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Could you write a small thing about ryan leaving bodies for ray as a sign of courtship? And ray being like "what the fuck?"

Gotcha covered Anon. Warning for some gore and thank you so much for the prompt:

It’s not every day Ray finds a dead guy outside of his apartment (if it had been, he would have moved a long time ago), but there he is, lying there, eyes wide open, body riddled with bullet holes, three fingers missing.

It’s the fingers that give away who this guy is; Ray having shot them off in a struggle for his gun two days ago. It’s one of the downsides of working for Geoff Ramsey, sometimes guys tried to take them out at all hours of the day. The crew quickly learned they either have to fight back or let it happen. So far, none of them have let it happen.

Ray’s not sure who would take the time to track this guy down and kill him; especially with very little to go on. Until today, he had never seen the man’s face, hadn’t heard his voice, knew virtually nothing about him other than he worked for someone who at some point wanted Geoff and anyone working for him dead. And that three of his fingers were missing. Because of Ray.

Carefully, Ray steps over the body, making a quick phone call to the clean up crew they have on stand by, and Barbara promises to make quick work with the disposal; puns and all.

The rest of the day passes by uneventfully, and when Ray returns home no more bodies have been left in the hall. He does wonder why none of the neighbors bothered to call the cops, but then he remembers that last week he had heard gunshots coming from What’s Her Face’s apartment upstairs followed by a loud cackle. The next morning, Ray talked to the woman and she acted as if nothing happened, but he could have sworn he saw specks of blood covering her shoes. He didn’t ask, she didn’t tell, and they went about their lives.

He thinks about moving again, but dismisses the idea. His neighbor may be morally questionable, but she’s a fantastic baker and the commute to the FAHC office is only fifteen minutes. Plus, he’s already moved once thanks. Not again.

The next morning, he nearly trips over another body, this one laying right outside of his bedroom door. He takes several steps back, watching the new body warily, half expecting it to stand up and start swinging, but it just continues to lie there, immobile, throat cut, blood spattered across the front of his shirt.

Ray doesn’t recognize this guy, but he still has a feeling he should know who he is, so he snaps a picture of him and sends it to Gavin.

Gavin responds with an incoherent text followed by about fifty exclamation points and question marks, and Ray can’t help laughing softly, possibly sounding a little hysterical. He doesn’t blame Gavin for his response, would have had the same had their roles been reversed (possibly with a few less punctuation marks), and only types: Do you know who this guy is?

Gavin doesn’t respond for a good fifty minutes, but when he does it’s an email. The guy turns out to be the boss of the first dead guy. Some small time criminal with his hand in too many cookie jars, a record a mile wide, and a petty grudge against Geoff.

Why are you standing over this dead guy? Did you kill him? Gavin sends the text almost immediately after the email.

Not me. Ray sends back because if he’s going to get accused of killing one of Geoff’s enemies, he better be the one who pulled the trigger.

What sort of mof leaves a dead body on your floor?

I’ll let you know when I do.

After another quick call to Barbara, who delivers about a dozen rapid-fire dead body puns before promising to take care of the new dead guy, Ray sets out to find who has been leaving dead people around his apartment.

Geoff has a fit when Ray tells him about the body. He goes on about having to pay Barb not once but twice in the same week, and how the last person who cost him this much money on cleaners had been Ryan after his last murder break. It gives Ray an idea, but he stores it away for later, instead asking Geoff if he knows who could be responsible.

“How the fuck should I know? I gotta go make a few calls, make sure Barb isn’t the one doing it. She tried this two years ago.” He stalks away muttering to himself and Ray huffs. So much for Geoff’s help.

For a brief, very brief, moment Ray thinks maybe Barbara is behind this, but then he reminds himself she’d be more likely to leave the bodies outside of Geoff’s apartment, and he immediately abandons the idea.

No one else in the crew is all that helpful, but Michael and Jeremy offer to keep an ear out. Gavin starts going over security camera footage outside Ray’s apartment building and in the lobby, but whoever is doing this must have disabled them because he has no luck.

Jack offers up her couch until they figure out who’s behind it, but Ray kindly brushes off her concern. He’s sure whoever is doing this isn’t threatening him, but he knows there’s a message there somewhere. He just doesn’t know what is is yet.

The only person he can’t seem to find is Ryan, but knowing him he’s holed up in Sandy Shores somewhere, hiding out from the cops. It wouldn’t be the first time and Ray knows it won’t be the last either.

He goes for broke around noon, stopping by Fakehaus’ hideout, but the only one around is Lawrence. He’s sitting behind a desk, tinkering with an old laptop, but looks up when Ray walks into the room.

“Oh great, there you are. You here to pay me?”

Ray stops, confused. “Pay you?”

“Yeah, pay me. Look, I tried calling Ramsey but he’s not answering and I’m about this close-” he held up his left hand, his index finger and thumb nearly touching “-to tracking Ryan down myself.” He glances at his finger and thumb again before widening the space exponentially. “Okay, more like this…” he trails off again, squinting at his hand, and then says, “Fuck it. Just tell Ryan he still owes me for the information.”


“Yeah, information,” Lawrence retorts impatiently. “I mean fuck, if Ramsey is going to send Haywood around looking for some guy who fucked him over once like eight years ago the least he can do is send him along with some money. Especially since I found not only him but the flunky who works for him.”

Ray turns to leave, ignoring Lawrence when he calls him back. He thinks he understands what’s going on, maybe, but he can’t be sure and the uncertainty is going to drive him crazy.

Too lost in his head to actually be paying attention, he nearly runs into Ryan as he’s leaving the hideout. He looks up, scowling at Ryan.

“Uh, hi,” Ryan says with an awkward wave.

Ray narrows his eyes at him, opens his mouth to say something no doubt profound or witty, but instead grumbles, “I hate puns.”

“What?” Taken aback, Ryan shuffles back a few steps, watching Ray warily.

“I hate puns, Ryan,” Ray repeats softly. “I hate puns and yet because of you I had to deal with them.”

