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Joyeux anniversaire, Steph! I hope you stay as sweet as you are and that you have a lot of fun!
I saw your lockscreen thing tag earlier, and I thought, i could maybe combine that with you! You’re so pretty, I’m jealous! Like, your eyes are amazing,I couldn’t focus on drawing them because I was staring at your selfie lol
Also,I don’t have any idea how long your hair is.

I probably missed your birthday, didn’t I? Ugh I’m so a shitty friend I should’ve thought earlier of making something for you… I first wanted to write something and draw a picture and give it to you but I haven’t found the time and I just don’t feel like doing anything I’m feeling like a bag of shit. I’m so sorry if you don’t like it you deserve so much more and I can’t give you that. also guess how many times i lowkey started crying during this drawing.. I’m so tired i just want to sleep.

Bar Fight

John Laurens x Reader 

Note: So I changed around the requests in my Queue a little because I wanted to write this one for Lou to cheer her up because she was upset! So here you go honey I hope you enjoy! Next up is a Thomas Jefferson request (just to break up what would have been three John Laurens in a row)

Request: @ladytwice MY COMPUTER’S FINALLY BACK AND I CAN COME HERE AND REQUEST PROPERLY YASS!!! I actually have to respond a few asks so I don’t have time to do it properly but how about a “meet after getting stuck in the middle of a bar fight and are hiding behind the counter together” with Johnny John? (yup I have a thing for him) Pretty please? Also, YOU FREAKING ROCK STEPH <3


Word Count: 987

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You’re not really sure how the bar erupted into such chaos. One minute everything was calm, a few loud talking men and someone was singing but nothing out of the ordinary for a Saturday night. The next thing you knew someone had punched someone else and soon almost everyone in the bar was hitting someone.

You freeze in your place behind the bar, the fear pooling in your stomach. From your spot there’s no way you can get to the door to get out and if you tried to get through the large crowd of fighting men there would be no way for you to avoid getting hurt.

With no other choice you drop to the ground, pushing back into a small gap under the bar pulling your knees to your chest and hope that this is all over soon and no one discovers your hiding place.

However of course it doesn’t take long at all for someone to also seek cover behind the bar. A face pops up in front of yours. The man smiles at you his curly hair tied back, freckles scattered all over his face and the unmistakable uniform of a revolutionary.

You’ve noticed him around before, always here with his three friends drinking and having a good time. You always thought he was cute but never had the courage to say anything to him.

“Hello there” He says, a small smile on his lips. You take a breath and give him as much of a smile you can, praying his seemingly friendly demeanour isn’t fake.

“Hello” you say quietly.

“My name’s John. John Laurens. Are you alright?” he asks, carefully sliding in next to you.

He keeps smiling at you, the kindness clear on his face and you begin to relax.

“I-I’m Y/N LN. I can’t get out of here. There’s no way I would be able to get through to reach the door” you explain, looking down to fiddle with a loose thread on your skirt.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asks and you nod. “Alright hold on a moment. MULLIGAN!” He slides back out from under the bar and sticks his head up, waving someone over.

A much larger man comes around to your side of the bar and looks down on the two of you with a confused look on his face. You can tell by the way his uniform is slightly ripped and the blood on his hands that he had been fighting someone just before John called him over.  

“Help me get her out of here” John tells him.

He jumps to his feet and holds his hand out for you to take. You can tell that he means well, that this isn’t just some trick to get you alone so you take the chance and slide your hand into his and let him pull you to your feet.

“This is Hercules by the way. Herc this is Y/N. Now let’s get out of here” John keeps a tight grip on your hand as he leads you out from behind the bar and in the direction of the door.

The fight is still in full swing as he pulls you along, trying to avoid the flailing limbs of the other men crowding the room. Hercules sticks close behind the two of you, ready to pounce on anyone who tries to stop John from getting you out.

After stepping over the body of a man passed out in the doorway you finally make it out onto the street. The air is so much fresher compared to inside and it’s strangely quiet after the loud sounds of the fight.

“Are you alright now miss?” John asks you, smiling at you again.

“Yes. Thank you, both of you that was very kind” you tell them, looking up at them both.

“No problems at all, a girl as beautiful as you should not risk getting caught up in something like that” Hercules groans and rolls his eyes.

“Laurens, clearly she’s still frightened stop pestering her right now” he mutters, looking back towards the open door of the bar.

