re weird as fuck and probably leave you alone forever

comment advice

a) one shots are often one shots for a reason, think carefully before leaving that “aww, why is this only one part? :(” comment with absolutely no other feedback

b) the comment “more” is officially banned, I don’t care if you add “please”, if you’re going to say “more”, you are required to list at least one (1) moment that you liked in the fic and construct at least one (1) compliment or keysmash. 

c) if you harass people about update schedules, you’re an asshole

d) honestly I know we talk about the importance of leaving comments and feedback, but comments that are just demands for more content are honestly so discouraging that it’s pretty much negative feedback. We just created this thing for you, and you’re basically telling us it’s not good enough.