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Lipstick Stain Tutorial

Hello there, Lovely Anon! I put your ask into a pic set so it’s easier to see this, I hope that’s okay!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked the lipstick stains! :D Here’s a mini Tutorial for them, I am sure there are a lot of better ways to draw these, this is just how I figured it out yesterday at like 3 AM and how I did it. I hope this helps! 


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REQUEST: Hey i just read all of your fics hehe and i really like your writing! Can I request a very protective demon!tae fic pls? Doesn’t matter if fluffy or smutty thank you so much x 

GENRE: Demon!au, Supernatural, smut(to come), slight angst, i have to make this fluffy ofcourse

He was never supposed to meet her, but when he did, all he wanted to do was to keep her. 

(PT1/??) - PT2

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Stop everything and watch this

I am afraid
of the fact
that I am not crying when
the poet with the fire breathing lips steps off the stage
that I am not breathing fire
that I don’t know how
I am afraid
of being dry to the touch
like a wall
or a mirror
simply existing
quiet and shallow and unremarkable
you could run your fingers down me and
come away with nothing more than a little dust
on the tips
I should be made of paint
or sand
layers upon layers upon layers
and marking everything I touch
—  A.O.A.M. || By Now
Clear Your Mind

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

A/N : Part of my writing challenge! Enjoy

Warning(s): Language? 

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You knew Peter was going through a stressful time with keeping the secret from Erik. He was torn and distraught, but he wasn’t ready to tell him the truth. So you decided to get his mind off things and surprise him with a fun filled day while having the entire school to yourself. 

“So tell me again why you wanted to stay behind and not go wit everyone to the museum?” He muttered, following you into the study room. 

You flashed him a smirk, and chuckled. “You’ll see. Just be patient.” 

Peter stopped in his steps, his lips pursed. “One thing I cant ever do is be patient. Remember, I’m quicksilver for a reason.” 

“Shut up Maximoff! Patient you will be, or else I will kick your ass.” You teased. 

Peter let out a soft giggle. He loved how sassy you were with him. Not taking any of his bullshit. You were real, and spoke your mind. Even when he didn’t ask for it. Which somehow made you grow closer. 

“Okay, you can open your eyes.” You exhaled.

 He did, and immediately he was taken back. Everything was different from the last time he saw the room. There was  PACMAN console by the wall, with a few other arcade games as well. You had pizza and drinks and even a boombox playing a few of his favorite tunes. 

His lips curved into a smile, as he looked at you. “What is this?” He asked. 

You walked further into the room, and motioned all around you. “Its for you.” 


“Yea, Professor Xavier let me use this room today. Jean and Hank helped with setting everything up.” You muttered. “Because I had no fucking clue what to do.” 

Peter chuckled, still amazed. 

“I know you’ve been having a hard time with–you know. So I wanted to help take your mind off things.” You stated. “You do like these games right? Because I remember that night we stayed up on the roof to watch the sunset, you told me about few of your favorite games and-”

“This is perfect.” He chuckled. “Seriously, thank you.” 

Seeing that smile light up his face, that was the whole purpose of everything. And you could stay there all day watching him smile. 

His brows scrunched. “Is this Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics?” He asked, his lips curving.

Your mouth shaped into an ‘O’ as you nodded, snapping back to reality. “Y-Yea! Yea, I uh–I actually made you a mixtape.” 

Walking over to the boombox, you took out the tape and tossed it over to Peter. As his eyes read the words that were written on it, he couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“God, I love you.” He blurted. 

You looked up at him, your stomach fluttering. For a moment, you were quiet, and you even thought you were hearing things. “Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?” You asked. 

Peter smiled at you, slowing walking over with the tape in his hand. It was weird seeing him walk at a normal pace. He only ever did that a few times. 

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat, as he was now just inches away. He looked deeply into you, creating chills to cover you completely. “I am in love with you.” he whispered. 

And just like that, Peter slipped his hand under your chin and crashed his thin lips against yours. For a moment, your mind went blank. As it felt like something had ignited in you. 

Your hand clasped behind his neck, pulling him in closer. Not wanting this moment to end. 

