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#SanversWeek Day 1

AHHHHH!!! @queercapwriting ‘s #SanversWeek is finally here!! Welcome to Day #1. Today’s prompt is: Intimacy 

Before she was disowned, Maggie’s family was all about tradition. 

The way every other Christmas stocking was flipped on the mantle, for instance. 

How her mom would overlook the health risks and make Maggie flour pancakes instead of wheat on every first day of school. Or even her Grandmother’s nightly tea. 

Little acts like those were ingrained in her and even after all these years, she missed the patterns her family followed. 

The stability it implied. 

And while the meticulousness of every task caused a younger Maggie roll her eyes, those were pieces of her past that she never wanted to bury. 

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Come Cuddle

Requested What about some caring shawn like if it’s your turn to get your wisdom teeth out?



You’re watching a movie on your laptop while propped up against pillows on your bed because your surgeon had said that staying upright would help lesson the swelling, but you’re so uncomfortable. Your mouth aches since you just got your wisdom teeth out this morning. You had anything to eat, only drinking a smoothie all day, so your stomach is growling. However, your mouth hurts so much to even move it, so the idea of eating doesn’t sound good to you at all. Even though you took as much painkillers as you’re allowed to have, it doesn’t seem to be helping.

A light knock sounds on your door, before you even get a chance to reply, it opens slowly, revealing Shawn on the other side. He had purposely planned to be home since he knew you were getting your wisdom teeth removed, but he ended up having to do some things for work during the morning and it ran late. He apologized so much over text, but you assured him that it was fine, and that you were fine, which is a relative term.

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Epsom scrub to help with wing aches

This is something I originally made with my therapist to help with stress, but I found it really really helps soothe my shoulders and back when it comes to wing induced back aches.

You’re gonna need:
-coconut butter
-Epson salt
-scented oil (optional)

This stuff is pretty easy to make, find a small container to hold the lotion in. A small Tupperware container would work, but you can find smaller containers at crafts stores.

(I used these small twisterz containers from artbin)

Next, you pretty much just mix the coconut butter and Epsom salt together in the container. It doesn’t matter how much you use of each, as long as you make as much scrub as you want. Personally, I used more epsom salt than butter just because I like the crunchy texture on my fingers. 

For the scented oil, you just drop as much into the mix that makes you happy! For scent, I used a mix between lemon and rosemary scented oils, and I couldn’t be happier with the scent.  My other angel friends have said that rose scented oil is great for this. 

Now you put the container of your scrub in the freezer until it hardens. This step is more optional then not, the scrub starts off oily, and freezing it keeps it from being all slathery, and keeps it in a more solid form for a while. This way, it’s easier to spread!!

I usually rub this on my back/shoulder blades and shoulders before I get into the shower. I let it sit before I get in, and it helps a lot when my back hurts from the weight of my wings. I hope this helps my fellow angelkin out there!!!

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.3

Wow, this was such a slow update. I genuinely thought I would have been finished quicker but I’ve been spending my time studying for exams but I hope you guys enjoy this part.

I have a killer headache right now omg

In other news Dean is coming to London Akaksksnesksoo I’m so happy. We don’t really get that many Korean artists down here so I’m excited.

I guess this may be the end of the date series so I hope you guys enjoyed the break from the drama (although I think I’m still going to keep it all to a minimum… we’ll see how it goes.)

To the beautiful anons who suggested making homemade ice cream and a study date (even though they were both short) thank youuu <3

Anyways, I love you guys and thanks for reading. <3

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You were currently home alone, your mother having to take your sister to her weekly judo classes. However, since your sisters birthday was coming up, she had given you the task of making homemade ice cream.

Who even makes homemade ice cream anymore? Your family sure as hell didn’t.

Sighing, you searched online for a suitable recipe to use.

“Vanilla pods, caster sugar, eggs, milk and double cream? Seems simple enough…” Searching your house cabinets turned out to be useless since you were still lacking the vanilla pods. The only solution was to take a walk to the nearby supermarket and hope they had what you were looking for. Grabbing the money your mother had left you, you slipped on your shoes and left your house, making sure to lock the door behind you.

Ten minutes later you found yourself standing before an aisle in the shop, searching the shelves for vanilla pods. For some reason, vanilla pods were just not as easy to find as one would think.

“Where the heck are these vanilla pods?” A warm breath suddenly brushed against your earlobe, making you all but jump out of your skin.

“Maybe if you had bothered to look at the top, you would have found them.” A glare spread across your face as you folded your arms and turned towards the direction of the voice. There stood Jungkook, a hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.

“I don’t appreciate that tone of voice.” He in turn, locked his phone and shoved it into his jacket pocket before he stretched his arm out to the top shelf, grabbing the vanilla pods.

“Y/N, you’ve literally been standing there for five minutes mumbling to yourself. Not once did you bother to look up so sorry for just stating the obvious.” Had you really been staring at the same shelf for five minutes? You doubted that.

“Sure… anyway thanks Kookie.”

Taking the pods from him, you turned on your heel and walked towards checkout as he fell into step beside you.

“Why do you need vanilla pods anyway? You don’t cook or bake.”

“Okay, that’s a lie.”

“Scratch that. You’re not good at cooking or baking.”

Ouch. You were pretty good at making egg and toast. That deserved some sort of reward, right?

And mixing the right amount of water and undiluted juice counted for something. Wait, that’s not cooking.

You decided to push the painfully dense thoughts out of your head.

“I’m going to pretend that that didn’t offend me, jerk.”

A deep chuckle resonated throughout his body and you were reminded about how much you enjoyed hearing him laugh.

“It’s true though. Listen, whatever you’re doing I’ll help. You can’t get through it without my skills.”

You found yourself rolling your eyes at his egotistical comment. Surprisingly, he’s been more vain recently. Normally he wouldn’t even boast about getting a good score on a test. You chose to believe it was all to impress you.

“One day your ‘skills’ aren’t going to do you justice and when that happens just remember I’ll be there recording to show the others.”

Silence ensued and you finished paying for your item.

“So what are we making?”

“…Ice cream.”


Keeping to his word, Jungkook followed you home to help with your task of making ice cream. You may have seemed unenthusiastic about his appearance but you were sincerely grateful he turned up out of nowhere to keep you company. You didn’t even mind that he wasn’t actually doing anything except from getting the equipment and ingredients needed out.

“I already put a tub in the freezer so I guess that’s step one done.” Checking the instructions on your phone, you followed the next step which consisted of cutting a vanilla pod and scraping the seeds out into a pan with milk, cream and the leftover pod. Turning on the heat, you left the pan to boil and turned to find Jungkook sitting on the kitchens island, staring right back at you.

“Can I help you?” The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile and he rubbed at his eyes.

“I was just thinking about the future. You almost look like a mum.” Your eyes bulged out and you tried to fight the blush that was growing on your cheeks. Sending a dirty look his way, you turned back towards the pan, taking it off the heat and leaving the ingredients to infuse.

“I’d rather not be thinking about being a mother. I find it awkward.” You were too engrossed with the pan of ingredients in front of you to notice Jungkook hop of the island and bee line straight towards you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his chin on your shoulder whilst you poured sugar into a bowl and mixed it with the egg yolks.

“Why? You find it awkward to think that far ahead with me?” Whilst his words left him, he took the whisk out of your hand and began to whisk the egg and sugar together. You shrugged your shoulders, watching the ingredients fuse together.

“I’m thinking so far ahead that it counts for the both of us.” You elbowed him in the stomach which immediately caused him to wheeze out a dry chuckle. You were definitely not going to let him know that it actually hurt when you made contact with his hard stomach.

“Whatever, Jungkook. If that’s what makes you happy.” You felt him press his cheek against yours and he stopped whisking.

“If you only care about if it makes me happy, why’d you elbow me? Don’t tell me you like the idea? You do, don’t you?” You could feel the smirk that was present on his face right at that moment.

