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HOW TO: make vine edits on your phone!

i’ve been learning how to make edits for vine just recently from downloading apps and through maaaaany trials & errors, so i found a way to make them that i find is comfortable for me. the apps listed are actually for the iphone, so i don’t have any knowledge on how to make edits via android devices. also, i do recommend playing around with these apps before SERIOUSLY creating a vine so you get the flow of how it works. read more below the cut and enjoy! (excuse the typos tho; i need to sleep it’s a sunday night and i have school tmr) ✨

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Save Audio Posts in 8 Easy Steps

I found a really easy way to save any music/audio you have on Tumblr in Chrome (I think it works in Firefox, too)!

Step 1: Go to the audio post’s page.  (I’m 99% sure this works with any audio post on any blog, but please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘Inspect element.’

Step 3: This brings up a lot of text on the bottom of your page; click anywhere in this text.

Step 4: Press CTRL + F (Command + F on Macs) and type 'mp3’ in the box that appears.  This should highlight a certain part of the code.

Step 5: Press the play button on the audio (you can pause it afterwards, just press play once), and a new link will appear.  Right-click on this and select 'Open link in new tab’.

Step 6: This will take you to an all-black page with an audio player in it.  Right-click anywhere on the page and select 'Save as…’.

Step 7: Name the MP3 file whatever you want, and select where you want to save it.

Step 8: You’re done! You can listen to your file however you want, including importing it into iTunes.

I’m sure someone has come up with this before, but in case they haven’t I hope this helps someone out there!  :D

anonymous asked:

how do you upload a vocal post on Tumblr like that without using an external website and posting as a link?

Okay, so I’ve had a few people ask me this question, so I’m going to do a quick tutorial on how I uploaded my audio post for you all:

Step 1: Get Audacity

I downloaded this free program called “Audacity” a while ago. Turns out, it’s a pretty good audio program overall. It’s very easy to find online. Just google “Download Audacity” or “Free Audacity Download” and you’ll find it. 

Step 2: Record something, ya idjit!

Once you download Audacity onto your computer, open it up! Press that nice red circle button, and begin your journey towards audio heaven~

Step 3: File > Export that mothertrucker

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Once you’ve finished recording your audio post, if you want to save it into an mp3 file and put it onto Tumblr, export your file. 

Step 4: Save dat mp3 in the right file, ya soggy waffle

Make sure, once you name your file, you also have the file changed into an “mp3” format.

The most annoying thing in the world would be if you were to save it, but then not remember where you saved it. For the love of pete, put that file in an easily remembered or easy to find folder.

Step 5: Get that sucker ready

You’re almost done! Now you just gotta get the “Audio” Tumblr uploads page ready. (That should be easy to find, so I’m not even going to mention how you get to it).

Next, it gives you the option to upload your audio post. Go to the folder/area where you placed your file and click on that mo-fo.

Final step: Name it + accept conditions + upload = INSTANT FAME

(I hope this helped you figure out how to upload audio posts!)