step 4: look at own hand

Southern California Gothic
  • "It will rain." they say. They say that every day. And every day, you wait. How long have you waited? You don't know anymore.
  • You stop at a dusty intersection. At all corners, there are people with fruit stands. The cherries are 2 dollars a pound. You see the sign saying no stands. You look to the police. They have one too. The strawberries are a dollar a basket.
  • You're walking in LA along Hollywood Boulevard. You walk along the stars. It feels like forever. So many and yet so many still. You eventually find your own name on one for film. You have never been in a movie. Or so you think.
  • "Let's go to In-N-Out," says your friend. Which one? There are no other burger places around. There is only In-N-Out. There is always only In-N-Out.
  • You walk past a person in a Dodgers hat. Not uncommon. Everyone owns one. Everyone you walk past wears one. You reach up onto your head. You are one of them.
  • You go to a restaurant with a friend. Everything is gluten free. You don't mind. Everything is. What even is gluten? You don't know, but you are horrified by it.
  • The beach is nice in the summer. The beach is nice in spring. The beach is nice. The beach is your friend, your overlord. You must respect it. Bow to it before stepping on its sandy shores.
  • You get onto the 405. Siri says you only go 5 miles before getting off on the exit ramp. It has been decades since she said that last. Your hands are old and wrinkled as they grip the wheel. Siri says you have 4 miles to go. It's faster than usual.
  • You park your car on the side of the road and get out. The beach. You look at the top of your car to find a surfboard. You don't own a surfboard. You do now and have accepted it as your new way of life. You go to put on your wetsuit.
  • Your friend says she has tickets to the next concert. You ask where. She laughs. It is everywhere. The Bowl. The Forum. Staples Center. It is everywhere at once. All concerts are.
  • You debate on where to go for summer vacation. The fight ensues. Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. They fight for your affection and your money for when summer comes. This happens every year.
  • The palm tree outside your window waves at you in the wind. The palm trees are your ever present, looming protector. They are always watching.
  • You hear the chiming of the elotero's cart. You grab your money and run out the door. There is no elotero. The bell still rings. It always rings.

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Hello! Could you perchance write some stuff between a villain and the hero's significant other or something? Like the villain has feelings for the hero's beloved and uses this as a reason to hate the hero? (Sorry if this is worded so poorly, English isn't my first language)

1) “They’re not good enough for you,” the villain said.
“They’re not the ones who kidnapped me and tied me to a chair.”
“I’m not going to hurt you.” They had the audacity to look offended, as if being attacked or murdered for rejecting a man’s advances wasn’t all too real or common without putting a super-villain into the mix.

2) “You don’t get to use me as an excuse! I’m not a prize to be won.”
“I love you.”
“Oh, please. You don’t even care about me, you just want what [hero] has. At least have the guts to own up to that.”
The villain’s face closed off and they stepped closer. “What [hero] has? You say that is if you belong to them – does that not make you their prize?”

3) “I trusted you, and you fell for my enemy.” The villain spoke quietly, not looking over at them as their heart pounded in their chest and their mind raced through possible actions.
“I didn’t – I didn’t do it to hurt you.” They reached out to touch, to soothe, but a hand caught their wrist in an unforgiving grip. Their insides jolted.

4) “I will never forgive them for stealing you.”
“You can’t steal people.”

5) “What makes them so much better than me?”
“It’s not a fucking competition.”
“Of course it’s a competition, and I won’t lose you!”
The silence settled thick between them. “That’s why,” the beloved bit out. “Right there, that’s why.”

6) “When did you stop loving me?”

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hELLO!!! I'm here to request a doozy: Reaper is detrimentally wounded and he demands his S/O to be his personal physician. I crave reaper as much as I do angst. /sweats

Your body jumped the second time you heard the banging on your loft’s door, your hand diving under your bed and grabbing your sidearm, a blaster pistol. Your heart drummed against your ribcage as you rolled out of bed and dropped onto the floor in a low crouch. You stalked towards the door slowly, sliding across the walls for cover, checking around the corners and not seeing anyone. The sound of them pounding on the door again made you jump, your arm lifting, finger sitting ready on the trigger.

This was one of the safe houses that Reaper had set up for you two. No one should have been able to find your or him or this location without digging way deeper than they should have. You’d be damned if you’d let them mess up this fucked up sense of normalcy you two had finally fallen into.  

Your hand moved to the door’s biometric scanner, counting down as you listened to the door unlock, mentally chastising yourself for not installing cameras sooner. Standing to the side you slowed your breathing, willing yourself calm so your aim wouldn’t go astray. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

As the door slid open you moved in front of it, pistol leveled at the head of person that had been banging on your door. Widowmaker took a step back, hand moving towards her own gun as she glared at you. She looked rough, a few grazed bullet wounds on her cheek, side and leg, her yellow eyes tired but calculating.

“Amelie”, you questioned bewildered, slowly lowering the gun as she did the same. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Bring him in”, she said over her shoulder, taking a half step back and further into the hallway.

“Dios mio…Gabe needs to lose some weight.”

Sombra’s thermoptic camo dropped, revealing the tiny woman barely holding Reaper up against the wall. He looked bad, to put it simply. There were bullet holes everywhere; his gauntlets, shin guards, through his cloak, and pants. Smoke billowed then receded around him and the wounds, your heart in your throat as you looked at the puddle of dark blood that gleamed in the low hallway light.

Your eyes went wide, your pistol clattering to the floor as you surged forward to help Amelie and Sombra get Gabriel inside. He was barely conscious, his legs barely keeping up with the three of you as you as you carried him towards the long couch in the living room. You set him down gingerly your heart pounding.

“W-what happened”, you asked, your mind moving a million miles per minute. You hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave his side, taking off to grab the full STOMP military medical kit in the bathroom.

“We got ambushed”, Sombra answered, dropping down heavily in one of the other chairs. She winced in pain, rubbing her side slowly. “Gabe took the brunt of it, but he got us out. We tried to take him back to HQ but he freaked. Told us to take him to you.”

“Me”, you asked, confused,rushing back into the living room, the heavy medical bag thrown over your shoulder, turning all the lights in the room on. Your eyes looked between the hacker and sniper, neither women giving you nothing else as explanation.

“Get out…”

Gabriel’s voice sounded rough, gritty and wet; his red eyes glowing weakly from beneath his drooping hooded head.

“Get out”, he bellowed when none of you moved. He dissolved into a fit of painful coughs, his breaths wet, wheezing and nasty.

“Fine don’t gotta yell”, Sombra snapped back, pushing herself up. Amelie was almost out of the door when the tiny hacker followed, Sombra glancing over her shoulder. “Don’t die on us Gabe, comprende?”

Your knees hit the floor before the door had slid completely shut, your hands shaking as you opened the medical kit up completely. His breathing made your blood run cold, the wet, wheezing breaths twisting up your insides. You pulled a few deep breaths into your lungs, trying to slow your racing heart, calm down your overactive adrenaline.

You carefully unclipped the sides of his mask, pulling it from his face gingerly. His glowing red eyes glared down at you, his brow furrowed in pain. Your eyes danced over his face, looking for any other signs of injury on his features. Fortunately it looked like his mask had done its job. But that didn’t stop you from freezing as you saw the crimson stain on his lips.


Your voice came out as a whisper, your hands shaking as you began to remove his armor. His gauntlets came off, clattering to the wooden floors, belted holster and grenade canister dropped to the floor with little care.

“Shit…”, you hissed as you had finally gotten his bulletproof vest off, seeing the bullet hole that sat in the right side of his chest.

That was preventing his healing. The wound was trying to fix itself, the billow of black smoke pouring from the bullet hole as his cells degenerated only to regenerate around the wound in the same way. The bullet had struck his lungs, the bubbling blood around the wound a telltale sign. You had seen this before on the field, but you were shocked he had made it back before his lung had collapsed completely.

“B-baby”, you said slowly, turning as your hands dove into the medical bag, hands wrapping around the trauma shears. “There’s a bullet that has hit your lung, it’s why you won’t heal…I gotta…I gotta get it out, okay?”

Your eyes jumped up to his face when he didn’t respond, his eyes still watching you as he grit his teeth in pain. He gave a low grunt as a response, your hands pulling the tight underarmor away from his skin. The shears slid through the fabric effortlessly, a cry catching in your throat as you saw how much blood poured from the wound after every slow heartbeat. If this was any other person, you know he would be dead but you didn’t know how long the revived super soldier could survive with these kinds of wounds. Could he bleed out? Could he suffocate? You jumped as Gabriel grabbed your shoulder, making you look up into his eyes.

“Fix it”, he ordered, eyes narrowed at you. He wasn’t squeezing, he was grounding you so you didn’t lose your cool. Nodding your head, you took a slow gulp of air.

“I got you”, you breathed, nodding your hair rhythmically. “I-I got you…’

He released your shoulder as your hands began to riffle through the bag, pulling out the alcohol hand sanitizer. You squeezed half the bottle into your hands, scrubbing your skin vigorously. You waited for your skin to dry, hands shaking, yanking on the medical gloves. You bit your lip hard as you pulled out the iodine wipes, carefully cleaning around the wound. You watched his hands twitch before clawing into the couch, a low growl falling from his lips.

