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Wrapped Around; pt.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12.6k words

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Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N: weow 1 month later here is part 5!! thank you for your patience ya dumplings (’:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4 | Part 6


Tae was right, he warned you to watch yourself around him and you felt so dumb, so hurt that you had let yourself become one of those girls. You had sworn that you wouldn’t let Jimin get to you but here you were sitting in your bed feeling as broken as all the other girls that had slept with the player that was Park Jimin. Stupid, stupid you.

Glancing at the time on your phone, you pick up the pace of your steps. Your cousin had given you 10 minutes to get to the restaurant before he makes you buy your own meal. The cold winter air bites at your skin as you sprint towards the entrance of the diner, hoping and praying that the heater had been turned on to its highest setting in there. You were so cold that you were sure your fingers were going to fall off at any point now but damn it you’d do anything for free food.

Stepping into the diner, you let out a sigh of relief at the wave of warm air that hits you. Honestly, how can anyone enjoy winter when it’s so horridly cold? You shrug off your hood, eyes scanning the establishment as you look for your cousin.



“Mina,” You smile stiffly as you watch her drape her coat over the back of her chair.

“You made it!” She beams and you hesitate for a while before walking over to take a seat next to your cousin who only looks at you in shock. “I told you she would!” She exclaims, turning to your cousin who now had his head in his hands.

“Crap, I can’t believe you actually got here in time,” Your cousin groans as he pulls out his wallet to count the number of bills he had. “Remind me to never underestimate your will when it comes to getting free food.”

“I told you not to bet against me, didn’t I?” You laugh, trying your best to cover the look of disdain as you sit across Mina, envy running through your veins at the mere sight of her.

“Whatever,” Your cousin huffs, dismissing you with a wave of his hand before he turns to Mina. “What’re you doing here so late anyway?” He asks.

“Well I could ask the same,” She quips.

“We had a busy night so we got up pretty late.”

“Huh, what a coincidence… Me too,” She smirks and you let your fingernails dig into your palm, wishing nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her face.

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do you think Winter ever teases Kai about being her step-father and cousin-in-law? because I can honestly just see her being like ‘dad, Jacin and I are going to see a movie’ and Kai totally rolling with it like 'be back by 9, and you better be on your best behavior, young lady’ and Jacin and Cinder just like eye rolling in the corner

Another Carter (3/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff

 { I swear the next chapters will be more interesting , you just gotta deal with the slow build ;)}

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                                                     Chapter Three

After telling everyone about project EAGLE & your decision to lay low until needed , everyone was silent .

well, until Steve decides to break it p>

“ You’re telling me , they recreated the serum and we are just finding out about it ?!” He says angrily .

  “ only one person knew of the contents of it , and she held on to that until death , Captain.” You say, trying to keep you tone calm . The entire time you were speaking Steve had a sour look to his face , which you didn’t expect at all. Your grandma spoke so highly of him all your life , being met with his bitch face was a let down .

“ if you were so close with her , how come you weren’t at the funeral?” Steve asks harshly . Bucky smacks the back of his head as Tony steps into the conversation ,

“watch it Ste-”

“ I was there , I was suppose to give the eulogy but when I couldn’t keep my crying under control my cousin Sharon stepped in for me. You know her quite well , don’t you Steve ? Actually I was wondering , do you ever call grandmothers name when your in the middle of fuck-”

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  “Y/n that’s enough!” Clint says, wrapping an arm around your waist to prevent you from going at Steve .

  When you heard of Steve and Sharon’s relationship it creeped the hell out of you . He was very public about his love for your grandma , and then jumped for the next carter he saw? Weird .

Tony loses his shit laughing, along with Bucky .

“ she’s definitely related to Peg. She’s not taking your shit Pal .” Bucky Barnes is absolutely stunning, how Peggy passed him up is a mystery.

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 He seems so much more how she described Steve to be , Steve really isn’t living up to his legend .

  “ Don’t think I didn’t hear the stories about you Sergeant ” you purr with a wink. Bucky turns a light shade of pink before clearing his throat. Clint can’t contain his laughter, making you follow with your own at the sight of the Winter Soldier profusely blushing .

  “ why would she pick you over Sharon? She’s in this life , you chose to abandon it.” Steve snaps.

 Your face falls at his question ; you’ve wondered the same thing for years .

“ I don’t see how that’s any of your business ,Rogers .” A voice booms from behind you. You whip around with a wide smile at the familiar voice .

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“ well hello Nick.” You say as you wrap him in a hug. The avengers all stare wide eyed at the sight ; none of them ever seeing Fury actually hug anyone .

“ I think I have something you might want to see Y/n. Friday play the recording ” A screen appears in the middle of the room, stilled on beautiful, older Peggy Carter. Her hair was a deep chocolate brown, she somehow always seemed to manage to look so young. This must of been filmed soon after the project, God, Shes always been gorgous.. It begins playing, the sound of her voice making tears automatically form.

“ is this thing on ? ” she asks looking at the camera .

You hear a familiar laugh from behind the camera,“ Yes Aunt Peg and it’s called a video camera.”

“ Anthony , I’ll tell you what I told your father ; being a know it all isnt attractive . ” she says sassily . You hear Tony grumbling behind the camera before telling Peggy to begin . You laugh at the banter as tears cascade down your cheeks .

 "Right well, hello Darling. I’m assuming if you’re seeing this that I’m- we’ll that I’m gone . I know I left you with a lot of questions Y/n, so hopefully this helps with that. You were briefed on the serum , besides just a few things; and I’m sorry about that. Well first off, you’ve probably noticed you haven’t aged that much, maybe just an insignificant amount. That my dear , is because of the serum; it somewhat froze you at this spot in time. On the Brightside, you’ll always look in your twenties.You’re quite welcome. But with that being said,  the serum may muck up your life in some ways. There’s no way in telling how the world will react to another enhanced hero, times are different now , people are afraid of what they don’t know. When you’re revealed, don’t let the skepticism of small minded people impact you ; you will do wonderful things, there is no doubt in my mind. " She paused, wiping a stray tear from her eye .

“ Awh Auntie Peg, Y/n will be fine. ” Tony says , he isn’t sincere, you can clearly hear the hint of a smile in his voice.

“ Well I damn well hope Anthony.  You’ve known that girl since birth , If anything happens to her I will haunt your -”

“ Alright alright I get it , you know Ill always watch out for her. Don’t make this all mushy and feely. “ he complains, the camera slightly moves as he speaks. " Come on , I don’t have all -”

Hes cut off when Peggy sends him her signature glare.  You cant help but burst out laughing, Tony and a few others laughing as well .