“Just shut up and continue mixing. You ask too many questions.” He obeyed you but not before he gave you a sweet peck on the cheek. When the sugar and egg had taken on a fluffy texture, you ducked underneath Jungkook’s arms and reheated the vanilla cream for a few minutes, stopping just before it began to boil. Taking the bowl from Jungkook, you slowly added the vanilla cream to the egg yolk and sugar, whisking until it was completely mixed.

“Jungkook, can you get a small bowl and put it inside a bigger bowl of ice water please?” He did as he was told and you poured the custard mix back into a pan, heating it up once again. You made Jungkook mix the heated custard for ten minutes before you turned the heat off and transferred it into the small bowl in the ice water. Allowing it to cool, you slapped Jungkook’s hand when he went to taste the result of your hard work. Well, both of your hard work.

“That’s for my sister, idiot.”

Instead of listening to you, he stuck his finger in once again and licked the custard off, grinning at your vexed face.

“Your sister won’t mind, she loves me.”  That certainly wasn’t a lie. She practically worshipped him.

“I don’t care if she loves you, stop being greedy.”

Holding your stare, the room went silent and he dipped his finger in the bowl again without breaking eye contact. Just as you opened your mouth to reprimand him again, he shoved his finger into your mouth, allowing the sweet taste of custard to fill your taste buds. You blinked a couple of times, not fully understanding what had just happened. He flashed his rabbit-like teeth at you in a smile, his finger still in your mouth.

You bit it. Hard.

Yelling out in pain, he pulled his finger out of your mouth and inspected the damage you had dealt.

“Ow! Why’d you do that? Wait… I’m not dating a cannibal am I?”

Smacking him upside the head, you then grabbed the flesh of his cheek and lightly tugged on it. He stuck the finger you had bitten into his mouth, trying to ease the pain.

“Do I look like a cannibal to you?”

Jungkook’s eyebrows drew together and he actually seemed like he had to think about your question.

“Well, I don’t know.”

You could only sigh as you let go of his cheek and grabbed the container you had stored in the freezer. Taking the cooled finished product, your poured it into the container and placed it back in the freezer.

“We’re all done.”

“Finally! I was getting so tired…”

Glaring at him, you began to wash the dishes that had accumulated in the sink.

“You’re acting like you can even cook.”

You missed the offended look shot at your turned figure.

“I can.”

“That’s not what Hoseok told me. He said the last time you tried to make something it stuck to the plate like it had been superglued down. He even said you turned the whole thing over and it didn’t budge.”

Scoffing, he began to play with his ear piercings.

“Hoseok is full of shit.”

“Apparently so was your food that day.”

Jungkook remained silent and you mentally praised yourself for your comeback. Suddenly, you felt a hand connect with your bottom and a resounding slap echoed throughout the room. You turned your head quick enough to catch Jungkook partially crouching with his hand held high in the air, confirming that he had indeed slapped your bottom. It wasn’t hard enough to be considered painful but you still narrowed your eyes at him.

“I’m going to shove the whisk up your ass when I’m done with these.”

The ice cream better be worth having to put up with Jungkook’s antics.


Your plan had been to spend the next few hours studying for the test coming up on the first week back to school but Jungkook didn’t seem like he was going to leave anytime soon.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well, I was going to study but your still here and you’re someone who apparently needs to be entertained twenty four seven.” He smiled at your attempt to jab him with an insult and slung an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t worry, i’ll study with you.” You highly doubted that but it was always worth a try. Heading up to your room, you sat down at the desk beside your bed whilst Jungkook seated himself on your bed. You pulled out your revision notes and spread them across the desk for Jungkook to use as well.

“Your handwriting is cute.” Raising an eyebrow and allowing a smile to spread across your face, you thanked him for his compliment.

Jungkook managed to spend an hour and a half studying with no distractions which was a complete surprise. However, it was short lived as you noticed he stood from his position on your bed and moved out of your sight. Not bothering to turn around, you continued working on the question in front of you, struggling to make sense of it.

Sometimes you wondered if they gave questions like this on purpose to see who can come up with the dumbest answer. It was making zero sense to you right now.

A tap on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts and you craned your neck to find Jungkook standing behind you with sunglasses on his face.

“It’s your first time with bangtan right?”

He then took hold of the sunglasses and whipped them off his face to reveal your black swimming goggles pulling the top half of his face down.

What kind of drugs was this boy on?

“Why are you like this? What did I do to deserve this?” You tried your hardest to keep a straight face but his unmoving expression soon broke your resolve and you burst out in laughter. He seemed satisfied with the reaction he had received and pulled the goggles of his head, placing them down on your desk. When you had recovered, Jungkook was peering over your shoulder at the question you had been struggling to decipher for the past ten minutes.

“The answer is three million six hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred.” It took a few seconds to comprehend that Jungkook had solved the question you had been debating for ten minutes in less than thirty seconds.

“Wait what?” When you questioned him, he began to explain how he had achieved the answer and taught you the technique needed to solve similar questions in the future.

In the end you had grasped how to conquer said question and spent the next hour studying more with Jungkook before you closed your text book.

“That was very productive, even more so with you around. Thanks for helping me.” He ruffled your hair and grinned before stretching his limbs out, falling back on your bed.

“Anything for my cute girl.” Beaming at Jungkook, you laid beside him and wrapped your arms around his body, briefly hugging him before letting go and looking up towards your ceiling.

You were grateful that you happened to bump into Jungkook at the supermarket.

Only he knew that you hadn’t coincidentally been at the same place at the same time. He was planning to spend the day with you when he spotted you leaving your house and decided to leg behind to see where you were going.

But you didn’t need to know that.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Alex Summers

words - 865

pairing - alex summers x reader

warning - fluff,

a/n - i listened to this on repeat while writing this lol thank you to @emmcfrxst for looking over this before i posted it! x


You all sat around, laughing and smiling, throwing around insults and jokes. You took a sip of your drink, a simple, pina colada with a splash of Malibu, almost spitting it out when Peter drunkenly shouted that it was his “main priority” to get laid tonight. Ororo cackled, resting her forehead against Warren’s shoulder as his shoulders shook, a wide grin stretched across his face. Alex shook his head, bursts of laughter escaping his lips. Even Erik was smiling, looking up at his son with, what he hoped, for Peter’s sake, was a hint of pride. Peter sped over to the kitchen and brought back an armful of beers, passing one to each person.

“We’re all gonna be shit-faced by the end of the night, or this ain’t a celebration.”

Alex looked over at you, who had already popped the cap off the bottle and brought it to your lips, taking a quick swig, before he took one of his own. You looked up at him, winking, before Alex draped his arm over your shoulders, pulling you closer. You shifted into his side, head resting against his chest, taking another swig from the bottle of amber liquid. Alex looked to his left to see Ro looking up at Warren, eyes distant and somewhat glazed, as he talked about something Alex couldn’t hear. Even though she was completely focused on him, Alex doubted Ro was listening to a word Warren was saying, she looked too far gone for that, as he demonstrated with his arms whatever tale he was spinning. Alex looked over to Kurt who was sitting listening to Jubilee talk about Star Wars - again.

You tapped Alex’s wrist with your finger and rose from the loveseat, making your way over to the kitchen with your empty bottles. Alex watched as you walked away, hips swaying with each step. He smiled as he watched you get the coconut rum from the freezer along with some mango juice and stand in front of the counter. You made your drink before coming back over to the couch, taking a small drink as you sat down. Alex looked down at you and pulled you closer by the waist.

He leaned down, putting his lips to your ear. “Why do you keep moving away from me?”

You looked at him from the corner of your eye, arching an eyebrow, before looking up at him fully, eyes searching the sharp planes of his face, before settling on his eyes. You put your hand on the back of his neck, fingers intertwining with the long hair at the nape before bringing his face down to meet yours, your breath mixing with his. You smiled at Alex, brushing your lips against his. “This close enough for you, Pretty Boy?”