“I’m sorry”, you whispered, repeating the apology over and over until the blood and dirt had been wiped away. You grabbed your next set of supplies; a quick clotting solution, saline solution, tweezers, and gauze. “Gabe, baby, I need you to lean back. I need to see how deep this wound is…okay?”

Your hand moved to his shoulder, his hand shooting up and wrapping around your wrist bruisingly tight. He stared you down, his eyes boring into yours as black took over the sclera of his eyes. He was panting now, out of breath, smoke dripping from his mouth.

“Hey baby”, you murmured, your other hand lifting and lightly stroking his cheek, ignoring the flinch. “C-calm down, okay? I can’t help you if you’re sitting up, okay? I need to get you to lay back, okay?”

A shaky smile rose to your lips, trying to exude an aura of calm and composure. Your thumb light stroked his cheek, your eyes boring into his as you refused to be cowed by his reaction to pain. His grip loosened on your wrist, Reaper groaning as he leaned all the way back.

“Thank you”, you breathed out, stroking his cheek once more before your hand moved to rest on his solid, scarred chest. “This is going to hurt…okay? But…but I need to see how deep this goes…okay?”

You didn’t wait for his answer, grabbing the bag of saline solution, irrigating the blood from the wound, Gabriel howled angrily. His hands clawed through the couch arm, his sharp nail slicing through the fabric. You spared a glance up, his eyes narrowing into slits, his lips lifting in a snarl, his canines growing sharper. Your eyes dropped back down to the wound, seeing the glint of the bullet in his chest. You thanked the spirits that at the very least it looked like it would be easy enough to pull straight out.

“Okay baby”, you murmured softly, switching the hand that the saline solution was in and picking up the long, thin steel tweezers. “Once I get this out, you’ll be able to heal, alright? Then I’ll work on getting the rest out…but you’ll finally be able to breathe, alright? But this is going to hurt….I need you to stay in control…I know it’s going to be hard…but baby I need you to focus, okay?”

His breath was coming out in low, soft hisses, his eyes narrowed as he looked down at you. You could see was grasping onto a thin string of control, resisting the urge to slip into his demonic, feral side. Smoke was beginning to billow off thicker and thicker, the smoke almost completely opaque, his head tilting to the side as he tried to regain control.

“Gabriel”, you started, quickly putting the instruments in your hand down. You slowly pressed both of your hands to either side of his face, watching his pain-filled eyes focus on you again. “Breathe Gabriel, breathe. Just a little bit more and we will be done, okay? You know I love you, papi. I know you can handle this, just a little bit more.”

His eyes stayed focus on your own, his pupils slowly growing back into their regular size, the black refusing to recede from the whites of  your eyes. Your thumbs gently stroked both sides of his face, gliding over his cheekbones and sliding down over his lips. His labored breathing relaxed slightly, his hand reaching up and covering one of your hands.

“That’s it”, you murmured, smiling as you slowly pulled your hand away from his and resting them in his lap. “I knew you could handle this guapo.”

Your hands moved quickly, grabbing the tweezers and calming your nerves as you followed the entry point of the wound, carefully pinching the bullet. You locked the tweezer in place, pulling back carefully and wincing as you listened to him grunt and growl. You held your breath as the bullet came out, tilting your head back and finally taking a breath. You moved in auto-pilot, squeaking out an apology as you jammed the wound coagulant into the bullet wound, pushing the plunger down and pulling back.

“Dios lo maldiga”, he cussed at you, earning the sympathetic look you gave him. You watched the wound turn to smoke before solidifying whole, the wound slowly beginning to close up. You could hear the wheeze in his breathing slow then disappear, his body pressing even further into the couch.

“Rest baby”, you said softly, gently patting his hand. “I’ll keep cleaning up these wounds…you just rest, okay?”

His hand wrapped tight around yours, squeezing hard as he let exhaustion take over.

“Thank you mi reina…thank you.”

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Can you do prompt number #49, please? Thanks a lot, love ur writing so much <3

Thank you for the prompt and kind words! They mean am lot to me! <3

49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”


He’s so stupid, Astrid thought with a roll of her eyes, although her heart clenched at the sight of Hiccup standing at the edge of the cliff. He was tightening a tie on his leg, the foreign armor strapped about his torso. He’d just completed the last pieces the day before in the forge of his hut, and now he claimed it needed testing… much like he’d done with his flight suit several months earlier.

“Hiccup- I don’t like this!” Astrid protested, taking a few steps forward, Toothless giving a little growl of agreement.

“This is the only way I’m ever going to figure out if it works or not!” Hiccup called back. The wind that whipped about them, making it difficult to hear. “It’ll be fine!”

“Somehow, I doubt that.” She insisted before crossing her arms. “You always say that, and low and behold. What happens? YOU’RE NEVER FINE!”

Hiccup turned and gave her a hard look. “This time, I promise-“

Toothless rumbled and moved forward, bumping Hiccup’s arm with his snout. Hiccup gave the dragon a pat before turning back and facing the cliff, Toothless huffing irritably before trudging away, as though to say “You’re on your own, pal.”

“Hiccup…” Astrid growled warningly.

Too late. The boy gave a leap before disappearing over the edge, a loud excited whoop echoing through the air. She raced to the edge, peering down below at the ocean in concern.

There was Hiccup, spiraling through the gusty wind like a leaf in the breeze. He was fumbling with his flight suit, growing closer and closer to the water as he went.

“HICCUP!” she shrieked when he splashed into the waves, instantly disappearing from sight. She didn’t hesitate for a moment and dived after him, hands poised above her head so she’d cut cleanly through the water.

She opened her eyes, shaking her head at the sting of salt water but refused to close them. She moved her arms and spun about, catching sight of Hiccup swimming towards the surface before closing her eyes and following suit.

She broke from the water gasping and heaving for air, turning about to give Hiccup a piece of her mind. He was already crawling onto the shore where Toothless was sitting, now looking irritated instead of worried. He spun about and gave Hiccup’s head a hard thwack with his tailfin before waddling away, most likely heading towards the Edge and letting Hiccup walk home as punishment for his foolishness.

Hiccup collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion, breathing heavily as he struggled to loosen the straps holding his chest armor in place. Astrid swam up to the spot of the beach he was resting, her brain nearly exploding with all the rebukes she had piled up in waiting for her stupid boyfriend.

“HICCCCUP!” she shouted, standing up as soon as her feet touched the sandy ground under the water. “You… you-“

“Please.” Hiccup interrupted, lifting his head to grin at her. “I already know. That was stupid, sorry, next time I’ll-“


“Aww come on Astrid!” Hiccup moaned, rolling over before pushing himself to his hands and knees. She stomped up to stand before him, giving a little cough to clear her lungs of the little bit of water she’d swallowed.

“You- you idiot!” She exploded.

Hiccup smiled up at her, his eyes bright and his dorky grin on his lips. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

“Oh, you…” She huffed angrily before crossing her arms. “You could’ve drowned you know.”

“Yep.” He stumbled to his feet, his hands dusting the water off his leather gauntlets. “All part of a day’s work.”

“Sometimes I really don’t like you.” She growled, punching his shoulder. He winced and took a step back, although that same smile was still spread across his face.

“Home. Now.” She pointed towards the Edge, giving him a hard glare.

“I said I was sorry!” Hiccup said indignantly but started heading back towards Dragon’s Edge anyways. Astrid trudged along beside him, keeping her eyes directed ahead and her arms crossed over her chest.

“I really am sorry, Ast.”

“Don’t call me that.” She stated hotly. He knew how that nickname affected her- every time he used it her anger faded. And he used every nickname he could think of to calm her down when she hit these rough moments of anger.

“Sorry, milady.”

“One more nickname and I’ll…” She turned to him and grabbed his armor collar, dragging him close and pressing her lips against his. The kiss lasted several moments before she released her hold and took a small step back. She couldn’t help but smile at the dorky look he gave her, one that clearly said he hadn’t expected such a bold move.

“What was that for? I thought I was in trouble.” Hiccup laughed.

“You’re too cute for your own good.” Astrid said and continued on, completely anger free and instead feeling light and happy.

“Why, thank you, milady.” Hiccup grabbed her hand and swung their arms casually. “Glad to hear that.”


More of my writing

The Fox and The Hound (4/5) (Sirius Black Series)

Paring: </b> Sirius Black x reader

Warning: Swearing Summary: </b> After completing step one of their plans, Remus, James, Lily, and Marlene embark on step two. Meanwhile, Sirius and Y/n become aware of their plans and decide to take matters into their own hands. A/N: Part 4! Message me if you’d like to be tagged! This part is kinda short but I may post part five later tonight! **************************************


“Okay! Step one complete!” James said, smiling. Lily, Marlene, Remus, and James had gathered together in an empty classroom to discuss their progress in completing the first step of their plans. “I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Lily groaned. “Y/n was bloody pissed that we were meddling.” Marlene added, looking regretful. “Yeah, Sirius was too. But, whatever. They’ll thank us when they have mini Y/n’s and Sirius’ running around.” James encouraged. “Which hopefully won’t be too soon.” Remus laughed. The girls rolled their eyes but quickly dismissed their meeting as the final bell of the day rang. They all rushed off to the Gryffindor Common Room. ~Sirius and Y/n~ “Those bloody blokes are trying to set us up!” Y/n exclaimed, reading over the list of steps that Sirius had been given. “Well, I, personally, don’t mind.” Sirius blushed, looking down. “You don’t?” Y/n furrowed her eyebrows, looking up at the long haired boy. “Yeah, you see there, the first step has a check mark beside it?” Sirius laughed lightly. Y/n did her list out of her pocket. “Mind does too.” She handed the list to Sirius, smiling brightly. He took the list, examined it, and then smiled. “So…..” Sirius trailed off. “So…..” Y/n mocked, her feet suddenly becoming a lot more interesting. “What do you say we start step two?” Sirius grinned, taking her hand in his. “I’d like that.” She smiled back.