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 She clears her throat and continues,“ You asked before why I chose you , & here’s your answer ; When you were 6, your mother called me from her work, requesting that I pick you up from school immediately . Apparently that morning , you punched a young boy in the face , and quite literally kicked him in the rear for picking on a pair of siblings . The school sent you home when you refused to apologize to the boy , you claimed ’ No one has the right to make someone else feel small. Any one who does can eat my boogers.’ You hear quiet laughter around the room as the tape continues.

” When you were teens, an older girl from school was picking on Sharon and you both did the right thing and walked away instead of starting a fight . Sharon still may believe that was the end of it, that the girl decided to leave her alone . I wonder if you’ll ever tell her the next day when you over heard her picking on another girl you pushed her into an open locker and threatened to shut the door if she didn’t leave sharon & her other victims alone . There was numerous times in your life that you rendered me speechless & proud for the way you stood up for others & what you believed in. You always fight for what’s right, even when the odds may be against you . In a way, I see a lot of Steve Rogers in you . That is why I chose you my dear .Never able to resist a fight . “ She shakes her head as a wide smile graces her lips.“ Your heart, loyalty and courage match his and that is why you were both selected . You weren’t chosen because you were a perfect soldier , but because you were a good person . What this world needs is someone with Hope , that can quiet the fears of others and show them you’re there to protect them . Just as you did for those siblings , and just as you did for Sharon and the others . I will always be proud of you , even when I am gone . I wish you would of been able to meet Steve , the way you two see things is truly - I think you’d care for him as much as I do . Maybe it’s a good idea that you’ll never meet. ” she winks into the camera and begins laughing, you hear young Tony gag from behind the camera . Your grandmothers laugh makes a sob fall from your body, causing Tony to pull you to him .

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“ You were given this opportunity to make a difference Y/n. I know at times it’ll feel as if the universe is on your shoulders, but I know you can handle it . It’ll take time , and I don’t expect you to just jump into with no fear . But I know eventually the world will see you as I always have; a hero . I love you Darling. ”      You watch the tears fall from her eyes before the screen goes black .

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The room was eerily silent , making your sobs echo. You turn to the team , your teary eyes meeting Steves .

Nick clears his throat,“ does that answer your question Captain ? ”

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Wait, This Is A Date? (Lin x Reader)

Request: @ruth-hamilton-delrio​ asked for the line “Wait, is this a date?” and I may or may not have strayed from that a little (I did whoops sorry!)


Warnings: Female!Reader, lots of fluff

Word Count: 1412

Authors Note: God this is so late I’m sorry but I hope you like it!! I wrote this a little differently too. Also, the link for the outfit is here! x

“I need Lin, Renee, Pippa, and Anthony to Room 103 in 5 minutes!” I shout into the break room. It’s time to dance, which is what I do best. Quickly, I hurry back into the room to get the mics ready. The interns scuttle around, clearing out the area. They take their places at the speakers, with one at the controls. As I finish connecting the last mic, all of the cast members walk in. 

“What are we working on?” Renee asks as everyone lines up. I push my hair back as I take my place in front of them. 

“Take a Break,” I reply, “everyone ready?” They all nod, waiting for my command. I take a deep breath, and nod at the man by the stereo. He starts the track, and we begin the routine. I watch them all go through it, paying attention to the movements. I look from Ant, to Pippa, to Lin, then Renee, them back to Lin. I have a hard time keeping my eyes off him, but I manage. It’s simple enough that one run through is enough. They’ve been through this number over a hundred times probably, so this is just a quick run through. As the music stops, I applaud them. 

“Great job everyone!” I say, smiling. They thank me, and turn in their mics to an intern. This was my last number of the day, so I go to pack up my bag. As I put some papers away, I feel someone standing behind me. I turn around to see Lin, who is awkwardly messing with his hands, talking to Anthony. I can’t help but wonder what they’re talking about, as Ant is starting to move his hands. Then, he points at me, and I can feel my face reddening. Quickly, I bend down and finish packing my stuff. As I sling the bag over my shoulder, I hear Ant behind me. 

“Y/N, hold on!” He yells. He runs in front of me as I’m walking out of the room, and I nearly crash into him. 

 "Jesus, Ant,“ I mumble, not realizing he’ll hear me. He laughs, and I look up at him. 

"Did you need something, or are you just being Anthony?” I joke, and he laughs again. 

 "Uh, my cousin over there,“ he points back to Lin, "with his tongue hanging out, has been meaning to ask you..” he waits for me to pick up. I can’t help but laugh, but inside I’m screaming. 

“Yes?” I continue. 

“…what a lady, such as yourself, might be doing tonight?” After he says that, I can see Pippa down the hall giggling, and Renee hushes her. Jaz peeks out from behind the wall. When I look over my shoulder, I see Lin staring at us, with his hands in his pockets. The look on his face says he’s nervous, and my heart flips at the sight. I turn back to Anthony, and motion with my hand to start walking. I carefully step backwards. 

“Does your cousin… dance?” I ask, loud enough for Lin to hear. Ant grins as he follows me into the studio. 

“Like a drunk Chita Rivera,” Ant says. Lin laughs, and I turn to him. 

“Okay,” I say, shaking my head a little for emphasis. “After I get ready, we could go out for dinner, then check out the fireworks.” Lin’s face breaks into a huge smile. He nods vigorously, and I laugh. Suddenly, Pippa is at my side, dragging me off. I can hear her talking about the dinner, but I can barely focus over my racing mind. It finally hit me that I’m actually going to go out with Lin. I’m so lost in thought that I don’t realize where I’m going, until Pippa pulls me into a room where Renee and Jaz are waiting. 

 "We want to help you with your outfit for tonight!“ Jasmine says excitedly. 

"If that’s okay with you,” Renee interjects. 

“Considering I have nothing to wear except my sweaty dance clothes, I’ll take any help I can get,” I respond, and we all laugh. I sit down in a chair in front of a mirror, and the girls start working. Renee messes with my hair, while Jaz is trying out makeup. I can hear Pippa talking to herself as she tries to find an outfit for me. We all talk about the show and about the choreography. They compliment me a lot, but I know that this would be nowhere without them. 

