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How would the companions from DAO (romances too) react to the Grey Warden getting stabbed in the eye by a bandit and then having to get rid of the eye because the damage is too great? Thank you so much! Glad another DA blog is up ☝ 🙌

Alistair Therein- Obviously panicked and beyond worried for the Warden, he is not the best to have around because he may actually pass out when they have to…remove the issue. Sure he is around gore all day and it’s all well and good to stab a darkspawn through the heart but this is a friend.

Liliana- She’s concerned and tries to lead everyone, or at least those who will participate, in a prayer for you. Hoping that the…treatment you’ll soon have to endure will be granted mercy by the maker. She will also dote on the warden for a few days, helping them figure out depth perception and if they’re a rouge, tuning their skills.

Morrigan- She would have truly tried her hardest to save their eye. Losing something so valuable as sight during the blight was not preferable. But when there is little else that can be done, she will at least try to make it as painless as possible and quick. 

Oghren- After the ordeal the least he can do is get you an ale, maybe something stronger. They’ve earned a stuff glass and to not feel the damned wound for as long as they can, even if the reason they get a break is a drunken stupor. If nothing else at all the hangover will be a good distraction.

Sten- Pity isn’t quite the word, the injury didn’t kill you and you are not a useless warrior with only one eye gone, not inherently. But there is some…sort of emotion there. Maybe he just thinks it’s a shame. On your already pressed schedule this will only eat up time as you try to learn how to adjust. He wishes you luck, though,

Shale- Reminds the warden this sort of thing tends to happen to squishy mortals. Realizes that’s a tad bit insensitive and retracts it. After all, it seems its a part of the wardens life now and there’s no reason to add to the burden with mocking, albeit mostly unintentional.

Wynne- Believe it or not similar to Morrigan (how’d that happen). She tried to save your eye, but should the skill fail and there’s no other option but removal, she will make it as easy as allowed by the wound. And try to find a way to restore it alter, if that is at all in the realm of possibility, but she stresses not to get your hopes up. 

Zevran Arainai- Acts like it is no big deal, but that is mostly for the wardens sake so they don’t wallow. It would be easy to do. After all without two eyes you can’t truly admire all his beauty….what? No jokes? Well you’re no fun…

Bonus Doggo- Pray the bandages are slobber proof. He’s trying to help okay, his master shouldn’t be frowning.

ok but tents

in da2 and inquisition everyone had a home to go back to, but in origins they literally only had their camp for like a year

thing is, everyone was joining one after another, weeks and sometimes months apart (im looking at u oghren)

how come all the tents look the same? they should be all mismatched

and sometimes it could take a while to actually find a tent for new party members

just imagine, wynne joins the party and shares a tent with leliana for a while and everything is lovely, they both are clean and sweet and just the loveliest tent mates

in contrast, imagine the first night after zevran joined in and neither alistair nor zevran in their shared tent even shutting their eyes in fear that the other will stab them

or oghren joining and the party actually has a fight over who’s going to share their tent with him bc holy shit that guy’s smell is powerful (actual canon, sorry oghren)

and also imagine the possibilities of what each tent would look like

zevran and leliana and morrigan choosing tents that actually look good bc not a chance they will sleep in something that looks like rags hanging on sticks

loghain choosing the most patriotic thing as possible and just glaring at lelianas tent

sten going with practicality but also having some tiny detail, maybe a pattern or an embroidery of some flower that reminds him of par vollen

alistair sometimes looking up at the roof of his tent and feeling sad bc he sees the grey warden griffon embroidered and he remembers when duncan handed him the tent

anyway, tents

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Origin companions react to a dwarf warden seeing a bird and screaming

Alistair: It takes him a moment to realize where their fear is stemming from, but once it registers with him he is a little confused. It is only when another companion points out that they’ve likely seen few if any surface dwelling creatures that he apologizes sheepishly and promises to keep them safe.

“After all, we wardens have to flock together. Get it, because birds of a feather? I’ll…just go away now.”

Morrigan: Her disinterest is clear, but unlike Alistair she at least has a quick grasp of the cause of their reaction. 

“Tis merely a creature of the air, warden, and of which you will see many in your time here on the surface. Now come– we have more important matters.”

Leliana: Immediately she is alert, looking around for enemies, but once the source of their fear is uncovered she cannot help but laugh. Leliana feel’s terrible about it afterwards, of course -she was amused, not cruel- and promises to keep them safe from avian threats in the future.

“If we require a songbird I am here, What sparrow can outsing a nightengale?”

Sten: He is not impressed. Even a dwarf is many times bigger than one small songbird, and they have bigger issues to face. They are above Orzammar now– it is time to face those threats.

“Vashedan, there is no time for such foolishness. Control yourself.”

Wynne: For someone who has also lived in a controlled society for most of her life the mage understands how new sights can be frightening. Of all the companions she is the most sympatheitc, and moves to comfort without chiding.

“There now, no harm done. Just a song bird on her way to her nest. She won’t hurt you, any more than you might fall into the sky. It’s all right.”

Zevran: He finds the situation amusing, most of all because this is the Warden he could not assassinate. If any of this ever gets out he will never find work again.

“Truly, my dear warden, you continue to astonish. Darkspawn and bandits do not phase you, but a robin is fear itself. Only a shame you are not so frightened of Crows.”

Ohgren: He’s screamed right along with them, the haze of alcohol making the bird seem as frightening as the arch demon, and so is of little help.

“Damn surface vermin! By the Stone why can’t things stay rooted where they belong?!”

Loghain: He has very little comment to make, but a part of his mind is both amused and infuriated that this is what brought him down.


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Time freezes, the sun ceases it’s journey, and for the first time in so many, many years, Shale finds someone who understands them. A connection is forged then, one that shall never be sundered, and with surprising gentleness the golem places their hand on the Warden’s head.

“Do not fear, warden. Someday all the birds shall die.”

–Mod Fereldone

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Could you do a companions(da:o) react to the warden sneaking up on them to give them a bear hug? Also I'm loving your in general, hope your doing well😄


Leliana (Unromanced):

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Leliana (Romanced):

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Morrigan (Unromanced):

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Morrigan (Romanced):

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Alistair (Unromanced):

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Alistair (Romanced):

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Zevran (Unromanced):

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Zevran (Romanced):

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The important thing to remember about Sten is that he is a master troll. He says shit that, if you take seriously, is really mean and threatening, but if you call out his bullshit or troll him right back or stick to your guns, you gain massive amounts of approval.

During a conversation you have with him about tamassrans, where the Warden can act surprised that priests raise kids and not their parents, Sten just SNARLS and says “It obviously didn’t work for you.”

Which is fucking RUDE. And you can act offended or hurt


You can literally just say “Cute.” WHICH JUST RADIATES SARCASM and Sten smiles (yes, smiles) and cheerfully (yes, cheerfully) says “I liked it” This motherfucker was trolling you the entire time

Sten is a troll, take everything he says with a grain of salt. When you give him a taste of his own medicine, he’s really just a weird dork.

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DAO & DAA Companions react to accidentally walking into a naked Warden.








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