It’s so short! I’m sorry! I’ll try to have part five up tonight! But they confessed! Yay! Update: part five has been posted!

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1. However many years have passed, it appears to Henry that Storybrooke stubbornly remains the same. Not just with Granny’s specials or the fact that Archie always walks Pongo precisely at 7:40am every morning, but also the way in which there is an endless parade of villains, all seeming to be determined to conquer the town for a variety of nefarious purposes. Today had been no different – some magic-wielding man had burst onto Main Street with his minions, interrupting breakfast at the diner.

2. Lucy had been with them, and so Ella reluctantly held off from fighting, grabbing their daughter’s hand and fleeing to safety. Now that the battle is over, Henry is desperate to find them and give them both a big hug. “Home safe and unhurt x” a message on his phone reads, followed by a photo of Lucy grinning at the camera, both thumbs up. He smiles himself in relief, shooting back the text: “Fighting here finished, everyone OK. Home soon. Need to check on Mom first. Love you guys.”

3. After the villain-du-jour (whose name, even after all the stories he’s read and lived through, Henry can’t remember or recognize) and his minions had been captured and hauled off to the police station, Mom had poofed directly away without saying anything. He could have sworn no-one from their side had gotten injured, but right before she disappeared, he thought her hands had been shaking. Now, he stuffs his phone in his pocket, and hurries down the road towards the mansion.

4. It would be just like Mom to hide some sort of injury from everyone, determined to look after herself. The front door is locked when he arrives, but he simply pulls out his own key, and steps inside. ‘Mom?’ he calls loudly, not wanting to surprise her. ‘Just wanted to check you were alright?’ There is a clatter from inside her office, and then Mom appears in the doorway, clutching onto a glass of whisky. ‘I’m fine,’ she snaps, folding one arm around her waist. ‘You should be at home.’

5. Henry frowns, taking in her appearance. Her hair is in disarray, and her eyes are glassy, as if this isn’t the first drink she’s had, even though he knows she hasn’t been home that long before he arrived. ‘What’s wrong?’ he demands. ‘Did you get hurt? Did you know the guy? Did he say something disturbing to you?’ His fist clenches at the thought, but Mom is already shaking her head, and she disappears back into the office.

6. ‘I’m fine, Henry,’ she repeats, more tired this time. ‘Go home.’ He follows her into the room, reaching out as if to stop her when she downs the rest of her drink. ‘I’m not going home until I know you’re OK,’ he argues stubbornly. ‘And from the look of things, you aren’t “fine” – something’s bothering you.’ At this, she slams the glass down on the desk, whirling around to face him. Her expression is angry, but her voice trembles slightly when she begins to talk.

7. ‘It’s not your job to make sure I’m fine,’ she says, arms crossed. ‘Especially not in the middle of a damn fight!’ With that, Henry knows instantly what has caused this reaction. During the battle, Mom’s attention had been on taking down one of the underlings, and the wizard had shot a nasty piece of magic at her back. Henry stepped between them without hesitation, knocking the spell away with his sword that had been built to repel such things.

8. ‘Seriously?’ he asks in astonishment. ‘You’re actually angry that I had your back? We’re family, Mom. Of course I’m going to protect you in a fight – just like you do for me.’ She shakes her head at him again. ‘I can take care of myself, in case you’ve forgotten. It’s your job to keep yourself safe so you can go home to your family. And as your mother, I look after you, not the other way around.’ He throws up his hands in exasperation at these words.

9. ‘I’m not a child any more, Mom!’ he yells, and he knows it’s the wrong thing to say as soon as it passes his lips. Mom’s face drains of all colour, and she takes a step backwards. ‘I know very well you aren’t a child any more,’ she says, and then falls silent. ‘No, that’s not what I-I mean, I’m an adult now, and it’s my choice whether or not to fight. You’re my Mom – you can’t expect me to walk away from helping.’ And the thing is, he knows very well she can take care of herself.

10. But he also remembers all those times she has marched into a battle where she’s been outnumbered or outpowered, taunts poised on her lips – “What, are you going to kill me?” – and laughing in the face of danger. How can he tell her that his fear is not that she can’t save herself, but that she’ll choose not to, in a misguided attempt to save everyone else? All these years later, and she’s still throwing herself onto the front line in the search for some form of redemption.

11. ‘We’re all going to protect each other,’ he says, resting his hand on her forearm. ‘I know this must be difficult for you, Mom. But please trust me.’ She hesitates a moment, and then moves closer, pulling him into an embrace. He’s grown so tall – or maybe she’s so petite – that his chin can rest on top of her head. They stay there for a long moment. ‘Want to come over to ours so we can finish breakfast?’ he asks. ‘Lucy will want to see you again.’ He feels her nod against his chest.

Damn it ABFA!  I’m not crying I’m just … swimming in a pool of tears that happens to be here.  

You are so very very good.

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your position on your high horse regarding creature designs was well earned. since you seem to have extensive knowledge on how animal bodies work, do you have any advice for someone who knows literally nothing about non-human anatomy and wants to start designing their own critters?

Oh man, what a question! I get asked this a lot, so I’m gonna take the opportunity to lay out some guidelines I follow when making my own beasties. It’s gonna be long, but I hope it helps a few people!

The biggest, best tip I can give you is to reference from life - all great fantasy creature designs have basis in things that actually exist, no matter how whacky they are. Studying the anatomy of animals hands-on - be it a dog, cat, bird, or even a horse - can give you loads of inspiration for making your own monsters!
I’ll go through my own process for emphasis, it usually starts like this:
1. What do I want to make?
2. Where does it live?
3. Is this environment similar to something on our world?
4. What do animals that already exist in that environment look like?
5. Reference-gathering
6. Construction
7. Tweaks and edits
8. Finish

This SEEMS like a really intensive and time-consuming thing, but I promise it’s not! Steps 1-4 get knocked out really quick, usually all at the same time. Say I wanna make a sea dragon. Okay, what is it? A dragon, obviously. Where’s it live? The ocean. Are there any animals that live in the ocean we can use for inspiration?


At this point, it helps if you narrow down what kind of creature you’re making a little bit further. What does it eat? Is it an herbivore? Is it a predator? Is it an apex predator? Is it a scavenger? All these questions can help you streamline the creative process. Let’s say our sea dragon is a carnivore.

Cool! So now we’ve got a couple great animals to work from. Mostly sharks, seals, barracudas, dolphins, there are all sorts of things to pick and choose from. Now, if you’re making an ocean carnivore, but you want it to have traits of something that isn’t an ocean carnivore, that is absolutely fine. That’s the beauty of creature design! As long as the overall aesthetic of the animal fits what it does and how it lives, you are golden. Check out this rad dinosaur skull:

Shark teeth are awesome, but let’s switch up our dragon a bit and use these instead!

By the time you’ve hit this point, you’re at Step 5, which is getting references. I figure I should take a second to tell everyone that references are not cheating. References never will be cheating, and without them, we would not be able to do what we do artistically. References are the backbone of creature design, there is no shame in needing to spend some time finding the perfect reference photo.
“Photo” is an important word here though - unless you’re using anatomical diagrams (which I’ll mention later), copying another artist’s work is not a good reference. When you do this, you also copy the mistakes that artist makes, as well as the tips and tricks they use to render their subject matter. The issue is, you’re not becoming privy to what those tips and tricks are. So you can copy how your favourite artist draws paws, but if you don’t actually know how paws work, you’re both cheating yourself out of important info AND drawing something you don’t understand. Don’t do that to yourself! Referenced and informed work will always look better than cheap impersonations.

Off my soapbox and back to that sea dragon though! Here’s some nice critter anatomy bits I put together that I wanna use:

I decided I wanted to create something that used large fins to move itself, like a sting or manta ray. Sharks are the ultimate ocean predator, so I’m basing a lot of the beast on them, but I want something with legs - something that can go on and off land - so I’ve got references of otters and crocs to see what limbs will work best.
Since it’s a dragon, I’m gonna try and make the big fins look like wings, so I’ve got a little flying fish up there for reference/inspiration. The skull is, obviously, all for toothy aesthetic, and the nudibranch has a colour palette I really think will look nice.

Once you’ve got your references in order and an idea of what you want, you’ve hit Step 6 - Construction! The most fun and frustrating part of the whole deal. It may take a couple tries to sketch something that looks balanced and functional, but keep at it. I can almost guarantee most of your ideas will need to be tweaked and revised - the creatures I’m most well-known for have been through five or six revisions, and are still being updated after creating them years ago! Don’t fault yourself if you can’t get everything right on the first try - keep pushing and keep challenging yourself to work hard, and if you make something you don’t like, just remember it’s all part of the learning process!

