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Hi Tumblr people, how are you?!

I’m still aliveeee, even if I haven’t been posting here since ages - and I’m SO sorry. I finished my exams on Monday and right now I’m enjoying the last days of freedom before second semester starts (on Monday, 27th). 

[ For those of you who didn’t know, I’m actually more active on Instagram @ stephiestudies - follow me there if you wanna see more of my bujo, and study routine too. 

Here’s a shot I took some days ago, when I reached 1k on IG. I’m still not sure how this happened but it made my day! I’m so blessed and thankful to each one of you. 

Lil things i love abt lazytown

-Stephanie’s zest for life (like she’s always ready for anything, u go girl)
-steph taking after sportacus like aww i love their teacher/student dynamic it’s just so pure
-Pixel. Just Pixel. In general .
-^^^same w Bessie she’s like my favourite
-Robbie’s obsession with cake like yes boi u eat that cake that’ll show that flippity floppity blue elf who /really/ runs this town
- R O T T E N E L L A
-lil callbacks to the plays bc damn i love the plays
-how sport pronounces his ‘g’s like veeery soft 'j’s (“stinjjy”,’“vejjetables” ah i love it)

Okay thx
Might do another one of these later today bc i just frickin love this show

Hi there! I’m Steph and I’m 20. I want to make my formal introduction  in studyblr, so here you have a little about me.

- I’m from Peru but I live in Spain since I was little. My first language is spanish but I’m fluent in english (but please, forgive if I make mistakes). I know a little bit of french and I want to start with italian and japanese.

- I study in the university a degree that’s half engineering (computers) and half business. I’m in second year. I have subjets like networks but I have marketing too.

- I like science, but I like languages and humanities too. I really have a difficult period when I start bachiller (like 3rd year of high school, here you have to choose between arts, humanities and science and have subjects about what you choose).

- I like to draw and write and I also run an art blog (it’s my main blog!).

- I have to personalize the blog, but I’m on finals so I will do eventually.

- I follow a few studyblrs and it inspired me. My favorites blogs are: @izzystudies @studiees @the-girlygeek @alistudys @bestudy @nicoles-studyblr @studyingcompeng @emmastudies @obsidianstudy

A list of fics I plan on writing:

-that Stephew royal au (yes I promise it’s coming I’m lazy and busy)
-a Stephew fic based on that deaf nsfw scene
-Jazzy and I’s Stephew Overwatch gamer verse fic
-that long slowburn Chrason fic y'all want
-a ‘Matt and Steph are both top high school students and will willingly drop the gloves in the classroom to beat the other for top grade but are secretly hooking up and There Is No Emotion We Swear Its Just Hate Makeouts’ fic
-oBaS sequel
-That missing few minutes from chapter 7 of oBaS where Matt and Steph were alone together
-MAYBE an actual few thousand word nsfw Stephew fic

And like a few more, but yes over the new few months I wanna try and get these out. I’m aiming for a longer fic a month (not including multichapter ones like the oBaS sequel and the Chrason fic)

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: shits goin doWN i think phil’s side of the story is kinda important so i hope this gives you a lil background on where he’s at atm cause i don’t really want him to be a completely 2D character when dan’s got all his friends adn   u get the idea ok i hope this is ok aLSO A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO SITS-WITH-CATS CAUSE THIS TWIST IN STORYLINE WAS INSPIRED BY HER SO THANK U SO SO MUCH 



Chapter Eleven

Despite having had enough experience, Phil’s never been good at being the'new kid.’

He’d made some friends, sure. Besides Victoria, who shared a common ground of starting Fernhaven on the same day as him, his friendship group hadn’t exactly expanded beyond the cluster of stoners and crazy art-lovers with a passion for cigarettes and spray paint, who tend to spend more time sharing a spliff behind the Maths block than in any lessons, just out of the picture of the furthest CCTV camera.

