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3 metros sobre el cielo (2010) - Fernando González Molina

And suddenly it happens. Something clicks. And you know that things are going to change. They’ve changed already”

I Fall in Love Too Easily
Miles Davis
I Fall in Love Too Easily

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: I Fall in Love Too Easily by Miles Davis - The time between ‘62 and '63 were years of transition for Miles.  Coltrane had left the year before, then his rhythm section of Kelly, Chamber, and Coob left en masse.  Miles himself had taken ill. limiting his performance time.  By late spring of '63 however, Miles was back on track with a new band and two studio sessions that would eventually be released as Seven Steps to Heaven.

The album is really the melding of two bands.  The LA sessions featured pianist Victor Feldman and drummer Frank Butler and mostly consisted of ballads.  The NYC sessions featured Tony Williams on drums and Herbie Hancock on piano, which would eventually form the basis of the Miles’ second great quintet.  Of the ballads though, I Fall in Love Too Easily is one of my favorites, just Miles at his finest with the backing band.

Suddenly you realize that everything is over, really. There is no going back, you feel it. And then you try to remember at what point it all began, and you discover it all started before you thought. Long before, and it’s at that moment; you realize things only happen once. And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never feel the same again. You’ll never have the feeling of being three meters above the sky.
—  Tres metros sobre el cielo

Ron Carter: Ten Favorite Recordings

In the 47 years that I’ve known Ron Carter, it never would have occurred to me to ask the prolific bassist to pick 10 favorites among the thousands of records that he has played on. Fortunately, Mark Stryker of the Detroit Free Press did, and the results and Ron’s comments are revealing and sometimes unexpected. I still think the Miles Davis album Miles Smiles has some of the greatest bass work in jazz, but Ron selected his first recorded appearance with Miles on Seven Steps To Heaven.

-Michael Cuscuna

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Cool Down- Steve x Reader   Chapter 10

Authors Notes: So sorry! I know it’s been a while since I updates this series but I had a lot going on. Anyways, here’s this and I hope you enjoy it!

Notes/Warnings: fluff, steam, jealousy, lots of making out(as per usual)

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 Steve was in awe. Somehow, and he couldn’t figure it out, but somehow you looked even more beautiful this morning. He didn’t know if it was because of the way the early morning light made your features stand out or if it was the way the sheet lay so delicately across your lower back. Maybe it was how relaxed you looked in your sleep or the way your hair spread out across the pillow. But he had a feeling it was the fact that he finally got to show you just how much he loved you last night.

 You inhaled at the feeling of his fingers brushing across your cheek and your eyes fluttered open. “Good morning.” You smiled.

 His grin widened and he cupped the back of your neck, rubbing his thumb along your jaw. “Good morning, beautiful.”

 You felt your cheeks flush and you grabbed his wrist, just needing to touch him. “What time is it?”

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“You’re the Mother of all Monsters.” The woman screams clutching her child close, so consumed in her grief she doesn’t see that the body in her hands has long since taken his last breath. ‘Yes.’ she agrees, ‘A monster I am.’ She glances at the sky and smiles slightly. Mother or Father the term is not true, because she didn’t make herself this way. ‘That honor was you.’ she says to the sky. Lilith, Mother of Monsters.

“What was Eden like?” One child asks as she leads them in their descent. She remembers Adam, the sting of rejection a slap on his face. She closes her eyes, and she can remember how menacing the garden had seemed. There were thorns in the bushes and snakes in the trees. “Cold.” She answers, “Cold and cruel.”

“Why do you have to take her?” The same line over and over, each time from a different source. “You think I chose to be this way?” She angrily barks out. The other women doesn’t comprehend, sobbing a single line, the words stinging like a holy verse. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. She takes her by the shoulders. “You think there is such a thing as fair.” She shakes her with every word, “that I rob you of your child, like I was robbed of my own?” The body drops from her hand, as the fury leaves her. “I was robbed too.”

“How did you become this way?” The mother of a sick child asks. She’s hoping for peace for her son, happiness free of illness that only Death can grant. “I refused a man.” Her eyebrow is raised. “I refused a man, and was made a demon for it.” It is dark, and in the dark she can remember the sharp cuts of the wind as she was pushed down. She can remember the cracks of her bones when she finally reached the ground, and how she lay there in a heap for weeks unable to move and barely able to breathe. “I refused to be a submissive wife, a senseless twit.” A twisted smile graces her lips. “You see the steps to Heaven are painted red. There’s rules you have to follow; otherwise you might as well be dead.”

