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Family Acorn is nothing but FUN to experiment~ <3

My reason for that is to both compare these positions of eyebrows and try to distinguish the difference between them as well. Not only that, their age as well :3 Might as well make moaaaar someday! DRfhjkl.

Rex/Sebastian OC belongs to my best bud, and older Alexis too.

Julayla - long story. I saw very first appearance of it in Archie Issues (initially she was cat, then squirrel?) and didn’t like that idea very much so I decided to give her a new design, based on my friend’s words regarding that she should look like Rosie. I’m only theorizing here that they had fathers who also are twins. Heh, interesting. However, it’s not official just yet, but eagerly looking forward improving this whenever I get free time! Fuuuun to draw her~

Friendly Warning: They may look like reaction images but not. They are not, but a mere practice. So, PLEASE, don’t use or edit them for your RP blogs or forums without my permission! Friend or not, I repeat, don’t do this! Or else ya’ll support nasty consequences, and don’t tell me I warned ya.

Why is Jess being Rory’s family a bad thing? What the hell is “family-zoned”?

They’re close. As close as family. There’s nothing wrong with that, there’s no rule that says that people as close as family can’t also be romantic partners. I consider my girlfriend to be family too.

Jess and Rory are not actually related. There are no blood ties between them whatsoever. They are step-cousins if you really want to take it that far, but they dated and established their connection years before Luke and Lorelai ever got together.

Rory and Jess had the most open-ended “ending” in the entire revival. Amy and Dan did that purposely. They tied up every other romantic storyline for Rory, except for Jess, who is shown still caring for her in a more-than-friends type of way. For them to end it like that, for Jess to be the last of Rory’s boyfriends that we see a glimpse of, that means something. That opens up so many doors.

Maybe they were star crossed when they were eighteen, never in the right place at the right time, just like Dan said. But the future is wide open for them. And them being “like family” can in no way hinder their relationship - it can only bring them closer.

Romulans: UGH, Fuck Vulcans

Humans: mmm 💦👅💦👅👅😉 Yes,👅💦👅💦👉👌💦😉💦💦 Fuck💦🖖💦Vulcans💦🖖💦Good 👅😉👅👅💦 Shit👉👌 right 👅😉👅 there🖖🖖🖖

Romulans: Actually you what, Im gonna have ask you to step away from my cousins ya nasty

So watching Superman’s birthday on Justice League, Dianna got Clarke a present and Bruce got him cash
I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that there are hundreds of presents sitting in the batcave that Alfred has to return because Bruce didn’t think any of them were good enough and he couldn’t give him a shitty present (especially if Dianna had a better present)
“Golf clubs? When does he have time to golf?”
“A tie? A tie Alfred ? He is superman not my second cousins step father !”
“It’s called a gag gift, master Bruce”
“Fuck it, I’ll just stop at an ATM”

babysitting adventures with jimin. 
genre: fluff, drabble
words: 401

“Okay but can you explain once more to me why we’re sacrificing our date night to babysit your nephew?” Jimin asked for the millionth time as we climbed the front porch steps of my cousins house. 

“Because my cousin and her husband haven’t had a night to themselves since the baby’s been born and we are good people.” I replied, ringing the doorbell. He sighed in defeat running a hand through his already tousled black hair.

“Okay but you love me more than this kid right?” Jimin pouted, making me roll my eyes. When he pouted like that he looked more like a baby than my six month old nephew. 

“Debatable.” I replied smirking at him. He opened his mouth ready with his rebuttal but was cut off by my cousin, Emily, opening the door. 

“[Y/N]! Jimin!” Emily said leaning forward to hug me tightly, “Thank you so much one again, we really owe you one.”

“It’s no problem, you kids go have fun.” I said shooing the couple out the door.

“Yes, but wait the baby still needs to be fed. I put the milk in the microwave to heat. It’s his bed time already so you just have to-”

“Emily, I’ve taken care of a baby before. Now scram.” I said, closing the door on them. 

“Now what?” Jimin asked, looking at me in confusion, his expression made me chuckle. 

“Go sit near the baby, I’ll bring the milk.” I said, pecking his cheek and skipping to the kitchen. As I waited for the microwave to countdown I watched Jimin approach the child with hesitation. He peered over the baby on his knees.

“So you’re the little beast she loves more than me..” He said, from the side of his face you could see his expression was serious. Abruptly, his hand reached up to bring his hoodie over his eyes.

“Peek-a-boo!” He cooed at the baby.

He was rewarded by a loud and gleeful squeal from the six month old with the baby’s palms reaching upward attempting to grab his hoodie. Jimin face broke into a small smile.

“Heh, you actually are pretty cute kid.” Jimin said, resting his face on his hand, he continued to watch the baby who cooed happily at the attention he was receiving. Clearly, you weren’t the only one mesmerized by the six month old anymore. 

