step cousin

predictions for descendants 3

-mal gets her edge back a little (or a lot, please)

-bal dies a beautiful, much anticipated death (and hopefully all of the other forced hetero ships they’re pushing)

-some actual gay shit will happen (it’ll be a couple years before they make another one, right? disney will be ready for it)

-the fact that maleficent is still on the isle has to be significant somehow

-mal’s gonna want that spell book back at some point. i mean, come on, she’s not seriously gonna completely change who she is for some stupid boy, is she?

-chad’s gonna be the antagonist. he’ll turn evil. maybe he’ll get with uma and she’ll help him overthrow ben on the condition that he frees the people of the isle when he becomes king, and they’ll fall in love, and experiencing love will turn uma good or something like that

-fairy godmother is gonna wanna raise dizzy as her own

-chad will turn dizzy (his step cousin, right?) evil and mal and evie will have to try to keep her safe and turn her good again. the wand will be an important plot device again, probably

-mal’s the main character so she’ll have to do something… um… maybe she’ll struggle with her feelings for evie. like, evie’s helping her through her breakup with ben and something happens and they’re both like… boi… and they get all weird around each other and have to work through all that shit

-mal will probably change her hair again. i wanna see her get her old hair back. definitely get rid of the bangs

-talking dog does something important somehow. or they turn him back into a normal dog. if he’s just an annoying accessory like total from maximum ride, imma be so pissed

-audrey comes back. maybe the vks will get her on their side and use her to try to stop chad

-the vks will have to face their parents again. idk which direction they’ll take that in. maybe their parents will learn to love them. the entire theme of descendants 3 will probably be something about the importance of love in all of its forms or something like that

-if jay and lonnie get together imma shoot myself

-ben goes beast. maybe it happens during a fight with chad over the title of king? and then there’s a ton of chaos, and neither of them is king. then mal becomes queen, and evie also is queen eventually bc she and mal get together

anyone have anything to change or add to that?

Wrapped Around; pt.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12.6k words

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N: weow 1 month later here is part 5!! thank you for your patience ya dumplings (’:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4 | Part 6


Tae was right, he warned you to watch yourself around him and you felt so dumb, so hurt that you had let yourself become one of those girls. You had sworn that you wouldn’t let Jimin get to you but here you were sitting in your bed feeling as broken as all the other girls that had slept with the player that was Park Jimin. Stupid, stupid you.

Glancing at the time on your phone, you pick up the pace of your steps. Your cousin had given you 10 minutes to get to the restaurant before he makes you buy your own meal. The cold winter air bites at your skin as you sprint towards the entrance of the diner, hoping and praying that the heater had been turned on to its highest setting in there. You were so cold that you were sure your fingers were going to fall off at any point now but damn it you’d do anything for free food.

Stepping into the diner, you let out a sigh of relief at the wave of warm air that hits you. Honestly, how can anyone enjoy winter when it’s so horridly cold? You shrug off your hood, eyes scanning the establishment as you look for your cousin.



“Mina,” You smile stiffly as you watch her drape her coat over the back of her chair.

“You made it!” She beams and you hesitate for a while before walking over to take a seat next to your cousin who only looks at you in shock. “I told you she would!” She exclaims, turning to your cousin who now had his head in his hands.

“Crap, I can’t believe you actually got here in time,” Your cousin groans as he pulls out his wallet to count the number of bills he had. “Remind me to never underestimate your will when it comes to getting free food.”

“I told you not to bet against me, didn’t I?” You laugh, trying your best to cover the look of disdain as you sit across Mina, envy running through your veins at the mere sight of her.

“Whatever,” Your cousin huffs, dismissing you with a wave of his hand before he turns to Mina. “What’re you doing here so late anyway?” He asks.

“Well I could ask the same,” She quips.

“We had a busy night so we got up pretty late.”

“Huh, what a coincidence… Me too,” She smirks and you let your fingernails dig into your palm, wishing nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her face.

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do you think Winter ever teases Kai about being her step-father and cousin-in-law? because I can honestly just see her being like ‘dad, Jacin and I are going to see a movie’ and Kai totally rolling with it like 'be back by 9, and you better be on your best behavior, young lady’ and Jacin and Cinder just like eye rolling in the corner

The Recruit (Chapter 18) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 78, Part II”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Steven Rapp & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: thank you to @ninja-stiles for helping me decide what to do with this chapter WEEKS ago. I was going in all different directions and she really helped to shape this. Also, I’m assuming that Jake Gyllenhaal joke was with you, Britt………… I’m assuming. 

