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I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T

a lot of young girls dont consider the truly intricate association between a woman’s femininity (and expression of it) and her personhood. when you’re raised to perform elaborate methods to look presentable (makeup, skin care, shaving, waxing, etc) you see them as the norm and can very easily forget that your natural state is your ideal state. its easy to grow up hating your natural self and developing a dependency on make up, and often it does genuinely make you feel good to buy new makeup, try new products, try new looks because you’ve developed this relationship with looking a certain way and theres no quick way out of it. this “good feeling” doesnt stem from an innate need to put on concealer or feel terrible if you didnt have the time to and still have to leave the house. the need to have unnaturally clear skin, dark long lashes, blushing cheeks- it has eurocentric origins yes , but its also very much a reminder that our self esteem is very closely controlled by a select group of industries that heavily profit from our dependency. It’s more than that though. Men find ways to associate femininity with our respect. Punishments to misbehaviour always include threats of taking that away from us- when I was a child my father would threaten to shave my head, and I recently found out this isnt an uncommon occurrence. Shaving a womans head and parading her naked is something that was done by the French, the Spaniards, and probably all over the world. Men believe that this conformation to femininity is what makes us women- which is an extremely disrespectful theme that is being carried forward by mainstream liberal feminism. Womanhood is not defined by a set of beauty standards imposed on us by men to begin with, it is being born with a vagina and having that affect you every day of your life. It is all the unique experiences that negatively impact the quality of your life solely because you are a woman. There’s no need to defend the choice to wear makeup or be feminine. We need to step up for the butch women, the gnc women, the women brave enough to tell the world that they dont care who is watching or what anybody else wants. They have taken their personhood into their own hands. They are the ones who need our support and respect.


The Swedish Royal Family supporting the Swedish women’s national football team


And today, in “actual, proper, grown-up adults freaking out about the possibility of a woman playing a fictional character” we have…

I’m just sayin’, my life has much improved since I started listening to women.

strong women always feel like they have to do the work to get the man because they are intimidating. But the truth is, men and women both have a role to play. And if a man wanted you and was right for you, he would make the first move. Because as women, you are making a mistake if the first thing you do is settle for a man who can’t step up for you.


“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.”

- Beyoncé

Lotor's Character

Fans of the ‘84 series probably remember Lotor as a creepy villian with really corny dialogue and portrayed as a stereotypical villain with a stalkerish crush. At least that’s what I thought of him. Skipping to the most recent version who we’ve only seen in a handful of clips it already paints a vivid picture of what to expect from this incarnation.

Way back Joaquin and Lauren announced this Lotor would be very different from Zarkon, he has his own plan and wants to make it happen. He has a line from the SDCC trailer that points a little towards what one of his plans are, halfway through the trailer he says ‘no Black Lion, no Voltron’. For the last two seasons we’ve seen Zarkon and the entire Galra Empire trying to CAPTURE Voltron, never destroy it. Since Zarkon was the former Black Paladin and could control the Lion it makes sense. Lotor in this case seems more intent on destroying Voltron instead of taking advantage of its power. He distinctly says 'Black Lion’ not 'Black Paladin’, meaning he’s not in it to use Voltron but to actually destroy it.

Another interesting thing about Lotor is that he doesn’t look like the Galra we’ve seen so far, in fact he looks like he has Altean features. In the original Japanese GoLion his counterpart was half Galra half Altean, and since this series is heavily influenced by GoLion this Lotor could very well be Altean and Galra. The Galra in this series are rather proud of their heritage, and since Lotor has been kept out the picture for so long maybe it was due to him not being completely Galra. Recent info from SDCC was that Lotor would have an all female squad of half Galra generals. Since he himself is half Galra he could see greater potential in others like him. Quite a step up from his objectifying women in the old series.

From what it looks like Lotor is going to a complex and highly dangerous villain out to prove himself to an entire empire. Compared to the brutal and strength dependent Zarkon, Lotor is way more charismatic which could be even dangerous to the team. Especially with his talk of building allies, the Paladins are going to be in for quite a fight when he meets them.

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Don't know if it helps, but I'm bi and don't really care what gender dynamics are involved in my vore, so I think it might just be a hetero thing. "Women are prey to men/The dick is all-powerful" or some shit.

yeaaaaah, that is why that dynamic exclusively tends to make me kinda wary? Again! if you’re a het cis lady and sub and just like pretending to be in those situations, awesome! Have fun! it just seems to me that a lot of time it extends beyond being preference and into monochromatic exclusivity based on traditional gender dynamics. 