“I don’t…” Ryan clears his throat, his cheeks turning red. His voice cracks when he says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Betrayed by one of my closest friends and he can’t even admit what he did.” He shakes his head, pushing Ryan back a step. “Dude, you left me not one but two bodies. Two. I mean, yeah they’re both involved in my almost death, but seriously. Can’t you have buried them in the desert like a normal criminal? I had to call Barb and I swear she has a book full of puns she has at the ready whenever anyone calls her. What the hell, Ryan?”

“I don’t know,” Ryan exclaims with a helpless shrug. “I thought, you know, you’d see the bodies and…”

“And what? What? I’d swoon at your feet and declare you my hero?” Ray can’t help it, he laughs, shaking his head again. “Dude, next time. Next time just ask me out like a normal person, you idiot.”

When something close to hope flickers across Ryan’s face, Ray knows his hunch had been right, but it doesn’t stop him from quickly saying, “That’s not a yes, by the way. You’re not getting a yes that easily.”

“I’ll wear you down,” Ryan replies with a self-assured grin.

“If I find another body on my doorstep it’ll be a definite no.”

“I make no promises.”





E X T R A  T H I C C


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Microphone kissing

There is no need to make out with the microphone. You just can step back and…

Really? Dudes! Stop kissing the damn microphones! Just…

Why are you doing this? We can hear you just fine! Please stop!


What is this? The official “microphone kisser” club? Stand back!


Oh hell. Just forget it. This is fine.

take this burden - part 36

[ rotten - the naked and famous ]


Looking back on it, Mo Guan Shan could still tell you what he’d seen in She Li.

He’d be exciting.



He came with the promise of adventure and change.

Something he’d never sought out for himself, though he’d meant to for years.

While occasionally impulsive, he would never have imagined himself picking up and moving to Las Vegas with someone he barely knew.

It had just felt so…different.

So real.

Like some kind of sign that it was time.

Time for Mo Guan Shan to take a chance.

To change his life.

And maybe it was.

Maybe it had been the right choice.

Maybe he was in a good place now.

With these three.

Why the transition had to be half a year of hell was beyond him.

What do people say?

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?’

‘The universe works in mysterious ways?’

Yeah, fuck all of them and the universe for good measure.



Without She Li he would never had ended up in Vegas.

He’d never been or put any serious thought into going.

It was just one of those places you see on tv, somewhere you go to get drunk, lose all your money, and get married, and get a bad tattoo.

The place itself never seeming altogether real.


He was glad he’d ended up here.

He tried very, very, hard not to ask himself ‘at what cost.’


All around, She Li had seemed like a pretty alright guy.

When he drank, however, things changed.

He would often switch from charming to violent in the space of a heartbeat.

It was funny, sweet even, the first time when he’d confronted some drunk asshole catcalling women downtown one night.

Slightly less so when he shoved one of his friends for making a terrible joke.

Not so funny when he beat the shit out of someone for ‘flirting’ with Mo Guan Shan and spent the night in jail for assault charges that didn’t stick.

He’d been standing at the bar, waiting for a drink, when some college-aged kid approached, gently placing a hand on his shoulder and shouted to be heard over the music.

‘Sorry, do you mind if I squeeze in for a sec to grab a drink?’

Mo Guan Shan leaned the other direction, letting him in to lean over the bar.

Less than a minute later, the dude stepped back with a few drinks, turning and ending up face to face with She Li.

It had taken Mo Guan Shan, a bouncer and two of his friends to get She Li off him.

Mo Guan had watched in shock as She Li had been hauled off by the cops.

One of his friends drove him back to the apartment.

‘Mo Guan Shan…’ the man had said as they pulled into the parking lot.


He took a deep breath, seemingly torn.

He looked very, very, sad.

‘Nothing, sorry. Have a good night.’

‘Yeah…you too.’

He let himself into the apartment, locking the door behind him and made his way to the bathroom.

Starting the shower, he stripped quickly, dropping his clothes to the tile floor.

He held his hand under the water, waiting for it to warm up and tried to quiet that little voice in the back of his mind telling him he was being very, very, stupid.

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Pardon me but may we please have some more smutty headcanons? You know what I could really go for right now? Smutty Bahorel/Feuilly. I want all of the smut for them. Just all of it. Please and thank you.

My new favorite thing is that this is my legacy

Smutty Bahorel/Feuilly let’s go

  • loudest babes. literally wow stop waking everyone up at 3am. this is mostly bahorel’s fault
  • bahorel is such an adrenaline junkie - he went skydiving once and annoyed feuilly about “are you sure we can’t fuck while skydiving ??” for weeks
  • playful boxing that turns into actually competitive boxing and then into rough make out session
  • they kinkshame each other all day every day 
  • speaking of bahorel was trying to be cute by whispering to feuilly that he loved playing with his hair and feuilly just stepped back like “oh dude… that’s like… really kinky… i don’t know how i feel about that bro”
  • “i’m sorry i broke your nose i’m an enthusiastic lover”
  • high five during sex like ?????
  • once challenged each other to moan nothing but ‘no homo’ during sex
  • feuilly texts bahorel going “bored at work” and receives about twelve dick pics 

Well, I guess I have to do it then. -shrug-

This is happening! lol

Part 1 (x) In case you missed it ;)

Part 3 (x) Because some people- can’t even. (Pun, entirely, intended)


As they spiraled around and up the lava filled volcano, Classic dodged some on-coming flaming rocks that came out of it’s top, as Modern Sonic circled the stage upward.

Classic took the more direct but dangerous route, it was faster, but it also meant certain doom if he didn’t watch himself and act fast on reflex.

Jumping from rock to rock, he found that some were dummies or, in otherwords, would cause him to slide down and take longer.

At long last, Classic made it up before Modern, and as he looked behind him to double check his surroundings, he looked inside the volcano and gasped.

A metallic dragon was battling Amy, but she looked on her last few breathes, as she wearily swung her hammer before taking courage and jumping on it’s head, only to have it drop into the lava.

She screamed a moment, flailing her arms before something spin dashed into her, knocking her away from a devastating fall.

She hit the back of the volcano and passed out, as he slid down the rocky wall with one hand gripping the sliding rocks around him and the other trying to hold on to her.

Once down, he worried he may have hurt her, seeing scratches and other such injuries before he angrily turned to the dragon, as it sprayed up lava from it’s head coming up, the magma also formed the tight, flying flame rocks that would form due to their mass spiraling into a ball form.

