step your cookies up

Insecure- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “could you please do a carl imagine where you and carl have known each other since like season one and started dating at the prison (season 4). and when you get to alexandria you’re afraid that carl will like enid and you get insecure and afraid that when carls not with you that he’s with enid. in the end he explains that you’re the only one he loves out of every girl or something like that! thanks:) (sorry if confusing)”

Anon requested- “Hello! I was wondering if you could write about being Glenn and Maggie’s adoptive child and being jealous of them giving Enid lots of attention???? And fluff???? (Ps your writing gives me LIFE)”

Word count: 1242

Warnings: blah idk like being jealous?? lol

 ok i know i should be answering ships (because i have over 20 in my inbox lol) but i needed to finish this !!! i needed some fluff! (also sorry this took so long to the people requesting) 

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At first, you were thrilled to join Alexandria. It seemed like a dream come true, especially when Rick actually allowed you and Carl to share a room together.

Carl had mentioned something about wanting to explore a bit, so the two of you strapped Judith in her stroller and took a walk. You talked about all the things you’d missed, or just about a book one of you read recently.

While turning a corner, the three of you came upon Jessie. A blonde woman who lived just around the block from you.

“Well, hi there!” She greeted with a bright smile. You returned it, but Carl was originally hesitant. “Nice day, huh?”

“Yeah, nice day.” You repeated, feeling somewhat awkward. You hadn’t really talked with anyone outside of your close knit group in months, so your social skills were rusty.

“Any plans for today?”

“Mhm,” You hum, “Me, yeah. What about you, Carl?”

“None really.” He mutters, a little uncomfortable. You could tell he was slightly shy, but more so just wanted to be left alone.

“Well, Carl,” Jessie’s smile grows, “Why don’t you come over for dinner? Some of the kids your age will be there. And we have video games.”

You look at Carl, witnessing as small smile tugs at his pink lips. He nods, enthusiastically, while you chuckle softly. He did miss video games.

“Great! We’ll see you around five?” She laughs, happy to help him adjust to his new life. He agrees, then you say your goodbyes as you walk off again.

Carl gives you a gentle smile. You know what he’s about to say before he can. “You know I can’t,” You sigh, “I made plans with Glenn and Maggie. They’re already worried I’m pushing them away.”

“I know, I just,” He exhales deeply, disappointed, “I wish you would be there tonight.”


Laughter erupted throughout the large dining room. A large smile was plastered on everyone’s faces as you all joked about stupid things.

“Jesus, you really did that?” You chuckled, raising your eyebrows toward Maggie. She only smirked, tilting her head to the side a bit as she cut into the food. “Ok, you’re officially my idol.”

“Just make sure he’s outta the car before you do it. Otherwise, well, that would be bad.” She advised. Holding back a laugh, Maggie smirked larger, winking your way.

Glenn added, “Bad might be understating it.” with a devilish smile on his face.

“I doubt I’ll find a working tractor in Alexandria anyways, Maggie.” The smile only grew on your face. You looked down into your plate, sticking your fork down into the mountain of spaghetti. Looking back up to your adoptive parents, you twisted the fork around, then brought the food to your mouth.

“You never know, (Y/N).” Glenn joked, reaching over his plate for the small salad bowl.

“So,” Maggie began, “Made any new friends yet?”

You swallowed your food, shaking your head slightly, “Uh, no. Not yet.”

Glenn commented, “Oh, well, we met a nice girl around your age the other day. Her name was Enid.”

You chuckled awkwardly, “Cool.” Your view falling back to your plate. You didn’t really mind that they were meeting new people, in fact, you were happy. But for some reason the girl’s name made you feel uncomfortable.

“She’s actually a lot like you.” Added Maggie, causing the odd feeling in your stomach to grow even more. “You two would make good friends.”  

A lot like me, what does that mean? You silently thought. Trying to shake the feeling from your mind, you looked back to them.

“So uh,” You started, trying to think of another topic, “What have you two been up to?”


When you left Maggie and Glenn’s home, the stars were out. You didn’t feel anxious walking through the dimly lit streets of Alexandria. A soft breeze blew through the air, making you shiver slightly. In an attempt to get warm, you wrapped your unzipped hoodie around yourself.

It would’ve been easier to just zip up the sweater, but your mind was preoccupied, so you didn’t even think of it. Instead, you dwelled on the fact that there was a girl, your age and without parents just next door to Maggie and Glenn, while you were across Alexandria.