“Do you miss the stars?” Adam asks when they pass each other on Earth. She glances to the sky and for a moment misses the taste of salvation, and the music that holy God damn music. “Do you miss Eve?” She bites back instead. To ache and crave for the impossible is a waste of her time. The naivety Adam is drenched in doesn’t suit her, though he has the decency to look guilty now. “What was it like for you?” he asks, avoiding the question, “What was it like when you fell?” She licks her lips and doesn’t miss how his eyes trail her tongue. “Lonely.”

“Did you love Him?” Eve asks after seeking her out. She thinks about the burns on her skin and the cuts along her back. Eve edges closer, her fingers move like ghosts down her arms. “I did.” She nods, “I loved him right until he pushed me off the edge.” Eve cries like the child she is. “Then why?” Why. Why. Why. Her lungs shake as the sigh tumbles from her mouth. “Because He didn’t love us as much as we loved him.”

Lilith  // L.H.Z

A Haunting

Prompt: After being brutally murdered at the young age of twenty- one and stuck on Earth, Harry has been searching to find a way to heaven for almost a hundred years. One day, a family and their autistic, seventeen year old, daughter, Heaven, moves into his home. Maybe this was the Heaven he was searching for all along.



Heaven sighs heavily, biting her nails lightly, as she enters the musty smelling, older, abandoned home that her parents had suddenly decided one day to move into on a whim. The larger scale home still held beauty after so many years and was somehow still in almost pristine condition, sitting in the middle of the woods on the far side of their little town.

One morning, Heaven’s parents went for a jog and stumbled upon the old mansion, immediately falling in love with it. Becoming practically obsessed, they found a realtor and bought the house in just a few days, not even speaking a word to Heaven until they burst into her room and told her to pack.

Heaven panicked, of course, as she hated change. When she was young, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents made sure she was always happy and comfortable. They lived in the same house, used the same tutors, drove the same car, and ate the same foods to insure that she didn’t have a tantrum. So this was a major change, but eventually, with much coaxing, they got her to pack and get in the car.

When they drove up the tree lined driveway and the Victorian era house came into view, Heaven immediately understood why her parents were so in love. It was absolutely breathtaking and something about it made her want to never leave. Maybe this change will be good.

“Heaven, don’t bite your nails, darling. Go choose your room!” Her mother calls as she places a box down in the kitchen, snapping Heaven out of her thoughts.

“Okay, mama! Okay… Okay, mama,” She clutches her small teddy bear that she’s had since she was a kid to her chest as she takes a step up the rickety stairs. The steps groan under the forgotten weight of someone walking up them as she makes her way up them slowly.

As she steps foot onto the second floor, she freezes as she hears quiet whispering coming from down the dark hallway. “Mama?” She calls quietly, clutching her teddy tighter as she takes a step towards the voices. The hairs on the back of her neck involuntarily stand up as she suddenly feels the intense feeling of being watched after she speaks.

As soon as she takes another step, the voice and the feelings halt and everything seems normal again. Hearing foot steps, Heaven looks down and sees her mother and father walking back outside to the moving truck. Turning towards the dark hallway again, Heaven’s eyebrows furrow.

“Not mama. That’s not mama,” she mumbles as she makes her way down the hall, not caring about it too much. She peers into each room, shaking her head each time she didn’t like them.

Coming to the end of the hall, Heaven begins to frown as she doesn’t find a bedroom she likes. Her eyes tear up in frustration as she lets out a tiny whimper.

As she gives up and begins to walk down the hall, the whispers begin again, louder than before. Heaven gasps, turning towards the voices and before her eyes, a door she hadn’t seen creaks open slowly.

Curiously growing in her, she wipes her tears and slowly walks towards the open door. Peeking into the room, she lets out a happy squeal as she sees the dark red walls, her favorite color. The bed was large, the bed spread a muted red from all the dust accumulated on it. In the corner, a small nook was made by the window so someone could sit and read. The ceilings were high and in the middle hung a giant chandelier that glittered and sparkled in the sunlight.

“Mine,” she states to herself mesmerized and in a trance as the whispers slowly die down.

“Yes,” a deep, raspy voice behind her croons as she feels a hand on the bottom of her spine. The touch was calming and warm, sending slight sparks up her spine as she didn’t flinch away like she normally did to touch.

“Yes,” she mimics as she walks in and the door slowly creaks shut behind her.


“So, I was doing some research,” Heaven’s mother starts as they quietly eat dinner in their new dining room. Heaven’s father hums in response as he gives the love of his life all his attention after he helps Heaven cut up some of her chicken and places her a small kiss on her forehead.

“It’s quite spooky actually. Apparently, the original owners were murdered here almost a hundred years ago,” she states fascinated as she takes a bite of her carrots and peas.

