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Love Love Peace Peace



Step 1! Get everyone’s attention. A powerful, majestic start. Maybe a battle horn of some kind?

Step 2! Drums! There has to be drums! It doesn’t hurt if the drums are played by gorgeous topless men. It’s proven very efficient throughout the years.

But, please feel free to try other alternatives. It’s proven very helpful to go the exact opposite way. Use a grandmother!

Step 3! Show the viewers your country’s ethnic background by using an old traditional folklore instrument that no-one’s heard of before
No, no - in this case, it’s proven much more efficient to not use a young model. Go with an old man instead. A beard helps!

This instrument is called a Swedish kvinnaböske - a small roundish piece from the horn family, inherited from the Vikings. Just make something up. No-one will know!

Step 4! In Eurovision, nothing says winner like a violin. Trust us - bring a violin

Step 5! The violin, the drums and the kvinnaböske might make it all feel a little bit old fashioned, but this can easily be fixed by adding a DJ who pretends to scratch.

In real life of course, this is thirty years old but in Eurovision, it will give your number a contemporary feel

Step 6 - costumes! You need to look memorable, something that the viewers will notice.

Oh! Perfect!

Step 7! The song. Everything else might be important, but the song is essential. Let it be about something everyone can connect to. Love works. Peace is also a popular way to go
Yes, peace is good. ABBA actually won the competition with a song about war with Waterloo, but this is not something we recommend
Now when you have everything you need and the pieces are gathered - go for it and don’t look back!

Let the song begin with passion
Let the wind begin to blow
You can break the rules of fashion
And your chance to win shall grow
Look into the TV camera
So the audience can see
That you’re lovable - not desperate
Smile and they will vote for me

Fill the stage with light
As dancers will join us
The expectations grow
It’s time for the chorus

Love love peace peace
Old women baking bread

Peace peace love love
And a man in a hamster wheel

Love peace peace love
Make it unforgettable
You will be the best
And win the Eurovision Song Contest

Now we’ll go down a notch
Our hands will touch
Pretending we’re in love

It’s you and me and when we change the key
We’ll give the world a show
It begins to snow

Love love peace peace
And a burning fake piano

Peace peace love love
And a Russian man on skates

Love peace peace love
It’ll be incredible
You will be the best

Love love peace peace
Party for everybody!

Peace peace love love
More tricks in a hamster wheel

Love peace peace love
And we can guarantee
That you will be the best

And win the Eurovision Song Contest
And win the Eurovision Song Contest

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Can We Settle This?

miauchio said: regina es abuela de emma creo que seria demasiado complicado no lo crees? seria incesto 

Regina isn’t Emma’s grandmother, she’s her step-grandmother according to a fairy tale, which is not the same. That means they’re not related by blood.

Regina was a young girl who was forced into a marriage to a man about 30 or 40 years her senior decades before Emma was even born. That’s how she and Emma became “family”. Regina married into Emma’s family, and not at all by choice.

On top of that, Emma’s grandfather, the man Regina was forced into marriage with, had been dead for decades by the time Emma was born.

Regina and Emma never even met until  Henry brought Emma home to her and by then Emma was an adult. Regina never even saw Emma as a baby.

In my opinion all of the above makes it not-incest to me. They were literally two non-(blood) related strangers who had never seen each other in their lives.

Also, I feel like incest was originally a thing that was forbidden to keep actual blood-related men(fathers/grandfathers/uncles/brothers,etc.) from sleeping with their blood-related young, unable-to-consent- girls in the family (daughters/granddaughters/ cousins/nieces/sisters,etc.).To keep them from taking advantage of them and conceiving children with special needs with them through those relations.

Emma and Regina would most likely not even be able to conceive a child together and if they were, that child would not be born out of two people related by blood. Again, because Emma and Regina are not related by blood.

On top of that, Emma and Regina are two adults very much able to consent, they were two adults, able to consent, when they met. Regina wouldn’t force sex on Emma and even if she would, history has taught us that Regina can’t force anything on Emma or manipulate Emma into doing anything that Emma doesn’t want or agrees with.  Hell, we have a very recent example of that with Regina almost dying trying to force Emma to remember who she was. Regina trying to force Emma to do anything just doesn’t work.

