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You, Me, and The Moon

Tyler’s soft fingertips brushed against Josh’s bare face. They were bowing down to a crowd when Tyler decided to deliberately make Joshua flustered in front of hundreds of fans.

The room roared, Josh couldn’t keep a straight face when his eyes shot over to his friend who was smirking and continued rubbing his cheek.

“Kiss!” A girl in the front screamed at the top of her lungs. Dun faked a laugh and swatted at the air in dismissal.
Josh sat down on his bunk in the bus, he could hear fans chatter outside, they were all waiting to meet the two boys. But, the pink haired drummer was a complete wreck. Night after night, he would have small anxiety attacks because Tyler would do something cute to him. Some nights it would just be Tyler touching his thigh when the lights got real dark, and other nights it would be Tyler smacking his ass in front of the crowds.

Sighing heavily, Josh checked his Twitter to see people tag him in videos of Tyler caressing Josh’s cheek gently. Almost all of the retweets were “OTP” or “JOSHLER IS REAL”. A slight smile cracked through his stressed face, everyone else wanted what he wanted too.

“Hey man,” Tyler’s soft voice broke through the background noise of clique waiting outside of the bus. Josh locked his phone quickly as his neck snapped up, meeting Tyler’s friendly gaze.

“Yo,” Dun mumbled and nervously played with the bottom of his shirt. “Are we going to go out there and say hi,” he asked, unsure if he was acting strange in front of his friend. Would Tyler ever notice?

“Not today.”

“Oh my god, Joseph. That was terrible.” Josh laughed and shook his head.

“Oh come on man, you laughed!” The tan boy sat down next to Josh and gently rested his hand on top of the drummers. “Jishwa.” His eyes fluttered up to meet his gaze as he cooed.

“Yeah?” Their voices started getting lower, this was terrible for Josh. He couldn’t think straight when things would get so serious like this. Everything was rushing through his head. What was Tyler going to say? What is he going to do?

“I miss your beard.” He admitted with a cocky smile. That was definitely something Josh was a sucker for, Tyler’s smile. He would often find himself lost, stumbling over words during interviews when he would catch himself staring at Tyler’s smile. Or he would sometimes miss a beat during a show when Tyler would go up to Josh’s little drumming set up and start dancing with the worlds biggest smile plastered onto his face, stretching his cheeks to incredible lengths.

“It’s only been a day and you already miss it that much? You didn’t even give my beard any love when I had it.” He huffed. It was true in a sense, but how was Tyler supposed to give a beard love? If Tyler gave Josh anymore attention than he did already, it would be a dead giveaway that he was completely head over heels for a silly little drummer that often dressed up as an alien.

“The beard looked cute on you. I mea-” Before Tyler could finish his sentence, Mark interrupted the two.

“Are we meeting them or no?” He was holding a can of redbull in his hand as he looked at the two sitting awfully close to one another. “This was a pretty big venue, at least a hundred kids are out there. Maybe we should just stay in.” And with that Mark turned around, answering his own question without having to hear it from the two musicians.

Josh shifted uncomfortably in his bunk, he wasn’t sure what he could possibly say or do to make things a little less awkward for the two. “Uhm…” He nervously cleared his throat and looked up at the taller man that was still sitting closely next to him. His eyes practically fucked Tyler as he scanned every inch of his body slowly. It wasn’t intended to be that he was checking him out, but Tyler took it that way.

“I uhm…” Tyler quickly got up to his feet and looked up at the ceiling. “I’m gonna go to bed.” He stammered, cheeks pink from when he saw Josh looking at him that way. For some reason, Tyler always got extremely shy when he would catch his best friend looking him up and down. It made him feel like he needed to make a move. It made him stress over the endless scenarios that would play in his head. Without any hesitation, he quickly walked off towards his bunk, no words left behind him.

It was 3:38 in the morning and Josh stared at his phone blankly. So many people wanted him. So many people acted like he was a God and yet the pink haired drummer felt empty. He had what almost everyone wanted, but he was struggling. Josh wanted his best friend. Not in the sex way either. He just wanted to be held in Tyler’s scrawny arms at night. He wanted to openly express his emotions towards his friend. He wanted Tyler.

Eyes struggling to stay open, he slowly started to drift off. Right as he started to doze, he jerked up to his notification alert going off. Messages: TYLER JOSEPH💀: hey man. if youre still awake can we talk? SWIPE TO REPLY
His heart skipped a beat as he unlocked his phone and quickly replied, “almost fell asleep. should we go outside so we don’t wake anyone?”. Hesitantly, he pressed the send button. Anticipation nearly killed him as he watched the three little dots at the bottom of their messages.
But soon after Tyler replied, “ya”. That was it. Something terrible must have been going on. Josh couldn’t think of anything else, why would he text him so late at night asking to talk?

