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Here comes some basic setting of my Bodyguard AU

Just some rough notes from early stage for the au, hope these may clarify some confusions about the storyline :)


  • Lance was the prince of Altea, Allura’s younger brother, also the new paladin of the blue lion. He was also a talented pilot but was repressed to prove his capability all the time due to his royal position.
  • Keith was one of the Blade of Marmora. After allying with Altea, he was designated as Lance’s bodyguard. He was a Galra orphan who raised by BoM, also a great fighter pilot.
  • Altea was fighting Zarkon Empire for years. Zarkon Empire was once Altea’s closest ally.
  • King Alfor has been dead for 3 years(before Keith and Lance met), so Allura took charge of the kingdom afterward.
  • In the time that Altea wasn’t destroyed, but the former paladins were seriously wounded or even dead in a severe battle against Zarkon Empire so it was necessary to find new paladins to fill the vacancies.  
  • They later discovered that the new paladin of the red lion was going to be Keith. Hunk (Altean, apprentice in royal kitchen, best friend of Lance)was for the yellow lion. And the rest of the paladins were found after a spaceship from Earth (which carried Shiro, Pidge, and Matt) crashed on Altea.
  • Lance and Keith met and spent a year together before the said battle.

Lance liked Keith, like “a lot”. Not only because of the similarity of their age, he also was one of the few subordinates or the only Galra who treated him like a normal person instead of a royalty. For instance, he always bickered with and was even being rude to Lance in private. Though he still called Lance the prince in most of the time, the way he treated Lance was already a close(or “protective” in his case) friend would do. Lance enjoyed the dynamic between them, the delight slowly turned into endearment when he started craving to spend time with, touch, even kiss Keith. After realizing that the heat in him actually was love, Lance told and showed Keith how he felt. However, it caused complications for Keith. He indicated that they weren’t meant to develop this kind of relationship because of the huge difference of position between them. Although the words indeed hurt Lance, he knew Keith was giving an excuse to keep him from loving a man who might die for him anytime. He was pretty sure Keith felt the same way as him because as Lance said, “those eyes tell everything.” Anyway, Lance still took chances to seduce or show affections to Keith, wanting him to love him back at some point.


The timeline of the arts I drew so far is all before they became new paladins, a.k.a. that heavenly year for klance✨ I might do some art after they went to fight on the frontline, their relationship would change rapidly in that time.


adrienette soulmate au — part i.

5 hours left.

     Her expectations were kept low, but Marinette couldn’t deny the mixed feeling of dread, excitement, and hope bubbling up in her chest.

     The thought of meeting her soulmate, the one day that almost everyone who had a soul mark looked forward to, was frightening yet thrilling at the same time.

     Marinette’s head filled with never-ending questions; how will they meet? Were they a girl? A guy? Will they click instantly upon first meeting or will they take things slowly as their relationship builds? Exactly who in the world is her soulmate?

     All these questions were to be answered in 5 hours time.

5 hours.

     Adrien’s soul mark was ticking towards the end of its journey, yet he finds it impossible that he would be meeting his soulmate by then, considering that he isn’t even out of his own home.

     He grows frustrated, nervousness settling in. Was he going to even see them today? What if his timer ends and has no soulmate to look for? Will the universe give him another chance to start over or will he have to just accept the fact that he’s lost the chance to even get to spend a lifetime with them?

     Adrien frowns. No.

He was determined to meet them, no matter what the consequences were. All he had to do was to find an excuse to get out of this place.

     And he’s got at most 5 hours to do so.

F(x) Visiting the Shinee Dorm

*sees jonghyun shirtless*

Luna: How come he doesn’t wear a shirt?

Krystal: It’s his fucking house alright.

Amber: *getting ready to take off her shirt* It’s about to be my house