In order to make the most realistic creature possible, I would recommend checking out some of the internal anatomy of the animals you’re referencing. Teaching yourself how a dog’s legs move, or a bird’s wing folds, can really add that extra level of realism to any fantasy beast you make.
The only issue is that this can get a little gnarly - I have several go-to reference photos of flayed animals I use to help me out when I draw, but I understand not everyone has the stomach to look at such subject matter. Thankfully, artists far more patient than I have put together tons of drawn references for just about any animal. The Cyclopedia Anatomicae is a godsend for this, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get real down-n-dirty with anatomy and creature design, but without the mess.

As for the sea dragon, it is looking fabulous!

For me, Step 7′s Tweaks and Edits goes hand-in-hand with Step 6′s Construction, since I usually end up tweaking-and-editing while I’m working. Check out the wings:

(Thanks to Paul Mirocha for the anatomical graphics)
I realized that simple fins wouldn’t be enough to propel the dragon through the water (plus they looked a little silly just sticking out of the dragon’s shoulders), so I approached them as if they were a bird or bat’s wings. The structure is tweaked for an underwater creature, but this is the importance of learning proper anatomy - because I know how something works on the inside, I can add it to what I’m creating and edit it to appear believable. This way, the entire animal looks and feels like it could exist in real life, even though it’s basically just stolen parts:

After this, you’re pretty much done! This is the final step, Step 8 - Finishing Touches. Since it’s something you made, you’re more than able to go back and fix up anything about it that bothers you, or even add on new features you may think up! One thing I like to check is if the creature has a strong silhouette - if I can’t differentiate it from another animal when it’s a black blob, the design probably could use some stronger elements.

Very nice! While the spread wings and triangular shape harken back to a manta-ray aesthetic, the points on the wings and long, thick tail bring the creature away from its inspirations, and into its own category. All in all, I consider this dragon to be one of the favourites I’ve made, and a big success!

And there you have it! From start to finish, this is pretty much how I go about making the monsters you see in my galleries. I want to point out that this definitely isn’t the only way to go about doing this; if there’s another method you prefer, it’s certainly just as valid. Trust me though - if you’re confused how to start, or stuck and don’t know where to go, just browsing through the incredible flora and fauna of this world is more than enough to get those inspiration-gears cranking.
I also want to emphasize that the only way to get better at creature design is to keep doing it. I’ve made some hideous and implausible looking things, believe me, and it can sometimes be frustrating when you can’t figure out just what elements a design needs, but I promise that if you keep trying, and keep making an effort, you will make things you will be proud to show off. And if constantly hunting for references feels like it’ll be daunting and tedious, there is a secret to this: the more you draw something, and the more things you draw, the more stuff you’ll have in your visual memory to pull from. I don’t need references for wings or legs any more, because I’ve studied how they work, understand their anatomy, and know how they move and what limits I can stretch them to. I cannot stress the importance of this enough: in order to be able to draw something well, you gotta know how it works. And the easiest way to learn that is references!

If you wanna tell me how you make creatures, or ask for details on any other steps I may use in my process, you’re more than welcome to send me a message! I love creature creation, but what I love more is sharing tips with others to help them create more effectively. There’s more than one than one way to skin a cat, but there’s twice as many ways to make a cat-monster.

Cheers, and happy drawing!


🎶Rule #1: Is that you gotta have fun. And baby when you’re done.. You gotta be the first to run.🎶

Pop music played overhead as glass hit the counter in front of them with a faint ’clink’ sound. Her nose crinkling and brows furrowing before she errupted into laughter. “Not the drink for me.”

“Oh c'mon, was it that bad??”

“Awful. Way too bitter.” Pearly whites staying as the two continued to talk back and forth before she stood abruptly. 

“Oooh! I love this song! I wanna dance. C'mon. Let’s go dance!” His hand was taken into hers as she dragged them both to the dance floor and away from the bar.

🎶Rule #2: Don’t get attached too someone you could lose.🎶

Their bodies swayed together as they found their own little section of the dance floor. Minimal grinding but lots of touching and grins. His hands fell from her sides to her hips as she rolled them against his own. 

Thump thump..

Thump thump..

She felt her heart begin to beat even faster as their eyes met. The way he looked tonight was absolutely stunning.. Not that he didn’t always look stunning but just having him this close.. Absolutely breath taking. His warm brown eyes… His perfect jawline and facial hair.. His hair that he always put such effort into to maintain..

She was staring. Her cheeks flushed and she dipped away from a kiss by turning so her back was to him. Her hands guided his along her body along to the beat of the music.

He wasn’t hers. He couldn’t be hers. Have you seen what they say already when they aren’t even together? People could be nasty when they talk about celebrities. No no.. This was just for fun. Nothing more… At least that’s what she had to keep reminding herself.

🎶Rule #3: Wear your heart on your cheek but never on your sleeve unless you want to taste defeat.🎶

The night slowly drew to a close with the two of them tired and sweaty from all the dancing. They loaded up into a taxi, Hana giving the driver their address. The two spent the next while, giggling about their trip that night. Recalling all the funny moments. Like how that bar tender totally spilled the drink all over the customer but the guy was so damn wasted that he just laughed and assure the bar tender everything was fine. Heard he got a big tip too even after all that.

Anytime something more emotional would come up, she would change the subject. Reminding herself that this was just for fun… Would he even want to be serious with her? Would it even work out? Some say they would be cute but what did they know? Hana hardly even knew him yet. Her expectations weren’t spot on. He was his own person outside his label. A wonderful person at that.


🎶Rule #4: Gotta be lookin’ pure. Kissin’ goodbye at the door.. And leave them wanting more. More…🎶

The car pulled up to their place and she stepped out, bag in hand. She let him walk her to her dorm, keys in hand as she let herself in. They stood out in the hallway, just looking at each other with longing gazes. She didn’t want this to end here.. She wanted to bring him inside to have more time with him.. Wherever it went from there, she didn’t care. So long as she was his for just a little longer…

“… I should probably head inside… Long day tomorrow.. Streaming and all that..” She says, watching him as he leaned forward. Hana closed the gap between them and kissed him deeply, her hand coming up to rest against his cheek. Her thumb stroked at his smooth skin as she nipped softly at his lower lip before pulling away. Her eyes staring into his once more…

“….. Goodnight Lú…” Her voice was just a whisper.

Ornaments - Part 2

[Part 1 I Part 2]

Summary:  The team are decorating a Christmas tree (Tony’s idea of team building” and Reader has an ornament that has been in her family for years. But Steve always said Bucky can be clumsy.

A/N: Again, thank you @imhereforbvcky for suggesting I do a part 2. Much happier with this part woo. 

Warnings: Language. 

Words: 1441

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Two Streets Pt.4

Jimin held Jungkook’s gaze for several moments, neither of them moving. Then Jimin sucked in a breath and stepped backward, leaving Jungkook’s hand frozen in the air. Shaking his head slowly, Jimin continued to move back a few paces, hating the way his heart was thumping loudly in his chest, not agreeing to what his mind was telling his mouth to say.


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Harry Potter Tarot -- Major Arcana

Because I’m too lazy to photoshop shit right now and I’m not an artist

0 - The Fool - Harry steps up onto the Hogwarts Express at King’s Cross platform 9 ¾, his luggage and Hedwig on the cart at his feet. A new journey just beginning and lots of new things to learn and character to develop; reversed, leaping without looking first, recklessness.

I - The Magician - Dumbledore at his desk in his office, the Elder Wand in hand, the pensieve to his right, a quill and parchment on his desk.  The knowledge of your own power and ability to shape your world with it; reversed, the abuse of power.

II - The Priestess - Professor Trelawney in her classroom seated in front of the fireplace with a screen across it, Divination textbook in hand and crystal ball on the table in front of her. Intuition, knowledge that you don’t yet know, often about yourself; reversed, loss of knowledge, often about yourself.

III - The Empress - Molly Weasley sits in her garden, wand in hand directing her nearby knitting needles in the knitting of a sweater bearing the letter “G”.  Passion, emotion, all things gained through emotion, and motherly energies; reversed, suppressing your own desires.

IV- The Emperor - Cornelius Fudge sits at his desk at the Ministry of Magic, a copy of The Daily Prophet rolled up in his hand.  Rules, laws, and regulations of society, a master of their kingdom; reversed, childish stubbornness against making hard decisions.

V - The Heirophant - Remus Lupin stands in front of his DADA class, wand in hand and both hands raised, teaching them how to deflect the bogart in the armoire behind him. Education, a person who warrants respect and obedience; reversed, rejection of a known path and a need to find it.

VI - The Lovers - Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks stand holding hands with the other hand holding their wands away from the other, under a phoenix symbol. Love, partnership, marriage, relationship; reversed, destructive love, immaturity.

VII - The Chariot - Vernon Dursley stands triumphant on a rocky shore, the boat carrying Petunia, Dudley, and Harry sits half-in the water just behind him, and a torn Hogwarts letter lies at his feet. Success through sheer force of will; reversed, unsuccessful, the situation is out of your control.

