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[Robin (1993) #170]

This is one of those times where Bruce makes me so mad!  We find out later when Stephanie comes back that Bruce pretty much figured that she was still alive.  And yet here he is saying all of this stuff to Tim.

[Robin (1993) #170]

Why did he do this to Tim?  Why????

Everyone's so Frickin Majestic and Beautiful in Detective Comics This Week

…and then’s there’s Steph

God bless.

tho I actually disagree about Cass in that post. Cass was like the only character we did see mourning Steph. Cass’s reaction to Steph’s death was the only one that was important and real and is yet another reason I will always be bitter they never got a proper reunion once Steph came back. 

blackhorseandthecherrytree  asked:

while i feel like it's super problematic that steph took up batgirl after cass being ignored for years by DC i also feel like cass' time as batgirl had run its course and if only DC had used her as, say, nightwing or something then it wouldn't feel as awful as it does. because then they would've continued to be invested in her instead of just shafting her off to the side

I think that Cass should have been allowed to grow up. It is Batgirl, after all, and Cass was probably in her twenties when she passed the roll on to Steph (who was probably 18 or so, which is still a bit iffie, but eh.) I have no problem with Cass passing it on to Steph; the Batgirl role, in my opinion, gave Steph access to resources that had previously been withheld from her, direct mentoring from Babs, and helped integrate her fully into the family. 

If it had been Cass’s decision, and if we had followed Cass’s journey following that decision (Batgirl was literally the name she used first! It was a huge part of her identity! And her father had just died! C’mon DC!!), I would have been 100% in favor of the move. But as it is I tolerate it with a growl and a side-eye at DC. 

So here’s what Marvel is telling us with the moving back of Black Panther and the new Spider-Man movie: a hell of a lot about their priorities. 

Peter Parker has had five movies and three TV shows. He has often had two comic books at a time, is a prominent Avenger, and has probably guest-starred in every comic ever. I don’t even read Spider-Man comics due to being intimitdated by the large number of issues, but I know five different variations on his back-story. 

And that’s the thing. We know Peter Parker. Even the most casual of fans will go into the Spider Man movie, knowing that Uncle Ben will die, that Peter will learn that with great power comes great responsibility, that Peter will live, that he’ll quip, that he likes science. The biggest surprise will probably be “Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy?" 

Whereas T'Challa has had one comic book, appeared in ensemble TV Shows… and that’s about it. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing, it’s predictable. I really can’t wait to see how the MCU will handle Wakanda, I’m curious if Shuri will be in the movie, if Wakanda will get to be the technological power-house it is in the comics, I want to see how Black Panther’s abilities will manifest. And it could go any which way!

Sure, Marvel could surprise us with the Spider-Man movies. It could be Miles Morales, it could be Spider-Gwen, Peter Parker could be trans, or black, or bisexual, or Jewish, or Latino, or a combination of these. But I don’t have that kind of faith in Marvel. If they’d play it safe with Doctor Strange, why shouldn’t they with Spider Man? The biggest twist might be that they kill Aunt May instead of Uncle Ben, or that they include both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.  

It’s all about the money now for Marvel, not story telling. But I don’t want to see that spider bite Peter for a third time, and I must admit I’m curious that Marvel thinks the rest of the world does.