guys the description given for austin and kayla in toa is this: 

The cabin door opened. Two more demigods stepped inside. One was a tall boy of about thirteen, his skin burnished bronze and his cornrows woven like DNA helixes. In his black wool peacoat and black jeans, he looked as if he’d stepped from the deck of an eighteenth-century whaling vessel. The
other newcomer was a younger girl in olive camouflage.

so not only is austin 13, but kayla is even younger than that and is probably a greasy 12 y/ old walking around with a bow and arrows

Play Junkrat like:

Step one. Give the ally Roadhog a kiss and mine jump away giggling.

Step two. Let your gay ass be hooked and killed instantly by the Enemy Roadhog while sitting there blushing

Monsta X Alternative Careers

(A/N) Wow, this took forever to do! I haven’t posted something of my own for some time now; feels good to make something! Hope you all like it ~

I’d love some feedback! Tell me which job you see them doing the most. Request box is also open; I do many other groups ~ Mika


  • Dance Instructor – He’d have so many people sign up for his classes! Who wouldn’t want this hunk to teach them some moves? If anyone has trouble learning the steps, he gives them one on one time. His instructions are clear and he teaches at an average pace, but it seems like everyone in the studio needs his help. 

  • Firefighter – A lot of physical labor is involved, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Whether it's saving people from a burning building or simply rescuing a kitty from a tree, he feels content knowing he’s made a difference. Mmmh ~ Shownu in a firefighter uniform… 

  • Farmer – A simple career for a simple man. He spends his days working the fields and taking care of his animals, shirtless of course. He enjoys the peace and quiet.

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  • Physical Education Teacher / Coach – Oh Boy! Everyone at the school would love him! Not only is he handsome, but he also has a big heart. He plays with all the younger children on the playground. If one of them needs a playmate, he is there; no one is allowed to feel lonely! He also coaches several sports team. It’s hard to give up when you see him rooting for you with all his might, a big goofy smile on his face. 

  • Mechanic – You’d get your car checked more often if he was your mechanic. Watching him work shirtless so diligently, people often obligated to give him a big tip. An oil mark on his cheek is common and makes him all the more attractive. 

  • Actor – He doesn’t understand why he always has to be the main love interest. Has so many fans and loves each and every one of them.

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  • Day-care Worker – Oh my gosh, he’s practically a child himself! Minhyuk is an excellent caretaker; he loves every baby and toddler that comes through the door as if they are his own. He makes them the cutest and most nutritious snacks nutella cookies. He uses his soothing voice to lull them to sleep when it is nap time. His favorite games to play are house and dinosaur. So many single parents have proposed to him. Mmmh ~ Minhyuk in an apron, looking all house husband like. 

  • Pet Groomer – Your dog probably loves him more than you. He gives them major cuddles and tons of walkies. It’s hard for him to let them go. Why you take his doggos? 

  • Nurse – He mainly works with newborns and sick children. He brings the bedridden kids balloons and stuffed animals and sometimes sneaks them candy. He also distracts them from their pain and sorrows by singing and reading to them. Multiple families have told him that he is an angel. 

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    • Cosmetologist – Prepare to look amazing! He will not let you walk out of his salon until you do. You want that haircut? Oh no no no! He’s already picked out the best one for you. You want clear and radiant skin? No problem! Just buy his handcrafted beauty products. Everyone is a masterpiece in his eyes; he just has to bring their beauty out. 

    • Bartender – He’s that one sassy bartender that has your back. He listens to all your problems and rants. He gives you water instead of pouring you another shot of alcohol. He protects you from creeps. He orders you a taxi cab home. He is just very reliable. 

    • Music Teacher – You’ll be able to hit every high note once he’s done with you. He is strict and only accepts the most dedicated students to invest in. His cold facade melts away once he sees his pupils perform on stage though; their success gives him such utter joy, that he can’t help but adore them. 

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    • Model – Such a pretty boy. Don’t be surprised when you see him walking down the runway or on the cover of a magazine. He is tired of receiving lipstick commercial offers. 