VIII - Strength - Hagrid stands in the hippogriff area, soothing a ruffled Buckbeak with weasel snacks and pets. Facing life, troubles, and change with calm and eagerness; reversed, becoming overwhelmed by troubles or one’s own passion.

IX - The Hermit - Sirius Black stands at the mouth of a cave, wand alight in one hand, the other on Witherwings’ neck. Withdrawal, turning your attention inward to figure out what really matters; reversed, immaturity, hanging onto the past.

X - The Wheel of Fortune - The Sorting Hat sits on its stool in front of the Hogwarts crest and surrounded by the crests of each of the four houses, ready for this year’s sorting ceremony to begin.  A major life change, that may not be influenced by anything known; reversed, resistance against events already happening.

XI - Justice - Neville Longbottom stands outside amongst the rubble of Hogwarts, he wears the Sorting Hat on his head, in one hand he carries the Sword of Gryffindor, in the other the slain Nagini.  The outcome is the direct result of past events, everything has worked out as it was meant to; reversed, dishonesty with yourself and unwillingness to see the meaning of events.

XII - The Hanged Man - Fred Weasley rides a broomstick through the halls of Hogwarts while George Weasley hangs upsidedown from it and setting off Whiz-bangs.  Peace in finding and expressing your own independence or after a trial; reversed, unable to accept reality, battling life.

XIII - Death - Dobby in one hand holds a sock, in the other holds a knife. Change and new life; reversed, stuck in old habits.

XIV - Temperance - Hermione stands a table in the Great Hall, Harry and Ron on either side of her, she holds two goblets. Mixing disparate elements, blending seemingly opposing forces to find a balance; reversed, going to extremes, a fragmented life.

XV - The Devil - Severus Snape stands with the bodies of James and Lily Potter at his feet and the Dark Mark in the sky above him. Slave of your desires, compelled to acts you find morally repugnant, but desire a change in the situation, “the devil of your own making”; reversed, the change has already occurred but the negative feelings remain.

XVI - The Tower - The Department of Mysteries crumbles around an arch with a strange curtain. A difficult experience that leads to enlightenment; reversed, dwelling on the experience, trying to lessen the pain rather than moving on.

XVII - The Star - Minerva McGonagall stands at Dumbledore’s grave, a chalice with a rat design in one hand spilling water onto the ground, her wand, illuminated and held high in the other. Hope, healing, wholeness after emotional storms; reversed, fear.

XVIII - The Moon - A letter sealed in wax with the Hogwarts seal is carried on ribbons by two owls seen flying at the bottom corners of the cards. Excitement of the unconscious, strange emotions, intuition, allowing self to become more psychic; reversed, unwillingness to turn inward, strong fears.

XIX - The Sun - Ron Weasley stands waiting at the bottom of the porch at The Burrow, smiling, waving, and welcoming. Joy, happiness, beauty in life, optimism; reversed, good things are confused but not lost.

XX - Judgement - The Trio holds the sign up sheet for Dumbledore’s Army before their classmates at the Three Broomsticks. A call to action, a call for change, recognizing a shift in yourself; reversed, fear or denial of the call, don’t know how to answer it.

XXI - The World - Hogwarts Castle stands surrounded by the four animals of the houses. Success, satisfaction, unification of the inner self with the outer self; reverse, stagnation, slowed growth.

The avengers' new addition Part 1 - the meeting

This is the new contest series, it’s basically about the reader’s life as an avenger. There’s a lot to write, which is why it’s a series.

“So, (Y/N), you ready to join the avengers?” Fury looked down toward me, serving for an answer.

“Not really. How are they going to act to a 19 year old joining their team?” I chewed the inside of my check out of anxiety, adjusting my black leather jacket, my mind filled with a plethora of questions. What if they don’t accept me?

“(Y/N), stop biting the inside of your cheek. You’ll be fine. It’s nothing different - you’re still going on missions. And going undercover.” Finishing the last sentence with a chuckle, he looked at the floor number - only 4 floor to go.

“Yeah, with other people. I’ve always done these alone-”

“You’ll be fine. I’ve seen you taking care of others.” Ping.

as the elevator doors opened, Fury advised me to stay behind him. The elegant, faint scent of citrus fruit wafted through the air.

“Avengers!” Fury had caught the attention of the avengers.

“Finally! I was wondering why you called all of us.” The famous Tony Stark had no limits to sass - even when it came to Fury.

“Meet your new teammate.” full silence. Was this a bad idea? maybe. Was I planning to run away? yes. “(Y/N)? care to show yourself?” too fucking late. I stepped out from behind Fury, ready for any kind of insult or comments they throw at me. Being in a room full of superheroes was kinda cool…

“Welcome to the Avengers, I’m Steve Rogers.” Oh praise the Lord. I shook Steve’s hand

“hi, I’m (Y/N). Don’t worry about introducing yourselves, I kinda, already know who you all are. big fan.” Ugh, I really shoulda changed my clothes - coming down to meat your new teammates after a mission was not the brightest idea… but, a red and black lace crop top, with white jeans aren’t so bad, are they?

“SO, I’m Tony Stark. And you a beautiful.” Should I say anything?

“Stark, move the fuck away from her. I don’t want you to flirt with her, plus you’ve got Pepper.”

“Stop being a buzzkill, Fury. I’m just giving her I Stark wel-”

“I’m 19.” that caught their attention. I looked around, waiting for the awkwardness to die down. “i love all of you guys and I can’t believe that I’m on a team with 11 of the world’s most badass people.”


“sorry, I guess you should know that I swear. A lot. We British people are born with that… someone’s missing.” looking around, I noticed how there was only 10 of the avengers… The winter soldier.

“I’m pretty sure the winter soldier is on the team.”

“behind you.” OH SHIT!! jumping back, I regained my balance. Looking at him, he was honestly one of the reasons as to why I agreed to join the team. How could anyone call him a villain? If he is an avengers, then that must mean that he changed his ways, so he isn’t one. 

“Oh hi. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” I put out my left hand - I know that evil because it required him to shake my hand with his metal hand, but, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to touch his fricking metal arm?

“I’m Bucky.”He replied with a small, warming smile.

“okay, (Y/N), you will need to be on floor 4 in 2 hours. But for now, just tell the team about yourself… and DON’T burn anything of freeze anything.” waving a goodbye to Fury, I turned to meet 10 curious faces, and a flirty Tony.

“hi, I’m Natasha Romanoff, you’ll probably be training with me. Word of advice, Tony will probably be watching you train. But, tell us about yourself.” I chuckled, asking her what she wanted to know. Her reply? “Anything. Everything.”

“well, I love to dance and sketch. I’m originally from Britain, but I was kidnapped by HYDRA when I was 14. Trained, learnt how to survive on my own. Figured out that they were going to experiment on me, and they did.”

“The experiment that they did on me - it was a failure. They were set to kill me, but I escaped. I took some of their files with me; actually it was files about you guys - Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, and Bucky. so I took them and ran from Russia. I got to escape in 7 months and I thought everything was okay. But when I turned 16, they found me again and forced me to go back with them or they would’ve killed both my sisters in the middle of the street. So, I did what anyone would do. I went with them; 9 months later I escaped again and made a run for it. Fury found me 2 months ago and he took me under his wing.” I chuckled in despair, after remembering everything that happened in the past 5 years.

Tony took a step forward, “aren’t you a little bit.. young, to be on this team? we’ve all been highly trained and we know what we’re doing.” I stepped closer to Tony, my stare did not break.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N) and I don’t take shit from anyone - I know, Steve, language. Why does age get into this? HYDRA kidnapped me when I was 14 and they trained me for about 2 years - I escaped from them… twice. I snuck out 4 files for you guys just to save your asses. Then again, Natasha was in the red room since she was around my age when I was kidnapped. Wanda and Pietro had to live out on their own when they were younger than I was. so, please tell me how I’m too young.” Tony put his hands up in surrender, as I took a step back. looking around, I asked if anyone would like to see my powers.

“see, I control the elements.”

“all 4 of them?” clint inquired.

“What? there’s not only 4, I control all 10 - earth, fire, water, air, metal, lightness, darkness, gravity, electricity, and energy. Tony, you’re lucky that I haven’t set you on fire yet.” They all looked surprised; I didn’t know if it was because of my threat to Tony, or if it was because they didn’t know that there was 10 elements. I showed them how all the elements worked, how I could control everything withing each elements - creating blasts, becoming a shadow due to darkness, how it felt without gravity, EVERYTHING!

“My! Lady (Y/N) had intrigues us all! do you not agree, brother?” Thor just complimented me!

“Why, for the first time, we are agreeing on the same thing.”

 time had passed by, and before I knew it, Fury called me to be down to floor 4 in 10 minutes.

“You’ll be fine, (Y/N). It’s something that each of us had to do, it’s kind of like a ritual to become an official Avenger.”

“Thanks Wanda, can I know what this ‘ritual’ is?”

“No, not until we’re down to the room.” all the avengers followed wanda and myself down the floor 4.

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Prompt 23 with Barba😚? Love ur blog btw 😍 keep it up 😘

Thank you, love!! 

23 - Kiss me.

“Did Carisi call?”