“Not at all.” He pressed his lips against you, using the arm on your waist to press you against him.

You rested your head on his shoulder, snuggling into his side, feeling the warmth radiating off of him. You wrapped your arms around the crook of his elbow, curling into his side. Alex placed his hand on the side of your thigh, nestling it behind where your knee and thigh meet, rubbing small, slow circles on the side of your knee. You leaned up, pressing your pina colada flavored lips to his, before pulling away and brushing your nose against his.

Alex took a deep breath, settling back against the couch, feeling that familiar warmth well up in his chest, making it feel like his heart would explode straight through his ribcage. He had seen people torn apart and put together by this thing called “love”. Countless people have said they had “played the game of love” and lost. So many people see love as this impossible, unwinnable game. But, he promised himself, promised you, whether you knew it or not, that he would find a way. He couldn’t lose what he had in that moment. With this family.

With you.

People would consider him a fool, for rushing into something so unpredictable with such tenacity, but he didn’t care.

So, before he could psych himself out of it, in light of this newfound epiphany he’d had, he leaned down, putting his lips near your ear again and simply whispered, “I love you.”

Your breathing hitched as you turned to him, eyes wide and no longer half glazed, those three words sobering you up in less than a second. You looked at him, almost as if you were making sure he wasn’t lying. That this wasn’t some cruel joke to kick off the new year.

And then you smiled.

No, not the soft, loving, sweet smile.

All teeth, couldn’t even tell you had lips, your cheeks stretched, you were smiling so big. You threw your arms around his neck and pulled back, eyes level with his, before leaning in and mumbling against his lips. “I love you too.”

You pulled back, pecking his cheek, before returning to the same position on his shoulder. He sighed, content in his decisions, and rested his head against the back of the couch, smiling as he heard a laugh fall from your lips.


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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 152
summary : Reader and Kai live together ; Reader has feelings for him and one day Kai brings home a girl.
*not my gif

Almost three months had passed since Y/N moved to live with Kai. His place was near her college and since she had been a late admission , the dorm had been filled. Kai had offered that Y/N move in with him she had agreed. All her friends had been against it specially Damon, but Y/N ignored them. Truth was she liked Kai and has never been afraid he’d hurt her. He always acted different towards her , nicer though he still got on her nerves some times.

“Morning roomie.” said Kai grinning when Y/N walked into the kitchen in morning still wearing her PJ’s. “Sleep well ? It sounded like you kept tossing and turning all night.”
Kai was leaning against the kitchen counter holding a steaming cup with coffee in his hands. Of course she had been tossing and turning. Thoughts about him kept her awake. Y/N wanted to tell him how she felt , but what would be the point ? It’s not like he felt the same way about her. She sighed taking a step towards the coffee machine to pour herself some coffee when Kai touched her hand getting her attention.
“This one’s for you. Just how you like it - no sugar , no milk.” he said smiling. “I even added nutmeg for you.”
“T-thank you.” said Y/N looking at Kai with curious eyes. “Why are you being so nice ?”
Kai put his hands in his pockets leaning against the kitchen counter again. He was looking at her differently or maybe she was imagining it. Her ‘rommie’ was never this nice to her. Sure he’d make her morning coffee and breakfast but usually by the second minute she had entered the room , he’d be making comments about how annoying it is when she tosses and turns all night , making noises and keeping him awake. Or how she had woken him up coming late from a party at her friend’s dorm room. Kai was getting on her nerves most of the time and a few times she even considered moving out. Except she couldn’t , even if she wanted to. Y/N was in love with him. She hadn’t intended for her crush to turn into this but there was just something about him when he raised his voice during their bickering , looking at her with fire in his eyes that was drawing her towards him. Every little thing he did somehow was able to make her love him and hate him at the same time.
“What are you talking about ? I’m always nice to you.” he smiled at her. “Making your breakfast , looking after you… ”
“Right. Okay.” she said glancing at the clock on the wall. “Damn it , I’m gonna be late! Why didn’t you wake me ?”
“Because I like the sparkle in your eyes when you have slept 8hrs not 5. And you are not going to be late , I’ll drive you.” offered Kai. “Get dressed , I’ll pack your textbooks for today.”
Y/N looked at him suspiciously. Something was definitely up with him… What had been that comment about her eyes ? And how did he know what textbooks she’d need for the day ? By the time she had changed , Kai was already waiting for her with a packed lunch , all textbooks for the day and a cup with coffee to go.
“What are you up to ?” she asked suspiciously when he even offered to carry her things to the car for her.
“Nothing. Why do I have to be up to something?” he smiled putting the keys in the ignition. “Can’t I just be nice to my gorgeous roommate ?”
Y/N glanced at him trying to figure out what had happened to get him to act like this. Before she had time to even being processing what was happening , he parked the car on the college parking lot and went to open her door for her.
“Classes end at 6PM right ? I’ll come pick you up.”
“Um … okay ?”
Kai winked at her and got in his car , driving away while she stood frozen in the parking lot starring after him. Y/N checked her lunch bag and couldn’t help but smile finding a veggie wrap inside.
* * *