But needing to catch a breathe, Peter pressed his head against yours, meeting your gaze. “Well, your plan worked.” He muttered. “You definitely took my mind off things.”


x Kim Taehyung

AU: It’s thursday ;)

Naughty stuff: Top!Tae, Oral, clit teasing, stripping, lots of kisses, very vocal Tae, from behind, lowkey animalistic and some titty-love, a lot of grabbing and touching and some spanking. (ft. attempts to make this some-what more of a “realistic” smut + lube is your best friend.)

SMUT | 2.2k | m.list | AO3 ver.

Disclaimer: This is fiction. Actions and events in these stories are often exaggerated and to a certain degree unrealistic.  Please have this in consideration when reading fiction, especially if it includes sexual content.

Rating: Mature, sexual content 

It wasn’t often that he came home early, but today was one of those days. Much to your delight since you’ve had the day off and been investing your time on doing nothing for once.

Barely any words were exchanged after he stepped inside before your lips and hands were clinging to the other with no mercy.

It was Thursday.

Some people might think it’s weird but for you and Taehyung it kept the spark alive.

Thursdays were always reserved for “love” time. Well, most days were along with some spontaneity but Thursdays was an agreement. It was also a good excuse to try new things or to simply dress a little extra for the occasion.

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  • Lance: Gosh its the new year someone will have to kiss me
  • Hunk: As your bff I'm out.
  • Shiro: Space dad.
  • Coran: Space uncle.
  • Pidge: You're old.
  • Lance to Allura: Looks like it's you and me Princess.
  • Allura: ... I'm 10thousand years older than you...
  • Lance: That's not what you said to Shiro
  • Pidge: Does it really matter.
  • Lance: No one will kiss meeeee. Am I so repulsive that none of you will brave these lips? Will step up to-
  • Keith: *Stomps over and kisses him*
  • Keith, bright red: There. Now will you shut up.
  • Lance, bright red: fhdjgjshfhsifh.
  • Hunk: I think you broke him..
  • Pidge: Rest in fucking pieces
All I Wanted; C.H. 27

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26

“You’re unbelievable.” Calum breathes as he slowly steps closer, biting his lip as he glancing me up and down. I shrug my shoulders as I drop onto his bed, crossing my legs over one another. “You make it sound as if you weren’t aware of that yet.”

“You can’t blame me; you surprise me every day.” Calum breathlessly chuckles as he steps closer. His knee rests between my opened legs and envelopes my body with his. It causes me to lay down onto the mattress. I can already feel my breathing get jagged, and Calum hadn’t even started yet. His fingers start on my jeans as his lips leave butterfly kisses along my neck and collar bone.

His hands are warm, rough and it makes gooseflesh appear all over my sensitive skin. He raises from the bed again to slowly pull the confines from my legs, only for his own to follow suit after. My fingers are grabbing at his waist to pull him onto me and feel his skin back on mine. He seems reluctant though and I drop my grip to gaze up at him.

“I’m going to take my time right now.” Calum breathes, his right hand squeezing my waist. A sigh leaves my lips as I let his hands wander, explore, as if it were our first time together. I let my eyes flutter closed as Calum’s hands trail from my waist to my knickers. His fingers hook underneath my cotton and he slowly starts dragging it off of my legs, his lips leaving occasional kisses along my exposed skin.

“That’s very sweet and all, but I’m a bit impatient.” I chuckle, lifting my head and shooting Calum an expectant look. He shakes his head as he crawls back over me. “Un-be-lievable.”
I let my fingers skim across his jawline before I curl my arms around his neck and pull him towards me, crashing our lips together hastily.

His laugh is boisterous as he smiles against my lips and he unclasps my bra. His teeth sink into my neck, my back arching off of the mattress as I grind my core against his thigh. Calum groans loudly as I feel his grip tightening, grinding his crotch against my hip as I feel his breathing pick up.

He lays down beside me, our lips still locked blissfully as I feel his hand starts to massage my breast. A low moan leaves my lips as I feel Calum’s hands trail lower and lower, but I stop his hand when I realize what he is implying to do.

“No, Calum – I – not today.” I let my fingers curl around his erection and give it a few light tugs, slowly inching him closer and back on top of me. He lets out a guttural groan, pressing and rubbing his erection against my folds as I squirm underneath him.

As he presses into me, I feel my heart stop beating for just a split second. It’s different this time – I can feel it. I feel less troubled, more at ease and I think I might be in love with Calum. And now that I’ve come to think of that, I think that has happened quite some time ago.

