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As a BSer, I enjoyed the old, crazy, funny, Blake but I gotta say I am in love with the current Blake. I love that he seems to continue to turn into a so much better version of himself. He not only look healthier, happier, but there is this air of responsible family man that is so attractive of him right now. I don't know if it's due to Gwen's influence or he just want to get his act together after the divorce, but whatever it is, it works.

I really love that way of looking at things, actually, and I love hearing the perspective of those who have been fans throughout various periods and stages. I mean, I am SUCH a sucker for domestic!Blake and basically-a-stepfather!Blake, it’s not funny….. Immature jokes and whatever can be very funny, but seeing this side of adulthood on him (not that it hasn’t made appearances before, of course) is seriously attractive. And I like feeling smug at all those idiots who were trying the ‘he’s just gonna hook up with some young blonde because he’s shallow and H’Wood!!!’ lines for so long on social media, lol.

You’re out? Right?

Amber: I had to make a decision, you know? Like we all had to do…I mean it’s not easy for anyone and that’s part of the problem. And I had to ask my self: “Am I part of the problem?”. I see all of these actors, people I work with, people I know, that are living two lifes, and one of which is secret and I can’t help but think that if I’m hiding something then I’m ashamed of it. I think that if you’re hiding anything, no matter how good your reason is, then you are ashamed of it…and I was soo tired of seeing adolescents taking their lifes because they couldn’t understand that it gets better. Part of the reason they didn’t understand that is because they’ve got no role models, they’ve got no people really confirming that it does get better and that “it’s ok to be how you are, you are born that way.” […] This is who I am, and who I love…I’m never gonna apologize for that, or hide it, because it’s not wrong and I don’t feel ashamed of it. I have a lot to risk, and a lot of people who have come before me had a lot to risk. I can’t help but think I have to stand up for what’s right, since…I’d rather go down for doing what’s right then to rise for doing what’s wrong. (X)

She basically says it all. ♥ 


Blair: I told Chuck I love him.

Cyrus: Really? That’s wonderful.

Blair: No it’s not. It’s horrible. I thought that if I could finally say it that everything would change but he’s jut as selfish and soulless as ever. Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist. Help me.

Cyrus: You don’t need help. He just needs time.

Blair: Wait, not enough. 

-Favorite Scene 2x13 Part 4: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Your Anime Step-dad According to your Zodiac Sign~

Aries: (Hirato)

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Taurus: (Schneizel)

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Gemini: (Aomine)

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Cancer: (Alucard)

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Leo: (Minato Namikaze)

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Virgo: (Shinya Hiragi)

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Libra: (Karlheinz)

Scorpio: (Haruka Kuran)

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Sagittarius: (Vincent Phantomhive)

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Capricorn: (Worick Arcangelo)

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Aquarius: (Shining Saotome)

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Pisces: (Arata Kirishima)

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