Y/N was in the kitchen that evening when she heard the front door unlock. Kai had come home and she was excited to see him again and figure out why he had been this nice to her the past month. She was starting to fall for him even more and a part of her missed their bickering over everything.
“Hey you’re ba-”
Y/N froze on the spot. Her heart broke to pieces when she saw Kai and his arm around some girl’s waist , his other hand caressing her cheek as he was leaning in towards her. It looked like he was about to kiss her.
“OH. I um …”
“Oh hey. Sorry , I should’ve called.” he said casually. “This is Mindy. We met at the coffee place down the street…”
Y/N smiled awkwardly waving her hand in ‘hello’ to the girl. There it was - she had kept quiet and Kai had found someone else. Even though her heart was breaking she was happy for Kai. Now she knew why he had been so nice to her - because he had started falling for someone. It made sense , love changes people. Maybe this was his chance to become better. Y/N felt her eyes starting to water and she knew if she didn’t go away he’d see her cry and thats the last thing she wanted. She cared too much about him to ruin his evening like this.
“Well , um … have fun. I .. I’ll give you some privacy.” she said quickly walking past them and locking her bedroom door behind her. Y/N slided her back down against the wall next to the door until she was sitting on the cold floor , her hand covering her mouth trying to muffle the sobs. A few minutes passed and there was a knock on her door. She ignored it , trying not to let the sobs become audible , but she lived with a vampire…it was pointless.
“Y/N ? What’s … whats going on ? Are you OK?” Kai’s voice came through the door. He sounded worried.
“Yeah , I’m fine. Go back to your date.” she said trying to sound confident.
“I can hear your heartbeat. You are lying.” he said. “Talk to me , please.”
“I am not lying. Just … go back to Mandy or whatever.”
“Y/N…. Open the door or I will kick it in.” he said twisting the door knob.
There he was. The Kai she knew and fell for , the one who didn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer and always got what he wanted.
Y/N reached her hand up , unclocking the door.
Kai pushed it open , glancing around the room searching for her until he saw her - her knees brought up to her chest , red puffy eyes with a trail of tears on her cheeks but what got to him the most was that she was avoiding his gaze completely. He sat on the ground next to Y/N , his eyes focused on her.
“What happened ?” he asked. “Did someone hurt you ?”
Silence. Kai didn’t like seeing her like this , and he hated the thought he might be the reason for it. Y/N wouldn’t even look at him. He tilted her chin towards him until her eyes met his.
“Tell me.” he asked softly.
Y/N couldn’t take it anymore. How can he not know what the reason for her being like this was ? As if it wasn’t obvious. She slapped his hand away and then slapped him hard.
“Ouch ! Aghhh …” he said rubbing his cheek.
“That was for bringing a girl to our home.” she said angrily , getting up and heading into the living room with Kai on her tail. He grabbed her hand blocking her way. “Let go of me.”
“Why would you care if I bring a girl home or not ?”
“I don’t care. You can do whatever you want.” Y/N replied.
Kai smiled to himself. “You slapped me for bringing a girl to our home because you don’t care ? That makes no sense , Y/N.”
Y/N tried to come up with an answer but came up with nothing. Kai had pushed her buttons a little too hard this time.
“Because I … … UUGHH!” she groaned , storming into the kitchen with Kai right behind her. He grabbed her hand making her spin around so suddenly she bumped into him.
“Y/N … ” he whispered, his eyes meeting hers. For a long moment they just gazed into each other’s eyes. Kai’s palm brushed gently her cheek and Y/N leaned in towards it. “You like me.” he said smiling , listening to her heart beat change. “That’s why you are so upset. You are jealous…”
“I am not upset.” said Y/N pushing him away , taking a step back from him turning towards the fridge. She opened the freezer , getting the chocolate ice cream box out. Kai swiftly took the ice cream from her hands putting it back in , his smile getting wider by the second. “I want my ice cream. Give it.”
She tried to open the freezer again , but he kept the door closed not taking his eyes off her as she struggled to open it. Kai didn’t need vampire hearing to know she lied about being upset. Whenever something wasn’t going right for her , she’d reach for the chocolate ice cream. Always. And she hadn’t denied liking him or being jealous.
“Ugh !” she groaned in frustration.
“Do you know why I brought that girl home ?” he asked suddenly serious , his fingertips trailing their way from her shoulder to her fingertips , intertwining them with his. Kai could feel her shiver under his touch , her heart starting to race. “Because I wanted to figure out something … and now I know.”
“To figure what out ?” said Y/N quietly , her heart beating so fast as if about to leap out of her chest. She was starting to get lost in his smoky blue eyes just like every time they fought except there was no fire in them this time, there was something else.
“How I feel about you.” he said smiling , slowly leaning in towards her. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Every night for months now I toss and turn in bed until I sneak into your bedroom to watch you sleep and when finally I do fall asleep you are still there. You are everywhere. It’s like you’ve gotten into my blood stream or something.” he said stroking her cheek for a moment. “Arhhh … Emotions are hard…”
“Wh-what … what are you trying to say ?” said Y/N , a small smile on her face. Kai had sneaked into her bedroom to watch her sleep. If it was someone else , she’d probably think it was creepy but when it comes to Kai it felt different.
“I think … I am in love with you.” Kai’s lips almost touched hers as he said it.
“You have a very .. interesting way of figuring things out.” she whispered.
“I’ll make it up to you.” he whispered gazing longingly into her eyes for a moment before his lips crashed against hers , scooping her up into his arms. Y/N’s hands moved towards his neck , pulling his face closer to hers. Kai seated her onto the kitchen counter , her legs hitching around his waist as his lips kissed her jaw line. “I love you Y/N.” he said softly into her ear while her fingers tangled in his hair.
Kai rested his forehead against hers, Y/N’s fingers brushing against his scruff. Both of them smiling widely. His eyes were glowing and everywhere he touched her it felt like electricity coursing through her veins.
“I love you.” he repeated , listening to her heart skip a beat at his words. “I love everything about you - the way you crinkle your nose when you don’t like something. How your eyes glow every time you smile. The way you furrow your brow when you are thinking. I love every little thing you do. I love you.”
Y/N was at a loss for words. The evening had taken a very different turn. Kai kept looking at her, a little nervous waiting for her to say something but how could she put everything she felt towards him into words ?
“I love you too Kai.” she said. “I love you more than I can put into words.”
“So you forgive me for … hurting you earlier?” he asked smiling.
“I … I don’t know.” she pretended to think about it. “I may need more convincing…”
“You are so mean.” he teased , his lips colliding with hers again. “How about now?” he whispered. Y/N shook her head and he kissed her again and again , taking away her breath completely.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Cold Coffee - Cisco Ramon Imaigine

A/N: aaaahhh xD this is my first Cisco Ramon imagine and I’m honestly so excited I cannot contain it! I am in love with this beautiful cinnamon roll and I think he doesn’t get nearly as much love as he deserves! :D so here it goes, hope you dearies like it :D

anonymous asked: *cracks knuckles* (that was much more badass in my mind) YOU ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! You’re an ice!metahuman that Team Flash takes in to teach how to control their powers but refuse to open up about your past until one night Cisco finds you crying in the pipeline and you tell him about how your mother and siblings died at the hands of your step father that had you locked in a meat freezer the night the explosion happened (I know it’s dark but it’s been prodding my mind for a while now)

so, here it is :D enjoy!

Warning: abusive stepfather and reader’s family death… so yeah, kind of dark in some parts :/ but happy ending, yay!

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Cold Coffee

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s my favorite girl” Cisco said as she entered the cortex with everyone’s coffee from Jitters.

“What do you want?” she asked suspiciously as she gave everyone what they asked for.

“What? Why would you think I’d want something just because-“ he started but she raised her eyebrow at him. “Ok, here’s the thing. You know how we need to try this shields to see if they can resist Captain Cold’s gun?” he said sweetly. “I was thinking I could maybe try it with… your… powers… you know?”

“I thought you were working on another gun that resembled Captain Cold’s” she said not really content about having to use her powers, since she was still managing to learn how to use them.

“Glad you asked” he said grabbing his coffee from her tray. “I did do that but Joe wants to make sure his people are gonna be completely fine and well, we all know that you are as cold as it gets, am I right?” he said with a small laugh but (Y/N) didn’t even smile. “Please?”

“I’m not even that good at controlling them yet” she said unsure.

“Well, we’re still training in a bit” Barry reminded her. “So maybe you can try after that?”

“Fine” she said sighing as she took her seat at her desk.

“Hey, (Y/N), am I reading this wrong, or is tomorrow your birthday?” Caitlin asked excited and (Y/N) felt herself pale a little.

“Uh- I um- y-yeah tomorrow’s my birthday” she said quietly knowing there was no way she was getting out of this.

“What? Why didn’t you say anything?” Barry asked.

“Yeah, we have to celebrate” Cisco said excitedly.

“Oh, n-no that’s really not necessary. I don’t feel like doing anything-“

“(Y/N) come on, it’s been pretty chill lately and it’s on a Saturday. Downtime leads to increased productivity, ergo we need to have fun” he said rolling his chair towards hers. She simply eyed him with a serious expression on her face not responding. “And the best way to have fun is for us to go out to the club” he suggested. “Am I right, Team Flash? LET’S GET TURNT!”

“Yeah, that’s not happening” she said getting back to her work.

“Come on, Elsa-“

Stop calling me Elsa” she said glaring at him.

“Loosen up a little. It’s your birthday and we all need a break” Cisco tried to convince her. “Come to think of it, I don’t think you’ve ever hung out with us outside of S.T.A.R. Labs” he said.

“Cisco” Caitlin warned him knowing he was slowly walking into dangerous territory. (Y/N) was a really reserved person and they all knew that.

“What does that have to do with anything?” she asked looking at Cisco.

“Well, nothing just that you’ve been here for months now and you’re still sort of an enigma” he replied.

“Cisco” Barry tried but he still ignored them.

“There’s not much to know” she said shrugging her shoulders. “My name is (Y/N), I have ‘ice powers’ as you said and-“

“And that’s pretty much everything we know about you” Cisco complained. For the longest time he had tried to know something, anything else about (Y/N). The minute he had laid eyes on her he thought she was incredibly beautiful and when he got to know her, well, as little as it was, he couldn’t help but feel captivated by her. The only problem was; she was probably the most reserved person he’d known. They knew as little as possible about her and he wanted to know more. He wanted to break down that wall that she had up against everyone. “We don’t know anything about you, like your favorite color, what movies do you like, books, food. I mean, if it wasn’t for Caitlin we wouldn’t even have known your birthday was tomorrow-“

“Well, maybe that’s because I didn’t want you guys to know my birthday was tomorrow because I don’t want to make a big fuss about it” she said trying to get back to work but Cisco wasn’t letting her off that easy.