Slipping out of the bunk, Josh tiptoed out of the bus. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was tiptoeing out of the bus like a child would when they didn’t want to wake up their parents, but it just felt natural. Poking his head out of the bus, he could see his friend standing on the other side. He looked distressed as he looked off at the night sky.

“Hey man,” Josh whispered harshly, stepping out of the bus that they often called home and onto the rough gravel. Regretting not putting on shoes beforehand, he winced as he slowly made his way over to his bandmate. “Is everything alright?” Josh’s voice gradually got louder as he got closer to Tyler. The faint light from the bus illuminated Joseph’s soft face. His lashes seemed longer in the lighting, and his eyes looked almost sunken in, as if he was stressing over something all night. Gently, the drummer put his hand on top of the tanned boy’s shoulder.

“Y-Yeah.” Tyler stuttered. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to do. His plan was to make a move, like his gut had been saying for the past two years. But, things had quickly fallen apart when Josh stepped out of the tour bus. “I’m just stressed.” He shrugged slightly, avoiding any eye contact with his friend. Tyler was terrified that if he made a move, his friendship would fall apart. The band would cease to be, and he would lose himself along the way.

“You’re stressed out.” Josh nudged Tyler’s side playfully. Before noticing that he had terrible timing for terrible puns, Tyler pulled Josh into a bone crushing hug. Although their height difference was only by a few inches, Tyler managed to rest his chin on top of Josh’s head. His soft hands pressed the drummer’s head onto his neck. Butterflies filled up Josh’s stomach and Tyler’s heart raced a hundred miles a minute. Outside it was dead silent. Not a single sound could be heard. But in the heads of the two boys, they could hardly understand their screaming thoughts.

The tour bus’s sensor light turned off, it was just the two in the dark, still clutching onto each other. No words had been exchanged, both just wanted to enjoy the moment that they were given while it lasted. Josh tilted his head up slowly, making sure he wouldn’t hurt Tyler’s chin that was nestled on top of his curly pink hair. “Tyler,” he stuttered.

Looking down at the slightly shorter boy, he could hardly make out his facial expressions. “Josh,” Tyler whispered back, his hands slowly moved down to the small of his friend’s back. His gentle fingertips slowly traced circles as he nervously fought a battle in his head.

“Do it,” Josh whispered. He slowly got up on his tiptoes, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly. If they hadn’t been so infatuated with themselves, they would have noticed that both of them were shivering terribly. Puffs of their breath floated up and above their heads and into the atmosphere. His hands quickly rested on Tyler’s shoulders as he waited for the male to kiss him.

No words were spoken after that. Tyler moved his head down, their lips collided, molded together. Hands moved, both were resting on one another’s cheeks. Josh’s lips were soft against Tyler’s tongue. Moments passed as their teeth clattered and tongues danced together. The longer they kissed, the more intense it was getting. Their puffs of breath quickly steamed up the window they stood next to. Tyler wanted to open his eyes. He wanted to open his eyes and see Josh’s soft face when he was kissing him, but he couldn’t. His eyes had grown so heavy. He had grown so tired from the show. His hands moved down from his pink haired friend’s cheeks to his hips. His slender fingers gripped onto the sides of Josh as his feet slowly stumbled, managing to push him against the side of the bus carefully. Causing the lights to turn back on, lighting up their faces softly.

Josh pulled away from the kiss when his back hit the bus. His eyes flickered open, looking up at his friend who’s cheeks were on fire. “We should go to sleep.” He stammered quietly. He didn’t want to go to sleep. He wanted to be entangled with Tyler all night. He wanted to taste his friend again. He loved how he tasted like Coke and sour gummy worms. He loved how he kept his fingers on his hips securely, even after their kiss was broken. He loved how fluffy his hair looked all the time.

“M-maybe one last kiss?” Tyler asked impatiently kissing Josh, he couldn’t wait for an answer. Their hands slowly explored each other as their mouths told stories of sin and lust and love. This time Tyler pulled away from the kiss, his grip on Josh’s hips slowly loosened and he took a small step back. “Joshua,” he whispered, his eyes pierced into the drummer’s soft brown irises.

“Tyler,” his voice was shaky and unsure. He had never felt so alive before and he was so terrified that this was the end of it all. “Please,” he hummed under his breath.

“I love you,” Tyler admitted, grabbing Josh’s right hand quickly. “Please, don’t let this be-”

“A one time thing,” Josh finished his sentence, his eyes were as wide as the moon that lit up their faces faintly and as bright as the motion sensor light. His serious face quickly cracked by a wide smile. Tyler couldn’t get enough of his smile. Especially when he would smile so wide his eyes would squint and little creases would stretch out from the ends of his eyes. Pecking his nose, Tyler nodded and pulled Joshua with him back into the bus and into his bunk. “Your bunk??” Dun asked, sounding unsure. He didn’t want to think about what Mark would think if he found them sleeping together, legs tangled, chest pressed against back, innocently cuddling.

