That unprounouncable name a few towns over is to keep a language that was once outlawed alive.

The mill stopped a decade ago but the stench stays forever.

Look close and see totem poles are everywhere, though some have become old growth nurse logs. And some are newly sprouted up renewed.

Life after a volcano is the greenest sight. It is so lovely as it explodes from the dark ashes.

There are invisible people playing drums and songs as loud as they can. Stop your overcaffeinated mouth long enough and you may even hear them.

Washington is a state with many nations living within it, and we all have complex identities to navigate.

You can name a native person other than Sherman Alexie.

Those sweet strawberries from Pike Place once belonged to Kenji and Chieko before they lost them in the war.

You have seen a woman’s face in a dusty window of a gilded victorian hotel.

A warship the size of a skyscrapper on its side has caused traffic jams for you. A family of Orca whales has been delayed for brunch because of you.

Dozens of feet inside shoes have washed ashore, unrelated to the radioactive bouy that washed up a few ft. away.

You probably live next door to an author of mystery novels.

Summer is that 3 day weekend in August. There is a total of 72 hours of sun, then clouds for days and days.

You spotted 11 rainbows and at least 5 eagles in one month.

Days are so much longer in the summer that you can have a picnic at 10pm.

The mountain is out.

Brown grass is a myth, but then again so is the sun.

I saw this on facebook and I really wanted to add to it. As someone from rural WA, I feel that we should add more to provide a wider view…Also, I wish someone from Eastern WA would add to this.

CATEGORY: Sludge Pokemon
TYPE: Poison/Dark
ABILITY: Poison touch/Gluttony

Alolan Muk will eat whatever is within reach without hesitation, and it can’t stand being hungry. It is believed its insatiable apitite is the result of it being unable to maintain its energy levels, requiring a cnstant intake of toxic material

AAlolan Muk possesses the same poisonous crystals as Alolan Grimer, but they are no longer limited to its mouth. It uses these crystals as if they were teeth and claws, and attacks opponants with them as such. The crystals are easily knocked loos of Alolan Muk’s body, making them extremely dangerous.

Unlike Grimers and Muks in other regions, Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk’s toxins are entirely self contained, meaning that they don’t produce the same horendous stentch that their other-region counterparts do