stemonitis fusca


“Chocolate Tube Slime” (Stemonitis fusca)

…although it may look like a fungus S.fusca is actually a amoebozoan protist that is found worldwide. Like some other slime molds they typically grow in clusters on rotting wood and are characterized by their tall brown sporangia (spores) which are supported by slender stalks.


Ameobozoa-Mycetozoa-Myxogastria-Stemonitida-Stemonitidae-Stemonitis-S. fusca

Images: bdunc photos and 6el


Pink Stemonitis Fusca Slime Mold On Stalks

These things are crazy! And if you look really close you can see the pink tubes are connected to the wood by tiny little black stalks. Slime molds are the most ridiculous form of life forms - a bunch of individual cells that live independently most of their life. When its time to make babies they all flow together and create insane fruiting bodies and then either die or separate into individual cells again. Think about it - its like combining with a million other people into ONE superorganism that has emergent characteristics - you and a hundred of your friends could create the stalk that the actual fruiting body made of another thousand people sits on - and your DNA would never get passed on but you are cool with it. Very non human and an amazing organism to think about!

(Mount Tamalpais, California - 3/2014)


Stemonitis fusca

there is no god

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Jealous slug is jealous.