And I truly believe the (step)grandmother/granddaughter argument will be made a moot point by the end of this show, since I do believe that Operation OUT has a a lot of weight to it. There is a good chance that Regina will turn out to not even be Emma’s stepgrandmother at all. That the fairy tale is just that, with truths of Emma’s life thrown in, in which the stepgrandmother thing might not be one of those truths.

But even if she remains it, Emma has clearly never seen Regina that way. Regina doesn’t see Emma as her (step)granddaughter either. All of their interactions tell us that. Because I don’t think someone would be flirting with someone they considered their grandmother/granddaughter.

On top of that, this show’s moral compass isn’t that great.

Most of Emma’s/ the relationships on the show are shady.

Let’s review:

Emma had a baby with a man who was centuries older than her, if we’re to believe the fairy tale. When she was 17 going on 18. Even without that, I’m sure her and Neal’s relationship is a criminal offense called statutory rape. You are not allowed to sleep with a girl under 18 when you are over 18. Actually, “not allowed” is an understatement.

Hook, Emma’s current boyfriend, is even older than Emma’s first boyfriend. So also centuries. On top of that Hook is known to have gotten girls drunk to get them into bed, among other transgressions. But I digress, because according to the fairy tale, Regina is basically worse in that respect. Although, as we’ve established, she can’t get Emma to do shit she doesn’t want to do or agree with.

Oh, and Hook is abusive/manipulative. I almost forgot.

But Regina would pretty much be the youngest of Emma’s love interests so far. She’s not even 100. Hell, she’s about 40 years shy of it. Just writing all of this out makes me smile because the age gaps on this show are outrageous. It’s ridiculous. But anywhoo, moving on.

That’s just Emma’s love interests.

Belle is married to a man centuries her senior. And even without that, I’m sure he’s quite a bit older than her. Oh, and they have a baby. Well, sort of. Since even the young son seems to be in a hurry to out-age his mother.

Rumple has also presented as abusive/manipulative. Given Rumple and Belle’s fairy tale history I’m not surprised to be honest.

Then there’s the marriage between Regina and Leopold, which was more like a prison sentence of 25 (years) to life. That might or might not have included (repeated) rape by the cell guard(Leopold). There’s Regina’s relationship with Rumple.

There’s Zelena’s relationship with Hades. Another manipulation combined with an outrageous age gap.

To be honest I don’t mind the age gaps beyond the fact that I’m sure a lot of these guys got with these girls before they even turned 18 and people no longer even live centuries. So it’s hard to wrap my modern, women’s/children’s rights brain around it.

But yeah. 

So, in conclusion, no, I don’t consider Regina Emma’s grandmother, because neither Emma nor Regina seem to consider Regina Emma’s grandmother. They didn’t consider each other family at all until they started becoming friends. And because of the history that lead to that supposed original “family relation” I definitely don’t consider them related. If it had been up to Regina she wouldn’t have married into Emma’s family to begin with. Emma and Regina never met until they were both adults. And by then the man that sort of made them “family” was long dead. And I don’t think it’s incest because of the above and because the above also means they are not blood-related.  And they most likely won’t be able to conceive with each other because they are both women. So even if they were blood-related it most likely wouldn’t be an issue. 

Personally, for me the fact that they met for the first time when they were both adults able to consent and the fact that they most likely can’t conceive together makes me not care about the rest. But that’s just me.

Patricia Hastings, who is Dylann Roof former step-grandmother, remember a conversation with her daughter Paige Mann, Dylann roof former step-mother. 
In May 2015, when she stopped by to pick up her daughter Morgan at her ex-husband’s [Franklin Bennett Roof] house, Dylann was present.
He was quiet, more than he used to be, distant and seems lost. But when she was getting ready to leave, her former step-son, that she had barely seen since the divorce, hugged her tight “it was like saying goodbye” said Patricia. 

anonymous asked:

interesting fact?: i have 3 dads (1: paternal 2: adopted 3: step dad) 4 if you count my siblings' dad (we have different dads)

most people have two grandmas but i have 6 (two grandmothers, one step grandmother, two great grandmothers and one great great grandmother

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself and i’ll tell you one about me that yours makes me think of!