So.. it was the dragon that made him loose so many rings and lives on that climb up here!

He clutched his fists, and began to fight it, kicking and spinning the rocks back at the head, before jumping on a spring conveniently located at the foot of the lava crevice-like dome before homing attacking the robotic eye when a spring would click out like a door, and the head would fall flat down.

After the boss battle, the dragon roared it’s head and slowly departed into the lava, shutting down and blasting an explosion that triggered the full revival of the volcano.

When Modern made it, he was shocked by the explosions, “Woah! Guess I missed all the fun.” he didn’t seem cheery about that, because he frowned with his teeth showing, looking for Amy above.

But it ended up that Amy was on the floor level with him, and he turned to finally see her, still limp on the ground.

He raced to her at once, as Classic Worriedly dodged sparks of fire burst from the mouth of the volcano, before turning around to look at the two.

Sonic, almost as if in disbelief of her condition, lightly rose a hand over to her face, lifting her head to tilt it toward him.

He then let it down gently and shook his fists so mightily, that even his head lowered with the tremor of the earth, but he barely noticed upon his own dread at not being there for her.

“What happened!?” Sonic spun to Classic, “You got here first. Spill!”

His frustrations came off aggressively, and Classic wasn’t gonna take any of that.

Surprised at first, he widened his eyes slightly and stepped back, almost like, ‘dude, chill.’ before his true attitude came through and he folded his arms, turning his head before seeming to explain himself with gestures, but clearly acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

In greater rage, Sonic reached forward and grabbed his younger self, who started kicking back as the two struggled on the ground.

“Don’t act you’re better than me!!! You hurt her!!!!”

Video game noises spat out from Classic, clearly not putting up with his modern’s deal and starting to fight him back, a stupid brotherly wrestle of punches and kicks unfolded, before the volcano really did start spitting up more and more lava, rising from it’s mouth, getting close to overflowing… near Amy!

Modern Sonic shoved his younger self’s head down, “For once, think more than yourself! You knocked her out, do you not get that?!” He lowered his head down to get the point across, but the two were letting off steam from the stress of everything they’ve had to go through so far.

Classic fought back, having his face smushed but cried out a growl of annoyance before arching and leaning his back so far that he tucked his hands over his head and under his shoulders.

He kicked up like a break dance move, and shoved Modern Sonic’s face all the way back down, having him completely unable to guard against that.

Classic, seeing Modern now face down on his back, leaned down with his hands on his hips, before performing his signature ‘win’ animation and then give the camera a wink and a thumbs up.

Sonic groaned, rolling his eyes as most of his anger was gone and lost by now…

Then worry struck.


Shoving Classic off of himself, he rose up and started darting towards her.

Classic fell backwards but sprung up again, looking upset by that treatment as he sat down, before his tail was smeared with lava flow, and he leaped up in a firework of rings.

He rubbed his tail before turning to look at the lava so close to his head a moment ago, and gripped it, gulping.

They were distracted!

“Amy!” Sonic out stretched his hand but the earth beneath him had already melted away from where she lay…

“Darn!” he bite down before looking around, seeing the wall beside him was cleared from some rocks.

“Hmm..” He glared down, getting ready to jump as he seriously began to plan this daring rescue.

Jumping after gaining some speed on the now almost completely gone, rectangular earth piece, he jumped to the wall and scaled it, running along in a parkour style before spinning and flipping around, landing on Amy’s floating island.

The earth rocked and he almost fell in, but jumped forward to grab Amy, looking back to see her drap over his shoulder and the earth still a moment after flipping and rocking back and forth to balance itself.

Sonic looked up, half supporting himself with just one arm and the other up on his shoulder where Amy was.

He got up on his knees, looking back to Classic, who was now on a little island too.

“You got any bright ideas?” He looked calm, but his face showed he was a little worried, holding Amy now with both hands over one shoulder.

Classic looked down, his eyes shifting, before scrolling up to look around, and scanning possibilities.

He suddenly heard a roar beneath his feet, and lifted one comically, before smiling a huge open grin to Sonic.

He jumped up, spreading his legs as he put his fingers to his mouth, whistling.

This triggered the last remaining bits of energy left in the broken Dragon, as it started to roll it’s head up from beneath, it’s long neck pushing the lava up, and with it, the gang as well.

“Whaaaa!!” Modern Sonic cried out as they were lifted in a strange way up and out of the volcano, the Dragon breaking the surface with it’s blinking eye, about to flicker out, and half of itself destoryed in the explosion, causing it to twitch and have half it’s armor off, looking like a robotic skeleton.

Finally, the neck snapped and the flickering light of the dragon finally faded to nothingness as the dragon’s head fell to the depths of the remaining eruption.

Sonic jumped with Amy and then reached for his other, who gripped his hand and hung on from behind.

Modern Sonic got everyone down, but tripped over a sliding rock, something he had forgot was a thing in this stage, and the three tumbled the rest of the way down.

Falling flat on their faces except for Amy, the two shook their heads before looking up, seeing Amy roll off a cliff.

“AHHH!!” the two freaked out and charged, jumping off and racing down the cliff to grab her again.

“Why does this always happen!?” Modern Sonic, with eyes moving small and big in his panic, was referencing the fact that Amy couldn’t be safe for more than 5 minutes.

He grasped her arm and pulled her close before falling through the trees, Classic slicing his way through branches to make the fall not so painful, before letting them get caught by a his own hand.

Before then, Sonic had fully brought Amy over him, pushing her close, gripping her head to himself, and lowering his head. With eyes shut, he almost thought that could be the end, and a thought of prayer that Amy might at least make it skimmed his racing, adrenaline pumped, thoughts.

He reached up, looking for Classic and grabbed the hang, hearing him call out to do so.

The two swung and Sonic lifted a leg to push off a tree and land fairly decently.

He then immediately shot his head up, shaking Amy.

“Come on, come on! If that didn’t wake you up, then what will!?”

She lay motionless, as Classic hopped down, and slowly walked over to her.

“…This… this doesn’t make any sense.” Sonic started to look around on the ground, leaning back as if defeated. “She can’t… she couldn’t be that far out of it. Why is she not… What… mmm.” he swallowed hard, fear crippling his words, as he suddenly felt a deep feeling of loss and anguish wash over him.

