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Why Rebirth’s Stephanie Brown isn’t the Same as Preboot Stephanie Brown

Hi I’ve got opinions about how the reboot has been handling my girl. 

I’ve been enjoying Detective Comics for the most part, but I’ve been frustrated with Stephanie Brown’s role in them for a while. And I think I’ve finally put my finger on it. 

Special thanks to @renaroo for all her help finding panels and issue numbers!

Below the cut is 2k of screaming and panels. 

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Everyone's so Frickin Majestic and Beautiful in Detective Comics This Week

…and then’s there’s Steph

God bless.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the Batman comics and was wondering if you could answer a question? I saw another blog talking about Batman adopting kids and how it helped him recover which I follow for the most part. But then they said he relapsed after Jason. What happened to Jason? I don't mind spoilers, it helps me get through the darker parts.

… oh gosh you poor soul. 

Okay so um. 

Well first of all let me start off with saying that if you can find it, you should track down the animated movie Under the Red Hood. It’s a very solid, if streamlined, adaptation of everything I’m about to tell you, and it probably will do a better job than I ever could.

Let’s continue this under the cut, because this got long, and I have pictures, some of which will be… unpleasant, as will be the topics discussed. Warnings for violence, death, and references to sexual assault below! 

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okay real talk? I don’t read much Superman. I love what I’ve read (a few solo issues, 52, and Death of Superman are the ones that come immediately to mind), but I’m always wary of long-running titles like Action Comics, unless I know for sure there’s a solid run to engage with.

Superman’s mythos has always enchanted me; heroes like Superman are wonderful to me, and I love Lois Lane, and have adored what I’ve seen of his supporting cast.

But it always felt like… a cast, instead of the kind of tightly wound found family vibe I always got from Batman and the Bat Family. 

I’ve been picking up Super Sons lately and been enjoying it, but it still hadn’t done much to dissuade me from my internal image of well… a more traditional family, with Kon and Kara as cousins who swing by every now and then. I know there’s more characters, but they’re not ones I’ve necessarily engaged with much. 

But Christopher Kent

Clark and Lois, continuing the cycle of adoption that Ma and Pa Kent started? Lois saying “it will be dangerous and hard, but I want to try”. A child rejecting his blood family and finding a new home, away from his abusers and finding love and acceptance and hope

My eyes have been opened to possibilities. This is the kind of narrative for Superman I’ve been needing. And Chris Kent might as well have been gift-wrapped with “tropes that I love”. 

I still love Jon, but man I hope DC wises up and lets Chris Kent join the family. If Batman can have five sons, a daughter, a cousin, and several other proteges and allies besides that? 


Why can’t Superman have two sons?

morallyunequivocal  asked:

if you were in charge at dc, what would your top five dream comics that you could have anyone in be?

Gotham Girl Gang

Roommate adventures and superhero shenanigans featuring Cass, Steph, and Harper. (Guest starring Duke Thomas as the guy who’s always there, Azrael as Cass’s awkward friend, and the Real Crystal Brown as the supportive mom.)


An alternate universe comic where Stephanie Brown is Robin and Bruce Wayne is less of an asshole. Lots of team ups with Batgirl are included. 

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

But featuring Cass instead of Babs, with Babs as Oracle. Cass deserves her own team. 

Blue and Gold 

Booster and Jaime go on a road trip adventure, and time travel gets involved. Featuring Booster’s love for Ted, Jaime learning that Booster is a Serious Superhero, and the Reyes family calling in once a day for updates. 

The Question

Mystery series featuring Renee Montoya and Vic Sage. Renee starts off as Vic’s police contact, but takes up the mask of The Question herself when Vic gets hurt. 

anonymous asked:

At least I have the feeling that Tynion has some kind of plan with Steph and Cass, which is more than the sorry position Babs is in right now. She's practically been exiled from the Batfam despite having two books.

I don’t think it’s fair at all to compare the situations; like you said, Babs has two books, and has always had a solo since the Nu52 began. Cass hasn’t had a solo book for years, and Steph lost hers because of Babs. Babs isn’t in a “sorry position” imo; her book is currently crossing over with pretty much every Gotham woman. Plenty of characters aren’t appearing in the main titles right now; Steph and Cass are both rarely being seen outside of ‘Tec. Bruce still hasn’t even adopted Cass, and neither she or Steph have even met Damian. They’re both functionally isolated from the rest of the family, and aren’t allowed to form (or reform) their relationships with the others, or even each other. Babs’ situation seems a lot more analogous to Jason; she’s got her own thing going on and her own supporting cast, independent of the rest of the family. 

I’m absolutely the wrong person to talk to about this honestly. I can’t stand the mere concept of Babsgirl (GIVE CASSANDRA CAIN HER TITLE BACK DC YOU COWARDS AND LET BABS BE ORACLE AND OLDER THAN 22), and the fact that she’s not crossing over into the “main” books is a-okay with me.

tho I actually disagree about Cass in that post. Cass was like the only character we did see mourning Steph. Cass’s reaction to Steph’s death was the only one that was important and real and is yet another reason I will always be bitter they never got a proper reunion once Steph came back.