I love me some cruel, powerful dude preds, I really do. But I’d encourage people to do some critical thinking and be like “okay, but what about this archetype makes me want it to be exclusively male? Is it just who I am attracted too, or because I love the power archetype and it’s exclusively associated with men?” 

(I encourage critical thinking in all areas of media, tbh, and smut and kink stuff is no different.)

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So my apartment complex claims to have not received my rent check and wants to charge me a $50 late fee, even though I know that I dropped off my check. Anyway, could y'all write a fic where Shield loses important paperwork of Clint's and Phil helps him? And maybe throw in Lucky too, just for funsies?

Phil glanced at his watch as he hurried down the hallway on his way to another meeting. In the ‘normal’ working world, he’d be packing his things and heading home. Trying not to sigh, he decided to duck into the men’s locker room to hit the bathroom. The locker room itself was deserted and he couldn’t hear any showers running. He popped into stall and closed the door behind himself.

He heard the door to the locker room slam open. There was a moment of silence, the quiet noise of the door sliding closed, followed by someone cursing a blue streak and apparently, kicking the benches. A locker opened, the sound of fabric hitting the back of the locker with unnecessary force, and then the locker slamming closed. The tirade seemed to end with a loud “shit, shit, shit!”

Phil did his pants up and flushed the toilet. Stepping out, he carefully washed his hands, giving whoever it was long enough to take off if they were embarrassed to have been overheard. Stepping into the locker room, however, he found that the man had not disappeared. He was sitting on the bench furthest from the door, hunched over, hands over his face. Phil would know those shoulders and that dirty blond hair anywhere. He’d been fantasizing about them too much lately. “Barton? What’s wrong?”

Clint’s shoulders hunched, obviously recognizing Phil’s voice, before dragging his hands down his face and turning to look at the other man. “Sorry, you had to hear that Phil.” He took a deep breath. “Fucking Housing department lost my request form for quarters off base.”

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One thing I think that Wonder Woman did really well is not having Diana in costume until the no man’s land scene. It’s a small thing compared with the other home runs the movie hit, but the wait was really well done. They could have had her leave the island in the armor and then just wear it around London, but they waited until she went into battle and I think that was really powerful, like she didn’t truly become Wonder Woman until she stepped up for the women and children who were suffering. 

Confession: I cant believe no matter how long  I look both on tumblr and google that there has been no mention on how culture appropriative and fucked up the step up  movie franchise is. They literally made a movie about black culture in terms of hip hop dance and music which was invented by black people with out any black leads or main cast characters. How did everyone miss that. White people get away with so much. Next time some white person tells me that they have negative stereotypes too like not being able to dance ill point out they got a movie franchise of them dancing yet people expect me not to speak standardize English even through i grew up in america.  they are limited by there stereotypes like we are and they can even prophet out of our stereotypes. 


Art by Selenba and writing by Rainteaanddragons

Gray stumbled into the guild hall. He was panting heavily, and when he finally spoke his tone was laced with panic. “Where’s Natsu? Is he back yet?”

Lucy spun round, startled by her friend’s frantic voice. “Gray?”

“Is Natsu back?” Gray repeated, “Acnologia’s here, he’s after the Dragon Slayers.”

“He’s here?” Lucy’s voice wavered, “Ac- Acnologia’s here?”

“Yes, in Magnolia. Now where’s Natsu? I need to warn him!”

“Gray…” Lucy hesitated, looking over at Cana for help.

“Gray, Natsu’s back,” Cana finished for her, “but he’s not good.” The brunette indicated the door to the infirmary.

Gray’s eyes widened, “he’s what?” His voice was barely a whisper as he stumbled over to where Natsu lay motionless in the small bed.

I knew it… Gray sank slowly onto the edge of the bed. I knew something bad would happen if you went alone. Gray gave Natsu’s battered body a once over, taking in the multitude of bruises and cuts which marred Natsu’s arms, chest and neck. “What happened?” Gray turned to the somewhat stunned women standing in the doorway. Gray payed their dumbfounded expressions no notice.

Cana caught her composure first, “it’s something to do with him overusing his magic power. A tumour developed.”

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Me: Hey mom, remember that job interview I had with the guy that told me he played rugby? 


Me: Don’t be ridiculous. I joined a rugby team though. 


Me:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