So immediate was this tangible emotion that it gripped his chest and made it hard for him to breathe.

“..Amy…” he barely got the words out, it was so faint, as he slowly lowered her to the ground. “What have I done..?” he put his hand over his face, hiding any reading the audience could give as to his emotions.

He lowered his head as he hovered over her, before Classic looked to him, seeing something he never thought he woudl see in himself.


But this was more pure, more holy almost, the way he dealt with deep sorrow and pain.

Classic looked down to Amy then.

A angelic look of non-existence…

He bent down and put his head up to her mouth and nose, closing his eyes to listen.

She was breathing.

He looked back up to himself, as if not understanding.

Why was he so wrought with pain when she was still okay?

Classic pulled her a little from under him, as Modern turned to peek through his fingers, just trying to breathe right.

He lowered his hand when he saw Classic lightly stroking the middle ridge between her eyes.

He waited, not sure what he was thinking…

Classic then lightly stroked her ears, and looked for a response.

“…L…Little me..” Sonic was about to scold a bit, thinking it weird before the gentle touch actually stirred her.

Classic tilted his head, before smiling.

Modern looked amazed.

“Not even… that ruckus… woke her up but… that… that did?” He was still finding it hard to catch his breath, but couldn’t help and chuckle and shake his head down at that truth.

He reached and pushed off his raised knee, getting up as he walked over, getting his communicator, clicking it on.

“Tails, I need readings on Amy’s condition. Think you can get that off her tracker?”

Classic, almost having fun with this game, lightly ‘boop’d her nose.

“Emmm..mmm..” she slowly twitched, gently as if in a deep sleep, but her body was truly sore and her dress tattered.

She really did get a slam force on that spin dash, but in Classic’s defense, he was only trying to save her life.

Classic’s smile turned a smirk, as he raised his eyebrows to look back at Modern, wondering…

If he’d get mad…

“Right. Heart rate? That’s good, I guess.Critical for anything? Wow… she can take a hit. I-I mean I always knew THAT b-b-but still-!…” he was facing his back to the two, but grew nervous for some reason.

“Thanks, Tails. I’ll bring her back as soon as I can for further recovery.” he clicked the communicator off, turning around.

His quills bristled at the sight.

Classic Sonic was laying, completely chillaxed, right beside her; gently he flicked his fingers over her bangs and got her to turn her head more towards him, and opened his arms for the embrace as he held her head, turning his face to the side and closing his eyes, lowering his head before blinking up at Sonic.

Ohh… he was asking for it…

“Ehem.” Modern Sonic folded his arms, and looked ticked. “And what, do you suppose, does that look like?” he raised an eyebrow, tilting his head.

Classic cozied on up more to her, scooting himself, before smirking more mischievously as he flicked his finger under her chin, then gave Modern Sonic a look.

“Quit it!” Modern shot his arms down, and reached to remove him.

Classic dodged the swipe for him and raced off, before turning around mocking him with his hand on his nose like, ‘You can’t catch me! Sucka!’. He then reverted to acting like he was holding and loving on Amy, before sticking a finger in his mouth and hacking, showing he hated the idea of it all before fanning his older self as if saying, ‘Nasty, nasty! Gross, gross, gross! I’d never!’. He turned his head and squinted an eye in disgust, accusing his older self of liking her a little too much than just regular old fondness.

Sonic bent down by Amy, before glaring at Classic’s tauntings, lowering his head with a deep, serious look of annoyance.

He then picked Amy up, carefully, and looked her over to make sure she was okay.

He nodded when he figured it could all be something that could heal, given the right amount of time.

“Phew~ No broken bones.”

Classic mimicked a broken heart.

Sonic twitched, before looking away, then down back at her, as if ashamed again.

“…” he moaned a sigh, looking away and walking off before taking off in a sprint.

Classic, confused on him not responded, was baffled a moment before something terrifying skimmed his thoughts.

He gripped his head and started hitting his feet on the ground, making annoyed sounds of disapproval.

What if he was in love!?

The thought made him grip his throat, shaking his head, as if he’d rather be DEAD than love Amy Rose!

-Later in game~-

Sonic returned to the HQ only to hear that Amy had left without anyone knowing, and in great anger he tried to storm off and search for her, thinking her foolish for doing another stupid mission on her own again, but was stopped by the team.

Having a long debate, it was convincing to see that the team were going to hold him home, and wait the night out for her to come back.

Upset, and under the impression she was truly avoiding him, Sonic tossed and turned in his bed, thinking of ways to get passed his ‘guard dogs’ outside, before suddenly becoming very sleepy.

Unknown to Sonic, his drink was given a sleeping remedy, and he flickered his eyes out, his last thoughts on running to find Amy again.

Later that night, as Classic slept on the floor with an arm over his head, he heard Sonic’s Miles-Electric in his room turn on, flickering and making some phone ringing sound.

He yawned, before getting up and wiping his eyes, seeing his other had slept in, but not knowing he wasn’t stirred because of the powerful dosage given him.

He yawned and got up, clicking the answer button he had learned how to do and watched as the screen was black, and looked puzzled at it.

He tilted his head.


It was so gentle. So faint.

He recognized it at once, but turned to see she had turned off her video chat, and it was only her voice he could hear.

He looked around, confused as to why, but tapped the screen to try and indicate he was still there.


He raised his hands in frustration, clearly unable to communicate if she couldn’t SEE him.

He looked around the screen, before clicking his video on, and seeing a small square where it showed his face.

He smiled widely, glad he could figure out this strange, futuristic device, and proudly moved his shoulders side to side in a little happy movement.

“..Oh? Classic?” She giggled, “I wasn’t expecting you..”

Her voice was like a sigh, and Classic was surprised it was so soft. Usually, it had quite a force behind it.

He tilted his head, trying to hear what was around her, and hopefully get an idea of where she could be.

Forest? There was a lot of bugs… maybe if an owl hoot’d he’d be more precise on WHERE or WHICH forest…

But nope. There was only a breath released that sounded like weary exhaustion, and he picked the device up to sit down where he was laying, letting her speak, he guessed.

I… I was kind of hoping to go to voicemail.” she admitted.

