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The Signs as People in my Class (art school quotes)

Aquarius: “Are you filling that canvas with gay?”

Pisces: “Sometimes I’m bothered by really random things, like my tongue  

              feeling uncomfortable in my mouth.”

Aries: “Maybe your tongue would feel more comfortable in my mouth.”

Taurus: “I am deeply bothered by the fact that we have to log into the WIFI 

              network EVERY FUCKING DAY.”

Gemini: “Art History is upstairs. Fuck that shit, ain’t nobody going up all those 


Cancer: “I went to the toilet and now I can’t breathe.”

Leo: “I wonder what would happen if we’d like not show up for class.”

Libra: “PUPPY!!!” - trips - “Puppy… over there…” - bleeds - 

Virgo: “Does anyone know if the stop motion studio that needs to be opened 

            with a key really needs to be opened with a key?”

Scorpio: - bleeding to death - “must… finish… hanging… pictures… on…  

                these… walls… only… way… to… pass… this… class.

Sagittarius: Can I use charcoal as eyeliner?

Capricorn: “Don’t kill me, but [insert bad joke here]”

quotes for the signs

aries: “dance with me, you pretty soul. we will run away under the streetlights and through this deserted midnight town.”
taurus: “only when she’s lost in her dreams does her mind find reality and her eyes agree with her smile.”
gemini: “for a while I stayed at rock bottom. but then I realized I could use the rocks around me to build steps to get back up.”
cancer: “and somehow, someway, I will mean something to someone, someday.”
leo: “if traveling was free, you’d never see me again.”
virgo: “you are the greatest undiscovered adventure of your lifetime.”
libra: “do not be a prisoner to your past. laugh in its face and dance on its grave.”
scorpio: “all she wanted to do was create art. but then she realized, she is the art.”
sagitarrius: “and you say you are broken, but broken mirrors like you create the most beautiful patterns of light.”
capricorn: “after so many years of chasing the light I finally realized there was no way I could catch it. so I had to become the light instead.”
aquarius: “the one thing the world will never have is enough of the outrageous.”
pisces: “there is always someone there when you are not tall and when you feel as if you’re going to fall.”

How to Seduce Your Zodiac Sign!

Aquarius – will be most attracted to intellectual and eccentric offerings as they love to learn and experiment however, don’t get too excited about a possible relationship because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and will run at the first sight of emotions and sentiment.

Pisces – will be in heaven on a dock at the lake listening to the waves splash around while you lay out the perfect picnic and, if there’s a promise of star gazing later, you’ll be up all night lost in the romance of the beauty in the universe.

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Cancer & Scorpio
  • Cancer, pouting as he gets dragged up steps by Scorpio: So tell me again just why do I have to do this??
  • Scorpio, taking him to the stage, smiles at him: Because you need to at least do one wild thing before the end of senior year
  • Scorpio, leads him up to the empty stage in front of the rest of senior class, clears throat: Class of 2016! THIS IS YOUR STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT-- ANSWER ME THIS-- WHO'S HOUSE IS THIS?!?!
  • Seniors: 16's!
  • Scorpio, shouts some more: WHO CAME TO RUN THIS B-
  • Seniors, laughing: Class of 2016!
  • Scorpio, nudges Cancer, whispers: Go for it!
  • Cancer, feels nervous af, goes for it: AND WHAT DO WE SAY TO THOSE UNDER CLASSMEN?!
  • Aries, yells: We'll see you all in hell!!
  • Everyone: 👀 👀 👀 👀
The signs as things my math teacher has said

Aries: personally, I’m a princess celestia kinda guy

Taurus: *very loud grunting* aaaahhhhhermmmmm. I think I got somethin stuck in my throats.

Gemini: Step one to becoming a successful teen… Hm… Shutting the hell up!

Cancer: *makes a reference that no one gets* what? Does no one watch Barbie princess castle???

Leo: Cirrrr… Cummmm… Scribe…

Virgo: Picture that equation as a wet paper bag…and algebra your way out

Libra: I have to write you a pass to the office that way if you get murdered or abducted, I won’t get blamed

Scorpio: That’s impressively bad handwriting dude

Sagittarius: Canada can have Seattle, they’re just a bunch of liberal pot heads anyway

Capricorn: If you guys don’t feel like answering then I’ll just teach silently

Aquarius: Bacon has a time and place in the world… JUST NOT ON MY DONUT!

Pisces: If this angle is 20°, how much can it eat OMMMMNOMNOMNOm Nomnom ….the answer is 20.