Barba was standing outside your door, dressed for work. You left the door open for him to walk in and went to the kitchen.

“Yeah. He told me.”

Barba shook his head, locking the door behind him, letting out an exasperated sigh.

“I’ll see if there are any favors I can call in when I get out of court.”

“Don’t. You may need those favors for something more important. I can’t expect to have a security detail for the rest of my life. Coffee?”

He shook his head.

“You’re awfully calm about this.”

“How else should I be? It’s not helping anything freaking out about it.”

“No, it’s just…you were pretty upset just a few nights ago.”

Yes, the night where you were frustrated and upset and looked like a fool, throwing yourself at Barba. The night he took pity on you and hugged you until you fell asleep.

“I drank way too much and got emotional. I do really stupid things when I drink.”

“You have a lot on you. Being emotional is a pretty normal response, alcohol or not.”

“Being emotional, maybe. Stupid, no.”

“Is there something else going on?”


“You’re sure?”


You could see he didn’t believe you, but it didn’t matter. He wouldn’t press. He had work to get to.

“Well, be sure to lock up and be careful. Call me if anything.”

“I’ll be fine, Barba. Go to work.”

He stared at you for a moment, hesitating before finally saying goodbye and heading for the door.

Once you heard the door click, you pulled out your phone and looked at the Facebook message again.

There’s a cafe on 75th and Lexington. Meet me there at 10. Thank you so much for doing this.

She’d contacted you on Facebook through an old friend. Her best friend was dating your ex, Tom, for 6 months, and recently she and Tom went to NYC for a vacation. At least, that’s what Tom told everyone.

The woman was worried. She hadn’t received a single call since they left. She had a bad feeling about Tom, but everyone always said what a great guy he was.

And now she feared the worst.

She was afraid to take her concerns to the police, since Tom was one, and while you assured her the detectives here could be trusted, at least the ones you knew, she felt more comfortable meeting with you first.

When you arrived at the cafe, you went to the counter to order a coffee, glancing around the cafe for the woman.

“She’ll take that to go.” You froze when you heard his voice and felt something poke you in the back. “Morning, sweetheart. Alice sends her regards.”

Alice. The Facebook message.

He leaned close to kiss your cheek and whispered in your ear.

“Don’t get clever.”

He paid for the coffee and you grabbed yours. For a moment you contemplated throwing it in his face and running. But as you looked around you at the full cafe, you couldn’t put these people at risk. Not with a gun pointed at your back.

Walking out of the cafe your mind raced. There had to be a way to get away. Or send for help.

You would think it would be noticed, the look of fear in a woman’s eyes as she walked down the street, but not in the city. He must’ve counted on that.

“Where are we going, Tom?”

“I’m not sure. I thought it might be romantic to take you to some fancy hotel here, but then again, what could be nicer than reuniting at that apartment of yours? That seems more intimate somehow, doesn’t it?”

You felt the sting of bile in your throat, and your eyes stung. You blinked away angry tears and a movement caught your eye. Faking a sneeze, you paused for a moment to look.

A man on a bench ahead was reading the paper, an earpiece in his ear. He could have easily been on a phone, but you caught him glancing over.

He looked familiar. Was that Fin?

You had to take a chance.



You turned toward him, taking his hand and pulling him to the side of the sidewalk.

“Can we start over?”

“Start over?”

“I overreacted. I’ve been away long enough to realize I had it good with you. I want that again.”

His eyes narrowed. “You do?”

“This city is full of people, and I haven’t met anyone who makes me feel the way you did.”

You felt nauseous with each lie, but the more you piled on, the more he seemed to relax.

“And how is that?”

“Wanted. Watched over.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “Like I belonged.”

“To me.”

“Yes. I miss belonging to you.”

That was enough. His hands came out of his pockets and he pulled you the rest of the way toward him, kissing you.

You felt a lump in your throat, and your eyes burned more.

He pulled away, a grin creeping across his face.

“Now, why don’t we go somewhere so I can show you how wanted you are?”

You ran your hands down the length of his arms, curling your fingers around his hands and stepping back from him.

There was movement in your periphery, and before you or Tom could react, two men were tackling him, Carisi and Finn, one pinning his arms while the other searched his pockets.

A patrol car pulled to the curb and the activity around you started to blur. You leaned back against the building behind you, hugging your arms to you.

You jumped when Carisi touched your shoulder. “That was good work, getting his hands away from the gun. Come on. We need to get your statement down at the precinct.”

“But how…” you said, staring off as the officers put Tom in the squad car.

You walked with Carisi, turning a corner to see Fin and Barba standing outside a dark sedan.

“Barba called me this morning, said he thought you were up to something and was worried. I convinced the Lieutenant to let Fin and I check things out. When we saw Tom go in the coffee shop we called for backup.”

When you reached the car, Barba ran his fingers through his hair.

“Thank God you’re okay. What were you thinking?”

“I thought another woman was in danger.”

“We gotta get back to the precinct, Counselor.”

Barba shook his head and the two of you got in the back of the car. The drive back was quiet, you leaning toward your side of the backseat, staring off.

When Fin pulled into the parking garage, Barba finally spoke.

“Can you guys give us a few minutes?”

“Sure. Don’t be long.”

Barba waited for Carisi and Fin to leave the car and reached for your hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me? This morning when I came by?”

“Because I’d involved you in so much already. I felt terrible about everything you’ve had to deal with.”

“I’m an adult, A.J. You didn’t force me to be involved in any of this.”

“It just didn’t seem fair to you. You’ve been so kind, and I’ve been leaning on you for so much. I think I forgot what we are. Or aren’t.”

“Is this about the other night? When you asked me to stay?”

“No,” you lied.

Barba tipped his head to one side and sighed.

“If you’re trying to say that I’m just a good neighbor, I’m afraid I can’t accept that. Either that, or I’ll have to promise Mrs. Johnston I’ll snuggle her to sleep the next time she has a bad dream.”

You rolled your eyes. “More than a neighbor still isn’t the same as…look, you’ve had to go through this crazy thing with me, and I just don’t want you feeling like you have some sort of obligation toward me or–”

“A.J., kiss me.”


Barba slid next to you, his hand under your chin, his thumb lightly brushing your bottom lip.

“Kiss me. Or I can kiss you. Either way.”

He leaned in and took your top lip between his, sliding his hand into your hair. Your body relaxed and you slid your arms around him.

He moved away slightly and looked you in the eye.

“Do you still have doubts about what we are?”

“That depends. Does Ms. Johnston know you’re such a good kisser?”

He smiled and moved in to kiss you again, stopping short when there was tap on the window.

“I think they need us inside,” you said, holding back a smile.

“We’ll continue this conversation later.”

The two of you stepped out of the car and watched Fin and Carisi exchange smiles.

“Alright, get it out of your system now before we go upstairs,” Barba sighed.

They both shrugged.

“You got somethin’ to say, Fin? ‘Cause I got nothin’.”

The elevator door opened and Fin smiled. 

“Nope. But if, uh, you two want to ride the elevator up on your own, we’d understand.”

“And there it is,” Barba replied, rolling his eyes as he stepped in.

“I think we’re okay, boys,” you added, following him.

They followed, standing in front of the two of you. 

You looked over at Barba who stood beside you and reached for your hand, holding it the rest of the way up.

The Neighbor (AJ) and Barba

Part 1 - Prompt: I could kiss you right now.

Part 2 - Prompt: Are you still awake?

Part 3 - Prompt: I’m going to take care of you, okay?

Part 4 - Prompt: You can’t die, please don’t die

Part 5 - Prompt(s): You’re jealous aren’t you?/I’m not jealous.

Part 6 - Prompt: Quit whining

Part 7 - Prompt: Give me cake or give me death

Part 8 - Prompt: Don’t tempt me

Part 9 - Prompt: So, I might be in the hospital right now…

Part 10 - Prompt: Stay the night, please.

What if Yoruichi were the one to originally give her powers to Ichigo?

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already imagined what Bleach would have been like if it had been Hitsugaya or Renji that gave Ichigo his original power in the first episode of Bleach. But what if instead of those guys, or instead of Rukia as in canon, it was Yoruichi? What would Bleach be like then? 

1. Yoruichi would still be captain of Squad 2 in this reality.

In this AU, Yoruichi would still be a member of the Gotei-13. She never left with Urahara and the visored. She rescued them, sure, but then she went right back to her day job as the Squad 2 captain. And Soi Fon, of course, would be her lieutenant, making Omaeda third seat.

Yoruichi: I’m off to the world of the living, Soi Fon! I just got orders to go take care of this Karakura Town place.

Soi Fon: …they’re sending a *captain* for that? Why?

Yoruichi: I dunno. I guess Central-46 has their reasons!

Aizen (in his office, watching on his secret cameras): Well, that proves it.

Aizen: People really will buy *anything* that they think comes from Central-46.

2. The power transfer would be….tricky.

You know, because Yoruichi never actually carries her zanpakuto.

Yoruichi: I need to transfer my power to you.

Ichigo: Okay, do it!


Yoruichi: See, this is where it gets awkward.

Yoruichi: Normally the power transfer involves me stabbing you, but I seem to have left my zanpakuto in my other uniform.

Yoruichi: So it looks like I’ll have to transfer my power by kissing you!

