Aries New Moon

March 28, 2017, 02:57 UT
Chart erected for Washington, DC (March 27)

The lunation is conjunct Venus Rx, and that’s about it. We’re still very much in “Happy New Venus Cycle!” mode, but in this chart there aren’t any outlets for it. Check your own chart (house position, aspects to your natal planets) for suggestions about how you can best channel this.

Depending on where you locate the chart, there could be aspects to the angles; Washington has the lunation square the Vertex, so I would expect Dolt 45 to continue to fail at “works well with others.” (He’ll probably accuse those “others” of being too sensitive, and he’ll project even more than usual.)

This is about the last hurrah for the cardinal grand cross. By the end of May, it will have become “just” the Jupiter-Pluto square. (Jupiter will continue to scoot backwards in Libra, going out of orb for its opposition to Uranus and Eris in Aries; meanwhile, Vesta/Cancer moves ahead in the Zodiac, kissing the whole mess good-bye.) The grand cross will regroup and reform beginning midsummer, but it will never be as powerful and intense as it is now.

Note that Mercury/Aries has joined in on the fun. It would be nice if this means we’ve all learned something. I want it to mean “active listening.” Merc is in the very beginning of its retrograde zone; perhaps we can set the intent of learning about this technique, and mastering it, before Grand Cross 2.0.


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