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3 metros sobre el cielo (2010) - Fernando González Molina

And suddenly it happens. Something clicks. And you know that things are going to change. They’ve changed already”

Look, regardless of how you feel about Naoko Takeuchi, you have to admit she A. was really determined and B. had zero fucking chill:

  • She wanted to give Usagi a fucking gun and OsaP told her no so what happened? She gave to her six year old future daughter instead…who proceed to point it at USAGI’S FOREHEAD IN HER FIRST APPEARANCE.
  • Really wanted to murder everyone and call it a day but everyone said chill–and then the anime did it any way and she was PISSED. But don’t worry SHE’LL KILL THEM EVENTUALLY.
  • Wanted to make Ami a cyborg for some reason and kill her brutally. Was told no and waited until Hotaru came around to do the same exact thing. 
  • Look she had her fourteen year olds protag kill a lot of people and ain’t no one gonna stop her
  • I am absolutely sure the reason why the eternal sailor moon outfit is the way it is because she was 100% done with everything and also sleep depraved
  • started out drawing cutesy shoujo but I mean clearly that’s not where her heart lies because if anything sailor moon brought to front how much she liked to KILL THINGS like seriously Naoko what the hell
  • I mean I get it, same but what the hell
  • At some point she gave up and started drawing all her villains in fancy lingerie instead of designing actual outfits
  • I am almost somewhat positive Sailor Moon was just an excuse for her to draw high end designer brands because she SURE LOVES TO NAME DROP
  • Everyone makes fun of “Tuxedo Mask” as a name and okay I get that but remember she almost went with “Mysterious 2098 Face” I THINK WE ALL JUST NEED TO TAKE A STEP BACK AND THANK THE HEAVENS SHE WENT IN ANOTHER DIRECTION
  • Wait scratch that I’m actually sure she was just drawing manga to mAKE AS MANY BAD PUNS AND JOKES AS POSSIBLE 
I Fall in Love Too Easily
Miles Davis
I Fall in Love Too Easily

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: I Fall in Love Too Easily by Miles Davis - The time between ‘62 and '63 were years of transition for Miles.  Coltrane had left the year before, then his rhythm section of Kelly, Chamber, and Coob left en masse.  Miles himself had taken ill. limiting his performance time.  By late spring of '63 however, Miles was back on track with a new band and two studio sessions that would eventually be released as Seven Steps to Heaven.

The album is really the melding of two bands.  The LA sessions featured pianist Victor Feldman and drummer Frank Butler and mostly consisted of ballads.  The NYC sessions featured Tony Williams on drums and Herbie Hancock on piano, which would eventually form the basis of the Miles’ second great quintet.  Of the ballads though, I Fall in Love Too Easily is one of my favorites, just Miles at his finest with the backing band.

Suddenly you realize that everything is over, really. There is no going back, you feel it. And then you try to remember at what point it all began, and you discover it all started before you thought. Long before, and it’s at that moment; you realize things only happen once. And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never feel the same again. You’ll never have the feeling of being three meters above the sky.
—  Tres metros sobre el cielo
Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader- Fallen (Part 3)

Yaayyyy I posted another chapter!! You would not believe the writer’s block I have right now.  Hopefully this chapter has done this series some justice.

Part 1, Part 2

Warning: None that I can think of????

Following the demon with the red helmet, your eyes scanned over every piece of artwork that adorned the walls.  It seemed that your brother fancied collecting pieces from famous artists, and you could clearly tell that he had commissioned every single one from the source.  The demon leading you didn’t seem to enjoy the art like you were, but he had probably seen them many times.  If he was your brother’s second in command, then he must have served him for a long time.  Now that you think about it, the stench of Hellfire no longer smelt like it did on your way here.  The horrendous smell was replaced by a sweet scent, something similar to the smell you experience when roasting a marshmallow.