The Hills - The Weeknd

Warnings: SMUT. like dirty bathroom sex kind of smut. cursing. 

Chapter Seventeen - Chapter Eighteen - Chapter Nineteen

Originally posted by allmyworry

Bro.. do you know who that is over there?”

“Hmm?” Mitch glanced over to where Steven was looking. He didn’t recognize the man that was being seated at the table nearby. He shook his head and looked back at his food.

“Dude, you know who Jake Gyllenhaal is.”

Mitch shrugged. “Name sounds familiar.”

Steven shook his head and looked back at the table full of food in front of him. “You are so nonchalant about everything.” Mitch laughed and shrugged again, his mouth full of cornbread. “So do you have any pictures from your trip?”

“What trip?” Mitch asked, his mouth full after shoving a forkful of mac-n-cheese in it.

Steven lowered the barbecue rib from his mouth and put it back on his plate, confused as to how Mitch didn’t know what trip he was referring to. “……. the trip you took after Katrina… the one you were on for more than a year…?” Steven stared at his brother, with his brow furrowed.

“Oh..” Mitch chuckled and glanced down at his plate. “Um, not really.”

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Estonian gothic: You meet another Estonian who you’ve never seen before. 5 minutes later it comes out you have about 40 mutual acquaintances and are related through your great-grandma’s uncles son. You’ve attended same concerts thrice and your uncle owns summer house in the same neighbourhood as the other Estonian’s aunt. Their cousins step-father was your maths teacher.

A Lesson Learned {Luke Hemmings Smut}

REEQUESTED: no i was just bored :3

HELLO BEEBS!!! i am v v v proud of this one shot, it took me a few weeks to churn out but im happy w the end result!! i rlly hope u guys like this; if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated! also, here is my masterlist!! enjoy :-)


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madfictionaluniverse  asked:

Hey <3 Could you write some headcanons about Dizzy? She's so adorable! (and if I'm not asking much, can you write one including Chad? They're step-cousins after all) Thank you :3

Yes of course! No trouble at all!

- Dizzy makes it off the island hiding in the trunk of the limo headed from the Isle to Auradon

- When they realize she’s there, Evie is extremely protective of her. She’s only afraid they’ll treat Dizzy like they did to her and the others when they came.

- One day Dizzy asks Evie, “So Cinderella’s here right? When can I meet her?”

- Evie drops her sowing machine and Harry barely catches it. “What?”

- ‘I want to meet Cinderella.”

- “Dizzy, that’s not a good idea-” Dizzy runs away from the room as quick as she can. She knew she wouldn’t be able to convince Evie to help her, because she’s been shielding her from everyone.

- Evie lunges in Dizzy’s direction, but Harry’s strong arms wrap around her waist. “It’s ok, she needs to know her family.” He whispers into her ear as they sink to the ground.

- Dizzy runs off and accidentally runs into a rather large teen. His golden hair blinds her from her spot on the ground.

- “Hey! Watch where you’re going-” The boy stops himself when he realizes he was yelling at a kid. He stoops down on the ground and cocks his head sideways. “Are you lost? Do you need some help?”

- Dizzy doesn’t know what to think. “My name is Dizzy.”

- The boy chuckles and reaches for her colorful hair. “That’s funny, you’re hair’s makin me dizzy right now. So colorful.” His smile grows when he sees her giggle. “I’m Chad.”

- “Can you help me look for Cinderella. She’s my step aunt.”

- “Let’s go. I know where she might be.” He scoops her up and lifts her to where she sits on his shoulders. She immediately takes the time to admire Auradon from a tall view.

- He throws an apple up at her and a note is posted on it. ‘Go ahead and have a date night, I got her xoxo Chad’ it says. “DIzzy throw that at Evie. Through the open window.”

- Chad chuckles when she complies. “Let’s go see dear Cindy, shall we.”

- They walk through Auradon and Chad makes sure to tell her which shops have the best food and which ones have the best clothing. Dizzy braids his hair as he talks.

- Chad takes her to Charming castle. DIzzy nearly falls from his shoulders when he calls out “Mom, I’m home!”

- “Mom? You’re my step cousin!” Dizzy jumps from his shoulders and tackles him into a hug. Cinderella approaches and introduces herself. 

- The next thing Cinderella says surprises Dizzy. “Dizzy, I want you to live with us.”

- Dizzy has no words instead she dives into Cinderella’s open arms with tears in her eyes. 