“Dude. I’m pretty sure the guys wouldn’t think much of it, especially since we do everything together.” Tyler reassured Josh as he sat down on his bunk. His hand tugged down on his friend’s arm eagerly. “I promise you this, you will be comfortable in my arms.” Reluctantly, Josh got into Tyler’s bunk and under the covers to warm up.

As Tyler slinked his arms around Josh, he quietly hummed Lovely and kissed behind his ears softly. “Goodnight Jishwa,” He whispered softly, inhaling the sweet scent of his best friend.

“Goodnight TyJo,” Joshua replied sleepily. “I love you,” The two dozed off, cuddling innocently.

tolieandtolove  asked:

I went to the Saint Paul, MN concert, so when I read your tour diary, the memories came rushing back. I wish I could say I had a more positive experience, but nonetheless, it was an experience. I was in the GA and kept getting stepped on and so forth. However, I can remember Matty waving at me during A Change of Heart and his sweet angelic voice during She Lays Down, so I was glad to experience something so raw and rare. The diary helped me remember the positives of the concert, so thank you! ♥

Oh no I’m so sorry about that! People were going nuts that night, especially on Adam’s side…. Omg. I hope you’re okay. Thank you for your kind words about my writing, you’re an angel💕

Don’t Scare Me Like That (Ricky Horror Imagine)

Request: Hey could I request a Ricky Horror imagine where they get into a really serious argument and it’s actually really scary as to how pissed off Ricky is? And he just throws in that the reader is just a child and stupid and a bunch of hurtful shit regarding their age gap? (Which isn’t too drastic though) and obviously it really hurts Y/N and then Ricky realizes what he did was way out of line and he looks for her at Chris’s place and she’s hesitant about forgiving him but it works out in the end?

**may contain some language that can be offensive to some people**

          You sat on the Motionless In White Tour bus waiting for them to finish their performance at this venue. Usually you would watch them preform because you loved seeing them so lively and the fans cheering. But most of all, you loved watching your boyfriend, Ricky Horror, play on stage. But today you just felt like staying on the bus and relax because not very often do you get quiet time with the guys around on the bus. They were just about done preforming for the fifteenth time on this tour and you tried to soak in the last seconds of silence before  they barged in and started rough housing.

         “That was awesome!” All the guys rushed onto the tour bus all at once, at least half of them getting stuck in the door while trying to pry their way in. You could tell that it must have been a good performance because all of them were sweaty and all of their stage makeup was melting off of their faces. All except ghost’s that is, he managed to stay perfect the whole time while on tour. And this happened to be the last show on the tour. You made it all the way back to the beginning where you guys to started to do their last performance in your hometown. 

         “I can’t believe it’s all over.” Ricky came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist securely, kissing the top of your head. “But at least i get to go home with you now and bug you all day long!” He chuckled and messed with your hair because he knew you hated that. You glared at him them calmly attempted to flatten out you hair. You and Ricky have been dating for just about three years now and it couldn’t have been any better. Well, except for the constant comments from people about the age difference. You didn’t think it was that big of a deal, you and him were only five years apart, so it wasn’t that bad. 

        “Aww… you guys make me sick.” Chris remarked sarcastically then snickered at your reaction. 

        “C’mon, let’s go home.” He told the bus driver.

        “Wait, i think i left my jacket at the merch table…” I stopped the bus from leaving as i headed for the door. I remember that the last time i had it was at the merch table because i was helping set it up and got way too hot so i took it off and put it down. You made your way over to the table, and sure enough it was sitting in the same place you left it, on the metal folding chair in the corner. You quickly snatched up you purple leather jacket and turned to go back to the bus so you could finally go home. 

         “Long time No see.” You heard someone say as you ran right into them because you weren’t paying attention. You looked up to see that it was your ex boyfriend with a wicked smile playing on his lips. You haven’t seen him in a few years ever since you broke up with him because he was an abusive asshole. “You still with that faggot of a boyfriend? What’s his name, Ri-”

        “Leave me alone.” You cut him off, trying to push past him. You had done your best to avoid him completely since the break up, and you had been doing good up until now. Besides, Ricky could be very jealous and over protective some times.

        “Fighsty, huh?” He grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you back so that he had you trapped against the wall. This was all too familiar to you from your past relationship.His face got closer and closer to yours until his lips was only millimeters away from yours. Way too close for comfort.

        “(Y/N), What’s taking you so long?” You heard Ricky’s voice as he stepped out of the tour bus to see this play out in front of him. “What the hell is going on?” His voice snapped instantly into an angry tone. 

        “Looks like that’s my cue to leave…” Your ex boy friend murmured then ran away, leaving you to face Ricky on your own. 

        “It’s not what it looks like, Ricky.” You tried your best to convince him of the truth but it didn’t look like he was believing it. “Ricky-” You pleaded but still to no prevail. 

       “Really? Because it looks like you were about to kiss him.” He growled, his voice lower and angrier than you have ever heard it before. It scared you into trembling slightly.