A relief filled sigh escaped your lips as you stepped up the stairs to your cookie-cutter home. Usually, Carl would be sitting on the swing with Judith in his lap, but today he wasn’t.

A confused expression painted your face, but you shook off the feeling, entering the house. Inside, it was even darker than outside. You ran your hands along the wall, flicking on a light switch in a few seconds.

When the room was illuminated, no one was there. You called out, “Hello?” only to met with no response. Rick and Michonne must’ve been out with Judith still.

You get ready for bed, which really just consisted of you rising your face and slipping out of your tattered clothes and into an oversized shirt and sweats. They were the closest thing you had to pyjamas and probably one of the more unflattering outfits you kept.

Subconsciously, you wondered to yourself what Enid might wear to bed. realizing the girl was on your mind yet again, you scolded yourself. 

Though your bed was empty, you crawled into it, pulling the thick covers over your body. You lay on your side, looking over to Carl’s side with sad eyes.

You must have been waiting for another fifteen minutes before you heard someone coming up the stairs. As it was only one person, you assumed it must be Carl.

Surely enough, the teenage boy walked into your shared room, a large sigh escaping his lips.

“Hey.” You smiled, “You were out for a while.”

“Yeah, I guess I lost track of time. Sorry.”

He slid off his shirt, throwing it across the room. His back was exposed to you as he reached into the drawers to grab a clean one and put it on. A yawn left his lips as he began climbing into bed with you.

At the motion, you moved closer to him and he wrapped an arm under your neck. You nuzzled your face into his chest, mumbling into the fabric of his shirt, “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” He chuckled, the vibrations running down his chest. “It was a lot of fun. Ron was pretty good at the games we played, Enid was almost better than him.”

Enid. Of course.

“Enid?” You asked, a slight waver in your voice.

“Yeah, she’s kinda like you. She gave me a few comics to read.”

“Oh.” You muttered under your breath. Carl noticed how you seemed to grow more and more silent as he talked about Enid.

“Something wrong?” He asked, drawing small circles on your skin. You took a moment to think, before shaking your head.

“Just tired.” you lied.

You didn’t need to say what was wrong. Carl already knew by your sudden change in tone. So he sighed, cupping your face. 

“Just know I love you, (Y/N). It’ll always be you.”

A soft blush came over your face, and all your worries left. You smiled brightly, laying a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, Carl.”

Keep yo Clair, I'm here for Cookie!!!

Y’all knew I was gonna talk about Cookie right?

Clair Huxtable ranks at the top of almost every list of television mothers and was even voted Televisions Favorite Mom in 2004. HBCU-educated (but didn’t pledge a sorority…really?), beautiful, bilingual, and Black, Clair was the palatable equal to her on screen doctor husband Cliff (Imma leave Bill Cosby alone right now, this aint about him). Hair always perfectly straightened, bumped, and in place, she made partner at a law firm while raising five kids of her own and a host of grandkids and neighbors. Clair was a supermom always outsmarting her hubby, encouraging her children to succeed in academic endeavors, and reading her in-laws when necessary. She was mainstream’s introduction to the “upward mobility” Blacks and a Black mom-lite course for some. Everyone (who had a TV set…) could access a piece of their mothers in Clair, almost blinding her to the fact that she was – indeed – a Black momma! But how accessible was the unconditional love Clair gave as a Black mom? How many Black kids can see her? Sure, if I’m as ‘classically’ beautiful as Sondra, as smart as Vanessa, as EVERYTHING as Denise (yas she was my favorite and I still think her character was gay), or the baby of the family like Rudy, I could wrap my mind around having an infallible Black momma who never cries, whips my behind, or shows up at my school with her hair wrapped ready to fight the principle….

But I’m not that kid.

Who ranks at the top of my television mom list? Cookie Lyon! We meet Cookie on the day she is released from prison after serving 17 years for dealing dope – the very crime that funded her ex-husband’s rise to Hip Hop royalty. Unlike Clair, Cookie isn’t hiding behind any Black respectability politics. She won’t be checked by anyone and has one goal – to take what’s hers! Cookie is clear from episode one, she wants her damn respect and she did what she did to position her children for success in an unjust world that she knew too well would not be fair to them – especially her middle son Jamal who is gay. Even more? She’s down for sisterhood! Not the “upward mobility” sisterhood, nah…the sista-hood of walking into a board meeting full of executives and suits and saying “hey sistah girl” to the only other woman in the room. The sista-hood of givin Porsha’s ass a job as an assistant, even if she ain’t qualified (cause you know she’s not). The sista-hood of pointing out the brilliance of Black women to her son Andre who claims he married a White woman because she’s ‘brilliant’.

