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Great team

Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Prompt: “Could u write a rly fluffy Neville x reader where she’s his girlfriend (she’s in ravenclaw) and they’re in sixth year? And he helps her out in herbology, she helps him out in potions. Just very fluffy and sweet, they make a good team :)”

Requested: Yes, by Anon ;) Thank you!

(A/N): I really loved writing this one! Thank you for your request!

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A sight left her pink lips as she pushed his book away so she could look at his face. Neville smiled down at Y/n, whose head lay in his lap. They had been dating for a while now, Y/n and Neville. It took him a while to get comfortable around her, but now he was. Y/n pouted at her boyfriend, she wanted attention. 

“I’m sorry.” He said with a chuckle, running his hand through her hair. “I just really need to study for my potions test.” Y/n sat up and smiled at Neville. 

“I can help you. Then you’ll be done sooner.” She gave him a wink and kissed his cheek. They were sitting on the grass. Outside in the warms sun. They weren’t in the same house, so it was more difficult to cuddle on normal days. 

Y/n always liked it to see Neville flustered, and the simplest way to do so, was by either kissing him or give him compliments. She never saw him as fragile, but she was the ‘stronger’ one, at least emotionally. 

“Okay, do you understand? Please repeat.” She ordered closing the book so Neville couldn’t read it. 

“Okay, so I need to stir one minute to the left, then two minutes to the right and then it should become a light shade of purple?” Neville said, like it was a question. Feeling proud, Y/n nodded and hugged him. 

“Yes! You got it!” Her arms were tight around him. “I am proud of you.” She added once she let him go. Neville was flustered and muttered something. 

“We should head to dinner.” Y/n said with a grin. Neville took her hand and their hands intertwined as they walked over the grounds. Y/n smiled to Neville once they reached the doors and quickly pecked his lips. 

“Y/n, could we meet after dinner? by the library doors?” He asked her. She nodded. 

“Of course! It’s a date.” She kissed him once again, a little longer now before heading to her own table. 

Dinner seemed to pass very slowly. It didn’t happen too often that the two of them could go on a date. She took her studies very serious, and Neville wasn’t the best student, so he needed to learn a lot, too. Usually they just met up and walked around, sometimes went to a common room, if they were feeling a little bit daring. Library dates where very common, and she liked it that way, but a little extra was nice, sometimes. 

When Y/n saw Neville leave the table as one of the first, she got up too, her food not finished. 

“Y/n! Why are you leaving so early?” A friend asked. 

“I have some places to go.” She answered. She walked through the doors, a smile on her face when she was close to the library doors. But Neville wasn’t there. Curious, she looked inside, but saw no one there. So she waited, and she waited. But boy, did he stay away for a pretty long time. 

“Y/N? Why are you already here? Dinner just ended a few minutes ago.” Neville’s voice shook Y/n out of her daydream, a smile erupted on her face. 

“I saw you leave early and didn’t want to keep you waiting.” She scratched the back of her neck. “But it looks like you got me waiting.” Neville slightly blushed and mumbled something, probably to himself. 

“I’m sorry,” He started, taking her hand. “but I wanted to prepare out little date. So please don’t be mad.” Y/n laughed and let her arms rest on Neville’s shoulders. 

“Why would I be mad? Basically you are on time, aren’t you?” She smiled and he pecked her lips before leading her away, to the greenhouse. 

Neville always liked the greenhouses more then Y/n did. But what she saw was beautiful, and she knew she would look at the greenhouse different from now on. It was starting to get dark, and a soft light was already shining from the greenhouse. When Neville pushed the door open, Y/n gasped, the beauty she saw was almost unbelievable. Small firefly’s were flying through the greenhouse, giving a magical glow to the plants. Some plants gave light themselves, and it was beautiful. 

“Neville… How did you… What..” Y/n had no words left. She rarely was speechless, but now even her mouth couldn’t talk. 

“Do you like it? It doesn’t happen that often that you are speechless.” Neville said with a smile. Y/n nodded, words failing her again. Her mouth was open as she reached for a firefly and giggled like a five year old when the firefly exploded in gold glitter. 

“Thank you, Neville.” She said with a smile. “This is the best thing someone has ever done for me. I love you.” She hugged him. Neville rested his head on hers. 

“Wait until you see the strawberries.” Neville chuckled. 

“You have strawberries?!” She pulled back and looked up hopefully. 

“I have.” Y/n smiled. 

It had been a few days since the date, and they haven’t really seen each other. Not more then a quick kiss or a longer hug in the hallways. Y/n needed to study for a big test. 

“Hey, Y/n! Do you have time after lunch? We have a free period.” Neville stood behind her. 

“I really wish I could, but I have a big test tomorrow.” Neville smiled. 

“Sure, no problem. What subject?” 

“Hebology.” Neville’s eyes lit up and a wider smile appeared. 

“I can help you! You know I can! Let’s go to the greenhouse after lunch. I’m sure professor Sprout will be okay with that!”He sounded so happy, and exited Y/n smiled and agreed. 

“I would love too!” 