What was voicemail?

Classic made a face, turning his mouth to the side.

She giggled, apparently seeing it in the dark lit room, since the light of the screen was bright enough a green to see.

He stared into the darkness, wondering why he couldn’t see her, and looked around to try and indicate he wanted too.

He tapped the screen again.

Sorry.. I… I’d rather not…” she admitted, but then continued with another soft inhale.

I need.. some time.”

Well, we all do.

Sonic made another, more insensitive face, not putting up with Amy’s crappy excuses.

He mimed how his older self really didn’t like her avoiding him, and how he really wanted to talk with her about why she was acting this way.

He then mimed Metal Sonic, using his fingers to push his eyes wider and stare into the camera, trying to reflect Metal’s red eyes as a prominent indicator that that’s what he was talking about.

“...So you heard..

He shook his head, looking back at the screen, a little more innocently.

Not all of it… but you heard, still. Which means…”

He heard too.”

Classic Sonic was growing upset and easily frustrated with all these stalling, secretive codes that he couldn’t catch on to.

Spill it, lady!

Classic Sonic tapped the screen harder, pouting to reflect a more physical look of impatience.

She giggled again, “Not now… but soon. I need to… I just need to be alone right now.

Classic Sonic thought about Modern, and slowly rose his head to the bed, remembering…

He looked tenderly back to the screen, and gathering strength, he closed his eyes and licked his lips.

“…You hate being alone…”

She was surprised, guessing by the mini-gasp he heard from her, that he could talk.

Cool guys only speak when dramatic effect is maximized.

And you have too. He winked to the audience.

Heh.” she turned on the video.

Looking down, he noticed she was laying down, her face on her side and half hidden, but noticed the tree roots on the ground she was around.

He quickly scanned the area, before looking over her to make sure she was okay.

She seemed fine.

I don’t know how to say this but...” she smiled lightly, before deep despair showed on her face, and she looked away.

Just tell Sonic… Tell him… I never meant to… to…” she sighed, “I’m sorry.” she closed down the Miles-Electric as she seemed about to cry.

Classic Sonic freaked, clicking the buttons and trying to turn his ‘show’ back on before looking upset.

Why are girls so fond of leaving everything in a conversation open for interpretation that will never be gotten?

He smashed his head on the device, groaning…

The next morning, he was much more willing to search for Amy then last time, and gestured two thumbs to himself, stating through the gesture to trust him. He knows a good forest where tree roots grow large and above ground…


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  • It would include lazy days ,where you’d both be tangled under bed sheets cuddling till it’s like 11am and you start Yelling cause’ both of you are late as hell to work. “ MIN YOONGI, WE’RE F*CKING LATE TO WORK, GET YOUR ASS WORKIN’ AND STOP BEING SO LAZY!!”, you’d pull on his arm and yoongi would probably twerk like he did in the baepsae dance practice “Satisfied now?”,he’s pull you back to bed
  • You, always having to brush his hair and help him to get ready in the mornings, cause’ the guy refuse to get off bed. “ Awww babe…what would I do without you”, he’d smile at you and you’d smack his arm
  • Him refusing to drive you back home ,cause’ he’s lazy so he suggests you stay at his place *wriggles eyebrows franctically*
  • Him giving you his perverted eye stare while you cook food for lunch. “ i’m hungry. Give me something babe even if it’s not food. “, he’s say in a seductive tone
  • Him expecting you to tell him each morning that his outfit looks swag enough to leave for work. “Yes, Min yoongi, you look Swag , now please run, cause’ YOU’RE LATE AF “
  • His warm fingers touching your bare shoulders as he’d whisper in your ears “ Bultaorne”, in a very sensual tone as you’d feel like your skin is actually catching on fire from his warm touch
  • You and Him singing over “I need you” as the neighbors would plead you guys to stop cause  Min Yoongi’s  singing voice is threatning to make their ears uable to function.
  • Him always sitting on the couch and pulling you on his lap when you refuse to tag along his unproductive hours of rest. “ It’s comfy, just stay here and stop moving so much”, he’d trap you in his arm “ Dude, I have to give in my assignement tomorrow! I can’t slack off like yo–”, you retort but he’d put his index on your lips. “ Hush baby and follow me. I’m Genius Min Suga”
  • He’s always right and you’re wrong . Don’t even try to retort, cause the guy is like prepared to spit these answers that make you shut up.
  • When both of you are laying on a bed ,He’d wither be  the kind of man that is lazy as hell  and tells you to stfu cause’ he needs his sleep or he won’t let you sleep at all.By that I mean that he can be pretty savage af when he wants the sexy time.
  • Him cringing his face when he don’t approve of your outfit. “Babe, no, wtf were you thinking when you put these two pieces of clothing together. I thought you were my girlfriend, not some fashion terrorist.Please put on something else for the sake of swag. I beg you”
  • Him not being able to function properly when you don’t feed him “ I thought we agreed that i’d live as a rock and that you’d bring me breakfast to  bed for that scientific purpose”, he’d lecture you
  • Him composing songs and always hiding them from you ,cause his masterpieces can’t be revealed till they’re officially done.
  • Him ranting to you about how life is being unfair with him, because he should have been born as a rock.
  • Him kissing you out of the blue each time you get in a  heated argument, cause’ it’s his only way to make you shut up
  • Him trying to get extra cheeky and touchy when you’re both at dinenr table with your families.His hands under that table are both dangerous for you and for your freaking reputation.
  • Him running his fingers against your cheeks and jaw before pulling you into a deep kiss.
  • Both of you cuddling under a blanket during winter days ,because the suga needs some love and heat to melt in your embrace ;)
  • Him taking care of you ina  very cold manner cause he ain’t into cheesy stuff.For example he’d hand you a water bottle but won’t even look at you while he does so.
  • He’s the type to enjoy laying his head on your lap while you play with his colored hair.He’s run his fingers along your thighs as he’s relaxing on your lap “Your thighs are better than a pillow *smirks*”
  • He won’t get jealous and it never shows in his face , because he trusts you and he knows he’s way better than all of these guy friends you have. SWAG
  • When you both get in a quarrel, he’s the kind of guy that won’t blink an eye and let you scream it out alone.He won’t try fighting back .He’ll let you explain your point.He’ll probably don’t even reply back to you, till you’re calmed down.
  • He’s very sneaky around you especially when you’re both alone.He probably takes all opportunities to make you flustered and have a smirk all plastered over his cocky face.
  • He’d bring you back to his hometown Daegu since he keeps on bragging about being “The most successful bastard ever born in Daegu”
  • He will show you where he grew up and he’d proudly introduce to his family, because you’re his pride.
  • He’s the boyfriend that sleeps in the movie theater ,when you go out on a date ,which ends up with you being extra pissed and him drooling on your shoulder. “What was the name of that movie again? Yeah we definitly need to watch it again *smiles sweetly*”
  • He’d try convincing you to dye your hair with him, which always ends in a horror movie, because you either said yes and it looks horrible on you or you said no and the guy pouting and agyeo-ing the shit out of you~
  • You’d always order your food out ,cause’ the guy ain’t got no cooking skills to show off ,unless you’re talking about cooking ramen noodles.
  • Him using winter and rainy days as an excuse to not go out and stay at home in the warmth, cause’ he be lazy like that.
  • You, stealing his shirts and him not noticing ,cause ‘ he’s slow like that, till he figures out he don’t have any shirts left “ that ain’t swag, Y/N!!!”
  • Him clinging onto you like some koala when you’re about to go back home, because he feels lonely without your presence.
  • Him kissing your cheek when you’re asleep and you opening up your eyes.The dude steps back and is embarssed as hell. “ NO I DID NOT TAKE ADVANATAGE OF YOU WHILE ASLEEP * hehehehehe*”
  • Him, standing you up each time Jungkook takes him to eat lamb skewers, cause’ da love for these lamb skewers shall be stronger the bond between him and his own mother. “ Why am I GOING OUT WITH YOU AGAIN, min yoongi?! *facepalms*”, you’d ruffle you hair
  • Him showing you his mixtape first before anyone else has the honor to see it.
  • Him telling you his deepest worries and not being afarid of showing you his very sensitve nature that ain’t showing.
  • Him teaching you how to play basket ball, because he wants you to fangirl over him cause he’s a cocky little shit.
  • Him wanting you to call him “Suga daddy”, cause’ IT’S probably one of his deepest fantasies  LOL
  • Him poking you when he wants some attention
  • Adorable backhugs everytime you’re focused on your work and Yoongi wants to distract you ,cause’ he’s evil like that.
  • Him ending your arguments with “ I’m the Genius Min Suga”
  • Him acting all cute and shit when he wants something
  • Him giving you kisses that are savage as hell when it’s the most unexpected ,cause he’s laid back like that.
  • Him don’t giving a F*ck about how people actually can witness you both, when you’re making out.
  • Him ,never giving a F*ck about exes ,but still feels bitter sometimes when he knows you’re still friends with some of them
  • Cuddling that turns out into some hardcore make out session *blushes*, cause’ the Min Yoongi, can go from lazy to some over energized beast when it comes to you.
  • Him whispering adorable compliments to your ears while asleep.
  • Him loving each and every facial feature that you have on your face.
  • You and him living happily ever and after while eating a supply of lamb skewers and sleeping till death make you apart, cause’ you’re both swag like that ;)

