me irish step dancing my way up to the cafeteria counter in chaldea: emiya i need five bags of fries
emiya: When did you switch from not knowing my name to knowing my name? And the answer is no.
me: i will bring kiara and BB here separately but simultaneously here to speak with you. also your step mom told me
emiya: …. Alright, five bags of fries it is.
me : go hard on the seasoning fry them like you MEAN IT

please do not repost my art

This is just one example. The images I shared of my prints were to promote my charms, you are hurting me by taking them out of context and removing the link to where people can purchase my prints and charms. People who find my work directly through a reposter will have to take extra steps to find me, let alone about my store. As a small artist who would love to be able to make merch and table at cons at least as a side-job, repost culture damages my chances of being able to do what I love.

I won’t go too much into Eastern artists here, but some have lost their jobs and/or quit drawing fanart because of reposting. If you want there to be fanart of things you love, ask before you repost. This goes for using artwork in videos as well. That’s too much effort? You don’t want to keep track of all of the artists you want to repost from? That’s nothing compared to the time it takes to do an illustration.

You should not be happy about stealing followers from the original artists who put hours into their works when you do nothing but browse tumblr or pixiv, then spam irrelevant tags to get noticed. Nobody will follow the original artist when lazy art repost accounts are there for the convenience of all fandom art in one place. This is not the worst of it, I’ve had a reposter get hundreds of likes on artwork of mine when my own upload of it had under 30 due to them mass spamming tags and gaining followers for no work.

I have now added ‘please do not repost my work’ to my bio as well, there is no excuse for not knowing.

I have made an instagram account of my own and I’m attempting to use it more often. it’s ririrubyart there as well. Support is appreciated.

help, my partner is my rock. I’m going through one of the worst times in my life right now and she’s been with me every step of the way, comforting me, telling me its going to be okay. i love her so incredibly much, i really couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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I get nervous over posts where people say things like "honestly Maxwell/Drake/Jake/Zig/Becca ect could betray me/pull a knife of me/punch me and I would still find it hot". It normalises abusive relationships. :(

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Me too. I know a thing or two about relationships like that, and I know the fandom doesn’t necessarily mean any harm, but I get nervous. Like, on the one hand, I think the ‘she could step on me and I’d thank her’ thing in fandoms is cool because it’s part of *Meme Culture* and I’m a sucker for that shit, but sometimes it just doesn’t come across right. I can’t explain it any better than that.

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I love dressing up in elegant professional clothing at my work and showing of a fresh young face since a lot of men will open doors and step aside to let me walk and constantly talk/ joke with me and even more I get my hot boss jealous and soon he will come up and try to listen in and once the men go away he tries to tidy himself up and make small talk since he's a bit shy ☺️

Why do y'all act like men flirting with people is a miracle or something😂😂😂

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Oh my god I'm so anti drake also I hated that bit with Tariq and the undressing thing aghhhg Mc was like 'oh😍thanks😍drake😍' and if I had the choice (is this ironic or) I'd slap Tariq as soon as he started talking and literally throw him out of the room while still in that bra yknow

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