    • Photographer – He takes pictures of the strangest things and yet each photo is breath-taking. Like, he will literally snap a pic of a trashcan and it will spark a full blown discussion of its symbolism and beauty online. When he’s not adding to his personal collection, he takes pictures for weddings and magazines. Follow him on instagram 

    • Waiter – You better believe he’d look good in a black button down. To Hyungwon, working at a restaurant is a piece of cake. He only has to be his courteous and charming self. His long limbs make it easier to balance plates too. To top it all off, he receives numerous phone numbers written on napkins with generous tips daily. He throws the numbers away.

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    • Café Owner – Welcome to Joohoney Café ~ He serves the best coffee and pastries. Everything is fresh like his rap. Very calming atmosphere. Complement him at the counter to see his killer dimples and aegyo.  

    • Senior Center Worker – Have you seen how respectful he is to his elders? This sweetheart is so patient and kind. He constantly checks on all the grandpas and grandmas at the center. He also doesn’t mind watching dramas and playing board games with them. 

    • Florist – His flowers are of the highest quality. Rival flower shops can’t figure out his secret to growing such magnificent vegetation its his mixtape, it makes them grow. He won’t admit it, but he gives the elderly and youth discounts on bouquets. Also has Joohoney bees to help him with pollination. 

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    • Doctor – He has all the patients swooning. You wouldn’t believe how many healthy people come in for an appointment. Even the nurses can’t help but stare at him. Ha! He makes everyone sick – Love Sick! But jokes aside, he takes his job very seriously. He actually studies his paperwork thoroughly and strives to provide the best care for his patients. Mmmh ~ Changkyn in a white doctor coat… 

    • Detective – No mystery is left unsolved. He is a master of disguise. The cases he tackles are thrilling and fun. You can find him wandering the back alley ways at night, looking for clues….and eating donuts

    • Librarian – When he’s not re-organizing books or checking them in and out for people, he sits behind the desk and writes lit lyrics reads. He likes to give out handmade bookmarks.

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    Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me so far. I can’t even begin to explain how much this means to me. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with dysphoria and hating what i see everyday.. everyday is a constant struggle and honestly i want to give up so much sometimes and surgery day looks way too good to be true.. but someday i know i will get there.. and it will be the happiest day of my life.
    So thank you so much to everyone who has shared my campaign or even donated. You’re helping me get one step closer to freedom.

    Here is the link again:

    Check it out if you want, or just share it. You all mean the world to me, thank you for even caring about me at all. ❤️

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    Hanamiya with no. 3 in others?

    Your secret’s safe, no one has to know I’m your getaway.

    You were woken by a loud banging on your door, and after blinking groggily at the clock on your bedside table - freakin’ 2:03am? - you pulled on a jacket and stumbled to the door. You peered through the eyehole and jolted in surprise as you recognised the figure standing there, and hurriedly opened the door. “Makoto? What the hell are you doing here?”

    Your boyfriend didn’t answer; instead he took one step forward, dripping rainwater at your doorstep, and looked up at you, holding up a bulky sports bag that you already guessed was full of his belongings.

    “Had a fight at home,” was his hollow reply. “Can I stay over?”

    Hanamiya didn’t say a word throughout the entire process, of him drying himself off, changing into clean clothes, of drinking the hot chocolate you gave him. It wasn’t until the two of you finally settled down in your room that he spoke again. “Thanks for having me.”

    You scoffed, only pretending to be angry. “Did you think I would turn you away?”

    “That’s not what I meant.” Hanamiya’s voice was uncharacteristically gruff and serious, and it prompted you to turn to face him directly, finally looking at him for once since he got here. He looked smaller and almost more vulnerable with your blanket draped over him and his shoulders hunched as he gripped the mug in his hands.

    He looked nothing like that destructive force on the court and on the streets, with no regard for others and in some cases even for himself.

    “You’re the only one I can go to,” Hanamiya went on. “Whenever…stuff happens. It’s the only place for me that’s…”

    Safe, you thought, but Hanamiya had trailed off and didn’t finish his sentence, even though the both of you knew that was the unspoken word floating between you.

