An intelligent cape

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“Well hello there.” (y/n) (y/l/n) was the part of the new London sanctuary and the one whose job was to keep the relicts at their best. It was no secret to anyone in there, that the woman treated them different than most sorcerers. For (y/n) the relict’s weren’t just the mere objects with a little of free will. She always treated them not only as her equals, but also her friends. Taking care of them was the best part of her day.
It wasn’t her only sanctuary. The Ancient One used to sway her once in a while from one sanctuary to other. (y/n) doesn’t mind really. She loved the fact that she got to meet the other relicts always happily getting to know them and spend time with them.
Right now, the woman was sitting on the floor, cleaning the sword that she got from one of the glass-cases, speaking to it calmly and telling it about one of her days from her life.

Doctor Stephen Strange came into the London sanctuary and greeted it’s master. He was informed by Wong, that he should get there for the person who would take care of the relicts in New Your, for them to have a lack of attention for a long while now. An expert, as he called the person.
The master of the sanctuary, tall man with pale skin, looked at him amused when he told why he came there, but didn’t say anything, interested what the doctor will tell the moment he meet the said expert.

“Go down this hallway and at the end turn right. The relicts are at the end of it.” Strange nodded in acknowledgment, walking in the said direction. Not even half way there, hic cloak started to act weirdly, pushing and yanking him in direction of room, as if it couldn’t wait to get there, smacking him in the face every time Stephen tried to keep it in place.
Now when he thought about it, cloak started to act this was when Wong told them about getting an expert, already excited, and they didn’t even left Kamar-Taj at that moment.

The cloak finally stopped its frantic movements when they got to their destination. Not seeing anyone in the aim light of the room, looking around. Out of a sudden, his cloak yanked him hard enough to pull him with itself, surprisingly strong, even for it.
Stephen was shocked when he feet the pull, but it was nothing compared to what he felt when his back collided suddenly with something… or more likely someone, taking the fact that it squeaked at the contact. As much as the cape let him, Strange looked behind him at a (h/c) haired woman, who was giggling at his cape, which was tightly wrapped around her, as if it was hugging her.
“Capey! I haven’t seen you in a while. Would you be so kind to let me go thought?” The cape only tightened around her, pulling her more to Stephen in the process. Woman opened her eyes and looked at sorcerer with slight blush on her face. “It looks like we will stay like this for a while. I’m (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way.”
“Doctor Stephen Strange… the cape seems to like you.”
“Yeah, well. I was taking care of it while I was in New York. We are friends.” She was looking at him for a while. “You are its new human, right? It always have been picky.” Doctor smiled slightly at her words. “What are you doing here by the way?”
“I was looking for an expert of relicts to take him to New York.”
“Her. I am the said expert.” Strange raised his eyebrow at her statement.
“You doesn’t look like one.”
“Well I am thought. The relicts like me.”
“Yeah I did noticed that.” Stephen looked at the cape, which still was wrapped tightly around her frame. (y/n) only smiled at that.

Three hours later, the whole back-to-back situation started to feel awkward for the both sorcerers, who still were standing in the same spot. When Stephen tried to move or unwrap the girl, the cape’s collar started slapping his face, so he simply gave up.
“What have you done to the cape, that it likes you this much?”
“I don’t know. I treated it just the same was I as very other relict.” Strange sighed, looking at the celling. After three hours, his legs started to hurt. Who in earth is this woman for cape to love her so much, and yet not to choose her as it’s master when it had an occasion?
(y/n) on the other hand thought about the time when she was in New York, and her interactions with the cape. She really wasn’t sure why it acted that way towards her… it indeed was hugging her when it had an occasion, but it never was that long. It had to know it was awkward, it was an intelligent cape after all, and yet it was like this.