- A few weeks go by and Chad and Dizzy have gone into a habit of playing board games every Wednesday night. One night, when the window is open, an apple flies through the window and hits Chad straight in the head followed by two laughs. ‘Keep her safe. Or we’ll hook you. xoxo H and E’ 

You Were In Screaming Color, Pt. 2

Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 4.6k (holy shit)

Warnings: Swearing, light angst

Requested: Yes

Author’s Note: Before we begin, I wanted to tell you that I meant to tag part 1 with “richie standing up for stan is gay solidarity,” but if I did that now, no one would see it. So I put it here for you all to read my strange sense of humor! Okay, now on the important business. Look, I know baseball is a spring sport, but this is fanfiction. Work with me here. Also, I don’t watch football often and went to one high school game, so allow me to make mistakes. We’re all human. One more thing: don’t ask me why this is split into so many scenes, I won’t be able to answer you. {Edit: I said in a response to an anon that this was scheduled to come out Monday, but if pt. 1 hit 100 notes before then, I’d post this earlier. Guess wha-at? You get this two days early!! YAY!!! So, drumroll please. Here’s part 2. Enjoy!}

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Wilford: weird uncle; Host: creepy uncle

Ed: annoying uncle

Silver: clumsy uncle

Bim: flamboyant step-brother

Dark: emo second-cousin that everyone avidly avoids

Sometimes a family is a building full of look-alike brothers and their favorite green-haired demon.

In the Bones: Part Two

Title: In the Bones

Rated: M (for violence and later chapters)

Words: 7K

Summary:  Natsu and Lucy are from warring clans, each acting as a powerful warrior for their people. Natsu’s clan consists of skilled blacksmiths, crafting weapons from the earth and enchanting them with lost elemental magic. Lucy’s people are Spiritwalkers, powerful seers who can make contracts with ancient spirits from the bones they leave behind. (enemies to lovers AU)

AN: New AU for @constellunaa‘s birthday! Happy birthday Shana! Have a lovely day <3 This one is based on her warring clans AUwhich is AMAZING.

*also on FF, so please be sure to drop a review there and follow the story if you want to!

One |

Natsu turns back to the forge, heat sweltering as he continues to melt down iron for another weapon, a request from Erza for something special. Sneering, he turns away from the fire, eyes rolling. Erza is good for their business, but he can’t imagine where she keeps all her weapons or even begin to fathom why she needs so many. Natsu’s first blade stayed with him for nearly a decade until he was forced to leave it behind at the lake, the weapon dull and chipped with age.

The weapons are ceremonial to his family, the Dragneel line older than most in the Dragonborne clan. In some stories they even founded the clan, learning their magic from the dragons themselves, their family a long line of fire users. Other legends state that a descendant of the Dreyar family stole lightning from the Gods to defeat a great evil. All are just stories, but the Dragneel line has always taken great pride in their name.

Each of them are gifted a weapon on their tenth birthday and taught how to enchant the metal themselves. Igneel still has his first weapon after thirty odd years, a small dagger with a pearl embedded in the hilt. He takes it with him everywhere, even if he no longer uses it. Even Mikhail, Gajeel’s father, still keeps his very first battle axe, though he chose to take his wife’s name.

It’s odd to him, how Erza seems to discard her weapons when they dull.

Erza’s a fierce warrior, even if she can’t control elemental magic herself, he won’t deny that, but she builds no trust in her weapons with how many she has. Learning to use a blade isn’t the same as having faith that it will protect you. In the same way he doesn’t trust weapons not made by his hands, he doesn’t trust a blade he isn’t familiar with, even if the design is similar.

He wouldn’t dare tell her that, however. Erza’s temper is an awful thing. Perhaps when he was younger he would antagonize her, but he’s learned better over the years. He could only suffer so many hits from the older girl before realizing he’d had enough.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from running his mouth around her at times.

He settles into the old, wooden chair he keeps in the forge for slow days. Unlike Gajeel, he’s nearly finished his orders for the week, spending nearly every waking hour in the forge since his encounter with Lucy and the Skinwalker. The fire is the only thing that keeps the image of it from his mind, the rotten flesh and inhuman muzzle of the creature burned into his thoughts. It haunts his thoughts and dreams, stealing into his sleep and waking him in the dead of night.

He never would have believed Lucy if he hadn’t seen it for himself, and he doubts anyone else would believe what he saw. Gajeel would mock him for his stories and Igneel would think him sick, not that Natsu would blame either of them. He hardly believes himself at times.

The only good to come from the images plaguing him has been his work ethic.