       He cut you off again. “This is what i get for dating someone so young, right? Joke’s on me i guess.” He seethed with fury. “What would you know you’re just a stupid child.” His hands were clenched into tight fists and you flinched away from him. “I should have never agreed to dating you and your childish games.” He stormed away, leaving me in peril. There was no way  you was getting back on the bus with him, so you guessed you was going to have to walk home. It wasn’t that long of a walk any ways, maybe only fifteen minutes. How could you go home to the place you and Ricky shared though? The only other place you thought to go to was Chris’s because he was the closest and he would surely understand, right? You heard the bus pull away leaving you to walk all the way there.

~later that day at Chris’s house~

         You were laying on Chris’s couch with a blanket wrapped around you as you told him everything that happened. When you finally made it to his house after the twenty minute walk in the wind that scared against you skin, he wasn’t hesitant in letting you in. 

         “Ricky did that to you?” Chris sounded really concerned. “I’m so sorry, you can stay here as long as you want.” He offered willingly. You were so grateful that you had such nice friends like them, even if you had only met them through Ricky. Soon, maybe only a few minutes later, you heard A knock on Chris’s door. You stood up to answer it, but Chris stopped you, getting the door himself. You could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation. 

          “No”……. “She doesn’t want to see you.”……………… “I wouldn’t-”

          The next thing you know, you saw Ricky walking towards you. You flinched away and the only thing you could think of doing was hiding beneath the blanket you were cocooned in. “Leave me alone.” You whimpered, feeling the couch next to you sink in. So Ricky was most likely sitting beside you.

        “(Y/N), i’m sorry.” His voice was soft, a contrast to his previous hateful tone that he used. “I shouldn’t have said those things to you.” He seemed hesitant. You peaked out from the blanket and saw that he was biting on his lip, as he usually did when he was nervous. No, you weren’t going to forgive him so easily, not after those things he did.  He wouldn’t listen to you, so why should you listen to him? “(Y/N), please listen to me…” He begged slightly, putting his hand on you thigh over the blanket. He rubbed it comfortingly like he always did when you were at home cuddling. It would always calm you down, even now.  “I love you and i understand if you don’t forgive me.” You didn’t say anything until he started to walk away and back outside. You hated seeing that sad puppy expression on his face so you internally debated whether you should forgive him or not.

        “Ricky, wait!” You said at the last second. “I love you too. But don’t scare me like that ever again.”




Neck Deep - Citizens of Earth (Cover)

life’s not out to get you is still a sick album and i’ve done a bunch of songs off it but this one is probably the last one i do. citizens of earth is such a unique song from these guys and definitely one i really like playing. you can check out more covers here

the-backwater-experts  asked:

33 + Clack? :D

Zack shivered and pulled his scarf even tighter around his face. He switched which hand he carried his gas can with and stuck his freezing hand into his pocket. Why hadn’t he grabbed his hand warmers. 

He would have thought maybe one of the hundreds of people driving by would stop for him out of pity. The nearest open gas station was still about a mile off. He shivered again as a bus drove past him, leaving a freezing gust of wind in it’s wake. 

He jerked up when he heard it’s brakes squealing, hope gleaming in his eyes. He jogged forward trying not to let his teeth chatter so much as the door opened. 

A startlingly familiar person stepped out. 

“Are you alright?” 

Zack was stunned into silence as Cloud Strife, lead singer and guitarist for the band Seventh Heaven stepped out of his tour to ask if he was okay. 

“Do you need a ride?” he asked again, “it’s far below freezing.”

“Th-th-thank you,” Zack said, unsure if he was stammering from still feeling cold. Aerith, the bassist pulled a blanket from one of the overhead bins and wrapped it around him with a smile. Zack smiled back still feeling shell shocked. 

He remembered feeling bummed when he hadn’t gotten tickets to their concert, but he had forgotten it was tonight. That explained all the traffic. 

“Y-you can dr-drop me off at the n-nearest g-gas station,” Zack shivered out. Barret, the keyboardist tugged a hat onto his head. 

“Not a chance,” he said, “how you gonna get back huh? We’re calling a tow truck. We know a guy from here.” Cloud was already hanging up that call. Tifa, the drummer shoved something warm–hand warmers– into his hands. They nearly burned to the touch. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Cloud said, “I think your lips are still turning blue.” Zack still hadn’t stopped shaking despite all the warm around him, he still felt cold. He wasn’t sure what was wrong. He wasn’t sure how long he had been walking either. 

“Here,” Cloud said, sitting next to him, “give me your address. I’ll have my friend drop off your car with a full tank of gas. We’re gonna take you to a hospital. I think you might be a little hypothermic. Why were you walking out there?”

The truth was Zack’s gas gauge on his car had broken and he could have sworn he still had at least five gallons left. It didn’t start when he tried to start it, so he guessed it was wrong. 

Instead he just shrugged. Aerith sat on the other side of Zack. Cloud started rubbing his shoulders. 