(gifs credit/these gifs are from a fancafe video)

My Cousins Best Friend (M) - Jiyong (G-Dragon)

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“I don’t care about Youngbae, you are going to let me fuck you for as long as I want to.”

  • *not my gif* 

Word Count : 1,090

Summary: Ash has been attending college in Seoul for a year now, while living with her cousin Youngbae. Youngbae is completely oblivious to the intimate activities his ‘step-cousin’ and best friend have been engaging in, but he soon finds out. 

Contains: Slight Angst, Rough Sex, JIYONG

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Reminder: Ash is not a character, it’s just a replacement for Y/N in the summary section. 


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LETHAL | Mafia! Au | Jungkook X Reader | Smut | Part 2

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this!

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Yawning and stretching your arms above your head, you put the key into the lock of your apartment, unlocked the door, and entered.
What a long day. Three kills, and a new step-cousin and partner - and a painfully irritating one at that. Your phone screen told you it was 3 am, and you groaned before flopping onto your sofa.
You couldn’t be bothered to turn the lights on, nor could you be bothered to get changed into your pyjamas. You were so tired. Deciding you would shower in the morning, you draped an arm over your stomach, and put a pillow behind your head.
Darkness surrounded you, and your breathing steadied. You were drifting off to sleep, and then you heard it.
A small intake of breath, restricted to prevent you from hearing it. You made no sudden movements, and kept your breathing steady and slow, so it would seem as if you were asleep.
Already hammering in your chest, your heartbeat quickened impossibly quicker when you heard the intruder gently shift the weight of one foot to the other. They were getting closer to you.
It was undoubted that the intruder would have a gun: and it was undoubted the intruder was a member of the Ruby Mob, sent here by Jimin. To kill you, to interrogate you, to use your for ransom, it didn’t matter. All of those options would end in death.
As they neared you, you mapped out your options. The lights were out, which meant level of visibility was low, but your figure would be less clear as made an escape. It also meant they wouldn’t shoot at you: it would be a waste of bullets. You wouldn’t reach the door if you tried: you would have to leap the coffee table next to the sofa, but you wouldn’t be able to clear it one movement: it would require two.
And you only had time for one.
Rolling off the sofa, you dropped onto all fours, and grabbed the lamp from beside the couch. The intruder lunged at you, and you could only see their silhouette. In the darkness, you could see that the individual was a man - they were far taller than you, but then again that wasn’t hard: you had a small frame in the first place.
Without hesitation, you slammed the lamp down onto the side of the intruder’s neck, the bulb smashing in the process. The man let out a gruff cry as the glass pierced the skin of his neck, and he dropped to the ground.
You had him.
But you did what no person should ever do - you let your guard down.
It was only for a split second, as you allowed him to drop to the floor. It had been your intention to stamp on is skull when he had hit the ground, but things did not work as you had planned them to. Because as his legs gave out, he plunged a needle into your calf, and injected a substance into your bloodstream.
Swearing colourfully, your legs weakened and you flopped to the ground. Your head spun violently as the drug flowed through your bloodstream, and unconsciousness enveloped you.
Head snapping up, you squinted in the harsh light of the bare bulb dangling from the ceiling. You attempted to move your arms and legs, but it was useless. Your arms were tied behind your back, and your legs were tied to the legs of the chipped wooden chair you were sat upon.
The room you were in was small, and the walls bare. There was a table about two metres away from you, with a man perched upon it.
He was wearing a white tank top, and black jeans. His white hair was slicked back, and a bandage was wrapped over his shoulder, and it ran under his arm.
With a malicious smirk, he looked you over. ‘Well, well, Sleeping Beauty awakes,’ he laughed, sadistic amusement dancing in his eyes.
Keeping your mouth shut, you stared at him with an emotionless expression. He motioned to his shoulder. 'It was a bit mean, don’t you think, giving me this? Things would have been so much easier if you had just come along with me like a good little girl.’
Gritting your teeth at being referred to 'little girl,’ you still kept your mouth shut. He was clearly trying to rile you up, but there was no way in hell that you were going to give him in the damn satisfaction.
'How can such a pretty little thing take so many lives?’ he went on.
Still, you sat still as a statue, barely even blinking.
With a sigh, he stood up. 'It’s such a shame Jimin’s on his way to kill you, because I would have loved to have some fun with you first,’ he said.  By the way he bit his lip when he said, 'fun,’ it was clear he possessed an agenda of his own.
You blinked twice now, and swallowed rather loudly. Many times you had imagined how you were going to die. Some ways were more painful than others. But dying it Jimin’s hand would be the worst damn way possible. For him to hurt Yoongi like that - it was a blow Yoongi would never be able to return to Jimin.
Stalking smugly, your captor approached you and leaned down to your level. You winced as his teeth grazed your earlobe, and as he dragged his tongue along your neck.
He whispered in your ear, 'I may not be able to have any fun with you, but I can most certainly return the injury you gave
Pulling away abruptly, he smashed his fist into your cheekbone. Your head whipped violently to the side from the impact, and sharp pain shot through your cheek.
'It pains me to see such a pretty face get so beat up,’ the man murmured, before swinging his other hand and landing a hit on your other cheekbone.
Chuckling darkly, he slammed his fist into your stomach. You doubled over, groaning in pain.
As he raised his fist again to deliver another blow - one that would surely knock your teeth out - the door handle at the other side of the room blew off.
Your captor spun round, his jaw hanging slack, clearly not expecting whatever this was.
Very nearly flying off its hinges, the door was kicked open. A blur of black clothing and brown hair flew into the room, and raised their gun.
They fired two shots into the skull of your captor, whose brains were promptly splattered upon your face and the walls.
As you looked up, panting in pain from your injuries, blood and gore dripping from your chin, you met the gaze of Jeon Jungkook.
Blood speckling his neck and clothing, clutching a gun in his right hand, eyes filled with concern. You had known him for only a short amount of time, in which you had come to strongly dislike him. But damn, were you glad to see him. Hurriedly, he crossed the room to you, and untied you from the chair.
You had undoubtedly been in shock throughout the ordeal, and finally you came to your senses. Fat tears rolled down your cheeks, causing your numerous cuts and bruises to sting. You made no sound, but sobs racked your small frame.
Jungkook picked you up in his arms, and without even thinking you curled into his warm embrace. He awkwardly brushed your hair back, and exited the room with your sobbing body clutched to his chest.
You heard him murmur, 'I’m here,’ before again you were pulled into unconsciousness.