Immediately stopping when you saw the demon halt his steps, you watched as he placed his hand on a door, the same Hellfire spreading all over the door.  He stepped away as soon as the door opened, allowing you to cautiously enter the room.  Your eyes widened as soon as you saw the Heaven of an elderly woman you had visited many times.  The sunset behind the weeping willow was spot on, casting a beautiful orange light on the hills.  The woman and her husband were not there, laying on a blanket and watching the sunset, but you knew that they were still in Heaven.  Stepping further into the room, you knelt down and felt the grass.  The small, green blades of glass felt smooth against your skin, the dew dampening your hand.  You could even smell the field of flowers on the other side of the hill.

“What kind of room is this?” you asked, turning to face the demon.

He looked around, “It is… enchanted, if you prefer the term.  It provides you with the environment that will provide you with whatever you need.”

“Thank you,” you said, looking around.  “I didn’t think I would ever see this again.”

His head tilted slightly to the side, silently asking you to explain.

“This is a Heaven I frequently visited,” you explained, a small smile crawling onto your face.  “Sometimes it was the only thing that provided me a safe haven from my father and siblings, especially when they were overwhelming.”

“You are the complete opposite of every Angel that I have ever met,” he stated, walking further into the room.

“What do you mean by that?” you asked, following him.

“Angels, well, normal Angels are emotionless warriors and guardians who had protected Earth, smiting any demon in sight.  Only one Angel has been in a room like this, and the battlefield was the environment he needed,” he answered, dragging his hands on the trees as he passed them.  “You, on the other hand have this setting, which is odd, especially with this serene scenery.”

“I can see why you find it odd,” you said, the orange glow slowly fading from view.  “I am a Fallen now, banished from Heaven, and yet I do not search for any revenge or have any anger.  All I have is pain and betrayal.”

“The pain will fade,” he stated, “but it will take time.”

“I wonder how long that will last,” you said, looking down at your bare feet.  “I do not know if I will be hunted and smited with the wrath of Heaven.  Fallen are not meant to survive, suffering is the only thing that is left for them.”

“And yet you can still find peace,” he said, picking up a rolled piece of dark grey clothing from the ground.  “This is yours, I’m guessing that you do not want to walk around in those torn clothes.”

“Thank you,” you thanked him, taking the clothing from his armored hands.  “If I may ask, what shall I call you?  I think it would be rude of me not to ask.”

“I go by many names, but you can call me by my first that was given to me,” he answered.  “Jason.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Jason,” you smiled, holding out your hand.  “My name is (Y/N).”

Jason gently took your hand in his, shaking it, “Even your name does not match the names of the other Angels.”

“I have never heard of a demon with a name like Jason,” you said, tilting your head to the side.  “I guess this is a first for the both of us.”

He released your hand and rested his near his side, “Touché.”

“I am curious, do you always wear your armor?” you asked, scanning over his helmet.

“I do not, but I prefer to wear it when I am on duty,” Jason responded.  “Do you wish for me to remove it?”

“Only the helmet,” you replied, “but if you are not willing to, I understand.”

He paused for a moment, debating whether or not to remove his helmet.  Nodding, he swiped his hand in front of his face, making his helmet fade away, the ash blowing away.  His eyes were the first things you saw, completely enamored by the beautiful combination of red, yellow, orange and even a bit of purple hues.

“Your eyes look like the very sunset that is here,” you smiled, tilting your head.  “I never expected eyes to be so beautiful.”

“You’re very honest, aren’t you?” he asked, looking in the direction of the sunset.  “Do my eyes really look like that?”

“They do,” you nodded, scanning the rest of his features.

While he was observing the sunset, you had a chance to soak in every detail of him.  His skin was not like your brother’s.  It was more tan than Lucifer’s light pigmentation, and it was perfect in your eyes.  His ears were similar to yours, but they were more extended and angular than your own.  When he turned back to face you, you did not cease your actions.

“You are fascinating,” you stated truthfully.  “Do you consider yourself an average demon?”

“I am far from average, (Y/N).”

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The war between our Love (Loki x Reader) Chapter One: The Princess of Bevollion

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Note: Loki is angry. Odin doesn’t care, and Thor cares too much.