“You alright?” Calum questions and pulls me out of my own head. I slowly blink a few time as I see Calum grin down at me, which ultimately draws a smile on my own lips. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because.” Calum mumbles and the frown that forms quickly dissipates as Calum starts moving his hips. My sentence that I had started stops abruptly as a low, dragged-out moan leaves my lips which makes Calum chuckle. Cocky little bastard.

He never needed a lot for me to bring me to the edge in record speed. A few deliberate thrusts of his hips and a groan in my ear before his teeth sink into my neck and enough for me to arch my back off of the mattress and pressing my breasts into Calum’s toned chest.

I’m moaning out his name, digging my nails into his biceps as he picks his pace up. Sweat is drippling down his back from the heat and effort he’s putting into this, almost as if this is a way for him to apologize to me. If that means a mind blowing orgasm, I don’t mind.

Only a few thrusts are needed to send me over the edge and I clench my walls around Calum’s erection, causing him to stutter before he goes even faster. I’m incredibly sensitive, a moaning mess beneath him as he chases his own high. He drops down onto me before rolling off of me and dropping onto the cool mattress beside me. He momentarily turns away from me and I can’t help but immediately frown as I scoot away from him.

He feels me move and turns back around, drowsily glancing over. “Come here.” Calum mumbles, half out of breath, as he raises his arm so I can lay in the crook of his shoulder. I scoot closer, cuddling up to him as I rest my hand over his heart. Calum sighs out, almost blissfully, as I feel his muscles relax.

“I’m really sorry I have been such a jerk. But – I don’t know. I just, I feel differently about you. And –“ Calum pauses and I hold my breath, not speaking so he would hopefully continue. “I don’t know, I just didn’t how to act and instead of using my half assed brain I reacted poorly.”

I turn on my back, staring up at the ceiling as I nervously lick my lips. “I’m not going to say it’s alright, or that you’re forgiven. Because it actually did hurt me a lot, I’m not going to lie to you.” I take a break, pausing with a heavily deep breath while Calum groans. “That also doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to give this another go. I would say second chance but you’ve already screwed that one up too.” I laugh dryly but I know Calum isn’t so happy about my words. He remains silent.

“Look, Cal. We’ve got off on the right foot. But everything was against us. We could always give it a try. I at least want to try again.” I smile up at him and when he doesn’t react, I press my lips against Calum’s stubbled chin. Calum smiles and turns his head, catching my lips with his.
As soon as the door slams shut downstairs, I know I am in deep trouble.

How to eat a man.

Step one,

Hollow out your stomach.

Leave it void and empty,

As empty as your chest.

Don’t be lazy.

Use the sharp edge of a blade to slice away the excess.

You will need plenty of room.

Step two,

Round your eyes.

Make them as doe-like as possible,

and through them convey a sense of frailty,

kindness, a naïve demeanor.

Bat your lashes when appropriate.

Give him your undivided attention.

Step three,

Kiss him in ways he has never been kissed before.

Kiss him in secret spots no others have found.

Kiss him so hard that his soul slips itself beneath your tongue.

Comforted by the rose petals you call your lips.

Step four,

Be soft.

Lather yourself with lotions and oils.

Do so every evening before bed.

Attend to this ritual with a religious fervor.

Make sure your body is a cloud from which he cannot part.

Spent too many moons intertwined with your form to leave.

Step five,

Allow him to shed mass.

So small without your presence.

So small he can fit perfectly beneath your lungs.

Fold up his body, twist it, and tuck it away in the pit of your stomach.

Pray that it brings you peace.

That his body gives you grace.

Perhaps if you leave him there you will never grow hungry again.

-s.z (Hungry Women)