“You’d think with me being Cinderella’s son that I wouldn’t even talk to you with you being the descendant of a villain. You’re lucky that I’m just so nice. I mean really, I am amazing. Anyways, enough about how great I am, we’re family and family has to stick together even if we are only step-cousins." 

( open to females, preferred connections: step/sister or cousin )

he sat on the couch, flipping through the channels, when some random guy walked past and left through the front door. moments later he heard soft foot steps and clenched his jaw. “ next time you have a guy over can you not be so fuckin’ loud ? ” he said. half angry, half annoyed.

Lady Hae is the doctor that will help bring Hae Soo back to life in the modern times, and she takes an special interest in this young girl because she feels a sisterly bond with her.

She puts her in contact with her former brother-in-law, modern!Baek Ah, who becomes great friends with her almost right away, who in turn directs her to modern!Lady Oh, who runs a rather successful spa, known for being eco-friendly and, with her knowledge in herbs, Hae Soo is hired almost instantly.

One day, Baek Ah drags some of his brothers/step-brothers/cousins to go to check the place out and to visit Hae Soo and among them is modern!Wang So, who has recently come back from the military and has several scars he feels a bit self-conscious about but Hae Soo doesn’t care, and of course they’re both smitten with one another and they get together and everyone’s happy.

( suggested connections: step/family member, cousin, roommate, roommate’s s/o. family friend staying over — open to all, selective with females )

finally alone in the house. the girl took her sundress off and laid down on the couch, grabbing the tv remote and putting on one of her favorite ‘inappropriate’ movies. as the first scene started she closed her eyes, sticking her hand in her panties and playing with herself. she used two fingers to rub her clit. she spread her legs, letting out soft moans as her pleasure began to build. she was so caught up in her own little world that she didn’t even hear the front door open.

“Shit!” Wyatt scrambled off his bed, closing his computer. He had been doing a cam show, hadn’t noticed the other man standing in his doorway for who knows how long watching him, he’d been so into it. It wasn’t until he’d signed off that he saw the man watching him with hungry eyes. “I uh….” what could he say ‘this isn’t what it looks like’? Even if he’s only been standing there for a minute what he’d been doing was unmistakable. “I… Don’t tell anyone? Please?”

suggested connections: friend, roommate, classmate, co worker, step brother, cousin, uncle, step father, anything really

Megalodonis defends her domain through intimidation of enemies mostly. Sidon’s sharp pointed teeth are a trait he inherited from her, though hers are much, much bigger. Those, paired along with her size are more often than not enough to make intruders run. But monsters or the more determined of Ganon’s servants, should they ever step into the domain are met with a more direct approach.

She is less civil when her kingdom is threatened than her smaller cousins and steps into the more animistic, bestial territory. She’s a deep sea Zora and is more in tune with her animal traits. She has no problem sinking those large teeth into enemy ships should they dare cross over her and will snap up any monster in her powerful jaws.

suggested connections: (step) sister, cousin, best friend, girlfriend, wife,

‘i will fucking kill him” he enunciated with a clenched jaw, his fist banging against the wall before he turns around to find the other’s gaze. he had known exactly how their ex could be, hearing the horror stories that he had only seemingly recently been able to put a stop to. “tell me exactly what he did” he almost begged, landon growled “i swear to god if he hurt you…”