After roughly an hour, I’m ready to go. The outfit Pippa found for me is an off the shoulder dress with a floral design, and some flats to go with it. I’m wearing the same moon necklace Pippa gave to me a few months ago, and my rings that I bought a year ago. The makeup is simple enough that it doesn’t look overdone, and my hair is in loose curls. I can’t help but smile when I see myself. 

“Guys, this is absolutely amazing,” I gush, “thank you so much!" 

"Of course!” Jasmine says. I grab my purse as I head for the door. Then, I stop, and turn around. The girls look at me worriedly. 

“Is everything okay?” Renee asks. I can see the confused looks on their faces. 

“Yeah, I just..” I start to talk, but stop. I don’t know how to talk about this feeling in my stomach. I’ve never been so nervous in my life, even when I applied to be a choreographer for the show. Looking down, I notice my hands are shaking some. I don’t know how to hide it. 

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” I hear Pippa say. I look up to see her nodding along with the others. They all look at each other, then sing a line from one of my favorite musicals. 

“Just breathe!" 

I giggle a little, then turn back to the door. Taking a deep breath, I step out into the hall. As I walk to the door where I’m supposed to meet Lin, I run into Anthony. He grins when he sees me. 

"Lin is gonna lose his mind when he sees you,” he says, chuckling a little. I laugh some too, and keep walking. I stop at the door, take a deep breath, then step outside. Lin is out there, facing the street. When he hears the door, he turns, and his mouth drops open. I can’t help but blush, and he walks toward me. 

“Oh my god,” he says, gesturing at me with his hands. “You look absolutely astounding.” He smiles widely, and my face just gets redder. 

“Thank you,” I say, fiddling with my hands. Suddenly, he takes one of them in his. I look up, and see panic cross his face. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” he starts rambling, “I thought, since you said yes, I mean, I know I didn’t ask you out, but I mean, since we were going on a date, I thought-" 

Wait,“ I cut him off, then take a dramatic breath. ”This is a date?“ The sarcasm drips off my voice, and Lin starts to laugh. I join him, and suddenly, all of my nerves have disappeared. As we head to the car, he stops again. 

"Oh, I got this for you a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to give it to you,” he says. “Guess now is a good time, huh?” I nod, and he pulls something out of his pocket and places it in my hand. It’s a simple bracelet, a thin golden cord with a small stone in the center. It shines in the sun as he helps me clip it on my wrist. 

“Do you like it?” He asks. I nod, and throw my arms around him. I look up at him, aware of how close he is. His eyes stare into mine, and before I can think about it, I close the small space between us. The moment my lips touch his, I feel butterflies explode through my stomach. His hands fall to my waist as I move mine around his neck. Everything seems to stand still, and it’s just us in this moment. We finally break apart, and a small smile has appeared Lin’s face. I return it, and we walk to the car. He opens the door for me, and we head to dinner. 

Little did I know, this would be the first of many dinners, and time-stopping kisses.

Creepypasta #1093: Hide And Seek

Length: Super long

This happened just a few hours ago, and I’m still shaking. I don’t know if I should tell my wife what just happened, or if she will think I’m insane and that I can’t be left alone with our daughter anymore.

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. My wife and I have tons of relatives in the city, so it’s going to be a full house. We’ve never made a dinner to this scale before, but my wife, Stephanie, wanted to show off our new house. Well, it’s new to us but in actuality the house is over 100 years old. It’s located in the quiet, historical neighborhood of our city, where the houses aren’t within whispering distance of one another and have large yards with huge trees. We bought the place over a year ago but weren’t able to move in for the first 8 months, as it had needed almost a complete renovation.

Anyway, back to dinner. We’d spent most of our free time over the last week cleaning and organizing the house, making sure it was fit to host a dinner of close to 30 people. My wife went nuts making sure everything was spotless. 

We got up fairly early this morning, for a holiday. I made a quick breakfast for us, put the turkey in the oven, and then Steph was out the door to go into work for a few hours. Steph’s a lawyer and she’s angling to be made a junior partner within the next few months, so she’s been working like crazy.

“Ok, everything is chopped and ready to go,” said Steph, pulling on her gloves, “I’ll be back by 12 or 1 at the latest, and then we can get cooking.”

“Sounds good. I’ll try to keep Kenzie from making a mess. See ya later." 

Steph gave me a quick kiss, picked up her overflowing shoulder bag and then shouted "Bye, Kenz, I’ll be back soon!” to our five year old daughter Mackenzie. 

We heard a cheerful “Bye, Mom!” in return. I opened the front door for Steph, letting in a gust of freezing air. The sky was a dark grey color and flakes of snow were starting to drift down. 

“Be careful driving, OK?” I called to Steph. She waved at me, then got into her car and backed out of the long driveway.

I shut the front door and then went back into the kitchen to find Kenzie sitting at her play table, watching Paw Patrol on the iPad and coloring.

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A Lesson Learned {Luke Hemmings Smut}

REEQUESTED: no i was just bored :3

HELLO BEEBS!!! i am v v v proud of this one shot, it took me a few weeks to churn out but im happy w the end result!! i rlly hope u guys like this; if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated! also, here is my masterlist!! enjoy :-)


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Ok not to sound like a bitch, but why is it so hard for some people to believe that Cinder is Asian? Why do you want every fictional character to be white?

“Oh she was adopted from Europe so she HAS to be white!” Ok first cinder was sent there to be taken care of by Michelle (Scarlett’s grandma) in France. So that doesn’t automatically make her white.

ALSO, Europe isn’t exclusively white anymore. Yes it’s is primary white people, but in the future there is going to be a tad more diversity and white is not the race in the whole fucking continent of Europe.

Another dumbass comment I saw was “oh how are there Asian people on the moon?” THIS IS SO DUMB WTF. THE PEOPLE OF LUNA ARE DECEDENTS OF PEOPLE FROM EARTH! AND GUESS WHAT THERE ARE ASIANS ON EARTH!! Oh my god really? Yes there is! researchers came from EARTH and started a colony on the moon and I’m pretty sure that group was pretty diverse.

And I also saw saw comments on how Winter is African American and is cousins with Cinder. I’m mean ????? Are you dumb ass shit? Winter is Cinder’s STEP cousin. S T E P. Levana, Cinder’s aunt, married Winter’s dad when she was a wee little child. And black does not mean African American. That is was we call AMERICANS who are black that has an AFRICAN ancestry. There are black people from all over the world like Jamaica and I’m pretty sure that country isn’t in Africa.

