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Season Three Be Like
  • Lotor: Hello, I heard that you wanted a gorgeous and interesting-
  • Lotor: What?
  • Voltron Fandom: What?
  • Shiro: Guys, Don't freak out but I'm back and I found-
  • Lotor: ...
  • Shiro: ...
  • Matt: ...
  • Voltron Fandom: I'm not even sorry.
JDM- Little Surprise

Requested by @msimpala67

JDM you tell him that you are pregnant and you have a huge party for the reveal to the cast of Supernatural

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JDM- Little Surprise

Fluffy and a bit of swearing. Enjoy!

You pace back and forth in the bathroom, occasionally looking down at the item you had on the sink.

“Hey babe.” Jeffrey  said, knocking on the bathroom  door. “Are you alright? You’ve been in there for awhile. Are you throwing up again?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” You said in a small voice as you stop pacing and look down at the item, as a small imagine appear on it.

Got the flu again or something?” Jeffrey asked

“Or something.” You said as you picked up the item and you see it reads positive. “Hey love, you wanted kids right?” You opened up the door and looked up at him.

“Yeah, why?” Jeffrey  said raising his eyebrow as he look down at you.

“Good cause your a dad.” You said handling him the pregnancy test that said positive. “Congratulations, now I got to throw up because of the smell of the Chinese food you brought in.”

You turn around quickly and ran to the toilet. While you’re throwing up your guts, Jeffrey was yelling that he was going to be a father. “Hell yes. We got to tell the boys babe.” Jeffrey  said as he peeked inside the bathroom . “After you finish throwing up though.”

About an hour later and after a few jokes that Jeffrey was cracking on you for how you told him. You both decided to throw a reveal party for the supernatural cast so he could tell his boys, Jensen and Jared about the little surprise that was on the way.

Okay babe, everything is set. The caterers and everyone will be night.” Jeffrey said touching your stomach and smiling down at you.

“No Chinese food, right?” You said smiling at him as you place your hands over his.

No Chinese food.” Jeffrey  said leaning down and kissing you “Love you babe.”

“Love you too, though your a Jerk for cracking jokes on me.” You said playing fully smacking him.

“O you think that was bad, wait till tonight.” Jeffrey said laughing as he picked you up and started carrying you to the bedroom. “Now let’s go kill sometime babe.”

Later that night

Look who’s back from his hunting trip.” We turned and saw Jensen smiling and Jared walking up behind him.

“There’s my boys.” Jeffrey said, hugging Jensen and Jared . “How are you boys been?”

“Been great.” Jared said smiling. “Finally got a little time off to catch up.”

“Hey (Y/N), come over here.” Jensen said, giving her a hug. “How have you been?” He pulled back from me and looked at me. “You look different? Change your hair or something?”

“Or something.” You said smiling as Jeffrey wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Come on boys, we are about to start the karaoke.”

“Step aside bitches, I got this.” Jensen said, taking off running to the mini stage we had set up in the backyard.

You, Jared, and Misha, sat down at a table, watching Jeffrey and Jensen playing the guitar and singing Sweet Home Alabama. “Are you alright?” Misha asked as he looked over at you. “You look tired”

“Yeah I’m fine.” You said, drinking some water when you spotted Mark waking up with a package.

“Hey darling.” Mark said, handling the package over to you. “This was left on your front door step.”

“Thanks Mark.” You said, as you moved to the side, so they couldn’t see you opening it. “Yes.”

“What is it darling?” Mark said, trying to take a peek at what was inside the package.

You closed the box up quickly and smiled at him. “You’ll guys will find out.” You said as you stood up and started waving at Jeffrey as they started wrapping up the song. He smiled and nodded at you. “Come Jared, I need you for this one.”

“Alright.” Jared said, as he walked with you through the small crowd over to the stage.

Jeffrey and Jensen were sitting the guitars down as you walked up onto the stage and sitting the package down on a stool. Jared stood by Jensen looking down at the package and then up to you and Jeffrey, as he wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Go on boys, look what’s inside.” Jeffrey said as everyone looked over to see what was going on.

Jared and Jensen shrugged their shoulders and opened the box. They looked inside and looked at each other, then back over to you and Jeffrey, as you guys had a big smiles on your faces. They quickly turned back to the box and started pulling out the small baby clothes that was inside.

“That’s right everyone, we got a little hunter on the way.” Jeffrey said, smiling as they held up the baby clothes. Everyone started clapping and cheering. Misha and Mark walked up stage and give you guys hugs and congratulate you guys.

“Congratulations you guys.” Jared said, walking up and hugging you both. “I called dibs on being the godfather.”

Nope, I’m the favorite son.“ Jensen said, walking over and moving Jared out of the way so he could hug you guys.