The signs as methods of self-destruction
  • Aries: Burning oneself
  • Taurus: Letting people step over them
  • Gemini: Detaching from everyone
  • Cancer: Bottling everything up
  • Leo: Joining a violent gang
  • Virgo: Isolation
  • Libra: Starving for perfection
  • Scorpio: Getting into fights
  • Sagittarius: Jaywalking on highways
  • Capricorn: Drug addiction
  • Aquarius: Alcoholism
  • Pisces: Cutting for relief
The signs as Exo Showtime quotes
  • <p> <b>Aires:</b> "I have eaten chicken for 3 consecutive meals."<p/><b>Taurus:</b> "Its not ssan namja!"<p/><b>Gemini:</b> "If I dont wear make up, i dont click even one selfie."<p/><b>Cancer:</b> "He steps well... on me."<p/><b>Leo:</b> "Our groove is different."<p/><b>Virgo:</b> "Lets not talk, I cant hear."<p/><b>Libra:</b> "Nae style aniya"<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> "What on Earth is your style?"<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> "Ahhh kkaebsong!"<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> "Thats car gas!!!!!!!!!!"<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> "Yehet!"<p/><b>Pisces:</b> "You're feeling awkward right?"<p/></p>
Americans Breathing Easier With Fewer Particulates In The Air

by Michael Keller

We may not have noticed it, but Americans are breathing a little easier thanks to a great story for the country’s air quality.

A Rice University study concludes that states are successfully reducing a harmful air pollutant called fine particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) in diameter, which can stay suspended in the atmosphere for weeks and has been linked to chronic and fatal diseases. 

In fact, the study found that state efforts have been so successful that most urban areas had already lowered PM2.5 to more stringent levels instituted in 2012 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The improvements are good enough to translate into Americans living slightly longer lives. 

“The trend across the country is that air quality is improving,” says Daniel Cohan, an atmospheric researcher and associate professor of environmental engineering. “Power plants are getting better at controlling emissions. There are more industrial controls to pollution. Cars are getting cleaner.”

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anonymous asked:

Instead of directly funding cancer research, why don't you suggest putting pressure on our politicians to give more state funding for research? If enough people care about it, we can change things through our representatives (hopefully)

Well, I think we need both private and public funding for cancer research, but you raise a good point. It’s something that many organizations are trying to do right now through the #stepup campaign, which I blogged about earlier today and will be–fair warning–talking about more in the coming week.

We need a recommitment to funding research in pediatric and adolescent cancers, which is why the Step Up Campaign is asking people to email and call their elected representatives and insist that the federal budget include more funding for pediatric cancer research and reauthorize the Carolyn Pryce Walker Act.

I emailed my congressman yesterday; you can learn more here.