My step-grandmother ended up giving me a late christmas gift card to Sephora and the amount she gave me was extremely generous. I bought some other makeup things (mainly backups on my foundation, liner and primer) but the primary thing I wanted to get the most was more Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks. I ended up buying 10 new shades and this is now my current collection of her lipsticks. There are still a few more shades I really want to buy (they were just out of stock) but I’m debating whether I want to own the entire collection or not. 

In the first photo are the shades: Wonderchilde, Lullabye, Adora, Thin Lizzy, Coven and Lovecraft

In the second photo the shades are: L.U.V, Vampira, Prayer, Ecole Des Femmes, Underage Red and Sexer

In the third photo the shades are: Bauhau5, Hexagram, Slayer, Wolvesmouth, Poe, and Motorhead

In the last photo the shades are: Hellbent, Countess, A-Go-Go, and Gothica

I will definitely be doing an upcoming review on these once I get a chance to wear more of the shades out :) 

craccola: Motherhood is such a special life altering, heart expanding journey. So thankful to be a stepmother to my beautiful stepdaughters and a new mommy to this lil punk rock princess. Honored to watch these girls grow and carve out their place in the world. You’re all teaching me so much about life. More than you’ll ever know until you find yourself wearing a pair of mom shoes. They come in all sizes and styles! Happy Mother’s Day mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, birth mothers, extra special aunties, anyone else who is mom in your life! 😘😘😘

Seven easy steps to success
  • Step 1: get everyone's attention. A powerful, majestic start. Maybe a battlehorn of some kind?
  • Step 2: DRUMS. There HAS to be drums. It doesn't hurt if the drums are played by gorgeous, topless men, it's proven very efficient throughout the years. But please feel free to try other alternatives, it's proven very helpful to go the exact opposite way, use a grandmother!
  • Step 3: show the viewers your country's ethnic background by using an old, traditional folklore instrument that no one's heard of before. In this case, it's proven much more efficient to not use a young model. Use an old man, instead. A beard helps.
  • Step 4: nothing says 'winner' like a violin. Trust us, bring a violin.
  • Step 5: the violin, the drums and the folklore instrument might make it feel a little old-fashioned, but this could easily be fixed by adding a DJ, who pretends to scratch.
  • Step 6: costumes. You need to look memorable, something that the viewers will notice.
  • Step 7: the song. Everything else might be important, but the song is essential. Let it be about something everyone can connect to. Love works. Peace is also a popular way to go.
  • Now, when you have everything you need and the pieces are gathered, go for it! And DON'T. LOOK. BACK.

“Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother!”

- Hook banged Henry’s grandmother and then moved on to his mother.

- Regina was forced to marry the king. She never wanted to be the queen or to be in Snow’s life at all.

- Regina stopped being Snow’s stepmother the moment she killed the king.

- Emma wasn’t even born and they’ve never displayed any familial connection other than through their son, Henry.

“Regina is so old; she knew Emma’s mom as a child!”

- Hook was a pirate before Rumple became the Dark One, over 200 years ago.

“Regina ruined Emma’s life!”

- Regina cast a curse fabricated by the Dark One, who manipulated her into becoming a monster, using her insecurities and demons against her. 

- Marco and the Blue Fairy lied about the magical wardrobe.

- Snow and Charming made the decision to send Emma through the wardrobe.

- Regina is not blameless; she played a part in Emma’s shitty childhood, but she is not 100% responsible.

- Emma doesn’t hold it against Regina. In fact, Emma seems to understand better than anyone else. And she has moved past the blame game, because despite her hard life, she still got Henry out of it and she wouldn’t trade him for anything.

By the way, have I ever told you guys about MY Step-Grandmother? Because I do actually have one of those.

And I absolutely consider her to be my actual grandmother.

Let me tell you why:

  • She and my grandpa were madly in love for all the 40-some years they were married, until he passed away
  • She has always been a part of my life since the day I was born
  • She has loved me and treated me as her granddaughter through all 26 years of my existence
  • Not to mention she is almost 80 years old

That is what makes her my grandma.

