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Consider this:

Finn teaches Sean to drive


Request from Anon: Write a one shot based off of this imagine.

Author’s Note: I accidentally deleted the actual request because I’m an absolute doofus B U T here it is!

Accents had always been cool to you. The fact that every individual could sound so different was amazing, in your eyes. So when you hear Sean’s voice for the first time, and realized he spoke in an Irish drawl, you were instantly intrigued. That, however, did not keep you from making fun of him every chance you got.

It simply started with you repeating words that you thought sounded funny, and then you started learning some Irish slang, which all made Jack laugh hysterically. Slowly, the teasing escalated, until you began jumping out to scare him, screaming, “TOP ‘O TH’ MORNIN’ T’YA, JACK’A BOY!” which scared him to death almost every time.

“You can make fun all y’want, Y/N,” Sean stepped up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “But we both know how you really feel.”

“Yeah?” you questioned, trying your hardest not to smile. “And how’s that?”

He gave you a kiss on the cheek, chuckling lowly before he cleared his throat, doing his best imitation of your own voice. “You think it’s totally cute!”

You spun around, laughing as you playfully hit his chest. “That is not what I sound like,”

Jack pulled you into a kiss, laughing as he pulled away. “I know. You sound a lot cuter.”