They’ve still got it! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum hit that Step Up lift PERFECTLY. 😍


You love what you get, I can feel it in your sweat… 

“Erotic City” by Johnny Rain | Choreography by Yanis Marshall 

ft. dancer: Jade Chynoweth

Malec Watching Step Up 2
  • Magnus: "So what do you want to watch my darling?"
  • Alec: "What about that sequal to that step up movie."
  • Magnus: *twitching hand nervously.* "Okay, anything for you Alexander."
  • Alec later: "Whose this dancing guy, he looks an awful lot like you Magnus."
  • Alec: "No that's definitely you! Just without makeup!"
  • Magnus: "What are you talking about? I-it looks n-nothing like me!"
  • Alec: *gives the look.*
  • Magnus: "Okay so maybe I did a few movies in my lifetime, sometimes things get dull is all."
For real

When you’re in a committed relationship or marriage with kids then y'all are both the parents. I’m sick of seeing posts from moms or hearing where dads are like “Take the kids with you” “Hubby just took the baby so I can have a nice bath for once” or like “Well it’s up to you to do that”

It takes two to make a child. Split the responsibilities. A mom shouldn’t have to take the kids shopping if a capable dad is at home. Nor should they have to wait for someone to ‘watch’ the kids so they can relax. Same with in public, or at a family gathering, doctor appointments and school events, the mother shouldn’t be the only one with the kids. That’s your child too, you should no what’s wrong with him or her. It’s not just up to mom to feed, bathe, and play with the kids either. Be a parent, split the responsibilities. You’re a dad, not a babysitter. Be responsible. I know it can work both ways but I’ve only seen this happen with dads acting like they are babysitting their kids. Grow the fuck up.