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Hey..! Um, I've been inactive for... reasons, and now that I see you've got limbs! So, um... if you're okay with it, maybe we could, um, hug..? I- I mean- I'm just- so happy for you! This is... [sigh] this is great..! [Hobo opens his arms, hoping to have a hug from his best friend.]

*Harold looks very uncomfortable, and rather upset as he takes a step back.*

Dude we’ve… been over this. So many times. I don’t like being touched by much of anyone. You know this. The anons I can understand to some extent, they don’t know me. But you’re… you. You KNOW THIS.

Why do I have to keep explaining this…

[[M!A: 0% TRANSPARENCY! [23/37] ]]

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"suspect they are gay" - you want to actually call out your anons on using passively homophobic language? Suspect someone is gay? Like it's a fucking crime then need to be suspicious of? And why are you even fucking suspecting someones sexuality? Wait for them to tell you. Really disappointed I'm even having to send this and you didn't call that anon out for that bullshit to begin with.

there’s being sensitive to language and then there’s this perfect example of social justice warrior-ing gone wrong.

the message in question:

to suspect as the anon used it is a verb meaning ‘to believe or think without confirmation or concrete proof’. 

suspect as you mean it is a noun or an adjective and doesn’t even make sense in the context of the anon message you’re getting pissed about.

i’m going to suggest you take a million steps back my dude there was nothing passively homophobic about that sentence at all and you might want to make sure you understand the word usage you’re getting angry about before firing off messages like this.

“And why are you even fucking suspecting someones sexuality? Wait for them to tell you.”

and this is where you make it obvious you’re an anti.

‘Jealous’ The 100 Preference

Requested: Nope

Relationship: Bellamy Blake x Reader, John Murphy x reader, Jasper Jordan x reader, Monty Green x reader, Clarke Griffin x reader, Raven Reyes x reader, Octavia Blake x Reader, Lexa Woods x reader 

Type: Preference

Blurb:  How do they act when they’re jealous?


Bellamy was the definition of jealously. He cared about two people in the camp and that was Octavia and you. So watching someone else flirting with you, make you smile and laugh, complementing his princess made his blood boil. He would watch from across camp watching eyes wonder until he had enough. He would storm over to you, cupping your face and passionately kiss you before making an excuse for you both to leave, Bellamy making sure to smirk at who you were with before pulling you away.

You’d notice his large callous hands and his firm grip on your own as he tugged you away towards the other side of camp as you trailed behind him trying to keep up with his long strides, a crowd of people would watch watch you both.

“Where are we going?” You would giggle.

“We’re going to my tent. We’re going to prove to everyone in the godforsaken camp that you’re mine. No body else’s.” He would say before winking as you reach outside his tent. He would kiss you, his hands moving to the bottom of your back and pull you into his tent. The people watching would mutter things to each other about you two, but you didn’t care. He didn’t care. You could not care together.