“Man you wish you were the favorite son.” Jared said, smiling as he nudge Jensen. “So when did you guys find out?’

“Today, when this one was throwing up her guts.” Jeffrey said, looking down at you smiling. “It was funny as hell how she told me.”

“O god, don’t tell them” You said, as you tried to cover Jeffrey’s mouth, but he wrapped his arms around you, pinning your arms to your side. “Babe don’t”

“I walked over to the bathroom to see what was taking her so long. She said, you wanted kids right and I told her yeah.” Jeffrey said as his smile got bigger. “Then she opened the door and pretty much throw the test at me and said congratulations your a dad. Then she ran back over to the toilet and started throwing up.”

The boys started busting up laughing as your face turned red. You wiggle out of Jeffrey’s arm and turned around towards him, flipping him off. “Fuck you Jeffrey.” You said, smiling at him.

“That’s exactly how this whole thing happened.” Jeffrey said, busting out laughing with your jaw dropped. “Now come babe, let’s sing your family theme song.”

Jensen and Jeffrey picked up the guitars back up, as you, Jared, Misha and Mark stood next to them. You all smiled and nodded as you started singing.

“Carry on my wayward son. For there’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don’t you cry no more” The crowed started cheering as you guys continue to play.

Jeffrey lean down and kiss your lips gently. “I love you babe.” Jeffrey said, smiling down at you.

“I love you too.” You said, taking his face in your hands and kissing him. “Still kicking your ass though.” You both laugh as you turned around back to the crowd and continue to sing.

You guys couldn’t be more happier. You adding a new addition, to this big happy family. What more can you ask for?

Few months Later.

Congratulations your having twins.” The doctor said.

“What?” Jeffrey said as his eyes widen and jaw fell opened. You quickly snapped a picture and sent it out to the boys.


NOTE: Hope you guys enjoy this one. Thanks again for requesting this.

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step aside basic bitches, here come the one and only Digimon Queen!

she is one of my fav digimon girls, followed by Mimi and Nene :D i get mad when people says Takato was weak because he didnt have a rival, excuse me? Rika was his rival, and she did a better job as rival than any other!  (well maybe Thomas did a good job too) i felt like she cant be a rival cuz she is a girl… i dare you to tell that shit again in my face. i dare you

also, Takato is one of the best goggle boys ever! 


Gen Fic, Oneshot, Seijou Third Years

Summary: “Say what you will but if you try and tell anyone, what are you gonna say? ‘I suck more than Mattsun’? ‘I can take dick deeper’?” Matsukawa bites his popsicle and chews it.

“He succ,” Hanamaki nods solemnly.                

“He succ,” Matsukawa agrees.

A/N: Since this blog turned 3 I decided that I should finish up this lil thing and post it to celebrate!! yaaay Can also be found on my AO3 here:


The four boys sat in the rays of the dying sun in various positions of content and laziness. Camping at the beach during the summer was a spectacular idea. They were by no means the only ones on the beach but they did manage to claim a bonfire pit down the beach.

The entire day was filled with swimming (swim races and an indignant Iwaizumi who insisted he won the dozens of races against Matsukawa), splashing (Oikawa didn’t enjoy this as much), and sun (which Hanamaki liked until he realized he forgot to put sunscreen on his back, shit). Now they’ve settled, laid out on the sand in lawn chairs and picnic blankets. Their tents pitched only a couple of yards away from where they’re lounging.

Hanamaki sighs contently in his slouched position from his chair and looks at the sunset. Oikawa takes out his phone and snaps a couple pictures and then taps away at it, probably posting it to twitter or something. Matsukawa is the one who break the silence, “Should we start the fire?” he nudges Iwaizumi’s side with his foot. Iwaizumi starts, having dozed off on the blanket and looks around, he blinks a couple times and Matsukawa repeats his question. The ace nods and gets up to retrieve the box of matches.

It takes a while to get the fire started, the wind keeps blowing the small match out before it catches on the brush. “Just-fucking shit, Hanamaki. Stand here and block the wind.”

The strawberry blond obliges but not quietly. “Or you could hand them to me since you’ve gone through like, fifty matches already.”

“I did not, that’s-” Iwaizumi looks at the growing pile of matches next to him. “like, ten.”

“Twenty one, actually,” Matsukawa pipes up helpfully and Iwaizumi shoots him a dirty look. He shrugs, “Been counting.” Iwaizumi turns back and proceeds to accidentally snap the match in half with a frustrated growl.

Oikawa sighs exasperatedly, “Iwa-chan just give Hanamaki the matches, it’s already dark.” He sure as hell ain’t going back home without experiencing a bonfire at the beach because of Iwaizumi’s stupid machismo thing he has going on with Hanamaki.

