i don’t care that he’s a boy he can fucking be wonder woman if he wants!!! tbh mostly i can’t find a good house of el crest harness, they’re all just normal blue harnesses with the crest slapped on all over it and none of them look as legit as this one. i did order a super patch to stick on his current harness for the time being, but aaaahhh i still want to get him this one

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I want to start a (non-smut) series either reader insert or not. Any recommendations of your own work or anybody else's? Love you! <3

God no not mine. Um… as far as others? So many. A lot of these are primarily smut writers, some aren’t, but even the primarily smut writers have written without it. They’re all A+ fucking writers who I strive to be like when I grow up. @nichelle-my-belle , @bringmesomepie56 , @hasta-impalasta , @impala-dreamer , @sis-tafics , @ariannnawinchester , @kayteonline , @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog , @thing-you-do-with-that-thing , @ilostmyshoe-79 , @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid , @winchesterenthusiast , @winchester-writes , @lipstickandwhiskey , @kas-not-cas , @soaringeag1e , @one-shots-supernatural , @not-moose-one-shots , @impalapossible , @chaos-and-the-calm67@iwantthedean , @d-s-winchester , @katnharper , @teamfreewill-imagine , @supernatural-jackles , @mrsjohnsmith , @deandoesthingstome , @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester , @redlipstickandplaid , @frenchybell , @loveitsallineed , @mrswhozeewhatsis , @dancingalone21

Also utilize the @spnfanficpond it’s a super valuable resource. 

Pretty sure I missed a shit ton but that should be enough to get you started. 

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was the preview good? I didnt get a chance to watch it before the big ol copyright got it taken down

Hi Lovely!

There’s a copy of it here!

There was some new BTS stuff, but essentially, it was Mark saying nothing for four minutes but ensure he said key words and phrases at specific times in the preview. There's NO OTHER REASON they showed us a counter on screen if it wasn’t intentional. So far, we’ve found out key things happen at 2:21, 1:29 / 1:28 and 0:57. 

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Hi Steph! Do you think that Moftiss will cut back on all fluff and romance in s4/5 in order to demonstrate that nothing changes in their partnership and to avoid annoying the casuals? This is bugging me since we need the romance as well..

Hi Nonny!

Nope. I absolutely do not. Everything will be brought to the surface this season, where they make it CLEAR that “cases” are dates, that Sherlock likes big squishy cuddles, and that he requires 20 kisses before morning coffee. John ABSOLUTELY cannot shave before he beard-burns Sherlock’s tummy, and gets a hug before getting up.

LOL, seriously though, MAYBE a bit, since they will need to tell a darker story, but I feel like that the moments between John and Sherlock will be very intimate and very explicit in the sense that it will be undeniable that they love each other. I think we will also see the “suggestion” that they slept together as well.

It’s not a game anymore, after all. Honestly, I don’t think they have EVER made this show for the audience. This is LITERALLY their Johnlock fan fic come to life. It’s so beautiful.

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I just lost my breakfast at the sight of the...*gag* baby in John and Mary's arms. Please tell me it's not real. ;_;

It’s not, Nonny! I’m going to be talking about it in today’s video, but my big word of comfort is this: 

If Mofftiss are letting you see it, then it is NOT a SPOILER. The more het it looks, the gayer it probably is – remember the wedding photos? If you weren’t in the fandom Pre-S3, those photos pretty much consigned Johnlockers to accepting it wasn’t canon …. UNTIL TSo3 came out, which was the gayest episode before TAB.


I’ve a few posts on a Baby Watson masterpost you can read here, and you can watch my countdown video about it here, if you need some more reassurance :)

Anxiety decided to just straight up punch me in the face today but I gotta sit here like

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Was daddy's little love part of the voting?? Or have u finished writing it ?

It wasn’t because it’s not technically an ongoing series.There’s no definite beginning and I don’t see a definite end for it I’m just kinda randomly posting to that one whenever I want. There’s absolutely zero plan for that to be any kind of like…”real” series if that makes any sense.