Don Trip x Starlito | Step Brothers Two

One of my favorite mix tapes of all time is Step Brothers, by Tennessee kings, Don Trip and Starlito . Its been in my car and on my phone ever since it dropped and it wasn’t until I saw them perform the entire mix-tape live, did I realize how well they worked together and its impact on the southern rap scene.

Today they dropped Step Brothers 2. I have been anticipating this one for a while. Its been released for streaming on NPR and purchase on iTunes and Amazon and the duo did interviews with Fader, Vibe, and Complex the day of the release.  After the first listen, video of the first track is above, it is the epitome of what southern rap music has been identified as, over the last 30 years. Creative word play about the struggles and triumphs of the day over aggressive beats and contagious hooks. What else could you ask for? One thing that the the Step Brothers do on this mix-tape is “hot-potato” their verses. They alternate 2 or 3 bars at a time, going back and forth through the track. Listening to them pick up what the other is putting down is infectious and the result of two creative artist truly collaborating. Don Trip and Starlito are powerhouses on their own but together, they definitely reach a  another level with their music. Kevin Gates makes an appearance on the hook of Leash on Life, and they are scheduled to go with him on his Stranger Than Fiction tour. Dates are here. Make sure you go get Step Brothers Two. Stream below. Keep it on shuffle

I wanna give this to my 11th grade English Teacher… of the only times i learned sumn in school..7th grade Algebra One fuk’d me up for life tho I think..anywho he the first person that showed me I was a skilled writer…Shoutout Mr. Brown….& the NIMAwards #MusicCity #Nashville #Cashville #615 #FuneralsAndCourtDates #GrindHard (#FriedTurkey 11/29…#StepBrothersTWO 10/17)

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