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K so, I have this 110% conviction that the scene with the nurses in the teaser is actually Sherlock learning that Sherrinford never died. I feel like all the metas and theories completely ignore Sherrinford. I mean, he's the third name, it's going to be a huge fcking deal (right??). Also, in the SDCC panel, when Mark turns to Ben and says "Some things are... raised" and Ben laughs, I take it to mean it's an in-joke, like "some thing are raised... from the dead teehee im so clever" yes? no? :<

Hi Nonny!

That’s an interesting theory! 

Personally, I think Sherrinford has something to do with identities (Two Faces and Notre Aînémore than siblings, but I do know Keagan has talked about Sherrinford possibly being a previously-thought-dead evil brother, which plays into the “raised from the dead” theory you’re playing at here. 

Mark also said something along the lines of “everyone comes back from the dead eventually”, so it’s a likely possibility that this will be the case. Honestly I feel like this possibility will be REALLY convoluted and I think that it will only prolong the Johnlock arc; it will make people question EVERYTHING that they have seen in regards to Sherlock’s character (was it really Sherlock? Or was it his brother?) and bring seeds of doubt into the real validity of Johnlock. It will make people have the argument that “Sherlock in S3 is different because it’s not really Sherlock!!” rather than “Sherlock grew as a character”. It’s a huge setback. As I mention, I think it’s more likely to do with split identities, “bring back an old identity long thought dead” of sorts. 

And I’ll be honest, I think it definitely was an inside joke… but not in the way you mentioned. Knowing Mark and Ben, it definitely was not meant to be ‘clean’ (they have a dirty sense of humour). Maybe “from the dead”. And “expectations”, “questions”, “hopes” and “eyebrows” can all also be raised.

Regardless of what happens, S4 is going to be quite a rollercoaster, methinks. I think there will be surprises even for those of us who study the subtext meticulously.