Ok I know I said “dumbass” a lot but I just want y'all to not be ignorant and understand why Cinder is Asian and Winter is Black. Even Marissa Meyer said they were that race. So please don’t ruin this because there are a lot of people like me (I’m Asian) who don’t have a lot of representation in media and books like these. This book is so important to me because of the representation. So please don’t white wash Cinder and Winter. Please

LETHAL | Mafia! Au | Jungkook X Reader | Smut | Part 1

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this!

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You lived for those moments. The moments when you were one with darkness.The moments illuminated by the sparks of gunfire. The moments the jolt of the gun shot through your limbs.
It was those moments, the moments in which you could very well take your final breath, that made you feel truly alive.
Inside an abandoned furniture warehouse, you found yourself playing a hand in a twilight stand off. You and Taehyung had arrived at the deserted building just before 2am, which was when you had scheduled a meeting with one of your drug supplier’s lackeys. It was a routine arrangement, but this time around, you had been very rudely interrupted.
Taehyung and yourself were members of the Shadow Mob, an incredibly powerful Mafia family. You had been raised among dangerous men, and raised by one of the most dangerous men there was - Min Yoongi, head of the Shadow Mob, and your beloved uncle.
That was how you found yourself in the moonlit warehouse, crouched behind a dusty sofa, reloading your gun. When the first gunshots had been fired, Taehyung had taken cover behind the large armchair a twenty feet across from where you were hidden behind at the present.
His white blond hair almost liked white in the dim light, looking like a halo framing his head. A streak of moonlight lit up Taehyung’s face, and you could see his expression. Cool, calm and collected. He continued firing shots at the opposition, completely unfazed by the sudden attack.
As per usual, the ‘opposition,’ was members of the Ruby Mob, lead by the fearsome Park Jimin. Well, you didn’t find him fearful - that was just how most people described him. Due to your upbringing, there was nothing that really frightened you.
The Shadow Mob and the Ruby Mob had been enemies for hundreds of years, and you often wondered why the onslaught continued. But you neved questioned the matter, because God, you loved your life.
After about three more minutes of gunfire, you fired the final shot which silenced the other side’s activity, signalling you had taken down the last man. You and Taehyung hesitated for only a moment, the two of you breathing heavily, before moving back into the open.
Automatically, you crossed the floor of the warehouse to where the body - or corpse, rather - of the man you were supposed to meet with laid crumpled. You stooped down, and plucked the black briefcase from his cold, lifeless fingers which were still feebly wrapped around its handle.
You paused for only a moment, taking in his appearance. Shame he got shot, you thought absentmindedly, he was kind of attractive. You turned away from his unbreathing figure, and called out to Taehyung. 'Tae, who was it?’
'Na Jeongsan, Kim Kwang-sun and Lee Jinyoung,’ Taehyung replied. They were all members of the Ruby Mob. But they’d all joined recently. It most likely been one of their first field missions.
Occasionally, you felt guilty for taking way life so thoughtlessly. But then again, it wasn’t your fault that those three had gotten in your way.
It wasn’t your fault that you were so lethal.
A phone began to buzz. Taehyung quickly slipped his hand into his coat pocket and pulled out his phone. He squinted in the light from the phone screen, which was painfully bright in your dark surroundings.
'It’s a text from Mr Min,’ Taehyung said.
You expression softened at the mention of your uncle. A great deal of the time, you forgot just how dangerous he was, how many men he had killed. You had been raised by the most lethal of men, yet your uncle’s affection for and you him often you lead you to forget these facts.
'What is it?’ you quizzed Taehyung, stretching your arms above your head. Your arms ached from the absorbing the shock of the gun repeated times. Ah, you lead a taxing life.
At least the pay was good.
'He wants to talk to us about something important,’ Taehyung told you.
This sentence knocked any feelings of drowsiness from your system. 'Important’ meant a job. A job meant stealth. A job meant immeasurable risks.
All things you lived for.
No words were exchanged between you and Taehyung as you both hurried back to the car.
Fifteen minutes later, you were stood outside the familiar mahogany doors which lead to your uncle’s office. Taehyung was stood by your side, and you were waiting to be let in.
Thudding against your chest, your heart pounded. Your mind was racing with possibilities for all the tasks that awaited you.
Before your mind had chance to continue going wild, the doors to Yoongi’s office swung open, and you and Taehyung did not hesitate to pass confidently through them.
Min Yoongi, your uncle, sat at his desk. He was leant back in his leather desk chair as always. There were neat stacks of papers on his desk, and the walls of his office were lined with books. You yourself knew that the bookcases hid secret rooms and escape tunnels, but they were for emergency only. You were yet to use them, and you prayed you never would have to.
Everything was as it always was in your uncle’s office, except this time it was not only your uncle who was occupying the room. There was a man beside his desk.
He was tall - taller than Taehyung, actually. His dark brown hair was parted, and he had big, dark eyes. A strong jaw, prominent cheekbones - not half bad. Good legs, too - you could clearly see his muscular thighs through his ripped black jeans.
You had to admit, he was handsome, in fact he was pretty damn hot.
Mentally you scolded yourself, seeing as it was most certainly not the time to be checking out this guy.
Clearly, he thought he was all that. Head slightly titled back, one leg relaxed. He jutted out his jaw and smirked at you when he caught you surveying him.
Well, you thought, looks like I’ll have to put this cocky bastard in his place.
'I trust everything went well this evening,’ Yoongi said, brushing his black hair from his eyes.
Taehyung stepped forward, 'Jimin’s men ambushed us’.
Yoongi laced his fingers together and sat up in his chair. 'That didn’t stop you, did it?’
With a shake of his head, Taehyung replied, 'We took them down.’
Laughing coldly, Yoongi nodded his head. 'Of course you did. I would expect no less.’
'Now,’ Yoongi said, any hints of amusement vanishing from his face. 'I called you in to meet this young man,’ he announced, motioning to the individual beside his desk.
'As the two of you know,’ Yoongi went on, 'I recently married Jeon Eul.’
Both you and Taehyung nodded. You had been present at the wedding - you adored Eul. She was the light to your uncle’s darkness. She picked him back up on his bad days, and always had his back.
'I didn’t mention it before, but Eul has a son,’ Yoongi informed you bluntly.
This was indeed news for you - you didn’t allow your surprise to cross your face, seeing as that would be terribly unprofessional.
Nodding to the man beside his desk, Yoongi said, 'Meet Jeon Jungkook.’
Murmuring your greetings, you and Taehyung began silently assessing this Jungkook. You cursed silently - this was to be your new step cousin? This pretty boy with his head up his own arse?
God, it just got better and better.
’(Y/N),’ Yoongi addressed you, 'Jungkook is our newest hitman.’ He turned to Jungkook. 'Jungkook, this is my niece and prodigy, (L/N) (F/N), your new partner.’
Again, Jungkook shot you that smirk of his. 'Nice to meet you,’ he grinned, his voice low and smooth.
'My pleasure,’ you replied tensely.
As much as you would have loved to protest, you kept your mouth shut as Yoongi continued. You knew better than to question your uncle.
'You’ll teach Jungkook,’ Yoongi said to you. 'Not train him. You’ll find he’s very adept in combat. Just show him the ropes, introduce him to who he needs to know, and get to know each other. After that, I have a new mission for the two of you.’
'You’ll start tomorrow’.
Through gritted teeth you replied with a cold, 'Of course.’
Yoongi clapped his hands together, and stood up. He walked around to you, and pressed a kiss on both of your cheeks. 'Don’t underestimate him,’ he whispered in your ear before returning to his seat.
You were dismissed, and you then promptly exited the room.
Taehyung stayed back to tell Yoongi of the evening’s compilation, and you were left with your angered thoughts.
Stepping into the elevator, you harshly pressed the button for the underground car park.
You were furious - why did you have to handle that arrogant brat? It wasn’t your job.
As the elevator’s doors closed, a foot jutted in between the doors and they sprung apart.
And in stepped Jeon Jungkook, pressing the button for the ground floor, a cocky grin upon his face. An attractive one, but one you wanted to slap straight off.
'Hello, partner,’ Jungkook smirked.
Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you returned the greeting with a tense nod.
'Not very talkative, are you?’ Jungkook enquired.
Your head whipped around to face him. Who did he think he was?
'I don’t make a habit of talking to cocky bastards like you, pretty boy,’ you snarled.
He pondered this for a moment, not even looking offended - as a matter of fact, his smirk widened to a full grin.
'You think I’m pretty?’ he teased.
'What’s your problem?’ you questioned with a frown.
'I don’t have a problem,’ he replied. 'You just intrigue me.’
Absentmindedly you tilted your head to the side. 'How so?’ you asked, your scowl deepening.
With a smirk, he chuckled and said, 'I don’t see how someone with such a sweet, innocent face can be so dangerous.’
The doors of the elevator opened with a ding, and Jungkook moved though the doors.
'Don’t you dare underestimate me!’ you called after his retreating figure.
He simply laughed and waved over his shoulder. 'I wouldn’t dare, sweetheart.’
'See you tomorrow!’
And then the doors closed, and he was gone.
You crossed your arms and scowled at the doors.
And you vowed there and then that you would put him in his place.