    “It’s okay.” You smiled reassuringly at him, reaching over to squeeze his hand comfortingly. “You can stay as long as you want. Your family won’t find you here, anyway.”

    Hanamiya took a deep breath. “I’ll, uh. Sleep on the couch, or the floor. You got a sleeping bag or something?”

    Rolling your eyes, you reached over and whacked him lightly on the head. “You’re so stupid sometimes,” you mocked, mimicking Hanamiya’s trademark sneer and making Hanamiya’s eye twitch. “You can sleep on my bed, stupid. It’s warm, plus there’s enough space, y’know.”

    Hanamiya raised an eyebrow, a familiar smirk crossing his lips. “You sure about that?”

    You whacked him again and he laughed, just like his old self - and you thought, there he is.

    Mona ..

    Soo.. I love Mona but I find it very weird that she is always one step ahead of the girls and sometimes comes to the rescue. Still she never shares the information with the girls..I mean come on she has to know SOOO much about A/A.D./whatever but still she plays it cool. Funny how she decided to follow Elliot the night he took Ali..maybe she wasn’t just tracking him but also the girls. Then we see her sitting with the girls the next day in the hotel and I can’t help but find it weird how she was acting around Jenna given the fact she was working with her in the past. She knew in 6x10 that Clark was a cop- again one step ahead of the girls,then she went with the girls and watched the ‘live stream’ 😂 aka Cece talking to Ali and suddenly Mona realizes she killed Bethany - like what??? Mona the one and only Mona didn’t figure it out untill now ? Very weird! I just can’t help but feel that she is still playing on the dark side. When 'A’ walkend into her house in season 5, she saw the person! - she said : “you?” So she knew the whole time while she was in the dollhouse with the girls who that person with that blond hair/wig was - and no,I don’t think that that person was wearing a mask (btw this mask thing is just so stupid - given how all these “masks” look so realistic, anyone we know in the show could be wearing a “mask” - that’s so stupid of them but ok)
    I know this is VERY long and Mona isn’t the only character that isn’t fond of sharing her knowledge about A - Toby and Ezra are the same but still - Mona is very fishy. Next week she’ll be helping Hanna but how very convenient that soon after that Noel will 'free himself’- let’s not forget Mona was dating and also working with Noel in the past and she also worked with Jenna - both Noel and Jenna are in the next episode 😏

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    I can see Iris coming to Barry's lab to talk to him about a metahuman for an article she's writing and then maybe Barry's a little slow to answer and that's when Julian steps in and one up him and then Barry gets offended because "HOW DARE YOU, SIR!!!" And then the competition starts, lol.

    Yes, this is exactly how it should go down. Don’t let us down, Zack!

    And Barry is all “shut up with your stupid accent” 😄

    The powers and spirits of death

    The Finnish Pagan world view states that everything has its “owner”, or powers, consciousness that lives in the thing. This applies to everything living from trees to animals to humans and to inanimate objects and even buildings, for example the already mentioned sauna elf/spirit that owns a sauna it inhabits. Logical so far, but taking one step further, Finns also consider death and graveyards to have conscious powers that guard the place and also live there. There are in fact many kinds of powers, but simply put the main ones are:

    Kalma, Tuoni, Surma

    Death in its three forms.

    Graveyard owner spirit

    The first person to be buried into a new graveyard would become the owner spirit of the place. Finns didn’t see a divide between soul and body quite similarly to Christians of today, but tied the two together a little bit more. Therefore a lot of the powers that inhabit the graveyards are actually souls of the deceased that have decided to linger around their bones for a bit longer, or simply rest in the graveyard itself - one name for Tuonela (land of death) is Manala after all, Manala stemming from the words “maan ala”, “under the ground”.

    The powers of graveyard

    The spirits of the dead in general, everyone ever buried at the graveyard. They were often dangerous to approach and people should therefore walk quietly in graveyards so as to avoid troubling the residents. 

    The spirits could also be helpful and useful if you asked the right kind. You’d have to be well aware whose grave you went asking for though, because those that rested in peace would not help and those that had died badly would be disastrous company. The best option was a grave of a noita that would have numerous spirits tied to it, all those that had used to serve the noita while they lived.


