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What will happen when Rick meets Ezekiel

Rick: “So…King Ezekiel, I just wanna say that I really hate Negan. He’s such a fucking asshole.”

Ezekiel: “Wait, you hate Negan?”

Rick: “Yeah.”

Ezekiel: “I HATE NEGAN TOO!”

Ezekiel and Rick / all of The Kingdom and Alexandria:

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Nerdist assembled the voice cast of Dragonball Z: Resurrection F to voice their favorite movie scenes as their DBZ characters. Here’s a taste of what happened.

Watch the full hilarious video (including the best version of the INDEPENDENCE DAY speech ever) here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Best Friends
  • Batman: On the count of three, say your mom's name. Ready? One, two, three.
  • Batman, Superman: MARTHA.
  • Superman: [stomps foot] What?
  • Batman: Did we just become best friends?
  • Superman: Yep!
  • [they high five each other]