Words: 1585 

The second Prince of Asgard held a scowl on his face, it had been there since he heard the news he wasn’t happy to hear. He was storming down the hallways of the palace towards the Throne room where his ‘father’ was. His eldest brother was not far behind him looking worried that his brother might level the entire land of Asgard. “Brother, please calm down.” Thor spoke softly. “Don’t tell me to calm down Thor.” Loki spat to Thor looking back to him with darkness swirling in his eyes. “You aren’t being forced into marriage.” He huffed before ripping open the doors to the Throne room where Odin sat.

“Well well if it isn’t my two sons.” Odin smiled as Loki’s eyes darkened more with hatred. “I am not your son. You cannot sell me out for marriage as a peace treaty.” Loki hissed his anger as Odin frowned. “If I do not, then war will happen.” Odin growled. “That is of no concern of mine you fool.” Loki growled back. “As far as they know you are my son. This is your punishment as well.” Odin said leaning back in his chair as Loki gritted his teeth. “You can’t make me.” Loki fired back. “You don’t have a choice in the matter. She comes tomorrow which you will be betrothed.” Odin said. “Not another word Loki.” Odin clenched his fist when Loki huffed.

Loki glared daggers to the man placed on the Throne. He wasn’t a father, he would never be Loki’s father. Sadly, Odin was right, since he is the Prince of Asgard Odin has a say in who he is to marry. Loki turned around before storming out of the room feeling the darkness threatening to consume him as he walked down the halls. Maids, and other folk stepped out of the Prince’s way in fear of the black aura surrounding his scowling face. Once again Thor was trailing along behind him before he dared himself and placed a hand onto the trickster’s shoulder. “Brother, please–” Thor turned Loki around as Loki swatted his hands away.

“Leave me,” Loki growled stepping closer to Thor. “Alone.” He hissed the word as Thor’s stubbornness wouldn’t allow Loki to be alone. “You never understand. You might desire this woman.” He said making Loki roll his eyes. “Odin said I was marrying her. He never said I had to desire and care for her.” Loki spat making Thor’s jaw clench. “Then there is no point in this marriage.” Thor countered as Loki placed a hand onto Thor’s chest. “Now you’re understanding it.” Loki grinned sickly as he patted Thor’s chest before he walked back to his room. He refused to eat that night, he had lost his appetite and he did not wish to be in the presence of Odin.

Loki sat alone in his room in the coldness of the night as he glared down to his hands in silence. “Bastard.” He growled more to himself than anything when he gazed out to the pale moonlight. He let out a small sigh running his fingers through his hair thinking of what tomorrow may bring. He stood up thinking about how his mother wouldn’t allow this to happen, but he knew she was no longer here. Whatever Odin wanted, Odin got even if it was at the cost of others. To his surprise he felt a tear dripped down his face as his eyes widened when he brushed away the salted liquid. He swallowed thickly before he got up from the chair before laying down on his bed.

Someone knocked on his door making him jolt slightly. “My Lord, are you going to eat tonight?” A small voice asked softly. “No, I shall be fine.” He called back before turning on his bed to face away from the door. His voice was slightly strained from holding back his emotions as he let out a shaky sigh. His eyelids felt heavy as he tried to stay awake for as long as he could, because if he dared to close his eyes then his life would be over. He didn’t want to wake up, he didn’t want tomorrow to come, but sadly fate as it is sleep had claimed him without a second thought making his body relax in the blissful unconscious state.

Then it was morning must to Loki’s disapproval when he noticed a figure towering over him as his blurred eyes readjusted to see Thor standing there. He held a tray in his hands as he placed it on the table by Loki’s bed when Loki took notice of the angered look on his face. “You never came to dinner last night.” Thor said in a stern tone as Loki sat up looking down. “I wasn’t hungry.” He countered as Thor frowned softly. “Well you are told to eat now. The Princess of Bevollion will be here momentarily.” He said watching Loki grit his teeth. “Please eat.” Thor whispered before he walked out as Loki huffed looking to the tray when he started to eat.