“But we can even have your favorite cake. If we knew what it was. Wait, don’t tell me. Ice cream cake, duh” he said laughing trying to make her laugh too. (Y/N) turned to look at him and smiled a little.

“You are so funny, Cisco” she said using a fake laugh before she touched Cisco’s coffee cup and he slowly felt it freeze until it got ice cold so he stopped laughing. (Y/N) smiled sweetly at him before she turned around and left the cortex.

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Crave You [Cat/Kara]

Fandom: Supergirl
Rating: Explicit

Just another one shot I’ve been thinking about for months. Hope you enjoy! Here on A03.


Cat nearly lost it in a fit of giggles, her attempts to open another bottle of whiskey failing impressively as the toaster crashed to the floor.

“Shhhh!” Kara scolded, covering her own mouth as she grabbed the wall, doubled over, squinting back tears.

“Why are you shushing me?” Cat slurred. “No one else is here.”

“But the neighbors,” Kara whined, scooping up the appliance with both hands, holding it out of reach as Cat hopped in front of her, trying to steal it back. “What’re you doing? You wanna make toast?”

“I could go for toast,” the older woman sassed. “Maybe toast is my favorite thing to eat while drunk, did you ever consider that?”

“No, because I know your favorite thing is ice cream, and that’s why there’s a pint of mint chip waiting for you in the freezer.”

“There is?” Cat gasped, letting her girlfriend return the toaster to its proper home before lacing her arms around her neck. “Really? You did that for me?”

“Of course,” Kara smirked, placing a soft kiss to the tip of her tiny nose. “Plus, it’s my favorite drink food too. Drunk. Drunk food, not drink…”

“I see,” Cat narrowed her eyes, letting her bottom lip puff out, slipping it across the younger woman’s pout. “Are you saying…you’re also inebriated, Kara Danvers?”

“Hmmm,” Kara looked up to the ceiling, adjusting her glasses, as if there was any doubt. “You could say that.”

“Say it,” Cat demanded. “Say ‘inebriated.’”

“Ineb…no! No, I’m not playing this game again with you, Cat. You’re too…” Kara swallowed, following fingers as they walked themselves down the outline of her cleavage. “…too good at this.”

“Fine,” she whispered innocently. “Then what kind of game are you willing to play?”

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Nighttime Comfort

Son Family Week

Gohan Day (5/8)

Prompt: Animals

Author Notes: This might be a little strange. And kinda silly. Viewpoint of a toddler. Heh.

Characters: Gohan

Words: 816

Time Setting: Between DB and Z

Title: Nighttime Comfort


Gohan stood at the door to his parent’s bedroom. One arm holding a stuffed monkey close to his side, his other arm raised to knock at the door. Except he didn’t knock.

It was nighttime, but Mommy and Daddy were still awake in their room. He could hear them. Low, murmuring voices. The creak of the bed.

Gohan dropped his hand and sat down on the floor, tail curling into his lap. He held his stuffed animal close to his chest, burying his face in the soft bedtime friend. After having a scary dream, he wanted to curl up with his parents, but they were busy right now. And he knew the rules about interrupting them at night.

Mommy and Daddy were wrestling. Now wasn’t a good time. He’d have to find comfort on his own.

Sniffing back little tears, Gohan eventually got up from the floor and dragged his feet (and his little monkey friend) to the kitchen. Whenever he was feeling bad, Mommy would always get him a small bowl of ice cream from the freezer. That might make him feel better.

With new purpose in his steps, Gohan walked to the freezer. Still clinging to his stuffed monkey, he tried to tug the freezer door open with his free hand. The resistance he faced brought tears to his eyes. He set the monkey down on the floor, then reached for the freezer door handle once more.

This time with both hands. He tugged and tugged and finally managed to open the freezer. Cold air instantly hit his face and he almost whined. But then he saw the ice cream jug and he smiled instead.

“Ice cream, ice cream,” Gohan sang as he walked over to slide the dessert onto the table. “Time to eat. Ice cream.”

He climbed up on his chair, finding balance as he stood on top and reached for the ice cream jug. Taking the top off, Gohan stared at the white vanilla dessert before him and realized he had forgotten something.

(He had long forgotten the nightmare that had caused him to wake up at this point. Instead he was focused on each minor problem that came his way).

He needed a spoon.

With a determined huff, Gohan jumped from the chair and rushed to the kitchen drawers. He used to be a little too short to see into the drawer, but now he could open it and search for the correct utensil without a problem. Small fingers gripped into a spoon handle and Gohan’s face lit up in triumph at being able to find just the right size for him.

He stepped back toward the table. Only to look toward the fridge where his monkey friend was laying on the floor all alone. Beady dark eyes seemed to be staring at him, as if upset at being forgotten by his friend.

“Sorry, Monkey,” Gohan said, rushing to pick up the stuffed animal. “You want ice cream, too?”

Nodding his head as if hearing an answer, Gohan moved his stuffed monkey friend to the table. Climbing onto his chair again, he tossed the monkey up to sit next to the ice cream jug. He even made sure to position the animal’s hands so it looked like the monkey was holding the ice cream.

Then, he picked up his spoon and prepared to dig in, only to stop at a sudden thought.

“Oh! What if Dragon wants some?”

Or Lion. Or Parrot. Or Rabbit.

He had a whole jungle worth of stuffed animals. Even if the monkey was his favorite, it wouldn’t be right to leave the others out. They might be sad.

Setting the spoon down, Gohan raced back to his room. He tried to carry all of his little animal friends all at once, but there were too many and his arms were too small. So it took him a couple trips of running back and forth from the kitchen to his room.

Eventually, he had them all gathered. A chill was in the room, but surrounded by all his stuffed animal friends, Gohan felt satisfied enough to not notice. With everyone here and happy, he finally dug into the ice cream and put the spoon to his mouth, humming at the soft, cool taste on his tongue.

At some point, Gohan knew he fell asleep. He had a vague memory of his daddy lifting him up into his arm and of his mommy wiping his face clean. It felt like a dream. Light laughter. A kiss to his cheek. A kiss to the top of his head. And then nice warmth as he cuddled with his monkey friend under the covers of his bed.

After his late night ice cream adventure and a vague awareness of comfort from his parents, Gohan proceeded to enjoy a warm, happy, and satisfied sleep no longer interrupted by anymore scary nightmares.

The Immortals- Part 9- Back to Life

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 3668

Summary: Julie goes to the Salvatores’ to remove the dagger from Elijah’s heart.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, let me know what you think :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl  asked:

Made up fic title-Dance Lessons

Steve Rogers has always been a terrible dancer, but his daughter Sarah has a rare gift. It can be hard to be a single dad with a young daughter, but she blossoms in the dance classes he enrolls her in (plus there’s the added bonus of being able to work a few extra hours a week).

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Steve meets Sarah outside the dance studio, and as soon as they get home, she teaches him the routines they’ve been learning. He stumbles through the steps, and on one memorable night, smacks his head against the open freezer door, but it’s worth it to hear his little girl laugh like she hasn’t since her mom died three years before.

One night, Steve manages to sneak away from work a few minutes early, just in time to catch the last few minutes of the dance class. He walks in to see Sarah twirling around and giggling with seven other girls her age, led by a beautiful brunette with bright red lipstick and a perfect ballerina bun.

Sarah squeals with delight when she sees him slide into the classroom. She runs over and drags him back to the huddle of dancers, jabbering to Miss Peggy about how she’s taught her dad everything she’s learned so far.