of closets and meddlers

Kaider College AU. This fandom needs more fics.

Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Scarlet, Iko
Words: 5,953

In which Cinder and Kai are both really bad at feelings and Scarlet is more than a little frustrated by it. College AU / kaider


Cinder swirled her drink and studied the movement of the ice cubes as they bobbed in the clear liquid. Despite Thorne’s best efforts, she had warded off the alcohol that her friends were consuming and stuck to water. They needed someone to drive them home after all. Besides, liquor was bitter and had too strong of an aftertaste for her. She left the heavy drinking to Iko and Thorne.

She downed the rest of her water in one gulp and placed the glass back down on the counter with enough force to draw the eyes of several people around her. Cinder felt a blush crawl up the back of her neck and she withdrew her hands into her lap. She flexed her left hand, testing its grip, and sighed. The metal wasn’t creaking, but it didn’t feel as calibrated as it probably should. She would have to tweak it the next time she got into the shop.

“Cinder!” Iko called, stumbled over. Cinder’s best friend tripped into the chair next to her and giggled uncontrollably. Iko had definitely had a few too many drinks, and though her giggling was nothing new, it was more pronounced drunk. “Thorne’s hitting on another pretty girl!”

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No Regrets || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: due to circumstances, your father gets married to a woman known as May Parker after experiencing the heartbreaking loss of your mother. Now ready to move on, he builds a new life with the new woman of his dreams…and her nephew.}

I have always wanted to do this imagine ahhh

I’m trash, forgive me for being trash

warnings: relationships between the reader and…her step cousin?? Kind of step brother??? Lmao this is a hella complicated relationship, just know that Reader and Peter aren’t related by blood.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


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Jealousy Kills
Olivia Smith 

Step cousins and best friends, 18 year old Olivia Smith and 17 year old Abbey Herbert, were having a sleepover. On the morning of the 14th of November 2015 in Georgia, the pair went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and smoked weed. After an argument, Smith grabbed a knife and stabbed Herbert. The teenager only got to the front lawn before she was stabbed again and died.

“God told me to do it” is what Smith claimed drove her to kill. Reportedly the 18 year old had a similar reaction to smoking weed before and became god obsessed. This is what possibly caused the argument as Herbert could of told her to not smoke more.

Herbert’s father claimed Smith was jealous of his daughter, even going to extreme length to dye her hair the same shade.

A trial date is due to be set


Family Acorn is nothing but FUN to experiment~ <3

My reason for that is to both compare these positions of eyebrows and try to distinguish the difference between them as well. Not only that, their age as well :3 Might as well make moaaaar someday! DRfhjkl.

Rex/Sebastian OC belongs to my best bud, and older Alexis too.

Julayla - long story. I saw very first appearance of it in Archie Issues (initially she was cat, then squirrel?) and didn’t like that idea very much so I decided to give her a new design, based on my friend’s words regarding that she should look like Rosie. I’m only theorizing here that they had fathers who also are twins. Heh, interesting. However, it’s not official just yet, but eagerly looking forward improving this whenever I get free time! Fuuuun to draw her~

Friendly Warning: They may look like reaction images but not. They are not, but a mere practice. So, PLEASE, don’t use or edit them for your RP blogs or forums without my permission! Friend or not, I repeat, don’t do this! Or else ya’ll support nasty consequences, and don’t tell me I warned ya.

Mexican woman (born and raised)

I’ve noticed a lack of full-on Mexican perspective in the profiles and I hope this helps, before going starting remember that my experiences do not reflect a global view of the life as a mexican, nor does invalidate the Mexican immigrants or mixed-race people who identify themselves with their Mexican heritage around the world.