Natsu rolls Lucy’s pendant between his fingers, the bone smooth against his calloused fingertips, a calming presence at his side. A distraction. He’s been playing with it more recently, ever since they met near the lake that day, nearly a week ago. Ever since he caught a look at their monsters and heard the stories Lucy told him. At times he can hardly believe what he saw and what he heard, a beast dressed in rotting flesh. And the sound it made.

His grip grows tight on the carved bone, a shiver wracking his spine. Natsu has dreams about that sound, the screaming that sounded more animal than man, but like nothing else he has ever heard. It rattled him more than Natsu would ever be willing to admit. And the thought of being chased by one of those things again, of having his skin pulled back and stolen from him, it makes him sick down to his very core.

They stayed in that thicket for what seemed like hours, until the last rays of the sun were dimming in the sky and Lucy warned him that they needed to leave. They hunt at night, she told him, afraid to see themselves in the light. She left him at the edge of the forest, her wolves circling the pair of them as they crept through Dragonborne territory. She was on edge the entire walk, one hand on her weapon, and it was only then that Natsu realized he’d forgotten his own by the water, though he didn’t dare go back for it, not so close to dusk.

Cold fingers wrap around his shoulder.

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Give Me More

@cleodpuckle you’re such a sweetheart, thank you so much for those kind words. i love you. hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Prince Ben

Word Count: 2,179

Warning(s): Fluff

“Come on Y/N. The water seriously isn’t that bad. I promise.”

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I’m still working on the family tree thing I talked about in this post.
But here are all of the descendants that is “official” part of this universe via book or series. 

Let’s first go over the over the where they can come from (I’m gonna put them in timeline order):
Isle of the Lost: About how the rotten four became friends and basicly a closer look at the isle, you get introduces to a couple of the villain kids.
School of Secrets (series): A series of small videos that is about a “mystery” girl (Lonnie) who sets up a hidden camera to capture Auradon Prep’s secrets. there is 23 episodes each about 1 minute long, you can find them on Youtube.
Wicked World:
Short animated series, don’t know how to explain the plot shortly. There are 33 episodes, but each one is less than five minutes long, you can find them on youtube.
School of Secrets (books): Haven’t read them yet, but they go together with Wicked World (used characters and references plots from it).
Return to the Isle of the Lost: The second book in the Isle of the Lost series; The Rotten Four get weird messages that tell them to return home before the new moon. 
Rise of the Isle of the Lost: The third book in the series; you get the story on Mal and Uma fall out. And how Uma got a ship and why Harry in her first mate. And there are of course also some story in Auradone going on.
Descendants 2

Under the cut  

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nuka-love  asked:

"Can you help me pick out a toy for a 6 year old boy??" "Sure, what do they like?" "I DONT KNOW, WHATEVER 6 YEAR OLD BOYS LIKE" ":^)" lady, just get the kid a gift card if you have no idea what they like. Idk what your neighbor's cousins step child likes either!

Another Carter (3/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff

 { I swear the next chapters will be more interesting , you just gotta deal with the slow build ;)}

Marvel Master list

Another Carter Master List

                                                     Chapter Three

After telling everyone about project EAGLE & your decision to lay low until needed , everyone was silent .

well, until Steve decides to break it p>

“ You’re telling me , they recreated the serum and we are just finding out about it ?!” He says angrily .

  “ only one person knew of the contents of it , and she held on to that until death , Captain.” You say, trying to keep you tone calm . The entire time you were speaking Steve had a sour look to his face , which you didn’t expect at all. Your grandma spoke so highly of him all your life , being met with his bitch face was a let down .

“ if you were so close with her , how come you weren’t at the funeral?” Steve asks harshly . Bucky smacks the back of his head as Tony steps into the conversation ,

“watch it Ste-”

“ I was there , I was suppose to give the eulogy but when I couldn’t keep my crying under control my cousin Sharon stepped in for me. You know her quite well , don’t you Steve ? Actually I was wondering , do you ever call grandmothers name when your in the middle of fuck-”

Originally posted by 23onetreehill12

  “Y/n that’s enough!” Clint says, wrapping an arm around your waist to prevent you from going at Steve .

  When you heard of Steve and Sharon’s relationship it creeped the hell out of you . He was very public about his love for your grandma , and then jumped for the next carter he saw? Weird .

Tony loses his shit laughing, along with Bucky .

“ she’s definitely related to Peg. She’s not taking your shit Pal .” Bucky Barnes is absolutely stunning, how Peggy passed him up is a mystery.

Originally posted by lowkibarnes

 He seems so much more how she described Steve to be , Steve really isn’t living up to his legend .