Ichigo: [deer in headlights look]

Yoruichi: Aww, what a great face! Just kidding, though!

Yoruichi: [stabs Ichigo in stomach with her hand]

3. This would be Yoruichi’s first time seeing Urahara in a long, long time.

After Yoruichi transferred her powers to Ichigo using the totally-viable stomach-punch method, she would be left without any powers of her own. This would be Urahara’s moment to step in and help. Only unlike Rukia, Yoruichi has a history with the guy.

Urahara: Hey, need some help?

Yoruichi: 'Bout time you showed up.

Yoruichi: Long time no see, Kisuke.

4. The hogyoku thing? Super awkward!

Not that it wasn’t awkward for Urahara to hide the hogyoku inside the gigai of a powerless shinigami that he barely knew. But how much more awkward would it be for Urahara to stick the hogyoku inside the gigai of his best friend?

Yoruichi: Kisuke, this gigai feels weird.

Yoruichi: Did you…do something to it?

Urahara: [sweats nervously]

5. Yoruichi wouldn’t be able to pose as a high school student.

She looks a bit too mature to pass herself off as a high school student. She’d just have to find some other way to stalk Ichigo.

Yoruichi: Hi class! Starting today, I’ll be your substitute teacher!

Ichigo: WHAT

6. No, but stay with me. Yoruichi as a substitute teacher though.

Ichigo’s canon teacher is good for Ichigo’s shinigami activities, insofar as she doesn’t really give a shit if her students are absent a lot and/or run out of class suddenly. But if Ichigo’s teacher were actually in the know, Ichigo’s life would be that much easier. …For a certain definition of “easier.”

Yoruichi’s hollow-detecting cell phone: [beeps]

Ichigo: Hollow…!

Yoruichi: Ichigo! Did you just cough?!

Ichigo: Um

Yoruichi: Leave the classroom right now and don’t come back until you have control of yourself!

Ichigo: O-okay! [runs out]

Yoruichi: In completely unrelated news, class, I need to take a….um…smoke break! See you! [runs out]

Keigo: …

Keigo: Is Ichigo dating our teacher?

7. Yoruichi would hide in Ichigo’s house…in cat form.

In canon, Rukia slept in Ichigo’s closet. In this reality, Yoruichi would sleep right in his bed. In cat form, though.

Ichigo: So where are you staying, shinigami?

Yoruichi: Oh, I thought I’d just sleep in your bed!

Ichigo: Y-you can’t do that!!!


Yoruichi (in cat form): Admit it. You’re a little disappointed.

Ichigo: S-shut up!

8. Chad and Orihime would be trained by Tessai.

Later, when the hogyku began handing out powers like candy, Chad and Orihime would be pulled aside by Urahara, who would offer to have them trained. In canon, this training was done by Yoruichi. But in this reality, the training would have to be done by Tessai.

Chad: [looks at Tessai]

Tessai: [looks at Chad]

Orihime: I sense the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

9. Eventually, Soi Fon and Omaeda would come to arrest Yoruichi.

Because who else would Aizen (in the guise of Central-46) send to arrest Yoruichi, other than her own squad members?

Omaeda: Sorry about this, Captain, but you’ve got to come in!

Soi Fon: Do not apologize to the criminal, Omaeda.

Soi Fon: She has betrayed the Gotei-13.

Soi Fon: She must pay for her transgressions with her life.


Yoruichi: Um….I’ve only been gone for like five months, Soi Fon. Chill.


10. Tessai would be the Soul Society guide for Ichigo and his friends.

Again taking Yoruichi’s place. Only Tessai would have a way harder time being inconspicuous than Yoruichi did.

Tessai (sitting on a roof in Soul Society): I’ll just watch for now.

Random soul reaper: Hey look! The mustached Ryoka is on the roof!!!

Tessai: …why did I think that would work?

11. In prison, Yoruichi would….be bored, mostly.

I just don’t see her being wracked with guilt the way Rukia was.

Yoruichi: I can’t believe they sealed away my cat form.

Yoruichi: What am I supposed to do if I can’t nap for 20 hours a day?

Yoruichi: Prison sucks.

Guard: You’re supposed to be contemplating your sins.

Yoruichi: Well I would if I had any!

12. Ichigo’s big, final fight would be against Soi Fon.

And let’s not kid ourselves - that would be freakin’ awesome.

Ichigo: BAN-KAI!

Soi Fon:

Soi Fon: You call that a bankai, human? That is no bankai. It is tiny and unimpressive.

Soi Fon: I will show you what a true soul reaper bankai looks like!

Soi Fon: Bankai!


More thoughts about Mary Morstan

Amid all the furor wrought by the inclusion of Mary Morstan on BBC Sherlock, I can only say this: It really is canon. Pure canon. Consider:

  1. We first meet Mary Morstan in Doyle’s “Sign of Four,” when she asks Holmes and Watson to escort her to a mysterious rendezvous. The three ultimately are taken to the home of Bartholomew Sholto and learn that both his father MAJOR SHOLTO and Morstan’s father, had stolen the AGRA treasure from India. After years of searching, this treasure has been found and – according to questionable late 19th Century ethics – Mary Morstan deserves a piece of it. In BBC-verse, both Sholto and AGRA figure as important plot points.
  2. In FOUR, Holmes praises Mary Morstan, calling her “a model client.” When he learns at the end that Watson has proposed he groans. Watson is hurt by this reaction and asks if Holmes has a reason to be dissatisfied with his choice, to which Holmes replies, “Not at all. I think she is one of the most charming young ladies I ever met, and might have been most useful in such work as we have been doing. She had a decided genius that way; witness the way in which she preserved that Agra plan from all the other papers of her father. But love is an emotional thing, and whatever is emotional is opposed to that true, cold reason which I place above all things. I should never marry myself, lest I bias my judgment.”

As we have seen, all these plot elements are used in S3. Sherlock does continue to like Mary Morstan (even after she shoots him!) Mary does aid them (albeit in a small way) to save Sholto’s life. And Sherlock repeats the quote  “…love is an emotional thing, and whatever is emotional is opposed to that true, cold reason which I place above all things” pretty much verbatim during his speech at John’s wedding.

It also serves to note Watson’s last comment in FOUR: “"You have done all the work in this business. I get a wife out of it, Jones gets the credit; pray what remains for you?”

“For me,” said Sherlock Holmes, “there still remains the cocaine-bottle.”

And the very next time we see Sherlock, he is lying in a crackhouse supposedly doing drugs.

      3. After Watson and Morstan marry, Canon Watson goes back to doctoring and doesn’t see Holmes for some time. Doyle, meanwhile, begins writing the first collection of short stories known the world over as “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” for the Strand magazine. When he had married Watson off at the end of FOUR, Doyle had no idea he’d ever write another Holmes story. FOUR was a one-off for Lippencott’s Magazine and The Strand didn’t even exist yet. Be that as it may, apparently for the sake of continuity (although Doyle was far from caring about that), when he started writing the adventures, Watson is married and away from 221B. The first Strand story was “A Scandal in Bohemia,” where Watson decides to pay his old friend a visit. Looking up at his window he writes:  “He was pacing the room swiftly, eagerly, with his head sunk upon his chest, and his hands clasped behind him. To me, who knew his every mood and habit, his attitude and manner told their own story. He was at work again. He had risen out of his drug-created dreams, and was hot upon the scent of some new problem.”

And where is he at the conclusion of tSoT and the beginning of HLV? In a crackhouse on a case. Canon again.

     4. Watson climbs the familiar 17 steps to 221B, where Holmes remarks, "Wedlock suits you. I think, Watson. You have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”

“Seven,” I answered.

“Indeed, I should have thought a little more. Just a trifle more, I fancy, Watson.”

And of course this bit was pulled right out of the book for HLV, except for the addition of “Mary and I think…”

Now, as a pre-BBC Sherlockian, I admit that I regretted the existence of Mary Morstan. I wanted Watson back with Holmes where he belonged. And I know I’m not alone. Even Vincent Starrett commented that Mary was “more than a little bit in the way.”

Be that as it may, Canon Mary did try to stay out of Holmes’ and Watson’s business. She cheerfully acquiesced whenever Watson wanted to join Holmes on a case. Either that, or she was conveniently away visiting friends or a sick relative, allowing Watson to sneak back to Baker Street for a while. BBC Mary is the same way, encouraging Sherlock and John to continue their adventuring together. What is non-canonical about all of this?

The way the two versions differ is that, while Canon Mary was very much a passive Mary Sue, BBC Mary is very much a player. She is almost being portrayed as a mythic Loki character who has brought chaos in her wake and could use her skills either for good or evil and personally I find that really interesting.

There also is no question in my mind that Mary eventually is going to be dispensed with, just as Doyle dispensed with her, and that John and Sherlock will eventually be back together in Baker Street.

I just really don’t understand the furor that Mary has wrought among a facet of fandom whose only interest seems to be about who should be f***ing who on the show. I think the writers are doing a fairly good job of updating Doyle’s text - in regard to Mary, at least.

risingsm0ke said:Prompt! I headcanon that Dipper has like, a fuck ton of scars (at least one of which is a bite mark from Bill. Sort of a “this is mine” mark) What if Dipper was back home or Mabel’s school friends came to visit and ever saw him with his shirt off? They’d be a little confused and worried about the number of scars Dip’s got on his body (fighting the supernatural doesn’t always go his way, ya know?) BONUS IF HE’S GOT COMPLICATED SYMBOL TATTOOS. The people are like wtf I thought you were a wimp!?!?!