But here’s some things about Cookie you might not have picked up on:

  1. She plays the piano…like a legit piano! Who taught a dope dealin black girl to play piano? The ancestors, that’s who!
  2. She knows her musical business! What’s an A&R? Shit I don’t know!
  3. She loves her children, unwaveringly!
  4. She walks in heels like they’re sneakers (for real tho! 6 inches and she’s kicking cars and strollin)
  5. She’s pro-LGBT/Queer…but shit what Black ‘make it work’ momma aint? (I will have none of your ‘black people are more homophobic’ here, thank you)
  6. She is a mental health warrior…17 years in prison and a lifetime of Black pain and she’s still a baddie!
  7. She loves the lord and you WILL say grace before shoving food in your mouth!
  8. She’s a Black feminist! How else do you explain her not whoopin Boo Boo Kitty’s ass by now?

She liked Lucious better when he was a thug because he lived and told his truth then and didn’t cower behind the false “bootstrap” model of America. Cookie doesn’t hold her truth from anyone. She’s not positioning herself as her ex-husbands equal a la Clair, she’s proving to him that she is smarter, flyer, and well…better!

But above all Cookie tops my list because of #5. Sure Clair it’s easy to motivate “American sweetheart” children who blend well into White heteronormative society, but Cookie is a divorced felon (google prison industrial complex before you come for Cookie and her alternative economic success) raising a wanksta, a queen, and a son with Bipolar I. Her kids know her sacrifices for them, and if they don’t she wont hesitate to remind them (just ask Hakeem and that broom beatdown). Her acceptance of Jamal is a Black momma’s love that I can relate to as a kid that’s fucked with blending in my entire life. She doesn’t have your historically white or black institution of higher education words for her son, but she knows that he’s “different” and always has been. She will fight the love of her life to allow him to play in her pink kitten heels and for him to have a hit record. Cookie comfortably lays on the bed where Jamal and ‘Dora’ just smashed and doesn’t bat an eye at walking in on them together. She pushes him to live his truth and celebrate who he is, not just because as a broke Black woman she knows how pointless it is to hide who you are to try to blend, but also because she knows the “gay” script and how many “white kids in Brooklyn and San Francisco” will buy it allowing him to financially support himself. She invites Michael – Jamal’s boyfriend – to the family dinner that Lucious leaves him out of and dares Lucious to buck! Cookie sees his talent and won’t allow him to hide it. She lives for her kids and fights for Jamal at every turn. And he knows it.

Jamal knows that even as a gay man he is more of a man than his punk ass daddy and that his mother is a warrior for him. I’m that kid and Cookie is the mother that I need, want, and have. Okay so Sharon (my momma) isn’t a felon by your standards, but I promise you she’s one collect call away. All Black mommas are – mess with their babies if you want to! *Cues Dej Loaf’s Try Me*

Cookie is the mother for the Black misfit toys – the fat girls who’s mothers made sure their hair and ‘fits were slaying the skinny girls so they wouldn’t get picked on; the sissies who got chased to the school bus by basketball players (who probably wanted to fuck) and their mommas made them fight; the tomboi’s who’s mothers asked them to try dressin like a girl, just for the first day of school; the girls on the boulevard who could jump double dutch because their mommas taught them at night in the park when nobody else was around to see them mess up; the bookworm who’s momma brought home books that she would never read, but knew there was something in there “smart people knew” so her baby would know it too; the food stamp kids who’s mommas walked six blocks and caught two busses to get to the “good neighborhood” to buy fresh fruit for…. That’s the mother that tops my list and Cookie is serving you that and more.

Step yo Cookies up Clair, your Brooklyn Heights silence will not protect you. But then again, the streets ain’t made for everybody, that’s why they made sidewalks! 

the signs as nicki minaj quotes:
  • aries: bitches ain't got it in em, i kill em, and i skin em
  • taurus: shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn't phase me
  • gemini: if i'm fake i ain't notice cause my money ain't
  • cancer: i ain't tryna be that, haters wanna see that
  • leo: you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer
  • virgo: step your cookies up, girl get you a ladder
  • libra: no i'm not lucky i'm blessed, yes
  • scorpio: excuse me, i'm sorry, i'm really such a lady
  • sagittarius: i believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn't mean you're alive
  • capricorn: bitches ain't serious, man these bitches delirious
  • aquarius: smile and make a bitch mad
  • pisces: i'm fly with the stars in the skies