The teacher–Miss Peggy–scans him up and down, and Steve feels his face flush under her perusal.

“You look like you could be quite the dancer.”

“No, ma’am. Sarah can tell you, I’ve stepped on her toes enough to break a few.”

“Nonsense.” Peggy smiles brightly, and Steve thinks his heart may have stopped. “You just need the right partner.”

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Here is a step by step view of how I used freezer paper to make patches for my Minkowski flight suit. @iamzachvalenti might be interested in this process for tshirt making purposes. The graphics were all hand drawn but the Goddard Futuristics logo was inspired by @acidtygr’s toothpaste picture.

I drew the stencils onto paper and then traced them onto freezer paper, which has a plasticky coating on the back. I used a very sharp #11 xacto knife to cut out the designs, sharpness being VERY important for those tiny letters. When cutting letters like O and R, you must save the inside holes, because you’ll need to iron them back in place. Stick the stencil to the fabric with a hot iron. Don’t wiggle it, just press straight down for a few seconds then lift up. Stick the holes back on carefully with the tip of the iron.

Now you use paint. You’ll see I had problems with clarity and redid the minkowski patch. I think one of my problems was loading up the stencil brush with too much paint, and also maybe the paint wasn’t as high of quality. These are the two brands I used. For the Hephaestus patch and the second Minkowski patch, I used a very tiny brush and painted inside the stencil so there wasn’t a lot of excess. You can see the difference. For these two I also used a metallic silver over the white, and you can’t see in the picture, but damn, it really looks good. I’m very pleased with these! I wanted to make a Wolf 359 mission style patch with the podcast logo on it, but my design is complicated and uses multiple stencils, so I don’t think I’m going to have time before GeekyCon.

anonymous asked:

can you write something where H and y/n are bestfriends and they live together and can easily say "i love you" and call each other "babe" and stuff but H has been in love with her for quite a while and y/n has never thought about him like that until she over hears him talking to the boys about how much he loves her? sorry its a bit long😬 thank you, love you!!!

I got this twice (or a similar one) and I’m assuming they were from the same person but if not…here ya go lol.

This blurb is a little bit different. It’s still written for the reader (Y/N) but it’s in Harry’s POV like he’s telling you about you and him. Never done this before, but I hope it came out okay. Enjoy!

“[Y/N]!” you heard me call from the kitchen.

“Yeah babe?” you yelled from your bedroom.

“What do you want for dinner?”

You slipped into your shorts and t-shirt, not bothering to put on a bra. You’d been living with me for years, and we were best friends. There was no reason for you to be modest around me. You walked into the kitchen, lightly drying your hair with a towel.

“What have we got?” you asked, my head behind the freezer door.

I stepped back, nearly knocking myself in the head as I looked at you. Jesus, you were beautiful. You were never really one to be high maintenance, but on the daily you always tried to look your best. If we ran into each other in the mornings before you left for work, I always told you how gorgeous you looked. You would smile and say “thanks babe,” giving me a kiss on the cheek. If I took you out with me to a dinner party or some other industry function you’d look so amazing it would take my breath away. But this…this was my favourite. When you were freshly clean from the shower, your running shorts or a pair of sweats on, no makeup, your hair damp. You were absolutely stunning, and to be honest, I had a hard time not staring.

“Um…” I swallowed, “not much.”

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How did Ahsoka find out about Obitine? As a Jedi master, you’d think he’d be more careful

Anakin was glad she her master and Obi-Wan had returned from Mandalore. She had heard, in an overly dramatized account from Anakin, and a more modest one from Master Kenobi, the tale of assassin droids and Tal Merrick, and how Anakin was once again the savior of many lives. (That last bit had been far more emphasized in Anakin’s portrayal of the events) she was glad they had come back, sometimes the thought of her master being away worried her, if she couldn’t get to him, or something happened and she wasn’t there to help.

She had seen the Duchess, an imposingly beautiful human woman who carried an air of confidence around her. She had left the loading docks, escorted by Obi-Wan, and headed immediately for the Senate while Anakin had been more preoccupied finding Senator Amidala in the crowd of visitors, and then waltzing over to meet Ashoka. She had seemed polite, but as she watched, it seemed as if she and Obi-Wan weren’t very cordial to each other. Her hand rested on his arm as he escorted her, but Ashoka had seen them exchange no words on their way out of the hangar, and not even look at each other before they disappeared from sight. She didn’t know what had happened there, but she figured it wasn’t really that important to begin with or Anakin would have said something.

She was headed not to Obi-Wan’s apartment, she was supposed to meet him and Anakin for lunch before the Senate meeting that afternoon. He lived in the upper level of the temple, where apparently he had been living since his days as a Padawan with Qui-Gon. He and Anakin had shared the apartment when they were master and apprentice, and even though he had been offered master’s quarters with the other members of the council, he had chosen to stay there. Ashoka was glad, the room was huge, and the three of them could have dinner in there, and still have several extra chairs and seats in the common area.

She made it to his door a little bit early, it wasn’t locked, so she slid it open, stepping inside. The kitchen area was empty, and Obi-Wan wasn’t reading at the dining table like she sometimes saw him. She couldn’t hear anything, but she could sense him somewhere in the apartment. She shrugged, and went to the icebox, looking for something to drink. By chance, when pulling out her water, she glanced over the top of the fridge into Obi-Wan’s living room, and could barely contain the strangled gasp that came to her.

He was on the couch which wouldn’t have been all that strange except the Duchess was sitting in his lap, her hands twisted in his hair as they kissed. Not that he wasn’t a part of it, her large, overwhelming headdress was on his end table, and one arm was wrapped around her waist while the other combed gently through her hair.

Ashoka now had a decision to make, and she had to do it fast. She could slam the fridge and startle them, but she wasn’t sure that was a conversation she ever wanted to have with Obi-Wan. She tried to imagine it, but all she could do was internally cringe at the thought of it. Or she could shut the fridge gently and leave, waiting on Anakin to show up. He wouldn’t have a problem interrupting them. She decided on the latter option, and slowly, as quietly as she could manage, shut the fridge and bolted for the sliding door. It was only a few feet to the hallway, but she breathed heavily, still trying to process what she had just seen.

They had learned about this in classes at the temple, and she was fourteen, she understood the mechanics behind this kind of behavior in certain species including human and her own. But to think of Master Kenobi, of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Negotiator, member of the Jedi council, esteemed war general, kissing some woman on his couch was not something she thought she was going to have to deal with. And to think, she had thought the he and Duchess Satine weren’t getting along! At that thought, she had to laugh, and continued to until Anakin showed up, a few minutes late as per usual.

“You okay, Snips?” She raised her eyes but didn’t say anything, following him into the apartment once again. Obi-Wan stood in the kitchen this time, arms behind his back, the Duchess standing in front of him, her headdress affixed back in her blonde hair, her stern look back on her face. Ashoka started to wonder if she’d been imagining it, but through the force she felt something coming through Obi-Wan’s force signature. A kind of happiness that she hadn’t felt from him before, and looking closely at him, she noticed his hair was a bit more disheveled and his clothes a bit turned on his body. She smirked to herself, earning a quizzical look from Anakin.

“Duchess.” Anakin bowed slightly to her, and she nodded at him.

“Well, I’m afraid I must be going. Master Skywalker, Padawan Tano. Master Kenobi.” It what Ashoka knew was not her imagination, her gaze lingered on Obi-Wan, and she said his name in an odd tone, her voice dropped slightly, before she turned and walked through the open door, sliding it shut behind her.

“Hey, Obi-Wan, I thought you said you were going to have stuff out when we got here.” Anakin had already moved on, rifling through the fridge to throw out packages of sandwich toppings and fruit. Ashoka walked over and took the bread from its bowl, getting three plates from the cabinet.