Zack was still blushing a little bit when he finally got warm enough to stop shivering. He had been in the hospital for fifteen minutes when that happened. At least he wasn’t their only case tonight. He wasn’t sure how he was gonna afford his stay, but he felt a little better. 

He jumped a little when there was a knock at his door. Cloud Strife stood there. He hadn’t been imagining it. 

“Hey,” Cloud said, “I asked if I could check on you. You doing okay?”

“Besides feeling mortified, I’m fine,” Zack said, “Thank you…for stopping…for everything.” Cloud waved it away. 

“And my friend Cid called back…it was your battery, not the gas. You still had about 5 gallons left. He took care of it. He owes me a few favors.”

“Thank you,” Zack said, “really…I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t stopped.”

“I also noticed your shirt,” Cloud said. Zack blushed. He was wearing his trashy Seventh Heaven Hot Topic shirt today. Cloud pushed a case into the doorway with his foot. A guitar case. 

“It’s gonna be acoustic,” Cloud said, “but I figured a little mini concert might make your night a whole lot better.”

“You already sang all night,” Zack started. 

“I don’t mind and I’ll take it easy,” Cloud said, “I like the smaller concerts better than the big ones anyway.” His smile was soft and sweet…a tad flirtatious even. 

Zack laid back and watched as Cloud started tuning his guitar. 

Don't Tease Me!!


A/N: Hope this is what you wanted!

I stepped out the cool tour bus into the hot summer sun. Today was the first day of Feel Tour. I was walking around when I felt two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist.

“Hello Kellin,” I said.

“Hey baby,” he said. “We’re about to start. Are you coming?”

“Of course,”

He laced our fingers together and we walked to the stage. Kellin put his inears and ran back towards me. He nipped my neck and I softly moaned. He smiled. My hands wondered downwards and I rubbed his member.

 "Don’t tease me when I’m about to perform,“ he said.

I rocked my hips with his and he grabbed my hand lead me to the bathroom. Flush against him, he roughly claims my mouth with his own. As his tongue fights for dominance. I feel his hands rest on my hips slightly grinding against me; the sensation driving me wild. Kellin unzips my dress letting it fall to the floor. He palms my breasts feeling the weight of them in his hands. Leaning back slightly I feel his cold skin against my hot skin. He traps my nipple between his thumb and forefinger rolling and teasing it. I gasp as his fingers find their way into my folds as he harshly pinches my nipple. He rubs my clit slowly as he continues to fondle with  my breast. I moan at the feeling. Suddenly, he covers my mouth with his own taking my breath away disorienting me. As he pulls away breaking the kiss, I feel my legs shake as he pumps me.

“Kellin,” I moan.

He stops and sits up pulling me to my knees. I take his tip in my mouth and suck on it. He rubs over my breasts and pinches my nipples. I moan out with pleasure. I lick his length the to tip. I hollowed my cheeks and sucked faster. I felt his warm seed spill into my throat. He laid me back down. He spreads my legs and I feel his cool breath against my clit. I moaned and I feel his tongue enter inside my folds. His tongue darts back inside me and I feel him hit my spot.

“Kellin,” I moan.

I felt him pinch my nipples. As he laps up my juices and I cum hard in his mouth. He pulls me on my feet and slams me to the wall. I wrap my legs around his waist. I feel his tip enter my wet fold as he fucks me senseless against the wall. I clench my walls around him and cum onto his member. He still keeps going, but his thrusts got sloppier. I felt my second orgasm approaching. I knew he was close. One more thrust and we both came. I feel his sticky seed enter me. He rides our highs and sets me down onto my feet. We collect our clothes and exit the bathroom.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,”

After the Chelsea Lately Interview -
  • *Sebastian picks up ringing cell phone*
  • Sebastian: Hey man, what's up?
  • Mackie: Just watched you on Chelsea. First Winter's Children, now Brokeback Mountain??
  • Sebastian: Whu...uh..I mean, what was I supposed to say? She asked me about the lube, too!
  • Sebastian: [the 'I-fucked-up' face]
  • Mackie: ...Chris is Ennis. You're Jack Twist.
  • Sebastian: [whispers] I fucked up.
No feelings - Part 2 (Michael Clifford)

Requested : Yes

  • can you do a part 2 for no feelings ? <3

  • Please do a part 2 for no feelings! :)

  • Can you please make a part two to that ?! Omg


  • I loved your “No Feelings” imagine. Any chance for a part two? Xo

  • Please tell me for the love of my sanity No Feelings gets a part 2 and 4 and 7

  • Part 2 to no feelings?

Rating : No smut

Word count : 1,6K+

Story line : Michael has some things to tell you about your so called ‘normal friendship’


“Why are you not saying anything?” Calum asked after a while of us four just silently seating in the back room of the tour bus.

“Because I don’t know what to say” I harshly answered and even though I wasn’t looking at any of them; I knew they all had their eyebrows raised in surprise at my reply.

