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‘You’re just trying to get it as big as possible’: Capitals do photo day right
Justin Williams and Andre Burakovsky sported matching poofy 'dos.

“I used the hair dryer a little to blow it up and then it was just kind of sitting there by itself,” Burakovsky said of his ‘fro, which rivaled the height of Williams’s ‘do. “You’re just trying to get it as big as possible. When I got it kind of big, I thought, ‘All right this is pretty good.’ It looked stupid.”

Like Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper on Nationals photo day at spring training, Williams and Burakovsky looked a little like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters in the movie “Step Brothers.” That wasn’t a coincidence.

“There’s something in that for sure,” Williams said when asked if the duo’s look was inspired by the movie. “Burky’s nickname, sometimes it’s Dale. So, um … there’s a little something to that, yeah.”

Burakovsky was asked if he plans to keep his poofy look.

“No, absolutely not,” the 22-year-old replied.

“His hair looks like that every day, so I didn’t notice much difference,” joked Capitals forward Tom Wilson…

…wait, sometimes Andre gets called Dale?

Nerdist assembled the voice cast of Dragonball Z: Resurrection F to voice their favorite movie scenes as their DBZ characters. Here’s a taste of what happened.

Watch the full hilarious video (including the best version of the INDEPENDENCE DAY speech ever) here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Best Friends
  • Batman: On the count of three, say your mom's name. Ready? One, two, three.
  • Batman, Superman: MARTHA.
  • Superman: [stomps foot] What?
  • Batman: Did we just become best friends?
  • Superman: Yep!
  • [they high five each other]
Reaction #6: Brother’s Best Friend [OT9 x Reader]

Prompt: You fall in love with your brothers best friend.



You were staring at the TV, trying to ignore the commotion upstairs as your brother Chanyeol had his friends over.  The house full of voices as you watched ID’s Deadly Women.  

“Are you getting ideas?”  Sitting up, you turned around to see Baekhyun leading on the wall, looking in at the window.  

“No, tyring to ignore the testosterone filled room upstairs.”  Turning back around you picked up the slice of pizza taking a bite.  “Why are you down here?”  He came up behind you standing.

“Came to see what you were doing?”  Leaning your head back, you smiled up at him.  

“Are you flirting with  me Baek.”  You joked as he leaned down, kissing you.  When he pulled away your eyes were wide.  Sitting up, you turned looking at him as he looked slightly shocked at what he had just done.  

“I’m sorry…you just.”  He trailed off as you reached out, pulling on his shirt kissing him back.  His hand wrapped around your neck as he deepened it.   Feet on the stairwell caused you two to pull, your face red as you sunk deep into the couch.

“Baekhyun!  You coming?”  Your brother’s voice rang out.  

“Yeah, I’m on my way up, just grabbing another pizza box.”  Turning back to you, you looked forward at the TV not really knowing what the show was speaking on.  “I’m sorry.”  he whispered.

“I’m not.”  You mumbled as a smile grew on his face.  

“Talk later?”  He asked.  You nodded your head as he went to the kitchen to grab a box.  

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You sat at the bleachers as your brother sat next to you.  The game was almost over as Chanyeol stood in the goal, ready to block the PK kit that Minseok had accidental gave to the other team.  You gripped the edge of your seat as you watched your secret boyfriend about to get scored on.  PK’s were his worse.  Kyungsoo leaned over, making sure that only the two of you could hear.  

“I know you’re dating him.”  You stopped cheering, slowly looking at your brother.  “I saw you two kissing last night after his practice.”  You blinked as a slow blush came over you.

“Do you want me to break up with him?”  You asked, slowly looking at the love of your life.  

“No.  But he is going to get his ass kicked.”  Kyungsoo cheered as Chanyeol deflected the ball.  Looking up at the stands he looked at your stunned face and then at Kyungsoo his smile indicating he knows something on his face.

“Shit.”  Chanyeol mumbled under his breath.

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You stood outside of the fence looking in at the football team’s practice.  Jong-dae and your brother Jongin were busy finishing up practice.  You held your chemistry textbook in your hands.  Jongin saw you as the team all branched out.  The upper classmen going to their bags while the underclassmen began picking up the supplies.  Jongin sees you smiles and waves.  Him and Jong-dae walk over as you leaned on the fence.

“Hey sis.”  He leaned in kissing your forehead as you smiled.  “Waiting for me?”  He reached into his bag grabbing his keys.

“No, I’m actually waiting for Jong-dae.”  You point as he smiled.

“See, she knows who the best one is.”  Jongin hit him as Jong-dae pulled out his keys.  “She promised to help me with chemistry.”  

“I promised I would go to his house this afternoon.”

“I’ll drive her back.”  Jongin nodded as he patted Jongdae’s shoulder.  Walking over to the cars you waved goodbye as Jong-dae drove off.  A good couple of miles, Jong-dae pulled off to the side where he knew the Jongin wasn’t going to drive by.  Unbuckling his seatbelt he leaned over, kissing you on the lips.  You held your chemistry book in your hands tightly as you kissed back.  

“Jong-dae…we really do have to study.”  You mumbled.  He smiled as he leaned back.

“I missed you.”  His hand rested on your knee as you nodded.  Your heart pounding as you tried to keep the tears in.  Though you should have known that Jong-dae could see through it.  “What’s wrong __?”  His hand laid on your chin as he turned you to face him.

“What are we Jong-dae?”  


“Am I just your…your plaything?”  Jong-dae leaned over kissing you.

“You’re my girlfriend.  At least that’s what I want you to be.”  He confessed.  

“Girlfriend?”  You question, your eyes brightened.  

“Will you?”  You nod, smiling as he kissed you again.  A smile on both your faces.    

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