Loki washed up and got dressed when there was a knock at the door before it gently opened. “My Lord, you are requested in the Throne room.” A young woman said as Loki stood staring expressionless in front of his mirror. “So be it.” He whispered to himself before following the woman who gave him a weary smile. “She is beautiful my lord.” She said trying to make conversation. “I don’t care.” Loki huffed before soon she opened the doors to the Throne room. The entire room has been decorated for the occasion when Loki slowly made his way towards the Throne seeing Thor smiling softly to him while Odin glares from his seat.

Loki noticed a woman who had a veil over her face when two women behind her pulled it back as Loki’s eyes widened for a moment. She was… breathtaking. Her hair was the most beautiful shade, her eyes piercing yet playful at the same time and her lips the perfect hue of pink. This couldn’t be the woman he was to marry as he walked up to Odin who gestures to the woman. “Loki, I want you to meet (Y/N) of Bevollion. She is the daughter of (F/N). She is the one who you are to be wedded to.” He said as Loki looked at her. For the first time in his life he was actually speechless by such a beautiful creature who stood before him dressed in white.

It made her look even more breathtaking, she looked like an angel that stepped out of the heavens themselves. It made the organ that pumped blood through his system clench in desperation to figure a way to get out of this. For once, he did not wish for war, and if this marriage didn’t work he would once again be blamed for the consequences. It didn’t matter that he was forced into this wedding, it only mattered if he stopped the war. His mind was racing with thoughts, with actions, but none of them ended well for anyone, especially not him. He glanced back to the woman thinking how beautiful she was and how he wanted to touch her.

No, he would not fall for the likes of her. She isn’t of his race and he refused this mainly because he was being forced into all of this, yet he couldn’t help but notice the gentleness of her expression. It made him want to keep her safe and make sure nothing ever placed her in harm’s way. He felt this tingling feeling on his skin as he stood in front of her. It was almost as if he was standing in front of the sun with the warmth that radiated off her. He held back a shudder that coursed its way up his spine as he watched her every movement like he was studying her. He was getting lost in her eyes as felt his entire foundation crack under him in her presence.

That’s when the priest cleared his throat when Loki suddenly remembered what was happening. Once again he wasn’t happy with the turn of events, as beautiful as she was he didn’t want to marry her. He didn’t want this, he wanted to scream, fight back, but he could do nothing as the priest spat out the words of the holy matrimony. Loki felt like there was a knife being shoved down his throat as he forced himself to swallow. They were given rings when he noticed the glittering tears welling in her eyes as she slid the ring onto his finger.

It felt cold, colder than his own skin when he picked up her ring and slid it onto her finger as he watched her. The expression mirrored his own, she didn’t want this as much as he did, yet there was nothing that either of them could do. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest called. There was nothing good about this situation, they don’t know each other. They’ve never heard each other's’ voices, nor do they know how this will in the end play out. They woke up and were forced into the marriage at the break of dawn with no will to fight back against this. Their marriage was the treaty. He placed his hand onto her cheek before his lips pressed against her own making it seal their fate as one.

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Ron Carter: Ten Favorite Recordings

In the 47 years that I’ve known Ron Carter, it never would have occurred to me to ask the prolific bassist to pick 10 favorites among the thousands of records that he has played on. Fortunately, Mark Stryker of the Detroit Free Press did, and the results and Ron’s comments are revealing and sometimes unexpected. I still think the Miles Davis album Miles Smiles has some of the greatest bass work in jazz, but Ron selected his first recorded appearance with Miles on Seven Steps To Heaven.

-Michael Cuscuna

Read and listen…

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Yearning for More

This is for @trexrambling‘s Daring Drabbles - but I did break your 500 word rule, I’m so sorry, but it HAD to be longer. You’ll thank me - I hope!
Challenge: Y for Yearning, John Winchester
Word Count: 1250
Characters: John x Reader, Sam and Dean for a moment
Warnings: SMUT without a plot! NSFW aesthetic under the cut (made by @jayankles)
A/N: I wanna thank @manawhaat @codenameruby @feelmyroarrrr @ohmychuckitssamanddean @grace-for-sale and @papawinchxster for spamming me with gifs when I was stuck; y’all made this happen. Also, thanks Mana and Grace for talking John through with me!
If you’re not 18+ please do not read further. This is not for you.

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