The One Where Sherlock and Molly Are 'Just Friends'
  • *Molly's flat; lying in bed*
  • Sherlock: *smoking* We can be friends who sleep together.
  • Molly: *fiddling with the sheet* Yeah, this could be just...something we do. Like tennis.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Sounds smart and healthy to me *glances at her* Whilst we're on the subject, do you currently have any other tennis partners?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Just Mary *pauses* That’s actually tennis, though. But she is setting me up with a mate of hers next week.
  • Sherlock: *disappointed* Oh.
  • Molly: *swallows* Did you want me to cancel it?
  • Sherlock: No! *sits up; avoiding looking at her* No! Because, if you did, you’d be cancelling for me, and we’re just friends.
  • Molly: *smiles weakly* Exactly. I- my thoughts exactly.
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *ruffles his hair* I’m not fine, Molly. I’m not. How can I be fine? Picturing you with someone else, doing what we've been doing *sighs* Would it be so terrible if we were...friends who don't date other people?
  • Molly: *hopeful* You mean like exclusive friends?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Why not? Let's face it, this has been the best month. Even if we were friends who lived together *playing with his cigarette* Or, friends who stood up in front of their other friends and vowed to be friends forever.
  • Molly: *grinning* You've thought about that sort of thing?
  • Sherlock: More than is healthy, yes.
  • Molly: *sits up and strokes his arms* One day, we might even hear the pitter patter of tiny, little friends.
  • Sherlock: I'd like that.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Me too.
  • Sherlock: *flicks the cigarette; smirks* Quick game of tennis before work?
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, why not? *kisses him*
No words

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        "Why didn’t you tell me you were a ghost this entire time?“ you exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air.
        "Because I thought you would be freaked out!” Tate replied.
        "Well,“ you started sarcastically, “now I’m even more freaked out!” you refuted.
        "It’s not that big of deal!“
        "Yes, it is,” you yelled, mind clouded by the steam of your anger.
        "Uhg!“ he grunted, marching over to you, and grabbing your face with both his hands, kissing you passionately. Although you were surprised by the action, you weren’t complaining.
        You both stepped backwards, your lips not moving from each others, and you both dipped your body’s onto the soft mattress. His hands were sweet and gentle, still gripping the sides of your face, but currently you still had some adrenaline pumping through your thriving veins, in need to get some steam off, so you had some other things in mind. And so, you flipped on top of Tate, and kissed him hungrily, your hand snaking down to the dent in his jeans, rubbing gentle and firmly. He whimpered a moan in the breathy kiss you were engaged in, and you started to unbuckle his pants.

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She bites her lip and steps up to Zuko. “But, I think I’m ready to forgive you." 

Something hot builds in the back of his throat. "I’m so sorry, Katara. You know I don’t think like that anymore—" 

But before he can say anything else Katara closes the space between them and slips her arms around his neck, her nose brushing against his chin. Zuko returns the embrace and pulls her up against him, the side of his face presses against her hair. He has to resist the urge to bend down and kiss her. 

She tilts her head to the side and whispers into his ear, "Thank you.” He shudders.
Credits to @audreyii-fic, and her amazing fanfic, The Sparrowkeet Series

I Want Her Part 3: The One Week Deal

Part 1  Part 2

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 354
Jensen x Reader
I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Um.. Hi” he says somewhat awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.
“Can I come in?”
You purse your lips and step back letting him in, not sure exactly if that was a good idea or not.
“What are you doing here sir?”
He gives a nervous chuckle, “Please call me Jensen. Sir makes me feel weird.”
You give a short nod and gesture for him to sit.
“Can I get you a drink? I have soda, water or juice.”
“Water would be wonderful thank you.”
You grab to water bottles from the mini fridge by the couch. Yea you were like that too lazy to move somedays so you kept a mini fridge. Handing him one you sit cross legged on your recliner across from him.
“What can I help you with Jensen?”
“I wanted to know why you turned the job down. And if I could convince you otherwise.”
“I’m not a big fan of what this would do to me.”
He looks slightly confused so you elaborate.
“I enjoy my privacy. I don’t like being known.” You hadn’t always been like this but with your past now you really hated the idea.
“I understand that.” He nods slightly biting his lip.
“I have a deal to offer.”
“Go on.” You nod letting him speak.
“Come to Vancouver with me. For one week, just give me one week to change your mind. I promise after that if you still don’t want to do this you don’t have to and we’ll stop bothering you.”  
You bite your lip and think a moment, “Alright Jensen one week. I’ll give you one week to convince me. I’ll warn you though I’m a stubborn ass.”
He chuckles, “Yea I can tell. So we have a deal?”
“Yea we do. Let me take it off work. I’m not flying I’ll drive up.”
“Not a flyer huh?”
“Not unless it’s a cargo plane to Afghanistan and Iraq.”
“Military?” he sounds surprised.
“Marine yes.”
“Well Marine you might just have shaken my confidence a bit.” He teases making you smile.
“Well don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” You smirk.

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When your cat catches you lipsyncing and dancing to Rupaul albums and when they look at you confused you just perform the rest of the song harder now that you have an audience.