Now, let me flip this around is a way that creates a real world (ie non-magical) Swan Queen type scenario:

  • If she had not been in love with my grandpa
  • If he had passed away or they’d been divorced before I had ever even met her
  • If she had never attempted or desired to play the role of “grandmother” to me
  • If she were the same, or nearly the same age as me

Would I still consider such a woman to be my grandmother?


Now, I probably wouldn’t date her either, since if she’s in her mid 20s and marrying my grandpa I would seriously question her motives, as well as my grandpa’s judgement… That is really neither here nor there at the moment though.

My point is, there is a reason she is my grandma, and it has little-to-nothing to do with marital status.

minor differences that make a huge difference
  • lack of rep statements 
    • when “briana is pregnant” leaked: NORMAL. no rep statements are good because they want to give mother and baby privacy for as long as possible. Very normal, not at all strange.
    • when “briana had her baby” leaked: WEIRD. confirming right away that the mother has had the baby calms the general public down and creates sympathy. it’s unprofessional to leave media outlets hanging in this situation. the only time they would is if there was something not quite right. good for larries. 
  • Confirmation the baby is born: 
    • via mother/ father/ rep: NORMAL. the general public gets confused easily and controlling the story is the most effective way to get ahead in a situation. 
    • via a step grandmother in instagram comments and confirmed by fan accounts and then slowly news stories: WEIRD. most of the public is probably left wondering if the source is credible or why the parents aren’t commenting on it. Bad parenting, right? Your facebook friends would never announce a baby this way. 
  • Waiting to announce the baby’s birth: 
    • if it hasn’t leaked: GOOD. Again, this is about controlling the story. Mother and baby get a break and there’s no point in confirming if nobody knows, right? People are very careful to do this because you don’t want any grainy photos of a woman leaving a hospital with a baby blanket. 
    • if it has leaked: WEIRD. What’s the point of that? If you’re not confirming it, something’s up. Why are you ashamed of your baby? We know it’s happening eventually. What’s wrong? 
  • Silence from family: 
    • Silence from the immediate family, mother if she is not famous: NORMAL. Nobody cares about these people? It’s the celebrity’s job to control the story. If he/ she weren’t involved it would be just like any other pregnancy. No need to announce it on twitter. 
    • Silence from the famous father: WEIRD. Again, why are you ashamed of your child? Why don’t you want to control the story? 

As you can see, we are in the “WEIRD” categories here which demonstrates that SOMETHING is afoot and this isn’t being handled like a normal pregnancy. 

anonymous asked:

I don't care about Adam but i'm glad he confirmed that Regina is Henry's step great mother which just confirms what we always say that regina is emma's step granny LOLOL but people wanna ship that nasty thing?

well nice that he confirmed what has been canon for 6 seasons now. but shout out to ginnifer goodwin for confirming it YEARS ago. she won’t let you forget regina is emma’s step grandmother.

“Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother!”

“They have both been with MEN they are clearly STRAIGHT!”

“Regina abused Emma and Henry!”

“This is a family show! There can’t be a queer couple!”

“Regina hasn’t had any redemption!”

“Emma and Regina don’t care about each other it’s just for Henry!”

According to Dylann Roofs step-grandmother Patricia Hastings, recounting recent conversations with her daughter, Roof was quieter than he used to be; he looked distant, lost. He was no longer the sweet blond kid she helped raise for nearly a decade. As she was getting ready to leave, Roof, not one for affection, hugged her tight.

It was like he was saying goodbye,” Hastings said.

The next time Mann saw him, it was on television as the man accused of the church killings.

Missing my step grandmother today, and all days really, didn’t have enough time to get to know her. This is a note she wrote for my stepdad (but still more family than most) x

:”It makes me sad that I am now watching Once Upon A Time more out of loyalty than enjoying them. The writing gets worse and now they are just throwing characters in without real purpose. Plus the family tree and connections are out-control ridiculous! Hook once banged Henry’s grandmother (Rumble’s wife), Zelena is having her half-sister’s boyfriend’s child, and Regina is technically Emma’s step grandmother. It is too much of a soap opera nowadays.”