Unlike Bellamy, Murphy despised watching someone else flirt with you and wanted to take all his anger out on them. He watched as another one of the delinquents whispered something to you causing you to slap their arm playfully. Regardless of what they were saying, Murphy was pissed. He would walk over, shoving the delinquent meters away from you and shout:

“What do you think you’re doing? Step. Back.” Murphy growled.

“Murphy, Dude, were just talking. Calm down.” The delinquent would laugh. 

“Just talking?” Murphy would say, looking right at you with an eyebrow arched.

“Yeah, I mean, If I wanted to sleep with Y/N I would have by now. I mean, look at my competition.” The delinquent would snicker.

Murphy stood, attempting to fathom what had just been said when his face dropped. He spun around, wiping the smirk of the delinquents face with a swift punch to the jaw over and over again until Miller and Lincoln sprint over, grasping an arm each and pulling him back, hands now behind his back. You would stand in front of him, cooing trying to calm him down when he’d just look over you and say to the delinquent (who still had not moved from the floor)

“Stay away from Y/N. Next time I see you even look in Y/N’s general direction I’ll make sure there won’t be anyone around to pull me away, and that’s a promise.” 


Jasper on the other hand could be a very insecure guy, so watching someone else all over you upset him greatly. Were you happier with them? Were you still happy with Jasper? After loosing Maya he couldn’t bare to loose you as well but he would forever look out for your best interest. When you would arrive back at Jasper’s room to see him only to notice he wasn’t there. You would ask around until Monty points you to just before the outside of the camp, leaning against the gate.

“You OK Jas? You weren’t in your room, I was worried.” You would mumble sitting in front of him. When he looks up you would notice something was wrong, his glance was intense.

“I-I don’t think- I just.. are you happy? like, with me? Because if you’re not then don’t humor me, I can take it.” He would mumble, barely able to keep eye contact.

“Jas- of course I’m happy! What-why are you thinking like this”

He would explain himself, making you lean over and embrace him. 

“I love you Jas, don’t you dare forget that” 

He would bury his head into your neck “I love you, Y/N, I always have.”


Monty had liked you since you first met back on the ark when you were children, so watching you and Murphy flirt killed him. Monty was smart he knew how to use that to his advantage to get what he wanted. Monty (along with everyone else) could recognized how good you would be together 

“Monty I can’t believe you! You know I like Murphy, and you just had to swoop in and embarrass me. You told him about that time on the ark, really! I’ve known you since we were about 6, you had plenty of other stories but no, you just had to tell him about how I slept with my blanket until we were 16. It was a comfort thing, ok! It made me feel better! Now, he thinks I’m just a little dork that he just wants to be friends with. You got me friend-zoned, Green. Ugh and I cant believe that-” Monty held his hands up to quieten you. “Oh don’t you dare tell me to be quiet by holding your hand up, Green. I can’t believe you! Why did you do that! I-” 

Monty steps forward and kisses you. “That’s why I did it. You deserve better. You deserve someone who will make you a priority, that’s not Murphy. It’s me, Y/N.” You stay quiet “Are you going to say something” Monty scratches the back of his head nervously.

“That is the nicest way someone has ever told me to shut the fuck up” you say, causing you and Monty to giggle.


Jealous Clarke was one not to be messed with. She was stubborn and would pick an argument over whatever had pissed her off, assuming that she would win. The bad thing about that was that you were just as bad. You were just as stubborn and had no issue in arguing back, especially if you were in the right. 

This would lead to screaming matches, to harsh glares, to the silent treatment. One of you would walk away from the situation. By the end of the night, however, Clarke would sneak back in and lay with you. Stroking your hair and whispering an apology to you for not trusting you.

Yes, Clarke was incredibly stubborn, but she wasn’t about to lose you over something as little as simple jealousy.


Octavia would get mad at you and whoever was chatting you up. She would get incredibly angry over the littlest things and it would turn into a screaming match no body being able to stop you two. Faces would go red, swear words screamed and simple eye contact turned into harsh glares until you both had nothing else to say and would stand in front of each other, catching your breath. You would both watch each other intently, realizing how stupid you were being and giggle. Octavia would pull you into a hug and kiss your forehead as an apology. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, O”

She was fine with you after that, however if the person who tried to chat you up even came near you she would kill them. Like seriously, she would fight them and have no problem doing it.


Raven was the type that if anything would happen that made her remotely insecure she would shut you out. There would be days of silence and avoiding you until you would go see her without mention and she would be crying and refusing to speak to you, not even telling you why she was upset. 

You would sit and reassure her how much you care about her, how happy she made you, how important she was to you. Tears would stream down your face until she finally made eye contact with you.

“I’ve lost Finn. I’ve lost the ability to walk confidently. I’ve lost my family. I’ve lost confidence in my work. I’ve withheld hours of soul crushing torture. Yet, all I can think about is how I don’t want to lose you.”

You would take Ravens face in your hands and kiss her. She meant the world to you, and you felt as though she finally knew it.

“Raven, we both know you’re not going to be able to get rid of me anytime soon”


Lexa had two moods. 

Mood 1) Yes, she was jealous but she trusted you more than anything in the world. You made her happier than she had been in a long time and she knew that you were happy too, so it was stupid to risk everything over some hyper-confident asshole who didn’t have a chance with you anyway. You loved Lexa. Lexa loved you. Nothing would stand in the way of you two.

Mood 2) She would punch the hyper-confident asshole who dared to think they had a chance with you. Seriously, she would fight them. In the time it would take them to get away from you her blade would be out and positioned at the assholes throat. She would command that they get away from you and the blade would not move until they obliged her. She absolutely adored you. You were her babe. She was your babe. Nothing and nobody on this entire planet would come in between you two.

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*exaggerated shrug* I never like him. He seemed fake and kind of annoying. Seeing all of this stuff is super annoying. And it’s kind of frustrating seeing all these people defending him? Like dude, step back and put his actions on a stranger. You wouldn’t like that stranger, would you? Then why are you trying to defend him, just because he’s some big famous guy that makes videos? Like you don’t know what he does or says in his free time because ‘pewdipie’ is just a persona. It’s not him. Felix isn’t someone Id want to waste my time on. There’s no excuse for racist comments, jokes or not. The reason why it’s such a big deal to people, is because he’s influencing 50 million people. We wouldn’t care if it’s some stupid, low-ball youtuber that doesn’t change anything (example: Keemstar), we care because it’s a man influencing 50 million people. Thats it really.


