steph & lena foster

If the fosters had 2 dads instead of 2 moms?

So my mom thinks that if Brandon, Callie, Mariana, Jesus, and Jude had 2 dads instead of 2 moms the show wouldn’t be as popular. I disagree 100%. I think that the gender of the parents that raised these five amazing kids would make no difference to the popularity of the show and I want to prove her wrong. So let’s make this a thing. Reblog this post if you support Jeff and Leo, the fosters two gay dads that I just invented right now (Steph and Lena’s male alter ego’s), and think that it wouldn’t make any difference to how many viewers watched the show each week.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love Steph and Lena very much and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the kids parents, but I just need to prove my point to my family because I feel very strongly about all of this. So if you agree, respond, like or reblog this post and support Jeff and Leo. #Jeffandleo

This is a serious problem!! Please read!!

Recently I’ve noticed that the views for the Fosters has been going down rapidly. The average views for season one is 1.68 million. The average for season two is 1.39 million. And so far for season three we’ve have 1.07 million for the average views. This season we’ve already had the two lowest views ever on this show! I love this show more than anything and I want it to stay around for awhile, but I know it won’t if these views don’t go up. I’ve also noticed that people have been just posting clips on YouTube with just their favorite characters. *cough* JONNOR *cough* and Yes, while I do ship it, the Fosters is more than just one OTP. We need to do all we can to bring these views up or else this wonderful show won’t be on for much longer. Spread this to all your Fosters fans and be sure to watch it this Monday. #KeepTheFosters

My wild guess to this set of pictures is that we are going to get a Steph flashback to when she was young. Remember when she said she was attracted to a girl who resembled “Madonna”, well my guess is that that is who that is supposed to be up top. If it is that, it’ll be great to finally see how Steph and Lena grew up and the struggles they went through. And how they will use that to teach Jude and Connor with their blossoming relationship. God, can June 8th come any faster!!!

This hiatus has barely started and I am missing my babies so much I literally feel like a mother who's been ripped apart from her kids