“So… will you come with me…” Cape once more slapped the Doctor. “I mean with us, to New York?”
“Well yeah. It’s part of my position to change sanctuaries from time to time.” After her words, cloak loosened its grip, letting her go. Girl smiled at that and stretched, turning around to face the master of New York. “Let me just get my things.” The cape pushed Stephen forward, which made him loose his balance and flew forward, right on her. Girl squealed when the booth of them laughed on the ground, Strange’s face right in front of hers blushing one. The cape’s collar stroking her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry for that.”
“Yeah…” Still laying in the ground, their eyes meet, pupils in both of their eyes dilated. “I think… I know what the problem…” Before she was able to finish her sentence, cape pushed Doctor’s face forward, making him connect their lips and keeping them like that in an awkward kiss. When finally cape let go, Strange stood up quick, blush on his face.
“I’m really sorry.” He helped her up, not looking at her.
“No. It’s my fault. I always talked with cape about my not-so-good relationships… I think it’s shipping us.” (y/n) looked away, blush on her face.
“It’s… strange.” Girl smiled at his words. “A little awkward, but… maybe you will wat to… I mean…”
“I know a good café in New York… the cape is dancing…” Levitation Cloak indeed danced slightly behind its human’s back.

Soooo I watched IT on Friday in 4D! 4 fucking D it was amazing! The blood scenes you get sprayed in the face with mist like the blood, the fans, the lighting and the movement makes it feel like youre in the movie. Sidenote. BEST FUCKING MOVIE! I LOVED IT WITH ALL MY HEART AND AM READING THE BOOK AGAIN AND REWATCHING IT FOR SURE! ALSO PENNYWISE IS AMAZING AND YES! ILL SHUT UP NOW. 🎈

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‘Thank You Team Arrow’ Project

A.K.A ‘Thank you Stephen Amell’ Project 2.0

*IMPORTANT - Submission Deadline has been changed to July 1st*

Hello Arrow Family!

I wanted to send out a fresh post with a new name! Same project, just updated name!

I am going to Wizard World Chicago in August and want to put together a “Thank you” book for the Arrow Cast & Crew from their fans. Stephen Amell will be at Wizard World and I will present him with this book. I would really love all you to be involved in this. Let’s come up with a special thank you for all their hard work that they have put into this incredible show. 

So whether you would like to thank:

Stephen Amell
Emily Bett Rickards
Willa Holland
Paul Blackthorn
Katie Cassidy
David Ramsey
Colton Hayes
John Barrowman
The incredible writers
And countless more
Or all of the above!

Do whatever your heart desires! The choice is yours!

It will be all in one book for all of them! I believe they would all love it!

Team Arrow is the heart and soul of this show. They are the reason we love it.

They put in so much hard work into to every episode that makes this show amazing.

They never let us down and always keep us coming back for more.

All of them are beautiful, driven, and fun loving people. How can you not love each and everyone of them!

So let’s do what they do best and TEAM UP to tell ‘Thank you’ for being a part of our favorite TV show and for just being amazing people.

Because who wouldn’t want to say thank you to that group!

What I need from you:

Anything you would like to submit to say thank you to person of your choice … Fan Art, a thank you letter, Fan Fic, a picture, etc. Whatever you feel that conveys the message you would like to give them. If it is an image you would like to submit it will need it to be in a HiRes JPG format. Whatever you send please include your name and hometown. Let’s keep it clean and fun guys!

What I will be doing with your submissions:

I will be taking all submissions and sending them to be bound in book form. This book will be presented to Stephen Amell at Wizard World Chicago in August. I will be constantly updating you all on the progress of this project and of course I will be posting pictures of the finished product.

*Updated Information Below*

When will I need it by: 

The submission deadline is now July 1st 2015. This will give me enough time to go through all the submissions and have them turned into a book.

I hope all of you are as excited as I am to say thank you to them. I think that it would be an amazing gift for all of them.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of this project please message me and let me know. If you do want to be a part of this I will give you my email address where you can submit your “thank you”.

Thank you all for your amazing support and excitement! Please keep spreading the word by reposting this message! We want as many people as we can get to be involved in this project!

A Special Thank you to jbuffyangel, olicity-i-believe-in-you, oliverdant, lordmesa-art, foxy-fangirl, damara531, and awczet for all of your continuous support!

*Disclaimer: None of the above GIFs/images were made by me.


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