“Wow! That’s interesting. How sad. What happened? Do they know?” Her father speaks as Heaven pokes her chicken with her fork, in a daze as she stares fixated at the pattern on the plate.

“They say the killer snuck in in the middle
of the night and stabbed them in their beds. The son tried to find help after he had been stabbed but he only made it to the hallway where he, sadly, passed. That’s why you can see blood stains on the floorboards upstairs. They are buried in the somewhere in the woods out back, I think. There was Anne, the mom, Desmond, the dad, Gemma, the daughter, and the son was named-”

“Harry,” Heaven suddenly states, making her parents turn to her in shock.

“H-How’d you know that, sweetheart?” Her mom asks softly, her mind reeling in the scary possibilities on how her daughter, who has no way to get on the Internet, knew the name of the dead boy who once lived here.

“He wrote it. Wrote it on my bed,” Heaven states what she had found earlier. Carved on the dark wood on the bed’s headboard was a name. A little worn from the years but still visible, Harry was written in neat handwriting and, captivated, Heaven spent hours tracing the name with her fingertips.

“Oh,” her mom laughs it off lightly, relieved that their new house wasn’t haunted by its past residents. “We will get your bed up there soon, sweetheart. Sorry you have to sleep in that old thing,” she says, making Heaven frown.

“I like it, mama. I like Harry’s bed,” Heaven protests, wanting the old, soft bed that made her feel safe and calm to stay in her room.

“Heaven, a boy was killed there. I don’t want you sleeping in it,” her father says, making her eyes water.

“I want it!” She slams her fork down and just as she feels a full blown tantrum coming on, she hears the whispers.

She freezes as it feels like arms wrap around her from behind and a warm chest against her back, calming her instantly. “Don’t cry, sweet Heaven. It’s okay,” she hears the raspy, deep voice, that sounded like smooth honey, coo in her ear.

“Okay, Harry. Okay… Okay, Harry,” she mumbles as she picks up her fork and takes a bite of her chicken, completely relaxed as her parents stare at her wide eyed.

“Good girl,” she hears just as the feeling of the arms disappear and the whispers cease, but leave behind the feeling of warmth and calm.

“Heaven, w-who are you talking to?” Her mother asks, fear gripping at her heart once again. She had never seen Heaven calm down that quickly before.

“Harry say don’t cry so Heaven no cry,” Heaven mumbles as she finishes her food. “Bed time,” she states, standing and placing a kiss on her stunned parents cheeks. They were so in shock that they didn’t even protest as she make her way up the stairs to her new bedroom.


Harry smiles as he watches the beautiful, innocent girl twirl around in her bedroom as she dances with her teddy bear. He stands propped against the wall, transparent so she can’t see him just yet. He didn’t want to scare her, but with her reactions to him earlier he didn’t think she’d be too petrified.

When Harry first watched the family move in, he was livid. This was his house, his family’s house. He left and died here. How dare they just move in and take over his home of over a hundred years.

But, when he heard it, all his anger dissipated. “Heaven! Come inside!” He heard as a gorgeous girl walked though the door, lightly biting her fingernails with a dazed look in her eyes.

Heaven. Something he had been searching for for decades was right in front of him. On his tombstone, the words Find your way to Heaven were written, but Heaven found its way to him. This wasn’t what he expected but, to him, this was even better. His own personal Heaven.

He had studied her so much since she arrived he could now remember where each of her freckles were with his eyes closed. They dotted her rosy cheeks and nose like the stars in the night sky. Her hair was like spun gold with a slight reddish tint, shining in the light from the window, captivating him and making him feel like he was now one of the richest men. Her lips were like two, perfect, pink rose petals and he fought the urge to kiss them relentlessly. Her ocean green-blue eyes sparkled with innocence and were normally stuck in a daze as she focuses on something sparkly. Earlier, she had spent almost an hour just staring at the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling as he stared at her.

That’s when he figured something was…special about his Heaven. Listening in to her parents conversation, he quickly found out she had autism. He didn’t care. He actually fell more in adoration of the small, special girl with the gleam in her eyes.

Hearing a small shriek and a crash, Harry is knocked out of his thoughts. He panics as he sees Heaven on the floor with tears in her eyes as she clutches her ankle. Not caring any longer about transparency, he rushes over to her and appears right next to her.

His hand reaches out, laying on top of hers that clutched her ankle. She gasps lightly and the whole world seems to slow down as she turns her head and their eyes connect.

“Harry,” she whispers as he smiles gently, reaching out for her hair and tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Careful, sweetheart. Can’t have my Heaven getting hurt right after I find her.”

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