  • Zodiac signs as Vampire Weekend songs
  • Aries: A-Punk
  • Taurus: White Sky
  • Gemini: Diane Young
  • Cancer: Step
  • Leo: Giving Up The Gun
  • Virgo: Hannah Hunt
  • Libra: Diplomat's Son
  • Scorpio: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • Sagittarius: Cousins
  • Capricorn: Young Lion
  • Aquarius: Unbelievers
  • Pisces: Ya Hey
Horoscope for May 5th, 2016
  • Aries: A friend might be feeling a little depressed today and need some cheering up. Social events or group activities could be of great help in doing that, and it would do you some good as well. A long-term goal may finally be reached, justifying a celebration. Interacting with a group could take up a lot of your time and concentration, but take care not to get too tired.
  • Taurus: Pivotal career matters may need to be thought through today. A lot could be at stake at work in the very near future. Whatever tasks you need to tend to could require a lot of effort and concentration. There's a danger of sinking into a gloomy mood over it, but try to avoid this trap. You'll probably accomplish whatever it is you're hoping to do, so hang onto that thought. Go to it!
  • Gemini: Today you might find that a long-term dream finally comes true. Perhaps a trip that you've fantasized about for a long time finally shows promise of actually happening. A practical and methodical approach to arranging the details should make it seem that much more real to you. However, do take care to plan each step carefully so that you don't end up working harder than necessary.
  • Cancer: Some strange and rather gloomy dreams could come your way tonight. They could, if you let them, catapult you into a rather depressed mood during the day. Writing them down might help exorcise the negative emotions. You could also be a bit depressed over money. This isn't a good day to make investments, start a new business, or open up a savings account. Wait a few days until the planets relax a little.
  • Leo: A lack of communication with an unhappy family member could have you feeling a little downhearted. You might wonder if you've done something to offend this person. Chances are you haven't. The best way to handle situations like this is to encourage the person to communicate with you. If there's no response, wait a day or so and ask again. The gloomy mood will pass, so don't make yourself crazy over it.
  • Virgo: The promise of a promotion or raise could be on your mind today. You might try to visualize the next steps and anticipate tasks that take more effort and concentration than you're used to. Don't panic. It's better to not push yourself so hard. Wait a few days until the planets relax a little and just do what you need to do - no more, no less. You'll be successful in the long run.
  • Libra: You might decide to spend a large part of the day working on a project that requires a lot of mental energy. Plans to spend some time with either a close friend or lover might not turn out to be quite what you'd hoped. Your friend could be in a rather gloomy mood. A relaxing evening, perhaps a concert or funny movie, can release tension and boost bad moods. Enjoy!
  • Scorpio: A gloomy guest could arrive today, and likely need some cheering up. Do the best you can, but don't try to do it by cooking a meal. The results of your efforts might not be all that exciting. This is a great day to go for fast food. Take your friend to a movie, concert, or art gallery. This could get your mind off his or her troubles and your mind off your friend!
  • Sagittarius: Some rather depressing information could come your way, but don't take it at face value. It might not be as bad as it seems. Check the facts before making yourself crazy. This isn't a good day for visiting or running errands in your neighborhood, as the traffic could be a nightmare. Anything you try to read today could seem boring, so movies are likely to be the best entertainment now.
  • Capricorn: Gloom over money matters might catch up with you at some point today. However, there's nothing really major to worry about. Financially, your business affairs should be going well, so you're probably doing better than you think. A little caution might be in order, especially regarding impulse buying or purchasing luxuries. You don't want to end up having to take items back to the store.
  • Aquarius: Today you might find yourself feeling a little low, but it doesn't seem as if there's any real reason for it. You may just have had a bad night and need some extra sleep. Some good news from far away could cheer you up in the afternoon. You might receive an invitation to go out to dinner with a close friend. You should be feeling like your old self again by evening.
  • Pisces: Old memories, traumas, and phobias from the past could affect your mood today. You might feel depressed without really knowing why. An event in your life has brought these feelings near the surface without revealing the source. If you've had any disturbing dreams or visions lately, write them down. They might offer a clue as to what's bothering you. Meditation or free association could also bring the release you need.
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This song made me cry, it’s so sad. Taylor Swift paid tribute to a little boy named Ronan who died last year because of neuroblastoma on the Step Up 2 Cancer telethon earlier. She wrote the song after reading the blog of Ronan’s mom. After the telethon aired, she made it available on iTunes and all the proceeds will go to charities for cancer.

beautifulxruins  asked:

Do you have a list of charities and charitable events Beyonce and Jay Z have been involved in over the years. Even ones that media might not have highlighted, Just so I can have something to pull out next time someone tries to say they don't give back.

I have a few, maybe I missing some, but this would be enough for you to go HAM..

Beyoncé Charity Work, Events and Causes

She is not only one of the great survivors of the music industry, but also someone who cares deeply about people.

The Survivor Foundation, an organization she founded with fellow Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation’s accomplishments are many, including the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival that enabled over 300 low-income households to enjoy a fun-filled day of food, entertainment, a visit from Santa Claus and free toys from the toy giveaway. The singer also held a series of food drives before her concerts in 2006 to collect the food that was so desperately needed by victims.

Beyoncé was also an Ambassador for the 2005 World Children’s Day, and released “Stand Up For Love,” the anthem for the event which takes place annually around the world on November 20 to raise awareness and funds for children’s causes.

In 2007, Beyoncé partnered with a variety of anti-hunger organizations, including Feeding America, The Houston Food Bank and The Global Food Banking Network, in conjunction with her Beyoncé Experience tour.

Beyoncé and her mom Tina, joined forces to give back to the community, they opened the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House Career Academy, located in Brooklyn, N.Y.
She first came to know the Phoenix House, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of substance abuse and prevention services, when she was preparing for the role of Etta James in the 2008 film, Cadillac Records. She donated her entire salary from the production.
The Beyoncé Cosmetology Center, was founded to help people addled by drug and alcohol addiction, offers a seven-month cosmetology training course for adult men and women, teaching the theory and practical skills that the recovering addicts need to pass the New York State cosmetology licensure exam.
They pledged to donate $100,000 annually.

Beyoncé is a co-founder of CHIME FOR CHANGE, a platform designed to empower women and girls through education, health and justice.