They’re some people, at least. Probably the only group of people in the school he’d be willing to get along with, if he’s honest. But he’s still unsure as to whether he can draw the line dividing ‘people to eat lunch with’ and 'actual friends.’ He wonders which side they’d put him on.

He’s certain about which side Victoria would put him on, though.

“Hey.” She catches his eye as he shuts his locker door, turning around and leaning against the metal cupboards, the coolness feeling somewhat good against the skin of his back.

“Hiya.” He sighs, blinking tiredly. He hadn’t even kept track of what time he’d got to sleep last night; all he knows is that the orange glow of the sunrise had begun streaming through his curtains just as he’d manage to finally drift off to sleep after the early hours of the morning had been taken up by vicious overthinking. He really doesn’t know why he’s even here, to be honest; with parents whom he only has to say so much as 'my head hurts’ in order for a potential day off school, the idea of being curled up in bed watching the Breakfast Club sounds painfully more appealing right now than the idea of traipsing to Geography.

“You alright?” She furrows her dark eyebrows at Phil’s appearance, and he realises it’s obviously just as noticeable as he’d hoped it wasn’t.

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new studyblr!♡

hello everyone~

i decided to start a studyblr (& studygram) because i’ve always loved stationery, journaling, writing, and trying to have fun with studying!!! i wish i knew about the studyblr community earlier since everyone is so nice and talented ;__; 

about me:

• my name is stephanie (but you can call me steph)

• former ib student rip and current first yr student in college 

• i’m a psych major and i’m following the pre law track

• english and psych are my fav subjects! 

• i’m 18 yrs old, live in the us, speak english (ik a good amount of spanish thx ib) (im also indian so ik a bit of my native language but v little)

• trying to self-study korean :’)

• i rlly enjoy most genres of music (mainly kpop tho oops), nature!!!, watching kdramas (wfkbj is my fav omg), traveling, memes & stationery heh

some of the studyblrs that inspire me!!!!: @studyrose | @cielstudies | @studylustre | @studybuzz | @studysthetics (yoonseok is where it’s at homie) | @melbstudent | @studyrelief | @kiimbapnotes | @scribbledjournal | @milkteastudies | @mochi-studies | @lycheestudy | @peachystudy | @jhonstudies | @thearialligraphyproject | @emmastudies | @studykouffee |

there are so many more…i could go on forever ;___; ily all!!!

Four Months

Four months is finally here! Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been so busy with uni I have only just had the time. Thank you all so much for being super supportive and, as always, any comments will be greatly appreciated. 

I also had to say the BIGGEST thank you for 300 followers! I can’t even begin to express how grateful and humbled I am to know that 300 of you read my word, so thank you sooooo much for that my beautiful little cupcakes <3 <3 <3

Superhero Big Brother - One Month - Two Months - Three Months


Amelia was sat with Edwards, looking at their patient’s scans and evaluating the best approach for him. Amelia’s hands were instinctively placed protectively on her stomach, which was beginning to show ever so slightly. It mainly looked like she had just had too many burritos for lunch, but that didn’t stop her from getting excited at the sight of her bulging belly.

“I really think that a neuroendoscopy will be the best approach here. See if you look here, we can get to the ventricle quite easily from there, and bam! We’ve got the tumor.”

“Simple as that? God, it’s so amazing how you can just figure that out so quickly.”

“What can I say? I’m pretty amazing!” Amelia joked, flicking through the iPad she had in her hand to get a better view of the scans. “You’ll have to get used to this, Edwards. I’m not going to be around for a while soon, and I’m going to need you to hold the fort until I get back.”

Stephanie’s eyes grew with worry. Where was her amazing mentor going, and how long was she going for? She couldn’t possibly leave Steph with a different mentor, right?

“Wait..? What do you mean? Where are you going?”

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Week 3 of 2017 spread, and @emmastudies yearly overview. ☺︎

Let’s start again with the 100 days of productivity: here we are at Day 1.
Planning always gets me so relaxed, I feel like I have control on my life and this is so powerful it helps me get through any trouble. 😌 

[this pic was taken from my IG account @stephistudies - hope you enjoy it!]