  “ Don’t think I didn’t hear the stories about you Sergeant ” you purr with a wink. Bucky turns a light shade of pink before clearing his throat. Clint can’t contain his laughter, making you follow with your own at the sight of the Winter Soldier profusely blushing .

  “ why would she pick you over Sharon? She’s in this life , you chose to abandon it.” Steve snaps.

 Your face falls at his question ; you’ve wondered the same thing for years .

“ I don’t see how that’s any of your business ,Rogers .” A voice booms from behind you. You whip around with a wide smile at the familiar voice .

Originally posted by cutegroot

“ well hello Nick.” You say as you wrap him in a hug. The avengers all stare wide eyed at the sight ; none of them ever seeing Fury actually hug anyone .

“ I think I have something you might want to see Y/n. Friday play the recording ” A screen appears in the middle of the room, stilled on beautiful, older Peggy Carter. Her hair was a deep chocolate brown, she somehow always seemed to manage to look so young. This must of been filmed soon after the project, God, Shes always been gorgous.. It begins playing, the sound of her voice making tears automatically form.

“ is this thing on ? ” she asks looking at the camera .

You hear a familiar laugh from behind the camera,“ Yes Aunt Peg and it’s called a video camera.”

“ Anthony , I’ll tell you what I told your father ; being a know it all isnt attractive . ” she says sassily . You hear Tony grumbling behind the camera before telling Peggy to begin . You laugh at the banter as tears cascade down your cheeks .

 "Right well, hello Darling. I’m assuming if you’re seeing this that I’m- we’ll that I’m gone . I know I left you with a lot of questions Y/n, so hopefully this helps with that. You were briefed on the serum , besides just a few things; and I’m sorry about that. Well first off, you’ve probably noticed you haven’t aged that much, maybe just an insignificant amount. That my dear , is because of the serum; it somewhat froze you at this spot in time. On the Brightside, you’ll always look in your twenties.You’re quite welcome. But with that being said,  the serum may muck up your life in some ways. There’s no way in telling how the world will react to another enhanced hero, times are different now , people are afraid of what they don’t know. When you’re revealed, don’t let the skepticism of small minded people impact you ; you will do wonderful things, there is no doubt in my mind. " She paused, wiping a stray tear from her eye .

“ Awh Auntie Peg, Y/n will be fine. ” Tony says , he isn’t sincere, you can clearly hear the hint of a smile in his voice.

“ Well I damn well hope Anthony.  You’ve known that girl since birth , If anything happens to her I will haunt your -”

“ Alright alright I get it , you know Ill always watch out for her. Don’t make this all mushy and feely. “ he complains, the camera slightly moves as he speaks. " Come on , I don’t have all -”

Hes cut off when Peggy sends him her signature glare.  You cant help but burst out laughing, Tony and a few others laughing as well .

Originally posted by ltfrankcastle

 She clears her throat and continues,“ You asked before why I chose you , & here’s your answer ; When you were 6, your mother called me from her work, requesting that I pick you up from school immediately . Apparently that morning , you punched a young boy in the face , and quite literally kicked him in the rear for picking on a pair of siblings . The school sent you home when you refused to apologize to the boy , you claimed ’ No one has the right to make someone else feel small. Any one who does can eat my boogers.’ You hear quiet laughter around the room as the tape continues.

” When you were teens, an older girl from school was picking on Sharon and you both did the right thing and walked away instead of starting a fight . Sharon still may believe that was the end of it, that the girl decided to leave her alone . I wonder if you’ll ever tell her the next day when you over heard her picking on another girl you pushed her into an open locker and threatened to shut the door if she didn’t leave sharon & her other victims alone . There was numerous times in your life that you rendered me speechless & proud for the way you stood up for others & what you believed in. You always fight for what’s right, even when the odds may be against you . In a way, I see a lot of Steve Rogers in you . That is why I chose you my dear .Never able to resist a fight . “ She shakes her head as a wide smile graces her lips.“ Your heart, loyalty and courage match his and that is why you were both selected . You weren’t chosen because you were a perfect soldier , but because you were a good person . What this world needs is someone with Hope , that can quiet the fears of others and show them you’re there to protect them . Just as you did for those siblings , and just as you did for Sharon and the others . I will always be proud of you , even when I am gone . I wish you would of been able to meet Steve , the way you two see things is truly - I think you’d care for him as much as I do . Maybe it’s a good idea that you’ll never meet. ” she winks into the camera and begins laughing, you hear young Tony gag from behind the camera . Your grandmothers laugh makes a sob fall from your body, causing Tony to pull you to him .

