step 4: cry

psg: had an advantage of 4 goals, scored an away goal and even then barcelona scored 6 goals and won the serie

yall: the ref,  the ref,  the ref,  the ref, did i say the ref?  the ref,  the ref, because the rEF

How to rescape fish tanks, pt 1

Step 1: Remove all driftwood while fish freak out.

Step 2: Remove all plants while fish panic and start spinning in circles.

Step 3: Spend half an hour swearing and yelling while trying to gently catch fish. Get upset because the cory cats you thought were going to be easy to catch ended up being the most difficult. Stir up substrate, make face at disgusting water, drain, fill, and repeat.

Step 4: Cry out in dismay when the log that you had soaking for two weeks suddenly decides it doesn’t want to sink anymore.

Step 5: Fix log sinking issue with bags of rocks. And bowls of rocks.

Step 6: Allow log to sink by putting lid and light back on the tank. Sit on bed and admire beautiful log. Realize you’re fucking weird because you’re admiring a log. Keep admiring log anyways.

Step 7: Keep admiring log even though your boyfriend makes fun of you. Go upstairs, shower, and get ready for date while waiting for log to sink. Don’t tell your boyfriend that as soon as you get home you’re going right back to playing in the fish tank rather than sexytimes. Wait for him to log onto tumblr and see this post. Apologize profusely while not really being sorry. Go on date while waiting for log to sink.

Admire log more.

seriously me trying to figure out legion lore is like:

step 1- remember that legionaries aren’t actually self-aware of their roman cosplaying ways 

step 2- get hung up on what it’s like for the 5 or 6 high ranking officers who are aware of this fact and just have to deal with that 

step 3- forget about the actual lore i was trying to research 

A guide to non-canon shipping
  • step 1: Read way too much into anything your otp does.
  • Step 2: Be miserable.
  • Step 3: Suffer quietly.
  • step 4: Cry.
  • step 5: Cry some more.
  • step 6: Read a lot of fanfiction.
  • step 7: Denial.
  • step 8: Read some more fanfiction.
  • step 9: Denial.
  • step 10: That's it. That's all the steps.
SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to deal with OTP pains

Step 1: type your otp in the tag

Step 2: reminisce your moments with OTP

Step 3: look at fanarts, gifs, edits

Step 4: cry and break for them

Step 5: regret being in the ship/fandom

Step 6: repeat again

You guys can thank me later

How to Take Care of Children by Sugamama and Dadchi
  • Suga: Don't forget to always feed them before yourself. Schedule play dates for the younger ones so they can make new friends. Make sure they always get an ample amount of sleep or it will be hell in the morning. There will always be one child that wants to watch the world burn, don't let him do that.
  • Daichi:
  • Step 1: Deny that you have children
  • Step 2: Be angry that your husband persuaded you to have children
  • Step 3: Try to unadopt your children
  • Step 4: Cry
  • Step 5: Accept that they're all idiots
Hi my name is Dem and this is a shitty drawing tutorial

So, the first thing you do is take an idea you have motivation for and just. fucking. slap it on your canvas.

 Doesn’t have to look nice or perfect. Do whatever. Go crazy. Write notes if you need to. As long as you know what’s what.

Step 2, color that shitty ass sketch. Eyeball the colors you want to use. Use a palette if you want/need to in cases like you’re shit at color theory like me lmao

Step 3, shade. and Highlight if you want.

Step 4. fucking cry.

sacrifice your tears to whatever you worship I won’t judge

Threaten this omniscient being to give you some decent art skills or so help you will beat the shit out of them if you get an art block.

Sit for 12+ hours straight with no breaks and die repeatedly. 

Sign your beautiful artwork and you’re done. 

The three stages of my bf going out without me

Step 1. Cool! Some alone time is so rare for me! Hope he gets there safe and had fun.
Step 2. Aw man I miss him, I wonder when he’ll be home. I hope he’s having fun though.
Step 3. Man it’s getting kinda late and he hasn’t been checking his phone, I really hope hes okay because I’m kinda worried
Step 4. *crying under a blanket and freaking out that something happened until he messages me/comes home*

anonymous asked:

how did you make the aoba cake

Step 1: resolve to make an aoba cake

Step 2: mess up halfway through but keep going

Step 3: wife comes home early and asks why you are crying

Step 4: add eyes nose and lips

What To Do If Your Favorite Character Has Just Been Killed Off (as dramatized by Love)

Author’s choice list. :)

The following educational post will teach you the Bleach fans what to do if your favorite character has just been killed off. Love, our resident manga fan, will be dramatizing each step. I thought it would be appropriate, given the last chapter…

Step 1: Scream at your computer screen.


Step 2: Reread the chapter to see if it’s different the second time.

Love: Come on, come on, I believe in you! This time, you can win!

Step 3: Scream at your computer screen.


Step 4: Cry.

Love: [sobbing]

Step 5: Remind yourself that Tite Kubo doesn’t kill off main characters.

Love: I remember when I thought Byakuya was dead! But he wasn’t! He was totally alive!

Step 6: Remind yourself that seemingly dead characters can be healed.

Love: Hiyori was cut in half! And she was fine!

Step 7: Remind yourself that even dead characters can come back.

Love: Well, okay, that’s mostly Ichigo…

Step 8: Remember Ulquiorra. Sink back into depression.



Step 9: Cry.

Love: [sobbing]

Step 10: Seek solace on the internet.

Love: Okay, there are 15 fan theories about why they’re not dead. This many fans can’t possibly be wrong! Right?

Step 11: Prayer circle.

Love: I will reblog this prayer circle post. Then everything will be okay.

Step 12: Fanart.

Love: I can’t really draw it, but even looking at it fills me with great comfort.

Step 13: Cling to hope.

Love: No funeral, no death! No funeral, no death!

Step 14: Vow that you will never love again.

Love: Except Ichigo. Ichigo feels like a safe character to love.

Step 15: Cry (and wait for the next chapter)




Get a Tyler Oakley follow

Step 1

Make a post of anything Tyler related

Step 2

Use #TylerOakley or #Tyler Oakley

Step 3


Step 3.5

Keep waiting

Step 4

Either cry of scream tears of sadness or joy

Step 5

Make some really rad and cool edit that will get lots of notes and maybe a Tyler Oakley reblog

Step 6

Realize you cant even make a gif and cry

Step 7

Repeat steps 1-6 again