“Twenty two,” Matsukawa mutters.

“Hanamaki can suck my dick,” and they stick their tongues out at each other like the children they are. Iwaizumi snaps another match and Matsukawa finally gets up from the blanket to make his way over to the pair and snatches the box from Iwaizumi.

“Step aside, basic bitches,” and he nudges them over. Matsukawa strikes the match low and close to the brush and it quickly catches. He blows softly, cupping it and its flame grows. Matsukawa scoots it closer and surrounds the building flame with wood. He stands, putting his hands on his hips. They stare at him with disbelief. “That’s how it’s done,” he sits back down on the blanket. Oikawa claps.

Iwaizumi sputters. “Why didn’t you do that in the first place?!”

Matsukawa smirks. “Wanted to see how long it would take you.” That’s all the incentive the spiker needs to get up and tackle Matsukawa into the sand. They wrestle for a while, kicking up sand until Oikawa complains and they settle again. The fire burns warmly and they all lapse into another comfortable silence with the crackle of the fire filling the air.

“Is sucking dick hard?” Oikawa asks suddenly and Iwaizumi’s palm meets his face for not the last time this evening.

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Karasuno X Pokemon Go
  • Hinata: HiNAtA hAs trAvELLeD thE wHOlE fUcKiNg wOrLD aND cAuGhT aLMosT aLL tyPEs of PoKEmOn
  • Kageyama: "GPS signal not found"
  • Sugawara: nags the team not to play too much even if he does too
  • Daichi: wants a dragonite rlly badly
  • Tanaka: sHOuTing aT the ScREEn
  • Asahi: cried when he saw a Rattata
  • Tsukishima: dinosaurs pls
  • Yamaguchi: I WiLL cATCH anYThInG fOR tSUKKi
  • Noya: *has 12423253351535 pikachus*
  • Kiyoko: doesn't play rip
  • Yachi: can't aim the pokeball properly *cries*
  • Coach Ukai: steP aSIDe biTcHes thE mAsTer iS heRE
  • Takeda: app crashes when he tries to catch a Pokemon *sigh*

wayfindaway  asked:

imagine the two blonde asshole heirs to theirs family's line of whatever (who also have correlating female serial killer stalkers always at their side) interacting

A/N Team Serial Killer Bodyguards is here

Kuzuryuu and Togami Free Time Event

“Well if it isn’t the stick up his ass, asshole.”

“Hm? I’m sorry, were you talking to me? I couldn’t see you down there.”

There just so happens to be two blonde asshole heirs because apparently one wasn’t enough. And they were even worse around each other.

“That’s because you’re always in your high chair.” Kuzuryuu jabbed.

“Better a figurative high chair rather than a literal one.” Togami retorted as he looked down upon him with a smug grin. “You would know that wouldn’t you? Baby gangster.”

“Oh, that’s it!” Kuzuryuu erupted in anger as his fists balled and were ready to punch the living daylights out of him. He yelled furiously, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Ha! You can’t reach me.” Togami sneered.

“You’ve stooped low enough for me to reach.” Kuzuryuu quipped menacingly.

“Hardly, seeing how close you are to the ground.” Togami further mocked him.

But before the verbal abuse could escalate any more, a bamboo sword was swiftly aimed for Togami’s throat.

“One more insult to master and I will not hesitate to physically stop you.” Pekoyama threatened, her eyes glistened with killing intent.

A pair of scissors flung through the air and she had to block it with the sword or else it would have slit Kuzuryuu’s throat.

“Not so fast, braid copycat!” Genocider Syo hollered. “No one threatens my master! So step aside, you megane copycat bitch! Seriously, stop ripping off my design and be more original.”

The two ladies locked gazes in an intense staredown and there was nothing else but bloodlust in their eyes. They readied their weapons for the inevitable brawl and bloodshed.

But their masters would have none of that.

“Lay off, Peko.”

“Behave, Syo.”

They ordered them to stand back and they begrudgingly obeyed. And although they managed to postpone their bodyguards’ fight, there was still another one ongoing and they had yet to determine the victor.

“This is between us power blondes.” Kuzuryuu solidly declared.

“Peasants have no room in this conversation.” Togami seconded. “Although in my eyes, you’re all peasants.” He then lifted his chin for emphasis. “Including the boy.”

“I didn’t know that pricks could talk.” Kuzuryuu pressed on. “What do you know? You learn something new each day.”

“I thought this was a high school. What’s an elementary kid doing here?”

“He’s about to beat the living shit out of the fucking dick in front of him.”



Kuzuryuu and Togami grew a little bit closer.