I am here...

1.) Hold your arms out in front of you.
2.) Then hug the air as if you were hugging someone in front of you.
3.) you are now receiving a huge hug from me.
4.) know that I love you and that I will always think highly of you.
5.) you are beautiful. More beautiful than the universe itself.
6.) if you ever feel the need, hug the air in front of you, and know that I am doing the same.
7.) I will always wait with open arms when you need it. I love you too much to turn you away.
8.) feel free to talk to me. I am always listening. Always.
9.) anytime or anywhere. I am always here for you.
10.) I love you very much, and know that I am always hugging the air.

I was tagged by raryu, thesadisticsiren, perksofbeingawaifu and nocturneinb! I believe I’ve gotten everyone down haha :D

Put your music player on shuffle and list the first twenty songs, no skipping, and tag twenty others.

1. Star Sky - Two Steps From Hell
2. Sleep Baby Sleep - Broods
3. Flight of the Silver Bird - Two Steps From Hell
4. Blue on Blue - Say Lou Lou
5. Battleborne - Two Steps From Hell
6. Good For You - Selena Gomez
7. Across The Blood Water - Two Steps From Hell
8. Adore (Acoustic) - Jasmine Thompson
9. Towards The Sun - Rihanna
10. Walk - Kwabs
11. Don’t Worry - Madcon, Ray Dalton
12. Glory and Gore - Lorde
13. Från Balkongen - Oskar Linnros
14. Coattails - Broods
15. Buzzcut Season - Lorde
16. Never Back Down - Two Steps From Hell
17. Team - Lorde
18. Freedom Ship - Two Steps From Hell
19. Helena Beat - Foster The People
20. Brinner I Bröstet - Danny Saucedo, Malcom B

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(there are english subtitles available)

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Loki es el hermano de Thor. Loki tiene un corazón partido pero es celoso, es arrogante, es orgulloso pero es bravo! Fuerte!


[Translation under the cut]

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…i’m really outdated, huh?
Haunted House Reaction Challenge (something like that??)
I haven’t seen any AddEve so why not? ;D
…ignore the background, tracers’ outfits, and lazy-coloring ×∆×)