There's No Such Thing as Jaiden

Moving to university was the best decision I’ve made. I love my flat mates: Tina, Mal, Ollie and Steph and me (Dane). There’s supposed to be 6 of us but the student dropped out last minute which worked out great for us because we each have more room in the fridge in our shared kitchen. For the 2 months we’ve been here everything has been perfect. Of course, things had to change.

Last weekend I went home for a few days to see family, when I got back I was super excited to see my flat, especially because it was Tina’s birthday! So when I came in they were all sat in the kitchen drinking and playing cards. I rushed to my room, got Tina’s present a bottle of Jack Daniels and joined my friends. In the centre of our kitchen is a round table with 6 chairs, usually there’s only 5 out but I didn’t think as to why there were six. I sat down next to Tina who was dealing the cards for a game of poker. I gave her her present, greeted the others and pured a drink when Ollie said:

“Dane, you’re gonna have to move round here, Jaiden was sitting there.”

I raised my eyebrow. Who was Jaiden? I moved and asked the group who he was. They all looked at me funny. Steph hissed:

“Stop being rude, I know you two don’t get on but you can’t just pretend like he isn’t here. He’s part of the flat too!”

This threw me. I didn’t have any enemies at uni, I wasn’t there long enough to have enemies. The game continued and conversation began. I kept my eye on ‘Jaiden’s’ chair but no one sat there. If he wasn’t coming back then why was it an issue that I sat there in the first place. By this point I was too involved with the game to care. I was winning and once that started there was no stopping me.

As the night went on we sang Happy Birthday to Tina about 3 times and drunk more and more. The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed with dry mouth and a head ache. The strap of my watch had created funny imprints on my cheek and my face was sore. I didn’t plan on getting out of bed until I smelt bacon, that was my signal to go to the kitchen. When I got there my flat mates were all sat with plates filled with bacon, sausages, beans, toast, eggs.. the works! A proper English fry up to cure my hangover would go down a treat.

I took mine from the microwave and sat down at the table 5 out 6 seats were filled. As I felt sorry for myself over my breakfast I noticed the time was 9:15, my lecture had started 15 minutes ago and there was no way I was going to it now.

“Which one of you beauties made the breakfast then?” I asked.

Mal spoke up, slurping his tea.

“Jaiden. He got up early to make us all a hangover cure then went to the lecture you’re supposed to be at.”

“My lecture? Why’s he going to that?”

“Because he’s on your course….”

Clearly my friends were keeping up this charade and I wasn’t going to fulfil their childish need to have me kick off asking about Jaiden. So I played along.

“Yeah, I know that but what I meant was, why did he go there? It’s boring as hell anyway.”

The rest of the morning was spent lounging about, annoying Steph about the 4 guys and 1 girl she was seeing. The same as everyday. That afternoon I was watching Netflix when a knock came to my door. A sharp single knock and then paper was slid under the crack in the door. I was expecting a friend at 4:30 but when I looked at my watch it was only 3. I got out of bed to look at the paper and it was my lecture notes with a post it on the front:

“Here’s what you missed today. Got an essay due for Jon, Friday. If you need help go see him in his office. - Jaiden”

I laughed and opened my door expecting to see Mal and Ollie there pissing about but no one was there. I saw the door at the end of the hall close just as I opened mine. The door that belonged to the drop out student so had never actually been moved into. We need keys to get into our rooms so it wasn’t any of the others.

I was bewildered but curious. So, I strolled down the hall with the papers in my hand a knocked on the door, loudly. No answer. I began to pund on the door this time. Shouting Jaiden’s name. No answer. I chuckled and walked away.

That night was my turn to cook dinner. Spaghetti bolognese. My speciality. I cooked it and dished it out, 5 plates for the five of us.

“What about a plate for Jaiden?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Well Jaiden isn’t here is he? If he wants some he’ll have to plate it up for himself.”

“That’s a bit out of order mate” Ollie said. “You know he has physio on mondays.”