Friend this is a HC I share!  As for tattoos, he has Bill’s summoning circle right over his heart! (the rest of his tattoos he gets later)

Dipper heard the front door slam shut and shut off the water.  Mabel would probably want a shower after her ‘climbing wall  adventure’ with friends. He quickly climbed out the shower and patted himself dry, pulling on his pants and- still drying his hair- slinging his shirt over an arm.   He stepped out of the steamy bathroom.   “Mabel, dad is working late- mom want to know what you wan-”  He trailed off at gasps.  His hand froze in his hair.  Behind Mabel in the hall were at least 4 of her friends all looking at him- no his SCARS- in awe.   He blushed bright- it traveling all the way onto his shoulders and chest.  Mabel gave him a frantic look and subtly pointed at her own chest.  He quickly dropped the towel down to cover his tattoo. “Text mom what you want for dinner!”  He squeaked out and turned tail for his bedroom. Behind him he could hear Mabel saying to her whispering friends “You saw nothing.” He swore he heard them mutter things like: “Almost wish I saw more.”  "Where did the nerd even GET those?“ "Was that a TATTOO? How did you get your parents to agree to THAT?” He slammed his door shut behind him and muttered a quick locking spell as he buried his face in his hands.  Thank goodness school was out now and it would only be a week before they were in Gravity Falls again.
So Long And Thanks For All The Pics

You guys. You. Guys. What an evening! Our first ever live Zombies, Run! event was an absolutely storming success this past Friday, and it’s all thanks to our amazing fans. How do we love you? Oh, let me count the ways. 

1) So many of you turned up to see us on Friday night, and in such fantastic costumes! Here’s a group shot of the volunteer Runners Five who came along to help out with the event. How badass do they look? So badass they’d make Sara Smith back down. 

2) Seriously so many of you turned up that people were being turned away by the dozen. A reliable source told me that over 500 people attended across all three performances. That’s an entire Abel Township’s worth! (Depending on how many times you’ve upgraded your housing…) 

This is a lot of people. 

Look how many people. In just one of the performances!

3) ZR Fans look out for one another! When lindleyjo ran into some transportation problems that resulted in her being unable to attend at the last minute, collected-sports-bra stepped up and made sure she got a personal greeting from our very own Phil Nightingale and Jennifer Tan. So lovely! 

4) Seriously you guys check out this zombie. This is a terrifying zombie. Zombie: you are zombie-ing correctly. 

5) Check out all these awesome photos of the goodies (and videos!) our Runners Five collected! 

6) Oh my god people brought us presents and they were absolutely amazing. Just look at this stuff. 

Yes that is a hand-crafted Zombies, Run! logo. Yes it is basically the best thing ever. 

No wait, look! It’s tiny adorable Phil and Zoe and Zombie Runner Five! 

Oh. My. God. Yes.

It’s official. Zombies, Run! has the best fans in the world ever, ever, ever. Thanks for making our evening extra special, and for being so dedicated, creative and passionate. Stay Safe Out There! 

Much A-dough about Muffin

[Fenris/Hawke Baking Contest AU]

The clock said it would take five more minutes. Five more minutes of nervous sweating, anxious lip-biting and a very elevated heart rate. Five more minutes until the moment of truth.

Wait… five minutes? That didn’t seem right. Hawke squatted down in front of the oven, wiping her sweaty hands on her apron. (Her siblings had given it to her when she’d graduated from culinary school. It was pink and said They see me rollin’ - they hatin’ with a picture of a rolling pin underneath. It was lovely.) The sponge cake she was going to use for her layers looked fine, but did it look too fine? Would five more minutes be too much? These were the kind of life-or-death decisions Hawke had trouble making under stress.

Where did Varric even get the absurd idea that she should be the one to represent Once Upon A Pie in this contest? Clearly, she was not made for it. She just wanted to be back in her own kitchen, with her favourite songs playing in the background and to be alone.

Hawke shot a vicious glare over her shoulder at the only other person in the room - the guy who entered the contest for Slave to the Cake. He was crouching in front of his oven as well, trousers black, shirt black, apron black, hair black. All black like the pit of despair growing in Hawke’s stomach, except for his white tattoos. He was stupidly hot but she really couldn’t focus on that right now.

Two more minutes to go and she decided fuck it and took out the cake. It smelled and looked amazing! Hawke let out a sigh of relief and shut the oven door with her foot. Her movement might have been a bit too enthusiastic  - she lost her balance and… oh no… OH NO! The cake landed on the floor.

For a moment, Hawke stood frozen on the spot, staring at the cake. The cake on the floor. Her precious cake. That she wanted to turn into a three-layered chocolate-raspberry wonder. Slowly, she sank down on her knees, her eyes filling with tears at the sight of her precious creation broken and useless. Her hands hovered over the pieces, not sure if attempting to salvage it was even worth it.

“Did you just throw your cake on the floor?”

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† RAIN † The-silent-kitten


Everybody was asking him why would he even needed to go outside if it was raining and he got all the time and space inside the Black Order, he wanted to be all by his own not being bother by people asking stupid questions like, how was he? or why he was all grumpy?. He just decided to ignore those people and go outside to train in the rain for his own.

The exorcist exited the main door, wind came to his face; it was cold and wet, some raindrops landed on his eyelashes before even going on the rain. Before he looked back to check that nobody was following him. He turned at the road, Mugen on his right hand. How many steps did he needed to arrived at the trees. 1, 2, 3, 4… He kept counting them, nothing was ending well, the rain began to fall harder, but that wasn’t gonna stop him from training.

As the rain fall, he began to run a little towards the trees. The raindrops were hard, the wind blowed his hair from a place to another as he ran to a safe place. Now it was time for him to start to train, but something began to growl in the bushes. He looked at it, getting in defense mode, he walked some steps before finding someone all wet in there. “Who are you and what are you doing here?" He asked while pointing the edge of Mugen at her.

Edit Your Own Fairytale [2/2]

So remember when vividpixie sent me this promtp: New employee who had a one night stand with their new boss with out knowing it? And I wrote this? And then promised the second part would be out the next week? … Yeah. 

So I’m almost an year late but I can never leave anything unfinished so I just hope this is somewhat worth the horrendous wait. 

Edit Your Own Fairytale [2/2]; ~ 3 000 words; also on
A/N: Henry is not Emma’s son. 

Henry, who she has grown incredibly fond of (as if Regina Mills needed more reasons to hate her), is handling himself admirably well, signing books and flashing smiles. The kid has that addictive enthusiasm coupled with social grace and ease Emma has never been able to cultivate.

In the last 6 month ‘Once Upon A Time’ came into being. Not always smoothly and effortlessly but it did and now the book is already a best-seller and Emma knows there was never any doubt in her mind about it. Not when it came from under the capable and loving hands of Henry Mills and Killian Jones.


Emma’s gaze shifts against her will and finds Killian engaged in a conversation with David and Mary-Margaret. The brunet throws his head back and she can hear his laughter all the way to her spot, a safe distance away from him.

Right. Another thing that happened in the last 6 months – Emma Swan fell head over heels in love with Killian Jones.


A bottle of beer is suddenly obscuring her view of David and MM’s son, chasing his kite all over the backyard. Emma takes the drink and watches out of the corner of her eye as Killian plops down next to her on the grass.

“I could go,” he says eventually, worrying the label on his own bottle. “They’re your friends.”

Emma sighs heavily, feeling the guilt begin to fester inside her. Is it completely illogical that she hates how decent he is (95% of the time, the other 5% he is downright indecent in his flirting and it’s not like she hates that any less so)? Maybe it is. And did she overreact by storming out into the backyard when she saw him in the Nolan’s living room… Perhaps. But dammit! Being around him all the time doesn’t help with her ‘not thinking’ strategy.

Not thinking about how soft his lips are and how he looks with his cheeks all flushed and his eyes glowing with desire. Not thinking about what could have happened if she wasn’t a walking, no, running, romantic disaster. In her defense usually she ends up running from lying, cheating, douchebags with no interests other than sex and beer, not decent, gorgeous Irishmen with a passion for books and a soft spot for rebellion kids. In his defense, well, he did end up being of the second, previously considered mythological, type.

“It’s fine. They are your friends too,” she mutters eventually because hell if she doesn’t know how big David’s guy crush on the man is and how flawlessly he and MM work together.

Killian’s mouth almost falls into a little ‘o’, as if he hasn’t been quite able to figure that one on his own, and he looks so genuinely surprised that she can’t even pretend her heart doesn’t squeeze in her chest. Her hand is resting on the grass, fingers almost brushing his, and she is leaning forward before she can talk herself out of not being a total bitch to the guy for once.

“So how about you help me sneak into the kitchen and hide the pumpkin pie before David eats half of it without us like every year?” she asks in a conspiratorial whisper and if her eyes flicker to his lips it is only because his smile is positively gleefully and she won’t forgive herself if she misses it.


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