    Any place that has seen lots of people dying will have powers of death. For example battlefields are considered to be teeming with them, so one should preferably avoid them and stay very silent when having to cross one.

    Water, another realm of the dead

    Some lake spirits too have their origin in drowned humans, or so some stories say! I know of a small lake that supposedly has a water spirit in it that was originally a human, a young woman who (the legend says) drowned there, but who decided to stay and guard it. She’s fairly harmless as long as you’re not noisy or make a mess, usually minds her own business.

    Besides this lakes were seen as a way to the lands of death, or that the dead lands were at the bottom of the lakes. Sometimes people were even buried in lakes, such as happened in the Levänluhta grove. Today it looks like a swamp but it used to be a small lake, and while it was still a lake it saw a few hundred years of burials. For some reason most of the people buried there seem to have been women and children, but buried with such expensive items that they must have been quite wealthy and important while alive.

    Levänluhta is a little bit creepy place nowadays though. The iron content of the area is high which dyes the swamp blood red every spring, and of course human bones have been popping up from there for a long, long time…

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    Do you think AD trashed Dr Cochran's office so that she would tell spencer where her dad is? This is because AD knew spencer would go to see the dr that AD has paid off who would tell her false information so the liars follow the wrong lead, that way AD knows exactly what they know and has made them think that their one step ahead of AD.

    This is a really good point actually! Maybe he sent them their on purpose so they would receive this false info and follow an incorrect lead whilst AD thinks of a new plan of action

    Time to get 4 hours of sleep and be one step closer to one of the worst deaths a human being can experience because I am a healthy person who has healthy habits

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    Me again. If you are one that has a Muslim!Silena HC,I want to know why. In my opinion,having that religion(or any other) would cause a change in her character. So,I can't see those girls as Silena,but as random Muslim daughters of Aphrodite. It'd be very cool to see a Muslim girl finding out she's a greek demigoddess,but why transforming a character instead of creating one? Nothing against,just curiosity.

    I feel like step one of this would be checking to see if that’s a headcanon of mine lmao I don’t personally headcanon her as Muslim, but I think it’s a really cool idea. Representation is important, even in headcanons. The point of a headcanon and an AU is to see a character you love in a different context, so making Silena a young woman who is Muslim and who wears hijab adds new layers to explore with her as a character. Creating an OC is totally different. And it comes down to personal preference. 

    Daily news from Conquest!

    Well boys and gals it happened again, yesterday, under the shade of the night a mysterious creature raised from the death and started terrorizing the realm! Our reporter for the battle field is reporting on people joining alliances, players changing classes, giving up on huge chunks of land in the process and all with one purpose, kill the diseases of the realm! 

    Needles to say that many already looked for sanctuary under the protection of the orb others are just trying to stay one step ahead of the vamp sailng from continent to continent. But all we can say is only that many will be killed, many will run but one is for sure some interesting times are ahead of us!  Boys and girls let the hunt begin or let the vamp take you to your graves! 

    Download Conquest! free multiplayer real time strategy game and join us today! Downloads HERE

    Conquest! is a  multiplayer, real time, online strategy game set in medieval times, with integrated chat function. You can choose one of 6 different classes you wish to take, be a Mage and mix those magical  components, summon the strange creatures to do you bidding, or go as a barbarian and loot the cities or realm, maybe take a path of nature and with the Ranger class and let all of those forest creatures assist you or take a noble path of a Fighter and set that crown of a king for your goal! We assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure! Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

    It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

    Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
    App Store  /  Android

    Windows (download will start automatically, Windows 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

    Mac IOS (download will start automatically, Mac 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

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    What I never understand about this show is that that they never tell anything to the cops. When Marco showed up Spencer should've said that she saw someone in the house and that person stole a flashdrive. And boom everything is solved they search for the person then find them but nooo they have to make it hard and stupid

    Yeah but I guess they fear the repercussions because they know A is always one step ahead and has ways of changing evidence etc. It’s probably safer for them to just stay quiet!