“Ah, yes.” Ashoka looked over at Obi-Wan, getting cups from the dish machine. “I do apologize, I was a little busy.”

“You can’t fault Master Kenobi for having fun, Skyguy.” Anakin didn’t react immediately, but Obi-Wan stared at her for a moment, before quickly looking away.

“Please, Ashoka.” Anakin shut the door, talking around a small melon he held in his teeth. “This is Obi-Wan, there’s no way he was doing something fun.”

“Oh, I don’t know Master, maybe he and the Duchess were having a good time.” This time Anakin looked at her too, his eyebrows raised as he started laying meat onto his bread. Obi-Wan didn’t bother looking away this time, and Ashoka could see his gears turning, wondering what she knew.

“Maybe,” Anakin turned then to look at his master, a wicked grin on his face, “They were.”

“I assure you, I don’t know what you mean.” He looked away again, stepping over to get ice from his freezer. Anakin looked back at her and mouthed, “What happened?” She gestured back, making two mouths with her hands and tapping them together. Anakin smiled evilly.

“So, what did the Duchess want, Obi-Wan?”

“To discuss the upcoming Senate meeting and her neutrality proposal.” He was a good liar, his face save for his slightly blushing cheeks, gave away nothing. If she hadn’t been paying attention, she wouldn’t have noticed.

“Are you sure she didn’t want…something else?” Even Ashoka, not fully comprehending the implication, knew the suggestion behind it. Obi-Wan tried to appear unfazed, but for the first time in her time spent with him, she heard him sputter.

“Well, I…I just…she only wanted my help, Anakin.” Her master nodded his head, his lips pursed together unbelievingly. He passed Obi-Wan and Ashoka their sandwiches. “I would appreciate it if we didn’t discuss this anymore.” The pair obligingly nodded at him. “Now what are you two doing during the Senate meeting this afternoon?”

Before Anakin could respond, his mouth full of sandwich, Ashoka couldn’t help herself. “Well, I was supposed to sit with Duchess Satine, but maybe you’d want to do that for me.” Anakin nearly choked on his food, and Obi-Wan’s enraged gaze didn’t see their shared high five under the table.

He took a good look at Ashoka, and she willed for him to know what she had seen. It seemed he got the message eventually, after his cheeks turned redder than his hair, and didn’t talk for the rest of lunch.

Movie Marathon - Julian Draxler

“Baaaaaaabe,” I heard Julian shout from the kitchen, “do you not have ice cream?” I rolled my eyes and threw the blanket I retrieved from the bedroom onto the couch.

“When have you ever known me to not have ice cream?” I asked, stepping in front of the freezer and instantly seeing a carton of chocolate chip. “See,” I huffed, bending over to reach it, “it’s right here!” I turned around, carton in hand, to see him smirking and leaning back on the kitchen island.

“Yeah, I saw it, but you look better getting it,” he whispered before stepping forward and sliding his hands down to my butt. I lightly smacked his chest and escaped his grasp, “save it for later, buddy. I want to watch movies.”

“Fiiiiiiiine,” he whined, frowning slightly. “What do you want to watch?” he asked as he plopped on the couch and picked up the remote. I shrugged my shoulders and handed him a bowl of popcorn, setting drinks and ice cream down on the table. “I’m thinking we start with action, move on to a comedy, and then finish up with some chick flick so you’ll cry and I can take advantage of you,” he said nonchalantly. I scoffed and playfully kicked him, causing him to laugh. “You are ridiculous,” said shaking my head at his crudeness.

He turned the TV to the newest Fast and Furious movie, one of his favorite series that over the course of many movie nights, I had come to like as well. Although, I was less interested in the movie and more amused at his reactions. His eyebrows were furrowed as he was so intensely focused on the screen. I slyly reached over to grab a few popcorn kernels and when he appeared to be very tensely watching the film, I hurled them at him. He was startled, but quickly laughed and threw them back at me. “So rude,” he exclaimed jokingly and I laughed at his dramatics.

The movie was soon over and we needed a comedy to watch, settling on Bridesmaids. It proved to be a good decision seeing as by the end of the movie, we were both in hysterics, rolling around on the couch, tears of laughter flowing from our eyes. “My cheeks hurt,” I sputtered out in between fits of laughing. He nodded and wiped his eyes as he returned to his normal position on the couch. “This was a good choice,” he said breathlessly, high-fiving me and the putting his arm around my shoulder. It was past midnight now and I was beginning to feel just a tad sleepy. Letting out a yawn, I handed Julian the remote and leaned into his side.

“You know,” he cooed, “if you’re too tired to watch another movie we can end the night right here.”

I didn’t even have to be looking at him to know that there was lust in his eyes and a smirk on his face. “Who’s tired?” I teased, “Not me that’s for sure.” He sighed and kissed the top of my head, “you are so difficult,” he joked. I smiled and replied, “yeah, but that’s why you like me.”

As the sentimental romance movie played across, I couldn’t help but shed a tear during a particularly sad scene. Julian noticed and tightened his grip around me. “Why do you like watching movies that make you sad,” he asked frowning. I exhaled. “Because, sometimes you just need to cry. And then when you’re done crying you can appreciate the life and love you have,” I answered.

“Well, can’t you do that without the movie?” he questioned, wiping the wetness from my cheeks. I chuckled. “I guess, but I think seeing someone else’s drama makes you realize that your own isn’t that bad. And even if it is, there’s still a chance at a happy ending,” I shrugged.

“Are you sure it’s not just because there’s always a shirtless hot guy?” I laughed loudly and buried my face in his side. “See,” he said, “that’s much better than crying.” I crawled out from under his arm and sat on his lap.

“I suppose the hot actors help but, I’m more into football players,” I said smirking. He raised his eyebrows comically before setting his hands on my hips and leaning in for a deep kiss.

“Julian?” I whispered

“Hmm?” he grumbled, his lips still attached to mine.

“You can take advantage of me now.”

Honest (Barry Allen X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader
Word Count: 1,108
Author’s Note: Sequel thingie to this:, you should read it first!!  ((:  Also I wrote this ages ago omg please forgive me for how much it sucks  )):

“Barry, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm?” Barry looked up at you, shutting the book he was reading about quantum physics.

“Please stop pretending that I’m an idiot. I know that something’s wrong. You dash off practically every time we sit down to watch Doctor Who together, you’ve forgotten three of our dates in the past week, and, I don’t know, I feel like you’re avoiding me. I miss you. Did you…did you change your mind about wanting to date me?”

Barry’s eyebrows drew together, and a frown pulled down the edges of his mouth.

“I mean,” You hurried to say before Barry could open his mouth to speak. “It’s totally fine if you did. I understand, I’m not a very easy person to be friends with, let alone to date. But you need to tell me if that’s what you want, I don’t want you to be unha-“ Barry had climbed off the couch and crossed the room in seconds (far faster than you believed to be possible, if you were being honest), hands flying to your face as he crushed his lips to yours.

“I have absolutely no desire to stop dating you, and I’m sorry that I’ve been so forgetful about our dates recently; I just…have a lot on my plate right now. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Barry whispered against your lips, removing a hand from your face and running his fingers through your hair.

You sighed, reluctantly pulling away from Barry’s embrace.

“Barry, please, stop. You’re still not telling me the truth. I need to know what’s really going on with you. How can we be in a relationship if you can’t even be honest with me?”

“I’m sorry. I want to tell you the truth, really, I do, but…it’s complicated. You won’t believe me if I tell you.” Barry said, groaning at the end and tugging his hair in frustration.

“How do you know I won’t believe you if you won’t tell me?”

“__y/n__, I’m positive that you won’t believe me because what you want me to tell you, this stuff that’s going on with me, it’s not possible. It shouldn’t be happening.”

“Even though there was practically no way for anyone other than your dad to have killed your mom, when you said that he didn’t do it, I believed you and I still do. I know your dad, he’s a good man, and he loved your mom. I firmly believe, regardless of all the people who do, that your dad didn’t kill your mom.

