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like, okay, I see your “Donut likes Locus and flusters him regularly” and raise you…

A Donut who sees Locus’s crush on/obsession with Wash a mile away, and sees that it makes Wash uncomfortable, and immediately makes it his mission in life to make sure that Locus never gets Wash alone. 

Locus will just be creeping on Wash while Wash works out and then BAM. Donut drops from the ceiling. 

Cryptic convos? Instant Donut physically slamming himself between the two of them talking to Wash in a loud voice about how Sarge needs him now.  

“Wash, okay, here’s the doll. now I want you to point to where the creepy merc touched you.”

“… what, like when we were fighting?”

“Okay I think we’re safe, put down the shotgun Sarge”

yesterday my friend from work and I did the bubble run 5K and it was a lot of fun!!!

also I didn’t wear sunglasses because Seattle is perpetually overcast and that was a MISTAKE hello squinty mcgee 😎

also also my XL shirt was too big so I cut the sleeves and most of the bottom off of it and made it a v-neck and then did the same for my friend and I was just really feeling good about myself and my body and it was great 🙈

Watching the new NerdyNummies video with Ro and Matt and I think it’s adorable that Matt accidentally called her Steph at one point 💛


DC characters + instagram: batbabes

I just got an idea about Tex joining PFL when she’s a human, not an AI, and how she would accidentally befriending York and having no idea how to handle picking up a complete loser of a best friend out of nowhere

and York meanwhile is over the moon because he has a new asshole friend he can convince to help him dump buckets of paint on Wash

All Grown Now (inside we’re the same)

The third and final part to Bitter Hearts (middle of the ride) and Not a Picture Perfect Life (write your own line). Also on FFNet and AO3

Summary: Emma’s finally able to start putting the past behind her, just as Killian’s decides to come back and haunt him. 

This fic has changed from the original outline more than any fic I have written ever. swallowedsong let me flail plot changes at her while I tried to sort them out cuz she’s awesome like that.

This got long, you guys.

           Being with Killian isn’t like being with Neal. It isn’t like anything she could have expected and she kind of hates that she keeps comparing the two in the back of her mind. But being with Neal was a rush all the time — just the two of them against the world. Emma had felt like they could do anything, as long as they had each other.

           Killian seems to think she could do anything entirely on her own.

           Being with him is a rush too. Every single time he looks at her she’s sure her heart skips a beat. But it feels different — safe, she thinks the word is. And she can’t remember the last time she felt safe around anyone.

           They take their time with things for the first couple months, even if they see each other almost every day. Emma can’t even count the number of toe-curling kisses and teasing touches before she finally sleeps over at his place. But it’d been a hellish night at work despite his near constant texting as he pulled an all-nighter of his own. (They were only together a week before she bought a phone and a cheap plan with minimal minutes but unlimited texting.) She just wants to crash afterwards, but when she gets to the garage she’s gripped by the need to see him. For there to be something redeemable about the day. Emma’s not even sure how she stays awake long enough to drive over. When Killian opens the door he looks as exhausted as she feels and he wraps his arms around her as she steps into him. They’re asleep within twenty minutes and she’s never slept better.

           (When they wake up around noon and spend a couple more hours wrapped up in bed together, well, that’s never been better either.)

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Blended drinks with my BFFs 🍹❤️