Spanish is the main official language, but there over 50 indigenous languages all over the country, among the most commons are: Nahuatl, Maya, Mixteco, Zapoteco, Tzozil etc. (really there an entire Wikipedia article on it look it up)

Home/Family life

Family is really important in México, quality time with your family is stressed over since early life, and chances are that at least half of your best childhood friends will be your cousins, someone straying away from the family permanently is severely looked down and criticized, only if it’s by choice mind you, family will be understanding if it’s for causes beyond your control (job transfers and opportunities) and Christmas and New Year is usually the time of the year where every relative from every corner of the country (and even from other countries) will come visiting you.

Family roles are still seen in a very traditional way, with the mother being in charge of the home, and the father working, however given that family abandonment is sadly very common; in all places and economic backgrounds not just poor families; this tends to place an even greater responsibility for the mother, and is not uncommon that a grandparent, uncle or even older cousin steps in as a paternal figure.

Families where the siblings never move from the parents’ house and all live in with their own families are still around, such families usually have the grandmother as the center of everything and be the one calling the shots on important decision, this is however a dying tendency (at least in the Bajío)

Dating and Friendships

Despite its conservative ideologies, parents are surprisingly permissive when it comes to the dating life of their children, sure there are some really strict parents around but they’re usually mocked even by other parents for being so prudish. An interesting contrast with American parents that I’ve seen, is that while the americans want to know who their kids are going out with, their parents, their school, etc. etc. Mexican parent rarely concern themselves with these details, as long as you get to the house at the promised hour and not smelling like alcohol or cigarettes, you’re good, it’s a given that if you’re taking someone into the house and to meet the family it’s because is a serious relationship or an incredibly good friend, and a way of telling your parents that you (and by extension them) are gonna keep seeing them.


Two key things about food in Mexico: tortillas and chile, sweet bread is also a must, but only for breakfast. Even the the most posh, stuck-up (or fresas as we call them) people will occasionally indulge into the nearest taco (or larguitas) stand for lunch, or dinner. A usual meal around here consists of soup, some steak or guisado accompanied by juice or water, dessert is not really accustomed either, unless you’re eating out.

 Another thing is that fast food (pizza, burgers, fries, etc.) is not really popular around here, unless you’re from one of the big cities (DF, Querétaro, and Guadalajara) is usually seen as either something you only do for your kid’s birthday, or when you just don’t have the time for cooking because of a tight schedule.


In Mexico compulsory education is divided by 6 years of elementary school (primaria), 3 of middle school (secundaria), and three of high school (preparatora or bachillerato). Afterwards college lasts usually 4-5 years. If you graduated on medical career (nurses, doctors, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrist) are required to have in between 6 months or a year of social services before getting matriculated.

I should say that Mexicans value education A LOT, over here claiming that “college is for losers” will get you a smack in the head (by your parents) and rolled eyes from everyone else; even from people who were born before such requirement for a job were a thing, that doesn’t mean that everyone goes to college, but is usually seen as the ideal path for your children, if you don’t want to go, that’s fine but then you’re gonna have to work, and you will be expected to settle down with a family as soon as you can financially support yourself instead.


As with the majority of Mexicans, even though I’m no longer practicing (I’m atheist) I was raised as Catholic, with moderated requirements, so I had to go to mass on Sunday (which always last the same 45 min. or 1 hr. tops) with formal wear, I prayed the “Padre Nuestro” and “Ave Maria” before going to bed (this usually only last ‘til puberty hits, they stop forcing you by then) thank God for the food after each meal, but the whole thing about not eating meat on Fridays is usually only on the Cuaresma, and it only applies to red meats, so most people eat fish and chicken during those days anyway. I had to do my confirmation, my first communion, and do confessions with the local church.


These are 5 important Holidays in Mexico (in order of importance):

  • Independence Day (September 16th) – National off the school (and the job) day, there are parades all over the country and on the midnight of the 15th the President will give the Bell Ring to commemorate the Father Miguel Hidalgo and lots, lots of fireworks, usually the decorations and festive moods last all September month.
  • Day of the Dead (November 2nd) – Depending on the region, some places celebrate the 1st too as the “All Saints Day”, it’s also depending on the region the level to which is celebrated, in the Bajío we get an off-day, there are altars contests and Catrina parades, and we go the Cemetery to clean and adorn the graves of our families, but I know there are other places where they treat it like a regular day, leaving the visit for the most close weekend, and then there are some other places, where it’s such an important day, that everything is closed, stores, hotels, restaurants, to give off the ‘mourning’ more weight than the celebrating part, even the parades are done in silence.
  • Christmas’s Eve (December 24th) – No Santa here (kids know about it, but most don’t ask presents to him), it’s exclusively a religious and family day, it’s tradition to put a manger of the baby Jesus. Family dinner at midnight, ALL the family is gonna travel to their childhood homes with their kids and spouses, a longer Mass is also attended too at night, some more religious families also perform several prayers before said dinner, and attend to the morning mass of the 25th day in which usually everything is closed down (except in bigger cities)
  • The Wise Kings Day (January 6th ) – This is the day kids get their presents, the 5th is usually used for kids to hang their letters in the tree or in some places to a balloon into the air with the things they want, and wake super early and everything, that same night we get the “Rosca of Reyes”, which has several figurines of the baby Jesus in it, and anyone who gets one, has to make a meal (traditionally tamales but it can be anything) on the February 2nd for all the assistants, in schools is also done, and the expenses of are shared by the people who got the figurines as well.
  • The Mexican Revolution (November 20th) – Similar to the Independence day, except that is less prominent, and depending on which weekday falls is less likely to get it as an off-day from school (usually never for jobs, unless you work in a school) the parade for this day is different from the Independence day one, because this one is less militaristic and more sporty with schools having an athletic or dancing routine for it.
  • Mother’s Day (May 10th) – Usually not an off-day, but people tend to leave both school and jobs early that day to spend the day with their mother (or at least give them a call in case they can’t), it’s more…about the publicity and gifts than any other holiday

Beauty Standards

Mexican beauty standards vary according to the region, I grew up in the “Bajío” the mid-land of the country, where most of the population range from brown to white-passing of skin-color, and my family like many others in the area has sprinkled this range in the whole family, case in point, me and my siblings: my little sister is pale as they come and definitely white-passing (she has been told as much by our mexican-american cousins), my older brother is dark-skinned and really really hairy, I’m in the middle of them being light-browned:

  • Skin tone: Colorism is definitely a thing here, since birth you’ll hear how pretty and cute pale babies are, and how ‘funny’ darker babies are, this is something that never really goes away as one gets older people will just stop being polite about it seeing as negroandprieto (black) are common derogative words to describe a particularly dark brown person, sometimes even calling them chango (monkey) whereas the neutral term would be “moreno (a)“ 
  • Hair: You’re gonna have a hard time finding anyone who is doesn’t have brown or dark-hair, personally I can count with one hand the number of naturally blond people I’ve met in my 20-something years of life, I’ve met more red-heads than blonds honestly, I mentioned natural blond, because what you’re gonna get a lot are dyed blondies here, (and yes it does have to do with American-european beauty standards and prominence in the media) still, this is starting to change and it’s far more common with older women (over 35-40)
  • Body Types: Despite the stereotype of the voluptuous latina, Mexican women have a wide array of body types, from petite to XXL (bigger than this is rare though) The curvy but still not-really-overweight is preferred over skinny, especially if said skinny girl doesn’t have full bottom, hips and legs (which are seen as waay more appealing than big breasts), she will often be called out for having “patas de pollo” (chicken legs) or “huesuda” (boney) in case she’s not pale.
  • Make Up: There’s something you should know, 90% of Mexican women will always grab their make-up (especially the lipstick) when going out even for a mere errand, I was thought how to use make-up before learning about periods. The only schools that will not let you wear it are usually the religious ones and of course the elementary level.
  • Clothing: As of late, Mexico is a place where casual clothing is the norm, even for most jobs and schools dress-codes are really lax and even then rarely enforced (unless you really push your luck of course, no one is gonna go to work wearing yoga pants and sneakers), but there are still subtle hints and differences, you can often tell people’s family background, income and even occupation by the way they dress: people from poorer families tend to favor sports clothing and sneakers (they’re easy to move in, cheap and comfy), middle-class people will have jeans and dress shirts of all types, colors and styles, formal shoes, sandals, and boots, only wearing full formal attire if the job requires it, or on formal occasions, even then richer people favor  casual fashion styles, but they can be spotted because they are the ones wearing super tall high heels, jewelry brand clothing and purses etc.

Things I’d like to see less of

The spicy Latina, the illegal immigrant or the stereotypical poor Mexican family with little to no education, also the jornalero too.

Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

Also I’m tired of seeing the Latinx community as a monolith, where the Mexicans, the Colombians, the Chileans, the Argentines, the Brazilians etc. etc. 

Things I’d like to see more of

Educated mexicans, hard-working mexicans, legal and born into America Mexicans, indigenous Mexicans.

Following the above, I’m not saying that we should erase the presence of the undocumented Mexicans, I want to see the follow up to that story, do people even understand the reason why Immigration is so common in Mexico? Do they know that more often than not, it’s only the father of the family that goes away and send money to their family in Mexico? So they can have a better life, a better education? Where is the following to that?

I’ve seen tons of depictions for the immigrants and their struggle for that better life, which feel more often than not, as a way for americans to have sob story about how “bad” our lives are and how we seek the better, richer ‘American dream’ in order to what? Feel sorry for us? But why don’t we see them having that result which is often reflected on their children? Did you know that Education is the most valued asset in Mexico? Did you know that most jornaleros won’t even risk bringing their kids with them, because they tell them to stay in school, to be better? (I always found that ridiculous, children labor exist and is a problem, but virtually no parent in gonna do that unless they are irresponsible or non-caring about them), where are the doctors? The lawyers, the engineers, the writers, the teachers. Why are we always singers or dancers, narcos or cops? We are not ‘entertainers’ at heart for you to have fun, nor dumb muscle for your gang problems.

Book Recommendations

I know this isn’t part of the POC Profile but if you want to have a better view of the Mexican way of thinking and our culture I highly suggest these titles:

  • The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz
  • The Broken Spears by Miguel León-Portilla
  • Psychology of the Mexican by Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
  • The Book of Lamentations by Rosario Castellanos
  • Mañana Forever?: Mexico and the Mexicans by Jorge Castañeda

“How long have you been ‘Big D’ then?” said Harry.
“Shut it,” snarled Dudley, turning away again.
“Cool name,” said Harry, grinning and falling into step beside his cousin. “But you’ll always be Ickle Diddykins to me.”
“I said, SHUT IT!” said Dudley, whose ham-like hands had curled into fists.
“Don’t the boys know that’s what your mum calls you?”
“Shut your face.”
“You don’t tell her to shut her face. What about ‘popkin’ and ‘Dinky Diddydums,’ can I use them then?”

ahmdahab-deactivated20170528  asked:

how did you know about islam and how did you revert ? :)

Okay, so both my parents were born in Australia, they divorced when I was young. Mum had 4 children with him.

After the divorce My mum got married to this Lebanese Muslim man and they had my youngest brother. My step dad didn’t really teach us much about Islam because he was more cultural than religous.  So didn’t know much about Islam, all we knew was Ramadan and eid…
 I used to be a pretty religious catholic. I went to go to bible studies and everything. But the more I learnt the more confused I became. I started asking questions and they said “you just have to believe”. I thought to myself, “how can i believe in something i dont understand”. And i was not enough for me to stand on. So I left catholism….

I still believed there was a God but I became really confused. My youngest brothers dad had been in Lebanon for over 2 years now cause his son was getting married and his mum was sick.
Before he left he sent his cousin to our house.  He was 27 with a wife and a beautiful 4 year old daughter. We became like brother and sister. Best friends. I would go to him for everything and he would come to me if he
had dramas…He was religious… But yet again subhanallah we didn’t speak about religion…He was very respectful and he used to celebrate birthdays with us and Christmas…

In September 2012 we were going to a christening, he came in the morning to see if we needed anything and to check up on us, ( he did this every day ) We got to the church and the preist had a mullet, he had tns on and was saying all this crazy stuff like now that these kids are baptised if they go into a cult they will be protected.

Subhan'Allah every time he would pour water on one of the babies heads that were getting baptised, EVERY baby in the room would scream. Even the babies in the crowd watching the baptism. I thought that was really creepy.
We got to the reception and the priest hit on my mum, started smoking and drinking with the teenagers. I’m thinking what is this????