“You mad?” Luke asked; I shot him a death glare and he raised his hands in defence as his eyes widened.

“Yeah, maybe it’s because you guys have been having discussions about me behind my back… You even made a pact; what is it? A TV show?” I started yelling. “Like seriously, we’re all friends, I’m not your little sister, for god sake, I’ve been fucking him for almost a month!” I said as I pointed a finger toward Michael. “What makes you think you have any right, first, to tell me who I can and can’t date or have sex with, and second, to make a pact with your best friends that none of you would touch me?” I said as I looked at them alternately and waited for one of them to answer but they were all avoiding my gaze. “Okay and now you’re obviously all being really brave so I think I’m going to go clear my head for a second”

I stepped out of the tour bus and started walking aimlessly. I tried to think about it; to find an explanation; but I just couldn’t really understand what this was all about and truth was I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. So I just took the time to calm myself down and then decided that everything was okay; and that I didn’t want to be mad at anyone anyway.

I went back to the tour bus in the evening and found the boys in the same room I left them, watching a movie I had never seen before. They all looked at me as I sat down next to the older boy and I suppressed the smile that was threatening to creep up on my face as they all waited for me to say something.

“You’re not mad?” Ashton whispered and I turned my head to him as I shrugged and shook my head.

He gave me a questioning look and I smiled as I opened my arms toward him.

“Cuddle?” I asked and he seemed to hesitate for a second before shifting on the couch and resting his head on my chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

We stayed like that for a while and everybody seemed to gradually relax as we all started cracking jokes and commenting on every scene of the movie.

We were all pretty tired and decided to go to bed as soon as the movie was over.

I went to the bathroom first and started brushing my teeth before putting a bit of cream on my face. The door cracked open and I looked into the mirror to see Michael quietly entering the narrow space before locking the door behind him.

“We haven’t had a chance to talk about what happened today” he answered my unspoken question.

“Yeah” I replied as I turned around and looked directly at him.

“How are you feeling? I mean, you looked quite mad this morning and then when you came back you acted as if nothing happened…” he said and I shrugged as I reached into my toilet kit and started brushing my hair.

“Well yeah it was just a bit weird at first but honestly I just don’t really wanna think about it… I don’t really understand what this is all about and I’d rather not care so I’ll just ignore the fact that you guys acted really weird” I explained and he shook his head as he took a step toward me.

“Okay, now that’s exactly what you said to all of us earlier… The truth?” he asked and I raised an eyebrow at him as I placed the hairbrush on the side of the sink and crossed my arms over my chest.

“The truth? That’s the truth!” I repeated as I brought my eyebrows together.
“Seriously?” he asked as he rolled his eyes; “Don’t you think I know you better than that?” he said as he took another step toward me; leaving almost no space between us.

“No; I think you don’t know me better than the other boys” I said and a smirk appeared on his face as he looked at the ground and shook his head.

“Well I’m going to prove you wrong, then” he started as he took the last step that was separating us and placed his hands on my hips.

I was praying that he wasn’t about to kiss me because I would have had to push him away.

“Thing is I know you better than they do; whether you like it or not. And when you said you were fine earlier, you stuck your bottom lip out a little, just like you did a second ago. And the boys didn’t think anything of it because they may have never seen this face before but I have. You do the same thing when I ask you if you’re close because I’m about to lose it; and you say yes because you don’t want to upset me but in reality you’re not really there yet… You stuck your bottom lip out when you’re lying and I’ve learned that while having sex with you.

“I know that the boy didn’t really understand why you were mad earlier and why you left. I know that you left because you were mad and none of us were replying… I know that it’s something you hate because when you have my cock in your hand, when you’re gently stroking it and ask me if it feels good and I don’t answer because I’m usually too out of breath to even let out a sound, you get mad the same way you did earlier and threaten to leave me like this.”

My lips were parted and I didn’t know what to say. He was right, of course he was right. I refused to admit that having sex with him made our friendship different from the ones I had with the other boys; but it did.

“And the way you look right now, speechless, trying to find something to say… It’s the face you make when someone takes you by surprise and do something you weren’t expecting. I know it because that’s the way you look when I wake you up by pressing my tongue against your clit… That’s the face you make right before you reach down to tangle your fingers in my hair.”

He added and I felt myself getting excited at the thought of the few times he’d done that to me.

“You’re right” I finally whispered as I looked up into his eyes and he gave me small smile before squeezing my hips.

“And I’m even going to go a bit further… I know I’m risking a lot by saying that but I also think we’ve been lying to ourselves all this time. We’ve been pretending that sleeping together didn’t change a single thing about our friendship and I guess we’ve been good at it as the boys only noticed today but… But I think it changed things; I know that it did for me and I think I can tell it did for you, too. We’ve always been too good as friends to even think about being anything more but truth is I care about you as more than a friend… And I’ve been ignoring it all this time but today I suddenly realized that the fact that the boys caught us might mean that we’d never get to have sex ever again and…

“And I didn’t care that much… But I cared about not being able to kiss you anymore; not being able to fall asleep with you lying in my arms; not being able to help you cover your hickeys with foundation in the morning… Those are the things that I’m going to miss; those are the things I care about.”