 And when you said that you liked me back, even though you’re way out of my league and there’s no reason for you to like me, I believed you. You have made me believe in the impossible. So please, for goodness sake, tell me what is going on with you.”

Barry let out a slow breath.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll tell you. Before I do though: I am not out of your league, and there are an abundance of reasons for me to like you, but since you still refuse to believe me, I think I’m going to have to make a list and I’ll just leave sticky notes all over the apartment with all the words that describe how amazing you are.”

Barry grinned at the rosy red blush quickly filling up your cheeks.

“So, about me being distant and forgetting our dates…” Barry started, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “I’m kind of the fastest man alive.”

You blinked. “You’re what?”

“When I got struck by lightning, super speed was the result. I can run ridiculously fast.” He laughed softly. “Do you want me to show you?” Barry’s eyes twinkled excitedly.

“Sure, show it to me.” You said, winking at him.

Barry rushed past you; you felt your hair fly up as the door to the apartment swung open. Barry was back only ten seconds later, a carton of cookies and cream ice cream in his hand.

“Sorry it took me so long, there was a line at the grocery store.”

“Okay, that is extremely cool.” You said excitedly. “You aren’t tired? The grocery store is like fifteen blocks away.”

“Not even sort of.” Barry said, beaming as he put the ice cream in the freezer.

“That’s incredible! Wait…those sightings of that red blur all over town, that’s you, isn’t it?” You asked suspiciously, eyes narrowing.

“I-ah-maybe?” Barry said sheepishly.

You smacked him on the arm. “I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I get it. You want to help people, right?”


“Are you being careful though? You’re not untouchable and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“I’m always careful!” Barry said indignantly.

“There are plenty of instances where you have not been careful.” You said, shooting him a pointed look. “Hey, thanks for telling me.” You said, grabbing his hand and entwining your fingers. “It only took a month and a half but still, thank you.” You muttered teasingly.

“You’re welcome.” Barry said, leaning in and kissing the tip of your nose. “So…Doctor Who marathon to make up for all the times I missed?”

“I love you so much.” You breathed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pecking his lips. “You go pick an episode, I’ll get the ice cream.” You unwound your arms from his neck, taking a step back to get the ice cream from the freezer when Barry’s arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“I love you too.”

“Mhm, I know.” You teased, brushing a quick kiss across his lips. “Now go pick an episode.” You whined childishly. “I want ice cream and my daily dose of Matt Smith.”

Barry released you, spinning around and dashing into the living room to pick an episode. He was back a few moments later, two bowls already filled with ice cream balanced in his hands.

“Okay, how the fuck did you do that? I didn’t even take the ice cream out of the freezer yet.”

“I’m kind of a magician.”

“Sure you are.”

“The whole super speed thing let’s me do stuff like that before you can even process it.” He explained, handing one of the bowls to you before grabbing your free hand and dragging you into the living room.

“Noooo, why’d you pick The Angels Take Manhattan? That episode always makes me cry.”

“Because I know that while the episode is sad, you still love it. And if you’re crying, you’ll want to cuddle more.”

“You’re a sly little genius aren’t you?”

“Only when it comes to you.” Barry said, spooning a bite of his ice cream into your mouth.

End.  <3

Rough Hands [Fallout 4 PiperxF!SS]

The Sole Survivor is based off @lenbow‘s design which can be found hyah

I am so gay 4 the pipes

It was a little space of down time, the settlements were running well, nobody needed her and Blue deserved some time off after the last run in with the raider gang. Her wounds hadn’t been bad, per se, but they had been enough to give her difficulty.

And so, in her old house which Blue had steadily been building up, beds pushed together, rugs piled in a corner for Dogmeat, the generator humming outside. A few flags had been hung up over the window, thick enough to not let anyone see in but thin enough to allow in the natural light. With the door locked, Piper had managed to convince Blue to shed her armour. And so, there they were, curled into each other and completely naked, both wrapped in blankets and flags for warmth against the chill night air.

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Request: KH Sea Salt Ice Cream

Did you know that Kingdom Hearts was my first video game love? I’d played Mario Brothers, Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time at friends’ houses, but had never really been interested enough to get a console of my own. And then, in middle school, a classmate was toting around a gaming magazine, talking to his friends about the “new Disney game”. I. WANTED. IT. SO. BAD. It was the catalyst for my entire interest in video games from that point on.

This recipe was requested by asktherappinroboyfriends and booooy have I gone down memory lane in the making of this recipe. /sigh

Well, onto the recipe! The twist for this: no ice cream maker, no stove, no problem!!!

Let’s do this!


  • 2 cup Milk
  • 4 tbsp. Sugar
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
  • 2 tbsp. Evaporated Milk
  • Sea Salt, to taste
  • Blue and Green Food Coloring*

For the “ice cream maker”**

  • 1 Quart-sized freezer bag
  • 1 Large Mixing Bowl
  • Ice, as needed
  • ½-¾ cup Iodized or Kosher Salt
  • 1 Towel

*At the time of shopping for this recipe, I could only find NEON food coloring in the store (weird right?). I think it worked out for the better, but you can use normal blue and green food coloring as well.

**While a formal ice cream maker is not needed, you do need to emulate the conditions of an ice cream maker. Luckily, this is possible for <$10. 


Step 1.) Leak check the freezer bag by pouring a small amount of water into it. If you find no holes, pour out the water and add all the ice cream ingredients EXCEPT the salt and food coloring. 

Step 2.) Press the air out and seal the bag. Shake slightly to make sure the ingredients are mixed together. 

Step 3.) In your mixing bowl, pour in about 2-3 cups of ice and the salt, and mix together. Place the bag with the ingredients in the bowl so that it is nestled in the ice. Lay the towel over the top of the bowl and let the ends drape down the sides (you will want some insulation because the bowl gets SUPER COLD!) 

Step 4.) Gently shake the bowl for about 15~ min. This is the part where having friends over to help is a really good idea. If this seems like a daunting amount of time for you, the recipe is easily halved and shaking will only take 5 - 8 min.  

(Optional step: appreciate your new-found bicep muscles.) 

Step 5.) When the mixture has taken on a decidedly ice-creamy texture, scoop the ice cream out of the bag and into another bowl (pouring it out risks contamination from melted salt and ice.) 

(oops inside lighting ^ D: )

Step 6.) Quickly stir in the food coloring: I did a ratio of 3 drops Blue, to 1 drop Green, and got pretty close to the in-game color! 

Step 7.) Even more quickly because your ice cream is starting to melt: start adding in the salt. Go only ¼ tsp. at a time, stir, and taste. It is VERY important that you taste to make sure it is a level of saltiness that you like.  For me, it was when the vanilla ice cream base began to taste more like cake batter.

Step 8.) Pour the ice cream into popsicle molds, or just dump it into a tub to scoop out later! Allow to freeze for at least 4-5 hours. Serve chilly and awesome!


Refreshing and easy to make: my two favorite things! Would recommend for a nerdy summer party anytime! Hope you enjoy it!

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Cold Woman

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – A drunken bet leads to some unexpected consequences.

Word Count – 2,713

Warnings – Being extremely stupid while drunk, possibly some claustrophobia-inducing scenarios

A/N – My dear friend, @impala-dreamer, hosted a fun writing challenge that she’s calling her Winchester Bunch Fic Challenge, where she took quotes from The Brady Bunch for us to use in SPN fic.  I got the prompt: “How about that! The light really does go off when you close the door!“

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You always said the stupidest things and came up with the dumbest ideas when you were drunk. Tonight was certainly no exception, and you knew it was completely your fault.  The scary thing was, you hadn’t even realized how much danger you’d been in.  It had started with some beers and then really snowballed after the whiskey and tequila came out.

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