We left to come home after that. When we got home we were notified that my step dad’s cousin had died Allah yerhamo. It ripped me apart. But we became really close with his wife and daughter. His wife and I were talking about religion, she’s very religious. But it made soooooooooo much more sense. She took me, my mum and my sister to a sheikhs wife. She answered all our questions and Alhumdulillah we converted that night! A week later my 14 year old brother converted and
Subhan'Allah he now wants to be a sheikh in Shaa Allah!

But wallah the feeling you get when you first say the shahada when we converted, it’s like a light has come apon you, like your as light as a feather, I knew by that feeling I had done the right thing! And Alhumdulillah none of us have turned back :)

LETHAL | Mafia! Au | Jungkook X Reader | Smut | Part 2

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this!

Originally posted by queenwithcollars

Yawning and stretching your arms above your head, you put the key into the lock of your apartment, unlocked the door, and entered.
What a long day. Three kills, and a new step-cousin and partner - and a painfully irritating one at that. Your phone screen told you it was 3 am, and you groaned before flopping onto your sofa.
You couldn’t be bothered to turn the lights on, nor could you be bothered to get changed into your pyjamas. You were so tired. Deciding you would shower in the morning, you draped an arm over your stomach, and put a pillow behind your head.
Darkness surrounded you, and your breathing steadied. You were drifting off to sleep, and then you heard it.
A small intake of breath, restricted to prevent you from hearing it. You made no sudden movements, and kept your breathing steady and slow, so it would seem as if you were asleep.
Already hammering in your chest, your heartbeat quickened impossibly quicker when you heard the intruder gently shift the weight of one foot to the other. They were getting closer to you.
It was undoubted that the intruder would have a gun: and it was undoubted the intruder was a member of the Ruby Mob, sent here by Jimin. To kill you, to interrogate you, to use your for ransom, it didn’t matter. All of those options would end in death.
As they neared you, you mapped out your options. The lights were out, which meant level of visibility was low, but your figure would be less clear as made an escape. It also meant they wouldn’t shoot at you: it would be a waste of bullets. You wouldn’t reach the door if you tried: you would have to leap the coffee table next to the sofa, but you wouldn’t be able to clear it one movement: it would require two.
And you only had time for one.
Rolling off the sofa, you dropped onto all fours, and grabbed the lamp from beside the couch. The intruder lunged at you, and you could only see their silhouette. In the darkness, you could see that the individual was a man - they were far taller than you, but then again that wasn’t hard: you had a small frame in the first place.
Without hesitation, you slammed the lamp down onto the side of the intruder’s neck, the bulb smashing in the process. The man let out a gruff cry as the glass pierced the skin of his neck, and he dropped to the ground.
You had him.
But you did what no person should ever do - you let your guard down.
It was only for a split second, as you allowed him to drop to the floor. It had been your intention to stamp on is skull when he had hit the ground, but things did not work as you had planned them to. Because as his legs gave out, he plunged a needle into your calf, and injected a substance into your bloodstream.
Swearing colourfully, your legs weakened and you flopped to the ground. Your head spun violently as the drug flowed through your bloodstream, and unconsciousness enveloped you.
Head snapping up, you squinted in the harsh light of the bare bulb dangling from the ceiling. You attempted to move your arms and legs, but it was useless. Your arms were tied behind your back, and your legs were tied to the legs of the chipped wooden chair you were sat upon.
The room you were in was small, and the walls bare. There was a table about two metres away from you, with a man perched upon it.
He was wearing a white tank top, and black jeans. His white hair was slicked back, and a bandage was wrapped over his shoulder, and it ran under his arm.
With a malicious smirk, he looked you over. ‘Well, well, Sleeping Beauty awakes,’ he laughed, sadistic amusement dancing in his eyes.
Keeping your mouth shut, you stared at him with an emotionless expression. He motioned to his shoulder. 'It was a bit mean, don’t you think, giving me this? Things would have been so much easier if you had just come along with me like a good little girl.’
Gritting your teeth at being referred to 'little girl,’ you still kept your mouth shut. He was clearly trying to rile you up, but there was no way in hell that you were going to give him in the damn satisfaction.
'How can such a pretty little thing take so many lives?’ he went on.
Still, you sat still as a statue, barely even blinking.
With a sigh, he stood up. 'It’s such a shame Jimin’s on his way to kill you, because I would have loved to have some fun with you first,’ he said.  By the way he bit his lip when he said, 'fun,’ it was clear he possessed an agenda of his own.
You blinked twice now, and swallowed rather loudly. Many times you had imagined how you were going to die. Some ways were more painful than others. But dying it Jimin’s hand would be the worst damn way possible. For him to hurt Yoongi like that - it was a blow Yoongi would never be able to return to Jimin.
Stalking smugly, your captor approached you and leaned down to your level. You winced as his teeth grazed your earlobe, and as he dragged his tongue along your neck.
He whispered in your ear, 'I may not be able to have any fun with you, but I can most certainly return the injury you gave
Pulling away abruptly, he smashed his fist into your cheekbone. Your head whipped violently to the side from the impact, and sharp pain shot through your cheek.
'It pains me to see such a pretty face get so beat up,’ the man murmured, before swinging his other hand and landing a hit on your other cheekbone.
Chuckling darkly, he slammed his fist into your stomach. You doubled over, groaning in pain.
As he raised his fist again to deliver another blow - one that would surely knock your teeth out - the door handle at the other side of the room blew off.
Your captor spun round, his jaw hanging slack, clearly not expecting whatever this was.
Very nearly flying off its hinges, the door was kicked open. A blur of black clothing and brown hair flew into the room, and raised their gun.
They fired two shots into the skull of your captor, whose brains were promptly splattered upon your face and the walls.
As you looked up, panting in pain from your injuries, blood and gore dripping from your chin, you met the gaze of Jeon Jungkook.
Blood speckling his neck and clothing, clutching a gun in his right hand, eyes filled with concern. You had known him for only a short amount of time, in which you had come to strongly dislike him. But damn, were you glad to see him. Hurriedly, he crossed the room to you, and untied you from the chair.
You had undoubtedly been in shock throughout the ordeal, and finally you came to your senses. Fat tears rolled down your cheeks, causing your numerous cuts and bruises to sting. You made no sound, but sobs racked your small frame.
Jungkook picked you up in his arms, and without even thinking you curled into his warm embrace. He awkwardly brushed your hair back, and exited the room with your sobbing body clutched to his chest.
You heard him murmur, 'I’m here,’ before again you were pulled into unconsciousness.