Tears had appeared in the corner of my eyes and I couldn’t believe Michael were the boy saying the words I’d always dreamed of hearing. He had just forced my walls down and it was like I couldn’t pretend anymore. I genuinely believed that I didn’t have any feelings for Michael; that what we did was pure sex and that it didn’t mean anything else. But now that he was laying it down; now that I had him in front of me; now that he had stripped me down of my armor; I couldn’t help but realize how wrong I was.

“I think… I think I feel the same way, too” was all I managed to say as I looked up at him, eyes wide in fear.

“I know” he replied as he cupped my face, leaned in and pressed his plump lips on mine.

It felt like we were kissing for the first time; it was full of passion; it was true and for once it wasn’t rushed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me as he placed one hand on the small of my back and tilted his head to the side to deepen the kiss.

“How did you know?” I murmured as we pulled away and he pressed his forehead on mine.

“This morning, you said something like ‘What we do, Michael and I… It’s purely sex, there are no feelings behind that…’… And when you said it you had your bottom lip slightly stuck out” he explained and I closed my eyes and scrunched my nose up as I pressed my face into his chest.

Magcon vs. Zombies PART 3



“So you’ve already seen our little "kitchen” and eating area,“ said Shawn as your tour of the camp began. "The big tent is where all the guys here sleep. There’s ten of us here, including me. And I’ll introduce you to them all when we come across them.”

Ten guys? You thought. But it wasn’t really a complaint.

“The middle one is where the two other girls sleep.”

“There’s only two other girls?” you asked, shocked.

“Yeah well us guys were pretty good friends before this whole Walker epidemic came about. One of the girls was friends with us too, and the other was just kinda there.” he responded.

“Oh, alright”

Continuing, “and the tiny one will be yours for now. Just until we know we can trust you.”

“Fair enough. Hey could I have my knife back?” you asked remembering the missing weapon from your backpack. “You know, for self defense?”

“You’re pretty safe here y/n,” Shawn said, “just wait a little longer”

SIghing and turning silent, you let Shawn lead you down a skinny path. As you two were walking, you heard voices coming closer. Two boys came into sight. You noticed they looked somewhat similar. Both had dark brown hair, biggish cheeks, and dazzling blue eyes. You also saw they were a little damp, and they carried towels. You must be walking towards a lake or some sort of bathing area.

As you four were at talking distance from each other, Shawn said “Y/n, this is Nash” pointing at the older looking one, “and this is Hayes. They’re brothers, if you couldn’t tell.”

You looked at them and said hello to both, and you noticed the smaller one, Hayes, glance at you from head to toe, then back up again. A little flustered, your face felt hot and you looked into the trees.

“Welcome to our camp!” said Nash. “Shawn basically talked about you nonstop while you were passed out.” He winked and gave Shawn a little push.

This time both of your faces turned red, and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling.

“Alright moving on” Shawn said as he pushed forward.

Looking back at the brothers once more, you saw Hayes check you out again, but this time, from the back. You grinned at him then turned forward again to continue your tour.

Stepping out of the brush and into a clearing, you noticed a large pond looking thing.

“This is where we shower, but you have to be careful since it’s really deep in the middle. All quarries are. And over there bathing are Cameron, Gilinsky, and Taylor. And don’t worry, everyone wears swimming suits.”

The three boys came splashing onto the shore.

“So this is the famous girl we’ve all been dying to meet” said a handsome boy with dark hair and a huge smile. “I’m Jack, but since there are two Jacks here, you can call me Gilinsky.”

“Hi” you giggled, “I’m y/n.” But in reality, what went through your mind was: there are so many attractive people here. You could definitely live with these new people.

“Y/n, that’s a pretty name” smiled another attractive boy. “I’m Cameron.”

“And this is Taylor” Shawn interrupted before the other boy could try to flirt with you. You looked at Shawn and noticed he was practically glaring at them.

“Do you want to finish the tour?” you asked him.

“Yeah that’s a good idea” he responded as his face softened.

This boy is so adorable, you thought, thinking about Shawn. He led you up another path that was kind of close to the back sides of the tents. As soon as you got into the clearing, your nose was filled with a horrible smell.

“This is the bathroom area. Basically they’re just holes in the ground” he said. You glanced around the area and noticed two really tall, fenced in boxes with tarp for doors. “Madison and Mahogany didn’t want to share one, so this is the boys bathroom, and that’s the girls” he said as he pointed at the two separate toilets. “And the girls keep all the feminine stuff they need in there too.” This last part he said really awkwardly.

But you were saved by two people patrolling the main fence around the camp.

“Mahogany! Carter!” Shawn called. After they made their way over to you two, the girl, which you assumed was Mahogany, was very excited.

