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Samiro Yunoki’s Shibuya Home-Studio

Last month, Commune had the pleasure of visiting the home-studio of Samiro Yunoki in Tokyo. Born in 1922, Yunoki is still actively producing drawings and textile art. Most of his life has been spent living in this home in Shibuya. He is a master of a traditional Japanese stencil dying technique called katazome, or “dying from a form.” Speaking of his work in Idee Magazine, Yunoki believes that traditional crafts are “not just a decoration. The essence of traditional crafts is the solid motivation of artists backed by genuine skills and materials. So I think we should broaden the definition of art and call all the creation ‘art’ with no distinction between ‘fine art’ and ‘crafts.’”


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After-sex cuddling

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Fuck I am passionate about post-sex okay there’s something about it idk it’s more fun to write than the actual smut itself; but anyways let’s get down to business and create headcanons

  • During sex, the two of them glimmer with sweat and saliva and when they make love in the evening they shine underneath the moonlight. But, when they’re lying together with post-orgasm smiles and slowly calming breathing, they fucking glow.
  • Yuri’s head has a go-to spot on Otabek’s chest, just beneath his head so he has options to nuzzle his nose against his neck or to look up and stare at his lover in the eyes. It also gives him the option to run his fingers along his chest, stenciling little patterns in the skin and twirling the hair that grows there. 
  • Otabek would hold Yuri by his arms, one still and the other gently swooshing his thumb back and forth along the skin he held there. Since Yuri’s head wasn’t too far from his lips, he would take full advantage to leave kisses on his scalp or forehead. 
  • Things are only so much gentler if it’s aftercare. 
  • Beka would practically treat his kitten as if he were made of glass, taking the time to give him a warm bath or leave feather-like massages – anything to let the boy just rest while he would take care of him, making sure to whisper how good he was and how much he loves him along with all of the little reasons why. 
  • The reasons alternate every time. 
  • Who’s getting taken care of more often depended on who initiated the sex in the first place. Typically it’s Yuri because that tease, but when it’s Otabek and he needs his lovings, Yuri does not let any ounce of care go to waste. 
  • He’d smother the man in kisses and shoulder rubs and whispering to him what a good Daddy he is and how he loves having the Kazakh around, making sure to mention “I don’t even want to imagine a life where you’re not in it.”
  • Sometimes they chose to shower together afterwards, or a bath, depending on if Yuri needed to be cleaned out, but regardless they end up sleeping together completely naked in the bed. 
  • Yuri’s hair tends to get everywhere during sex – long hair problems. But while they snuggle up against each other Otabek would take his time to run his fingers through the locks and scratch his scalp. Yuri would just purr, melting into the touch, and he’s already passed out by the time Otabek starts to braid it.
  • If the sex was emotionally harrowing (AKA the post-fake-breakup sex to try and forget that incident), they don’t say anything. They don’t do anything, either. They just hold each other, losing themselves to the breathing until they finally fall asleep. 
  • Otabek typically wakes up first in the morning, and he’s the one that makes breakfast, while sleepy Yuri just wakes up halfway through the cooking and hugs him from behind, a warm smile on his face. 
  • “I love you.” 
  • “Forever and always.”

Breathtaking Maria Monaci Gallenga Couture trained gown dating back to the early 1920’s. The textile art of Gallenga is often compared to that of Mariano Fortuny because they both produced hand-stenciled designs that drew inspiration from the distant past. Gallenga became the mentor of the Italian Futurists and in 1925 exhibited in the Italian Pavilion, winning the Grand Prix for stenciled textiles. I adore the metallic stenciled medieval novelty pattern throughout. The care to place this garment together must have taken weeks. The luxurious heavily-pleated collar and waistband create a beautiful regal effect. My favorite detail is the dramatic winged angel-sleeves which Gallenga was known for.


This is what I’ve been doing with my unemployed life lately (besides baking things).

I turned one of the closets (there were 2) in my room into a Sherlock-styled mini library!

This closet wasn’t used for anything except holding my brother’s camping gear from when he was in Boy Scouts (about 15 plus years ago) and stupid junky things I happened to throw in instead of throwing the the garbage when I was younger (I found some homework from fifth grade…yikes!).

I’m proud of it! I never want to stencil paint again, but it was worth it.

The wall art next to the smiley face is in place of the skull painting in Sherlock’s flat…mine is a “melting” raven and it’s signed by the artist (I got it at Philly comic-con 2014 and the guy was super cool).
Above the chair, at the top, is a Game of Thrones poster featuring Ned Stark, below that to the right is a Walking Dead comic signed by the cover artist (from Philly comic-con 2013…and he was super cool, too), to the left of that is a signed picture of Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery as the Boondock Saints (from Philly comic-con 2012…I didn’t get them to sign it; I bought it from a vendor who had them sign it), then at the bottom is some art I made…the Doctor Who quote of “You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books!” etc., and to the left is Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer nightlights (I’m slowly collecting all of them)..

Quick n' Dirty Tutorial- Repeating pattern stencil

Turns out you can do it with decorative punches and and save yourself quite a bit of time. In addition to the punches you will need freezer paper. You can buy decorative punches at a craft store in the paper crafting/scrapbooking section. I went with some floral punches for Rapunzel.

You will also need fabric paint, paintbrushes or q-tips, and an iron.

Tutorial will be updated with better pictures at a later date.

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Make this Mother’s Day special with a fun and easy garden DIY. With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect way to step up her curb appeal.  Create a unique customized gift and show off your creative side with concrete pavers.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:  Pavers, stencil and paint.  Prepare your design with stencils, and paint away (we loved finding an excuse to use our favorite color this week, Sky Watch).  A meaningful gift that mom is sure to love.

What goes great with this project?  A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:

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I'm on mobile so I can't really check if you have answered this anywhere but, how did you make that super cool axe?

If you’re talking about the floral battle axe, it was pretty much all fabrication rather than forging.  I made it out of scrap.  I found a piece of 1/4” plate and i used a band saw to cut out the overall shape, so it was just a flat piece of metal.  Obviously 1/4” thick is nowhere near enough material to slit and drift a socket, so I found some 4” diameter mild steel pipe and cut about a third of the radius out in two pieces, then welded one up to one side of the blade, cut out the flat piece in the middle with a cutoff wheel, then welded on the other side.  I cleaned up the welds and ground them out with a flap wheel to make it all seamless, then drew up stencils for the floral pattern, marked it on the steel, and cut those out with a plasma cutter.  After all that I ground in the edge and carved a mattock handle down to fit in the socket.