EXO reaction - running into your ex who tries to fool them you were with him yesterday(...)

That one is complicated but I think I know what you mean, so leggo~

Sehun: “Bish, who do you think you’re talking to?”

Kai: *laughs at him* “You better step back, dude.”

D.O.: “ Well.. interesting. She was with me.” *death stare*

Chanyeol: ‘Well I’m pretty sure she was with me in my bed.. if you know what I mean.”

Chen: “Yeah sure… but do you wanna kiss my fist BETCH?!”

Baekhyun: *listens to his bullshit* “I’ll stab a bitch.”

Lay: “Excuse me, I’m pretty sure it was just a dream. Also please don’t you ever dream about my girlfriend.”

Suho: im sorrybut i had to

Xiumin: “I’m sorry, who do you think you are?”

Tao: “You have five seconds before I kick your ass to the moon.”

Kris: “You sure? I think you need to think again about what you just said.”

Luhan: “What is this bullshit.”

VIXX version

                  ❝     NoooOOOOoooOO!    

          AND HE DRAMATICALLY reaches forward, towards the young man standing several feet away from him ( Seriously, Xavier— You’re nowhere near touching him ).  It was a bizarre act, but no one nearby seemed to pay him much mind apart from a few head turns and odd glances.  After holding his odd position for a few seconds, Xavier paces quickly towards the other and places his hands on either of the light haired male’s shoulders.  Gently, he begins to push him backwards.

                  ❝     Take like, five steps back dude.  I’ve deemed this like, the perfect location to view the comet tonight.  I mean, you can totally sit here with me, man, but I gotta deck out our new ‘grass crib’ out first.    

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 31

Read on AO3.
Part 30 here.
Part 32 here.

Summary:  You hadn’t wanted this to happen–not any of it.

Words: 3000

Warnings:  CW/TW: sexual assault, death

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  AHHH so many of you were right on the money about this chapter! I thought that was so awesome. I hope that most people are satisfied with this outcome… I thought it was fun to write. HAHA.  I love y'all SO much, I love talking with you and hearing what you think and what you thought. It makes me so happy. <3

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From the college prompts, could you write: "I’ve been sitting in this seat all semester why did you decide to sit in it today?" with Phil and Clint?

“That’s my seat.”

Phil is exhausted, his arm aches, his cast itches, and the last thing on earth he needs is this alpha-male hipster reject looming over him. He looks up slowly, and it’s not hard to pour out every particle of irritation and disdain he has as he answers, “Not today, it’s not.”

The guy narrows his eyes. Phil has a vague idea that his name is Barkley or Bernard or something, and that he pretends to be dumber than he actually is so that no one will expect him to work. “Dude, I’ve been sitting here all semester. Can’t you just move over one?”

If Phil didn’t already have a soul-burning hatred of being called <i>dude</i>, he did now. “There are a hundred and thirty-three seats in this lecture hall. It won’t kill you to have sat in two of them.”

“I’ve sat in all of them,” Barrowman - Barsness? - snaps. “This is the only one that works.”

“Well, it’s the only one where I won’t get bumped every five minutes.” Phil shrugs the jacket off his should to show the cast around his arm, and Barrister (?) takes a step back.

“Aw, dude, no. Shit. I’m really sorry. I don’t mean to be a dick, it’s just…” He looks around and crouches next to the desk, speaking quietly. “It’s just that I don’t hear too good.” He taps his ear, and Phil notices his hearing aids for the first time. “Or, y’know, at all, and this is literally the only spot in the room where I can hear everything and see the whole board. So, like, I really kinda need this seat.”

Phil opens his mouth, closes it, and feels like such an absolute jerk that he wants to sink down out of his chair and join the bits of paper and suspicious stains on the floor. Finally, he says, “If I move over, will you try not to hit my arm.”

Barton - Barton. That’s it. - puts up on hand like he’s making an oath. “Still as a statue, man, I swear to god.”

Phil doesn’t believe in god, and he still thinks Barton is a pseudo-idiot heathen. He shifts to the next chair anyway, and the grin he gets in thanks makes him think that Barton’s not a jerk, at least. Nobody who smiles like that could possibly be all bad.

Just Acting chapter2 of ?

So, this ended up being like two times bigger than I had expected, so I had to cut out a few things and push them over to the next chapter. 

Rating: T (for language basically)

Summary:In a moment of confusion and panic to avoid going out with Jane, Carlos tells her that him and Jay are dating. So him and Jay come to an agreement. They weren’t dating, or fake dating. They don’t do dating. They do arrangements. This was their fake arrangement. No feelings. Acting. Totally just acting.

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#52, danke

52 → “Things you said with my lips on your neck.”

I’m also gonna include @jlmdemon ‘s prompt: Raphael needing to feed because he’s too busy working and forgets to so Simon lets him drink his blood even tho it’s not as good as mundane blood

It was usually Simon who forgot to feed.

He didn’t do it on purpose – not always. He was just so busy with everything else, like trying to watch Jurassic Park and Star Wars at the same time or balancing playing the guitar and reading Batman comics, that he simply didn’t even think about feeding until Raphael shoved a glass of blood in his hands.

The older vampire would find it endearing if it wasn’t endangering Simon’s life.

Raphael, on the other hand, hadn’t forgotten to feed in over fifty years. Sure, he didn’t need to do it as much as the other vampires and he could get by with way less too, but every few days he always remembered to make himself a glass and sip it while he worked.

But that was before his mother passed away.

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So Dean is rumored to have joined a subsidiary label of YG...

and left Universal……..No thank you.

Seriously I’m hoping this is all kinds of falsehoods and falicies. WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE UNIVERSAL WHEN YOURE TRYING TO BREAK INTO THE AMERICAN MUSIC SCENE??? They’re an American label like…..🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

And as much as I love YG, no. Just no. It’d be one thing if he left Joombas for YG but Universal?? Yeah that’d be taking a few steps back dude. I mean if you’ve given up them American dreams then ok gone head do you but yeah…

I REALLY hope this mess isn’t true. I don’t like the idea of Dean in YG in any way shape or form. He will be lost to us.