“I’m so happy there’s another girl here. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve had to put up with. And I love your hair so much! You’re name is y/n, right?” she asked, but before you got the chance to answer she added: “we ran into Hayes and he told us.”

You couldn’t help but notice the last part she said with a smirk.

“Hey, I’m Carter” the other boy offered.

“Hi, I’m y/n” you said politely.

“Anyway, we should get back to work” said Mahogany.

“Nice meeting you guys!” you told them.

As they walked back toward the fence, Shawn gestured you to follow him toward a shed. He opened the door for you and you stepped in. You saw two more people, one who must be Madison, and a bunch of supplies. The new boy and Madison looked like they were in a really intense flirting session. But as soon as she saw Shawn, she acted like nothing was happening, and she was practically all over him.

Touching his bicep and glaring at you, she asked in a bitchy voice “who’s this, babe?”

Glancing away from them, and for some reason feeling incredibly jealous, you made yourself busing looking at all the shelves. There was a ton of Mac n’ Cheese, oatmeal, soup, shampoo, and ramen noodles, mixed with other things.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Shawn brush off Madison’s hand. A surge of confidence went through you and you looked her in the eyes. “I’m y/n, and you are…?”

Irritated, she responded flatly, “Madison.”

You smiled at her and turned your head to the boy. “What’s your name?”

“Jack,” he answered. “But you can call me that, or Johnson, since there are two Jacks.”

“Yeah I met the other one a while ago.”

Stepping away from Madison, Shawn said “let’s go find the last two people.”

“Sounds good!” you responded and you turned to look at Madison one last time. You were happy to see it pissed her off even more.

After you and Shawn stepped out of the little pantry, you saw the last two boys sitting together at a picnic table with Hayes and Taylor.

Smiling when he saw you, Hayes waved you over. You limped over to them and sat down across from Hayes, you introduced yourself to the new boys, and you learned their names were Matt and Aaron.

Having your first chance to rest since your breakfast, you noticed how much pain you were in.

“Do you have any Ibuprofen?” you asked anyone who would listen.

Jumping up at the opportunity, Hayes ran to go get you some from the shed.

“That’s basically it for the tour,” Shawn concluded. “Is there anything else you need or want?”

Feeling nasty, you told them you were going to take a bath. And as soon as Hayes came back with your pills, you thanked him, and Shawn for the tour, and you made your way to the shed to get shampoo and soap.

After, you went to your tent for some fresh clothes, and to change into your swimsuit, and then down to the quarry to take your first shower at your new home.


I know it’s not the best guys, but I promise it’ll get better when the action starts!!! :) Thanks for reading! Part 4 in twoish days!


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anonymous asked:

Recently a friend of mine compared you to an OSHA employee who is a receptionist at a sweat shop. What do you think your level of complicity in the Lexa kill your gays trope/queerbaiting debacle is? Also, it seems that many baby dykes are looking up to you. Live your truth and sport an avatar with a rainbow cape, but please keep in mind that when you have a boyfriend you are going to disappoint many of them. Signed, a concerned person who remembers when you were adamant you were straight.

And to your left, “baby dykes” you will see what we here at Layne’s blog call “biphobic.” It’s what happens we people don’t have enough understanding of the various ranges of sexualities and identities in the various spectrums of being LGBT. Unfortunately, they believe that human beings must know from the womb what they identify as, and can never have any struggle or denial when coming to terms with that. They are just perfect gays who were fortunate enough to never feel the need to deny their sexuality, never misunderstood their sexuality, and never simply realized new things about themselves. Often, they also struggle with the belief that a person can not be attracted to more than one gender. Their outlook that a bisexual person who “sports a rainbow cape” can’t date men without “disappointing” people is problematic and damaging to the members of what they must call the “LGT community.” 

The good news is, person who remembers me when I was “adamantly straight,” my sexuality is none of your business. My identity is none of your business. Who I date is none of your business. All of that, and you don’t see me bothering to message you about all the “baby dykes” you’re disappointing but placing such high standards and expectations on the way every individual person expresses and identifies with their queerness. 

Thankfully kids, we may now continue on our tour, stepping out of the strict confines of someone else’s ignorance and into the light. And now, to your right, up this hallway I’ll do a demonstration on the dangers of confusing straight girls who wear snapbacks. 

got7 + the new student

Mark: gives you an awkward smile when you get to your lockers at the same time… which happen to be right next to each other’s

JB: physically bumps into you in the hallway and intimidates you

Jackson: is the first person to greet you– literally will be the first person you see as you step out of the car

Jr.: tours you around school and makes sure you know exactly which route to take to get to your class

Youngjae: is singing/whistling to himself and nearly runs into you when you round the corner

Bambam: asks to borrow a pencil, an eraser, a pen, a sheet of paper… and even your textbook

Yugyeom: is your lab partner who’s really shy and won’t talk much but will smile brightly at you