Honestly when you have communication issues having friends that understand you and dont mock you is so important - as evidenced by this conversation i had with my friend earlier.

Me: Also if you use … . umm, cinnamon, no not red pepper. umm, the ‘c’ word for pepper.

Her: Cayenne.

Me: Yeah! thanks! anyways, if you use cayenne …

She didn’t make fun of me for not remembering something as trivial as the word cayenne, in fact, it didn’t even interrupt the conversation at all. and there was no reason for it to, she knew what i was trying to say and she just went with it instead of drawing attention.

As someone who forgets words A LOT, this is pretty big for me. because I get really tired of people treating me like im stupid because i forgot the word for banana one time.

Like I can remember complex procedures step by step in my head but heaven forbid i forget an everyday word.


Get to know me meme: Spanish movies

3 metros sobre el cielo (2010) - Fernando González Molina

And suddenly it happens. Something clicks. And you know that things are going to change. They’ve changed already”


Miles Davis Quartet - I Fall in Love Too Easily (Seven Steps To Heaven, 1963)

Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet), Victor Feldman (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Frank Butler (drums)

how lovely you sound…



“how to blow up the internet, an illustrated guide by”