steph and kara

in a strange land | a supergirl ficlet

kara/m’gann. infinite credit to @danver for pushing this ship into my brain. it’s enough, for now, that there’s someone else. [ao3]

cw for alcohol use.


Kara comes to the bar sometimes. She dresses so invisibly that no one would recognize her, as Supergirl or even as Kara Danvers, mild-mannered reporter. She loses the glasses when she walks inside, and she tells M’gann after half a heavily watered-down drink that they keep her from seeing through things. “Like…like walls. And people.”

“You see through people?” M’gann asks, amused.

“To their bones,” Kara says. She’s looking right into M’gann’s eyes, and then she collapses into giggles.

“All right, lightweight,” M’gann says. She rolls her eyes, but it comes out fond.

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                  KARA ZOR-EL and STEPHANIE BROWN.

                                  Supergirl and Batgirl. The Superbat team-up we deserve.

                                                         Written by Opal and Claudia.

“ ll the excitement, the social intrigue…what should we do first…keg party? Pillow fight? It’s the first Supergirl-Batgirl team up, what can go wrong? “ @ofsacrificeandsteel

first-movement  asked:

hi comickergirl, I really love your drawing style! You always managed to tell a story with only a panel. How's your process? Just suddenly struck with an idea while doing something or you have to stay still and think it through? Oh, just being curious, what software did you use?


Aw, thank you! Very glad you like it. :D The process varies a bit, but it is almost always a sudden idea. I don’t often sit down and brainstorm for the initial concept. I will have to think about the execution though. (Can I tell this in three panels? Five? One?) But I do a lot of that kind of thinking as I draw it out. I don’t script things ahead of time, I do the thumbnails and dialogue all in one go.

Here, for instance, are some of the thumbnails from the Steph n’ Kara comic I did; that particular comic went through a lot of changes in terms of panel number/composition.

Initially, I had it planned that Kara would hear the grappling hook sooner. But I liked the shot of Steph struggling through the window with an oblivious/dozing Kara in the background, which meant more panels but also, (hopefully) a funnier comic in end!

So. Overall, it’s kind of a…make it up as I go along process. XD

I use Photoshop CS6! 

anonymous asked:

Need more stephkara wedding hcs 😍

  • batcow is in attendance
  • steph’s mom sat next to bruce
  • leslie thomkins was there
  • it was in the backyard of wayne manor, which had the waynes being super pretentious about and the supers fuming
  • the reception was also in wayne manor
  • during steph and kara’s first dance together, kara lifted steph up a lil and they were dancing in the air
  • clark was crying the whole time and nobody was surprised at this
  • streaky the supercat and alfred the cat sat next to each other, as did titus and alfred
  • jimmy olsen and some of kara’s friends didn’t know about the hero thing and were mildly confused the whole time
  • a lot of the justice league showed up
  • a bunch of paparazzi tried to get in and lois stood at the door and when they saw her they all ran away
  • kara’s maid of honor was cassie sandsmark and steph’s was cass cain
    • “hey who’s the maid of honor?”
    • “cassandra”
    • “……okay”
  • tim gave a speech at the reception and so did clark and so did crystal and then bruce stood up and he was like “………….i know i’m not the father of any of the brides, but i was hoping that since arthur brown couldn’t be in attendance, miss brown-danvers wouldn’t mind if i stepped in,” and steph cried
  • brown-danvers and danvers-brown
  • dick’s date abandoned him halfway through the reception because he couldn’t stop bawling