step into the freezer

step one: go into an arby’s just before closing 

step two: go into a bathroom stall 

step three: while standing on a toilet, lift up a ceiling tile and climb into the ceiling

step four: wait until 2 am 

step six: once its 2 am, carefully climb out of the ceiling 

step seven: go into the arby’s kitchen and find the arby’s freezer 

step eight: walk into the arby’s freezer

step nine: talk with god 

Winter Warmth: A Spell For Warming Cold Emotions During The Winter

You Need:

  • A stovetop, or other heat source
  • A pot (any size)
  • Something to stir with
  • A bowl
  • Snow or Ice
  • Something to represent your heart/soul/inner self (A picture of yourself, a poppet of your heart made from paper or felt or something similar, anything you have that you feel has your energy and symbolized yourself emotionally.)

Step 1: Get your snow or ice and put it into the bowl. Put it aside, leave it in the cold or the freezer so it doesn’t melt prematurely.

Step 2: Create the poppet of your emotional self. If you don’t know how to make poppets or representations of yourself, take a paper heart labeled as your own, and pour your cold emotional energies and emotions into it. If you already have a poppet for this or already know how to make one, go ahead and do it however you feel most comfortable, but be sure to put in that energy and emotion.

Step 3: Put the poppet on top of the snow or ice, in the bowl, and put your hands on the bottom of the bowl. Using energy work, pull the energy from the poppet towards your hands, but leave it halfway, leaving it in the snow/ice. The poppet should be removed after this, and later cleansed of any leftover energy or attachment left in it. The energy of the poppet is now in the snow/ice.

Step 4: Transfer the snow/ice to the pot. Put it onto a low heat. Stir it slowly and visualize the snow/ice melting as your heart and emotions melting more and more. First on the outer layers, and then slowly melting deeper and deeper until it all has melted. Do this slowly, and do not let it steam or boil: You don’t want to make your emotional self too hot: angry, temperamental, or upset. You want to be warm inside, not too hot, not too cold. The snow/ice melting into water is your emotions melting from cold emotions like sadness, depression, hopelessness, and ruthlessness, with warm emotions like love, calmness, and contention, like winter melting into a warm spring.

Step 5: Once all the ice/snow is melted into water, while its warm but before it can boil, remove it from the heat and return the water to the bowl. Be careful when checking the water temperature, don’t just stick your hand in the pot.

Step 6: Hold the bowl, and pull the energy from the water and the bowl and into yourself again through your hands. Pull in the warmth of the warm water, both physically and energetically. Feel the warmth heating your emotions and your soul. Let the energy from that water sit within your chest, like a heater, warming you from the inside out.

Step 7: Pour out the water, perhaps use it to write applicable sigils on your skin beforehand as well if you work with sigils. Cleanse the poppet used earlier, which you can do by leaving it in salt or clean soil for a day, and then burning it after if its flammable and you don’t wish to use it again.


Here is a step by step view of how I used freezer paper to make patches for my Minkowski flight suit. @iamzachvalenti might be interested in this process for tshirt making purposes. The graphics were all hand drawn but the Goddard Futuristics logo was inspired by @acidtygr’s toothpaste picture.

I drew the stencils onto paper and then traced them onto freezer paper, which has a plasticky coating on the back. I used a very sharp #11 xacto knife to cut out the designs, sharpness being VERY important for those tiny letters. When cutting letters like O and R, you must save the inside holes, because you’ll need to iron them back in place. Stick the stencil to the fabric with a hot iron. Don’t wiggle it, just press straight down for a few seconds then lift up. Stick the holes back on carefully with the tip of the iron.

Now you use paint. You’ll see I had problems with clarity and redid the minkowski patch. I think one of my problems was loading up the stencil brush with too much paint, and also maybe the paint wasn’t as high of quality. These are the two brands I used. For the Hephaestus patch and the second Minkowski patch, I used a very tiny brush and painted inside the stencil so there wasn’t a lot of excess. You can see the difference. For these two I also used a metallic silver over the white, and you can’t see in the picture, but damn, it really looks good. I’m very pleased with these! I wanted to make a Wolf 359 mission style patch with the podcast logo on it, but my design is complicated and uses multiple stencils, so I don’t think I’m going to have time before GeekyCon.

After they had made the last step towards getting pregnant, the sperm safely tucked away in the freezer, all that was left to do was wait, and wait, and wait some more. To most five days wouldn’t seem like a lot, passing by quickly, but when you were waiting to try for a baby, it felt like a lifetime. Brittany tried to throw herself into school, even picking up extra shifts at the gym just so that she wouldn’t have any free time to waste, but every night when Izzie was asleep and it was just her and Santana the excitement was there, buzzing between the two of them, and the only way they actually managed to calm down enough to fall asleep was after at least one vigorous round of ‘practice’

The wait was over though. Brittany had woken up early today, both her and Santana dancing around each other as they worked to get Izzie all packed and ready to go stay with abuela for the weekend. She made sure to shower their daughter with extra kisses before they handed her off, or rather, Santana handed her off. She had yet to meet Alma Lopez, and if she were being honest she wasn’t actually looking forward to that.

After Izzie had gotten all settled with abuela they’d practically rushed back across town. She almost wanted to laugh at how they were acting, but it was a good day, an exciting day and if all went as planned it would be the day they conceived. They got home in record time, and once safely tucked inside their apartment Brittany turned to Santana her eyes wide and her smile large. “Should we make a game plan? Should we just like…go for it? I didn’t really think too much about the how of it all.” she said, a little bit of confusion clouding her features, but she wouldn’t let the uncertainty ruin the moment.