Last year at the one-year anniversary of The Sound Of Change Live, she donate $500,000 to fund Chime projects for girls and women in the areas of Education, Health and Justice, as follows:
$125,000 to support 100 school girls at Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) schools in Kenya for one year.

$125,000 to provide 320 Embrace infant warmers to 100 rural health facilities in 11 Millennium Village sites across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and Ethiopia). The Embrace infant warmers will help more than 1,900 at-risk newborns survive and thrive.

$125,000 to provide 600 Sisters in Strength Youth Leaders and Alumni in New York City with the critical educational and mentoring support, job training, counseling services, and resources they need to successfully navigate and graduate from high school and college through Girls for Gender Equity.

$125,000 to provide 25 human trafficking survivors in Los Angeles with counseling, medical care, legal services, and individual recovery treatment to rebuild their lives through the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST).

Beyoncé donated a handbag to an auction benefitting Women’s Fund for Scotland. But her concern for people is sometimes more discreet, as was shown when she visited two people who were injured during a fireworks accident at one of her concerts, arriving at the hospital shortly after the concert ended. Head nurse Darryl Williams said, “She was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience. It was unannounced and we kept it very low-key so that she could spend time with them.”

Charities & foundations supported 

46664 American Foundation for AIDS Research Artists for Peace and Justice Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes Boys & Girls Clubs of America Candie’s Foundation CHIME FOR CHANGE Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Clothes Off Our Back Entertainment Industry Foundation Feeding America Food Bank For New York City GEMS Global Poverty Project Kids Wish Network Love Our Children USA Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation MusiCares Music Rising Oxfam Phoenix House Prince’s Trust Save The Music Foundation Small Steps Project Stand Up To Cancer Survivor Foundation The Lunchbox Fund The Samburu Project Women’s Fund for Scotlan

Causes supported

AbuseAddictionAIDS & HIVAnimalsAt-Risk/Disadvantaged YouthsBullyingCancerChildrenCreative Arts,DiabetesDisaster ReliefEducationFamily/Parent SupportGrief SupportHealthHuman RightsHunger,MiscellaneousPovertyRape/Sexual AbuseUnemployment/Career SupportWaterWomen


And there is BeyGOOD  Launched in 2013, inspires people everywhere to be kind, be charitable and get involved in their local communities. To date, over 2 million fans have joined in to raise awareness and resources for causes important to them. 

Jay-Z Charity Work, Events and Causes

Jay-Z sent more than $2,500 worth of designer street wear to the Spring Hill Campaign for Adolescent and University Student Empowerment (CAUSE) in appreciation of their community efforts.

His November 2006 concert in New York city raised over $250,000 for PlayPumps International.

On August 9, 2006, he met with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at the organization’s headquarters in New York. The rapper pledged to use his upcoming world tour to raise awareness of–and combat–global water shortage.

Also in 2006, he visited Africa and produced a documentary entitled Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life.

He pledged $1 million to the American Red Cross’ relief effort after Hurricane Katrina.

Shawn Carter Foundation, the mission of the Shawn Carter Foundation is to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships further their education at institutions of higher learning. Students served by the Shawn Carter Foundation represent diverse backgrounds, and face significant barriers to success such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, poverty, former incarceration, sexual and domestic abuse, and gang membership. The Foundation supports these students on the run to greatness through its scholarship fund, annual college tours, study abroad experiences, counseling initiatives, and holiday toy and meal drives

Jay Z set up an educational trust for Sean Bell’s kids. They lost their father at the hands of the NYPD (Jay has paid and is still paying for the tuition of the children)

Charities & foundations supported  

Artists for Peace and Justice Boys & Girls Clubs of America Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Global Poverty Project GRAMMY Foundation Music for Relief PlayPumps Red Cross Robin HoodCauses supportedAIDS & HIVAt-Risk/Disadvantaged YouthsChildrenCreative ArtsDisaster ReliefEconomic/Business Support,EducationEnvironmentHealthHuman RightsMiscellaneousPovertyWatersrc I made a  little post before, this may help you (Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean Jay Z isn’t ultra conscious and charitable by Shaun King) by the way, they joined forces

Beyonce And Jay Z On The Run For Charity
“On The Run: Beyonce and JAY Z,” in partnership with #BeyGOOD, donated $1 from every ticket purchased to the Shawn Carter Foundation to support students. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each Chase Lounge VIP Ticket Package also was donated to The Shawn Carter Foundation.

The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous. So here y’all go, I promise this. Jay Z (Nickels and Dimes)

Hope this help you! :D