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Alec is so dead. We all are.

I have no words. I’m just shook. The cat eyes are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them shine in the show. This whole look is just so fucking good. Every part of it. At first I was sceptical about this goatee but damn, it does things to me now. And photo was unlocked in less than 20 minutes???

The fact, that I’d die for Magnus Bane is one thing, but the fact, that I’d die for Harry Shum Jr. as well is another one. I bet he wasn’t expecting it to be unlocked so fast and it just shows how much we love and appreciate something/someone he pours in his whole heart and soul. Harry is incredible as Magnus. Harry is Magnus. I want to give him every single damn award for his acting. Step Up, Glee, Mom’s Night Out, Crouching Tiger, White Frog, Single by 30… - all of this never gave him as amazing chance to show off as Shadowhunters. I’m close to tears just thinking about it. He should be more appreciated. If there’re people, who somehow judge his acting skills but never saw him as Magnus, I want them to hear me clearly: Harry Shum Jr. is an amazing, taletned actor who truly becomes his character while shooting. There’s no Harry left, when he plays Magnus. Not his voice, not his body language, not even his looks. Just pure Magnus Bane. That’s what good acting means. He deserves all the love; it’s sad that he gets hate too.

But anyways. I love it. I love Magnus. I love Harry. I’m dead and tomorrow I’m gonna see Alec’s poster from afterlife and then come back again on 2nd January.

Step Up ML Edition

@snowybowey well here goes nothing….. 

I can’t dance so this is something…. oh man I don’t know.

Marinette was a ballet dancer at an art school. Well mostly ballet, she also did other various classical dancing forms but her best by far was ballet. On the dance floor Marinette was graceful, elegant even. She was everything she wasn’t normally. But Marinette had a secret a very very big secret. Attending the most prestigious dance academy wasn’t enough for Marinette because there were things they didn’t teach you there, things that she very much wanted to learn. So on selective nights Marinette would attend underground clubs and bars where people danced and moved their bodies in ways you wouldn’t believe! Marinette had never seen dancing like this. They could move their bodies in ways no one thought possible at the academy. She spent these nights watching and occasionally trying things out. In time Marinette could just about break dance, if the beat was right she could crunk, she learned to move.

One dancer in particular always caught her eye. No one seemed to know his real name. He wore a black cap and a black hoodie with a green paw print stamped over his left breast. When he was dancing you never really saw his face, it was too dark in the club and he moved too quickly. When he danced… no one cared about his face all they cared about was how his body moved. You would think the boy didn’t have a bone in his body, that he was light as air. He would run up the wall and flip, he would snake his shoulders effortlessly and he moved his hips in a way even Shakira would be jealous off. Marinette wanted to dance with him. She wanted to learn from him, to move the way he did to move in synch with him the only problem was he never danced with anyone. They called him Chat Noir- Black Cat. He always wore black, and always danced alone that is until one night.

Marinette had ventured out onto the dance floor, it was amateur night, and while she was no amateur to dance she still felt too new to hip hop to dance on any other night here. She spun on her hands then let herself flip onto her back before kicking her legs out and landing on her feet. When she landed on her feet he was there facing her green eyes boring into hers. He smirked at her before taking her hand and running them straight towards a wall together they ran up the wall and flipped back onto the floor. As soon as her feet were on the floor He spun her into him dipping her lower and lower until she stuck her hands out behind her touching the floor. She flipped back out of his arms standing now on her hands and then dropping to her feet. He smiled sashaying over to her and flipping her over his shoulder. Still hand in hand she spun downward while he jump spinned over her and on and on they went all night barely registering the loud cheers of the crowd behind them. They danced and danced until sirens sounded in the distance….

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Stop everything and watch this

Da sind zurzeit ganz viele Sachen, die ich möchte - die ich früher nicht wollte. Und in meinen schwachen Momenten, denk ich, dass ich das alles sogar haben könnte.

favorite movies | (step up - 2006)

“skinny is dead! he’s gone! my little brother is gone. and that’s on me, ty. i know that. i ain’t stupid. all the partying, stealing cars, messing around. you don’t think i know that’s a bunch of bull!? you really think this is the best we can be? i wanna be better. i wanna do better. we gotta do it for my moms, and for skinny.”