Originally posted by lovershub

“ You were given this opportunity to make a difference Y/n. I know at times it’ll feel as if the universe is on your shoulders, but I know you can handle it . It’ll take time , and I don’t expect you to just jump into with no fear . But I know eventually the world will see you as I always have; a hero . I love you Darling. ”      You watch the tears fall from her eyes before the screen goes black .

Originally posted by wildarcy

The room was eerily silent , making your sobs echo. You turn to the team , your teary eyes meeting Steves .

Nick clears his throat,“ does that answer your question Captain ? ”

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My Thoughts On Jonsa and Jonerys


Jonsa shipper here; no need to explain how it came to be, I’m sure it’s the same as with everyone else. On-screen chemistry then wham-bam-slam. Funny thing is, I didn’t really ship anyone in GOT, and like almost everybody else, I thought J and D would end up together based on the title, but it really wasn’t relevant to me you know? I’m not going to make any metas. I’m not here to make some grand declaration that Jonsa will be end game since I don’t have that much faith in the show writers, and I tend to tread on the side of caution, plus I have a lot of could-have-been OTPs so my heart’s already taken a beating. But here’s the thing, I’ve probably read all of the Jonsa metas out there, as well as the spoiler leaks. These are just some of thought why I think J*nerys shouldn’t be quick to call canon so fast. I tried to be as objective as possible, but obviously bias will be present. No hate either on the ship. If they end up together I’m not going to spew fire out of my mouth, just that there are some things…

- First off, I believe boatb*ng will happen. I even believe J and D will fall in love. And (as bitter a pill as it to swallow) I’m also preparing from the Rhaegar and Lyanna parallels. However the leaks also say that Dany being barren gets brought up in this season. You think that little tidbit won’t factor in Jon’s decision to do the do with her? I’m not saying feelings won’t come into it, but you’d be in denial to say that Jon who’s always been afraid to father a bastard won’t be tempted by the prospect of no consequences (oh Jon how wrong you are; we all know this is gonna bite him back hard). 

- BUT, I don’t think it’s a cause for celebration that all of the above are happening in S7. If it had happened in S8, and S7 was more focused on subtly deepening the relationship between J and D (cough*likejonsa*cough), then as a js shipper, I would have been REALLY worried. Doing both the sparks and the fireworks in this season seems just fanservicey. WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT. A large part of the audience wants to see this fated prophetic romance between these two heroes after their parallel journeys. But then as I am aware of, D&D only came to know of the ending from GRRM recently. That’s why we got S6. Not saying that it’s proof that Jonsa is endgame, just that D&D set up the foundations for both ships to have a good chance of happening. As to which one is the ‘red herring’ remains to be seen.

- As I was saying, with the big tryst over and done with in S7, what’s left for J and D in S8 then? Them overcoming the barriers and perceptions of people around them to find their happily ever after? Please, ASOIAF isn’t a love story, as much as we shippers would like it to be. Plus they ain’t got no time for that with the Winter War now upon them. I’m curious to see where their ‘romance’ will go come S8.

- Here’s the other curious thing from the S8 ep 1 leaks. It’s SANSA who’s angry and mistrustful about Dany. It’s SANSA who asks Dany if she and Jon are now in love (SHE DOESN’T GIVE AN ANSWER EITHER WAY) and it’s SANSA whom Jon sought to bring aside and talk to about it. (How does this look like to you? Cause to me I find it very curious that it seems like Jon is placating Sansa. Why wouldn’t he talk to the whole Stark family about Dany? Why Sansa first?)

- And then as a cliffhanger for that episode, Jon finds out about his true parentage. See, where I’m getting at is no one knows what happens after Jon learns about his true parentage. No one has any leaks further than that. He’ll know Sansa is his cousin and Dany is his aunt. How will Jon feel that  he did the horizontal tango with his aunt? And if we JS shippers read those subliminal hints in S6 and S7 correctly, how would Jon deal with knowing Sansa isn’t really his sister? Will he come to see her differently? Has he already, and has he been avoiding or suppressing those feelings? 

- So with respect to shipping (aside from the whole identity crisis), it’s either going to be focused on his angst about his illicit love with his aunt and the dilemma of his love for her and the Stark values he was raised with, or him now possibly considering a viable marriage with Sansa Stark (bec. honestly it would solve all of their problems about rebuilding the North). MY POINT IS THIS: THE CURRENT LEAKS IN NO WAY SANK THE JONSA SHIP. Jonerys may be canon in future episodes, but they’re not necessarily endgame. It’s all up the air. We Jonerys and Jonsa shippers are all in the same boat, as much as some may not like it. 