Physio? They’ve really perfected this.

“Fine. I’ll plate some for Jaiden. Put it in the microwave. Think it’ll be okay for him there?”

The others stayed silent. Dinner was awkwardly silent that night and I wasn’t interested in giving them the satisfaction of my frustration. I washed my dish and went to my room without saying a word. An hour later I got up to use the bathroom. I stood in the hall waiting for Steph to finish and played around on my phone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something. It was a figure, a human figure. A man. He was stood outside the empty room. My head spun up and my eyes locked onto… nothing. There was nothing there.

A couple of days later things had grown tense in the flat. No one was talking to me and vice versa. I’d had enough and one night stormed into the kitchen and just came out with it.

“I hate how this has turned out. Yeah it was funny at first, me being gone for the weekend and you guys making up this Jaiden person to fool me but I’ve had enough. You’ve taken it too far and I just want my flat mates back.”

Mal stood up.

“What joke? You were the one who came back home and completely pretended Jaiden didn’t exist. Do you know how bad that must be? I know you two clashed but completely ignoring someone’s existence is what can drive people to suicide!”

Thing started to get heated between Mal and I, by this point I was stood looking at the floor when a figure, the same figure came and stood next to me. I could see it out of the corner of my eye. Only, when I looked up, nothing. No one was there. There was silence in the kitchen, until Steph spoke:

“Mal and Dane are arguing.”

I raised my head again and went to talk when she spoke again.

“Because of you. Because of the way Dane’s been treating you.”

I spoke up.

“Who the fuck are you talking to, Steph?”

“Really Dane? You’re still gonna pretend like Jaiden doesn’t exist when he’s stood right there?!”

That was it I’d have enough. I stormed out of the kitchen and slammed my room door shut. I could hear the others talking about me and now I was done.

I don’t know what happened to them over the weekend, why they decided that this was a joke they were gonna carry on and make me feel bad about for not complying with their need to humiliate me but I was done. The next morning I requested a transfer to different halls.

As I was packing my stuff Tina came into my room. She was asking me to stay to sort things out but I wasn’t interested. As she was talking I saw the door to the empty room move behind her head. Of course when I looked right at it it was shut, the same way it had been since September. Tina turned and waved at thin air and then came back to talking to me. I rolled my eyes. I looked down at my watch to see what time it was, I wanted to be moved out by 5 and Tina was wasting my time.

“Dane, you said last week that after your argument with Jaiden that he was nothing to you and you weren’t even going to acknowledge his existence. Now I get-”

“Wait, what argument?”

“The argument you had about your missing watch. You said you’d left it in the kitchen and that Jaiden was the last person in there. You basically persecuted him there and then. You told us all that you were gonna forget about him and never talk to him again. Like he didn’t exist”

“Tina that’s ridiculous, I’ve got my watch-”

I looked down at my wrist and noticed it wasn’t there. My watch wasn’t on my wrist. The watch that I remember looking at 5 minutes ago. The watch that made funny marks on my face monday morning. The watch.. the watch that I took off on Thursday of the previous week when I was making pizza. That I left on the side and then went to a party…. to a party with Jaiden. It was so surreal, out of the corner of my eye I was the figure again. I looked at it this time and there he was. Jaiden was stood there. Tall, blonde and really skinny. He looked awkward as I stared at him.

It was like I was seeing him for the first time. Thhen I remembered when he was stood at the door when I was waiting for the toilet, I looked at him and he saw me, he waved but I just looked right through him as though he wasn’t there. Because he wasn’t there! He’d never been there.

But he had. He’d been there all along. I remembered helping him and his mum move his stuff up the stairs. Going on course nights out with him. Helping each other with essays.

I’d completely forgotten about him. He wasn’t even a memory, he was non-existent.


Gotham’s number one college student vigilante, Steph Brown! Or a semi-passable stunt double, at least. Got my new hoodie in from HOODIED and I am in love. Never taking it off. The bat on my chest is fuzzy!