“So, try it. It isn’t that hard.” Neville put his hands over hers. “Like that.” He curled her fingers over the plant and pulled. “Great! Now you do it!” He smiled and stepped back. Y/n repeated it, slightly distracted because she could still fell his hands on hers. 

“Like this, right?” She asked once her fingers were curled around the plant. 

“Yes, just pull it out.” He said. She did. 

“Great! And we still have some time left!” Neville said and Y/n moved closer, a soft grin on her face. 

“We are a good team.” Y/n said after a kiss on his lips. 

“We are.” He said, arms around her waist. 

“I love you, Neville.” 

“I love you, Y/n.” 

A Second Chance - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt: hi Hun, could you do a liam dunbar imagine where you have a major fight and then avoid him for a while but he finds you and apologises in a speech about how he believes that you are meant to be together and fluff??

My Teen Wolf Master List 

“Ya know, I feel like we’re Taylor Swift and Abigail in Taylor’s music video ‘Picture to Burn’ right now,” Madison pulled out the binoculars from her big purse.

Y/N and Liam had been dating for a few months, and lately he’d been cancelling their plans at the last minute to hang out with a few juniors. The excuses consist of “something came up with his family” or “Mason needed him for something” and the list goes on. Except, Y/N didn’t believe any of it. She had a feeling he was cheating on her because, seriously who would bail to hang out with a bunch of juniors and then not ask her to tag along?

Which leads to why Y/N and her best friend, Madison, sat in Y/N’s parked SUV in black, dark grey and navy blue clothing to blend with the night sky. They parked far away from Lydia’s lake house but close enough to see with binoculars. Once again, Liam and Y/N had plans to have dinner and see a movie tonight, but he called saying he had a family dinner thing at his grandparents. Y/N wanted to settle it once and for all. She wanted to catch him in the act. She called Madison up and told her to dress in dark clothes to spy on Liam.

“Someone’s coming out,” Madison reported. 

“Let me see!” Y/N whispered.

Together they looked through the binoculars. Y/N peeping through the left hole with her right eye while squinting her left eye, and Madison looking through the right hole with her left eye.

“That’s Scott and Kira,” Y/N confirmed.

“They’re getting in the car and coming this way!” Madison whispered.

The two of them immediately ducked until Kira’s headlights passed by and the sound of the engine faded. Madison slowly peeked up and looked through the back window, “okay, they’re gone.”

They both turned back to Lydia’s house with the binoculars, and within a few minutes they saw Stiles holding Malia’s hand, walking down the front steps. Y/N and Madison repeated the process they had done just a few minutes earlier as Stiles drove past them in his jeep.

It’s been ten minutes since Stiles and Malia left, and Liam still hadn’t left Lydia’s lake house. Y/N couldn’t shake the ugly feeling she felt. Her stomach was in knots, her mind was running with a million thoughts, and her insides were trembling with anxiety. The feeling of possibly being cheated on is a horrible feeling and she didn’t like one bit of it.

“What could he be doing in there?” Y/N voice wavered with worry.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Madison tried to comfort her. “Maybe they’re studying.”

“Don’t say that!” Y/N eyebrows furrowed with anger. “I don’t need any ideas of what they could possibly be studying about this late.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel worse.” Madison looked back to her side of the binoculars. “I see them coming!”

Y/N squinted back into the binoculars, and saw Lydia walking Liam to his stepfather’s car that he borrowed when he needed to get around. They stood in front of the car and talked for a few seconds, making the girls in the car wishing they could hear what the two were talking about. As they were saying their goodbyes, Lydia leaned in to hug Liam with her hands slightly tight around his neck and his arms around her thin waist. When they pulled away, Liam gave Lydia a quick peck on her cheek, which made her cheeks turn slightly pink. Liam gave Lydia a small wave before backing out of the driveway.

Y/N slowly pushed the binoculars away from her in shock. She froze in place with disbelief about what she just saw. Her gut was right. He was cheating on her with a junior. A junior who happened to be the prettiest, smartest, and most popular girl at Beacon Hills High School. Y/N had enough insecurities to deal with, as she constantly saw freshmen girls flirting and throwing themselves at Liam, but she never thought she would have to compete with Lydia Martin. The Lydia Martin. 

“What the hell are you doing?” Madison whispered. “Get down!”

Y/N sat as she was with her mouth slightly open and eyes where Liam kissed Lydia on the cheek. Madison yanked her down to duck before Liam drove by and noticed the two had been spying on him. As soon as Liam drove away and the girls were in the clear, Madison spoke up, “Are you okay?” 

“I can’t believe it.” Tears formed at the corner of Y/N’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Madison placed her hand on her shoulder. “I never liked him anyways. He seemed like such a cocky asshole and I was right. I’m sorry I was right though. I know how much you liked him.”

A tear escaped and fell down Y/N’s cheek.

“Let’s switch seats.” Madison said. “I’ll drive us to buy us a pint of our favorite ice cream. You can sleep over at my house and we’ll watch movies and let it all out. Okay?”

Y/N leaned in to hug her best friend tightly and whispered, “okay.”

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