- Finally, I admit that I was bit threatened (I’m being as honest as possible here) with the Rhaegar and Lyanna parallels to Jonerys, but to be fair Jonsa peeps, we got Ned and Cat. There has to be a suitable epic parallel for the two mains of the show. On the other hand, Rhaegar and Lyanna could also parallel Jon and Sansa respectively, what with the handsome prince (that Sansa once yearned fo), but without the courtly grace, in the Targaryen, Jon. And the renowned Stark beauty which caused a war in Sansa. I mean the original outline had JonArya romance, and Arya has been paralleled with Lyanna multiple times. If Sansa really is taking Arya’s place in that storyline, the parallel would be complete. 

- Finally, finally, what I’m looking for in a possible Jonsa end game isn’t really a lust-fueled, passionate encounter. I’d be happy with a semi-ambiguous ending with both Jonsa and Sansa in Winterfell and side-by-side, along with Arya and Bran, because honestly they’re the best rulers the North can have. For a lot of the antis, what they don’t understand is what attracts us shippers to SS Jonsa is not just the aesthetic or the ‘love’ story, but really how thematically both characters fit together, complete each other’s narrative, and their ending would be one eternally satisfying as it fits the overall theme of the saga (if a happy ending for the Starks is what GRMM is going for; it can all end bittersweet or a tragedy for all we know). 

- Finally, finally, finally (last one I promise), I find it laughable how the biggest ‘attack’ on the ship is that it’d be incestuous? Like, hello, do you know how many countries actually legalize marriage between first cousins? And step-siblings too? This isn’t just a medieval concept. Even my own ethnic group accepts marriage between first cousins. I bring up step-siblings because the other big ‘attack’ is that Jon and Sansa were raised as siblings, as if that were more squicky than actual blood relations (but you know it’s ok, cause they didn’t know). Um, no, Jon and Sansa may have been raised in the same house, but they weren’t raised as siblings. If that’s your definition, consider Theon as someone raised with Sansa like her sibling. But no one bats an eye at shipping the two. Jon and Sansa were raised like step-siblings at most. 

Wait, This Is A Date? (Lin x Reader)

Request: @ruth-hamilton-delrio​ asked for the line “Wait, is this a date?” and I may or may not have strayed from that a little (I did whoops sorry!)


Warnings: Female!Reader, lots of fluff

Word Count: 1412

Authors Note: God this is so late I’m sorry but I hope you like it!! I wrote this a little differently too. Also, the link for the outfit is here! x

“I need Lin, Renee, Pippa, and Anthony to Room 103 in 5 minutes!” I shout into the break room. It’s time to dance, which is what I do best. Quickly, I hurry back into the room to get the mics ready. The interns scuttle around, clearing out the area. They take their places at the speakers, with one at the controls. As I finish connecting the last mic, all of the cast members walk in. 

“What are we working on?” Renee asks as everyone lines up. I push my hair back as I take my place in front of them. 

“Take a Break,” I reply, “everyone ready?” They all nod, waiting for my command. I take a deep breath, and nod at the man by the stereo. He starts the track, and we begin the routine. I watch them all go through it, paying attention to the movements. I look from Ant, to Pippa, to Lin, then Renee, them back to Lin. I have a hard time keeping my eyes off him, but I manage. It’s simple enough that one run through is enough. They’ve been through this number over a hundred times probably, so this is just a quick run through. As the music stops, I applaud them. 

“Great job everyone!” I say, smiling. They thank me, and turn in their mics to an intern. This was my last number of the day, so I go to pack up my bag. As I put some papers away, I feel someone standing behind me. I turn around to see Lin, who is awkwardly messing with his hands, talking to Anthony. I can’t help but wonder what they’re talking about, as Ant is starting to move his hands. Then, he points at me, and I can feel my face reddening. Quickly, I bend down and finish packing my stuff. As I sling the bag over my shoulder, I hear Ant behind me. 

“Y/N, hold on!” He yells. He runs in front of me as I’m walking out of the room, and I nearly crash into him. 

 "Jesus, Ant,“ I mumble, not realizing he’ll hear me. He laughs, and I look up at him. 

"Did you need something, or are you just being Anthony?” I joke, and he laughs again. 

 "Uh, my cousin over there,“ he points back to Lin, "with his tongue hanging out, has been meaning to ask you..” he waits for me to pick up. I can’t help but laugh, but inside I’m screaming. 

“Yes?” I continue. 