John chuckles and strips off his coat, slipping it around your shoulders. When you feel the warmth of his coat you realise just how cold it is outside.

“Do you think Hamilton and Lafayette can make it out on their own or should I help them?” Hercules asks, looking over his shoulder at you and John.

“Lafayette can take care of himself but you should probably make sure no one’s killed Alex for those insults he was throwing around earlier” John points out. Hercules nods and heads back into the bar.

“Are you sure you’re alright Miss Y/N?” you can see the kindness in his eyes as you stare into them and you give him a small nod.

“I am, thank you. I was afraid someone would find me down there and… well I do not think it would have been very pretty if they did so thank you very much for getting me out of there” You explain to him.

“Would you like me to escort you home? I can ask Mulligan to also join us if you like?” he suggests.

“It sounds as if Mulligan might be busy with your friends. If it’s not too much trouble though would you possibly escort me?” you ask.

John intrigues you, he’s sweet and kind. You already feel comfortable to be alone with him despite only meeting him minutes ago. He offers you his arm and you take it, holding onto him tight.

“Of course. Mulligan should be able to guess where I’ve gone if I’m not back before they come out” He explains as he begins to lead you down the street.

As you walk down the street towards your home, arm in arm with John Laurens you hope that you get to see more of him sometime soon.


Steph Curry x Pete Rock

lilly-patrick  asked:

Okay can we talk about Matt and Steph doing the try not to cry challenge on couples react? Like Steph is a rock and Matt is just so emotional and adorable. Also when asked if they've ever made each other cry Matt says "sometimes I'll just look at Steph and start to cry because I'm so lucky to be with her" (or something like that) like Matt no one said you could be like this.

I haven’t watch it. So I have no clue what you’re talking about.

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Doing commissions again since I’m about to have a lot of free time with the semester ending.

This would be going to pay for next semester’s tuition because again, I’m without scholarships for this school year which honestly sucks. I’ve already been applying for the next school year though so hopefully this won’t have to happen again.

Sketch: $10

Sketch with Color: $15

Line Art: $20

Base Colors: $25

Full Color without background: $30

Full color with background: $40

I’ll draw up to 3 people per picture without charging extra. Each additional person would be $5. I know it seems pricey but I feel like my art is worth at least a little.

DO’S: BL, GL, hetero, nekomimi, OCs, canon x OC, etc

DON’TS: furries, mecha, nsfw (only because i’m not good at it)

My Paypal/email is if you wish to donate or send me an email regarding a commission. Hit me up in an ask or email if you want something? If not, please signal boost. <3

you guys… are so incredible… literally okay let me break it down okay? so you’ve got the singers who do amazing covers and the artists who draw beautiful things and the writers who are absolutely magical with words and then there are those who make edits and then there are the ones that know everything and have all this glorious information that they share with the rest of the fandom and then there are the jokers who make hilarious text posts and pictures and things and then there are the people who constantly support everyone like if you’re having a bad day you go to them and there are sooooo many more categories like every single person in this fandom is so vital to our family and we are constantly gaining members this is honestly such a beautiful little world we’ve created

Steph Davis calmly walking towards the exit and about to base jump off of Sister Superior tower in Castle Valley Utah. She had just soloed the tower with finesse, hauling her base rig up each pitch of the tower and is about to finish the last step of what she calls “The perfect circle”. A car to car ascent and descent. This frozen moment is one of my favorites from the trip. Steph is without a doubt one of the strongest, fearless and kindest people I know.

text & photo: Keith Ladzinski


Last October, I facilitated an hour long talk/guided conversation called YES ALL WITCHES at thehpalliance ’s inaugural Granger Leadership Academy.

I shared my experiences within fandoms as a young person and a woman and we explored how despite our individual identities and the things that society uses to keep us down, we can and should still seek out our own empowerment. It was an amazing day with the attendees of GLA, and now, I’m bringing the event to more people.

I am proud to announce that I will be facilitating YES ALL WITCHES again at GeekyCon ( geekyconblr )2015! I can’t wait to speak, listen, learn, and teach with some of the best nerds in the galaxy! I’ll update you if/when we know what date and time YES ALL WITCHES will happen at GeekyCon.

Want to start the conversation early? Follow yesallwitches on tumblr, and come see the YES ALL WITCHES wizard rock tour this summer!