“…what a lady, such as yourself, might be doing tonight?” After he says that, I can see Pippa down the hall giggling, and Renee hushes her. Jaz peeks out from behind the wall. When I look over my shoulder, I see Lin staring at us, with his hands in his pockets. The look on his face says he’s nervous, and my heart flips at the sight. I turn back to Anthony, and motion with my hand to start walking. I carefully step backwards. 

“Does your cousin… dance?” I ask, loud enough for Lin to hear. Ant grins as he follows me into the studio. 

“Like a drunk Chita Rivera,” Ant says. Lin laughs, and I turn to him. 

“Okay,” I say, shaking my head a little for emphasis. “After I get ready, we could go out for dinner, then check out the fireworks.” Lin’s face breaks into a huge smile. He nods vigorously, and I laugh. Suddenly, Pippa is at my side, dragging me off. I can hear her talking about the dinner, but I can barely focus over my racing mind. It finally hit me that I’m actually going to go out with Lin. I’m so lost in thought that I don’t realize where I’m going, until Pippa pulls me into a room where Renee and Jaz are waiting. 

 "We want to help you with your outfit for tonight!“ Jasmine says excitedly. 

"If that’s okay with you,” Renee interjects. 

“Considering I have nothing to wear except my sweaty dance clothes, I’ll take any help I can get,” I respond, and we all laugh. I sit down in a chair in front of a mirror, and the girls start working. Renee messes with my hair, while Jaz is trying out makeup. I can hear Pippa talking to herself as she tries to find an outfit for me. We all talk about the show and about the choreography. They compliment me a lot, but I know that this would be nowhere without them. 

After roughly an hour, I’m ready to go. The outfit Pippa found for me is an off the shoulder dress with a floral design, and some flats to go with it. I’m wearing the same moon necklace Pippa gave to me a few months ago, and my rings that I bought a year ago. The makeup is simple enough that it doesn’t look overdone, and my hair is in loose curls. I can’t help but smile when I see myself. 

“Guys, this is absolutely amazing,” I gush, “thank you so much!" 

"Of course!” Jasmine says. I grab my purse as I head for the door. Then, I stop, and turn around. The girls look at me worriedly. 

“Is everything okay?” Renee asks. I can see the confused looks on their faces. 

“Yeah, I just..” I start to talk, but stop. I don’t know how to talk about this feeling in my stomach. I’ve never been so nervous in my life, even when I applied to be a choreographer for the show. Looking down, I notice my hands are shaking some. I don’t know how to hide it. 

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” I hear Pippa say. I look up to see her nodding along with the others. They all look at each other, then sing a line from one of my favorite musicals. 

“Just breathe!" 

I giggle a little, then turn back to the door. Taking a deep breath, I step out into the hall. As I walk to the door where I’m supposed to meet Lin, I run into Anthony. He grins when he sees me. 

"Lin is gonna lose his mind when he sees you,” he says, chuckling a little. I laugh some too, and keep walking. I stop at the door, take a deep breath, then step outside. Lin is out there, facing the street. When he hears the door, he turns, and his mouth drops open. I can’t help but blush, and he walks toward me. 

“Oh my god,” he says, gesturing at me with his hands. “You look absolutely astounding.” He smiles widely, and my face just gets redder. 

“Thank you,” I say, fiddling with my hands. Suddenly, he takes one of them in his. I look up, and see panic cross his face. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” he starts rambling, “I thought, since you said yes, I mean, I know I didn’t ask you out, but I mean, since we were going on a date, I thought-" 

Wait,“ I cut him off, then take a dramatic breath. ”This is a date?“ The sarcasm drips off my voice, and Lin starts to laugh. I join him, and suddenly, all of my nerves have disappeared. As we head to the car, he stops again. 

"Oh, I got this for you a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to give it to you,” he says. “Guess now is a good time, huh?” I nod, and he pulls something out of his pocket and places it in my hand. It’s a simple bracelet, a thin golden cord with a small stone in the center. It shines in the sun as he helps me clip it on my wrist. 

“Do you like it?” He asks. I nod, and throw my arms around him. I look up at him, aware of how close he is. His eyes stare into mine, and before I can think about it, I close the small space between us. The moment my lips touch his, I feel butterflies explode through my stomach. His hands fall to my waist as I move mine around his neck. Everything seems to stand still, and it’s just us in this moment. We finally break apart, and a small smile has appeared Lin’s face. I return it, and we walk to the car. He opens the door for me, and we head to dinner. 

Little did I know, this would be the first of many dinners, and time-stopping kisses.