Our Summer of Steven playlist! 28 tracks and 43 minutes of music from the episodes “Steven Floats” through “Know Your Fusion”.

Please click through to Soundcloud to see credits for each individual track!

Aivi & Surasshu
Ben Levin
Jeff Liu
Rebecca Sugar

Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl)
Tom Scharpling (Greg)
Zach Callison (Steven)

Additional Musicians
Jeff Ball (strings)
Jesse Knowles (trumpet)
Kristin Naigus (flute)
Rekcahdam (drums)
Stemage (guitar)
Tim Teylan of The Consouls (saxophone)
Julian Sanchez of The Consouls (saxophone recording engineer)

★ Promo art by Joe Johnston

“What Can I Do” from We Need To Talk, composed by Rebecca Sugar, Jeff Liu, and Ben Levin. We worked with their musical ideas and recruited the amazing Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks on drums and Stemage on electric guitar. Tom Sharpling (Greg) and Susan Egan (Rose) gave fantastic vocal performances!

The Ultimate TRON Playlist

On my iTunes/iPod, I have a playlist that I have entitled The Ultimate Tron Playlist. It’s where I’ve put ALLLLL of my Official or Semi-Official Tron music so I can listen to it all on shuffle. It’s pretty epic, but I’m worried I’m missing some stuff, because of how they released the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, and maybe I missed some unreleased TRON: REC0NF1GUR3D tracks that the artists themselves gave out.

So, here’s what I have in my Ultimate Tron Playlist. Look through and enjoy, see if there’s anything you’re missing, and let me know if I’m missing anything (except for “Separate Ways” by Journey. I already know I’m missing that).

First, the Big Three:

External image
External image
External image

Note that my TRON: Legacy soundtrack includes “Sea of Simulation”, the Amazon exclusive, “Father and Son,” the iTunes exclusive, and “Sunrise Prelude,” the Nokia Ovi exclusive (which I got from a friend, and you can probably find a download around YouTube or something). I also have “Encom Part I” and “Encom Part II”, “Round One,” “Castor,” and “Reflections.” I got those from another music site that had them listed.

Next, everyone’s favorite TV show, TRON: Uprising

External image

Also note that if you go to Joseph Trapanese’s Facebook page, you can download what is titled “TRON: Uprising Hero EP” featuring a bunch of tracks from the show that aren’t in the main album. They are also in my playlist.

Now for some oddities.

External image
The Official TRON: Evolution Soundtrack

It was released ONLY on Vinyl and FREE digital Download through Soundcloud. seven tracks mixed from the in-game music.

External image

This came out literally DAYS ago. A Disney lover’s remix album. It has two songs from Legacy featured, a Remix of “Derezzed” (which is actually the same as the one by Avicii on the REC0NF1GUR3D album, but with LYRICS) and a remix of “Fall”. I just bought the two TRON tracks.

Okay, from the official, to the Semi-Official

External image
TRON 2.0 Soundtrack

There are a lot of these floating around out there. I found the tracklist that a person on Flickr made to go with this album cover and took some chunks and edited them together to make them fit. I would be more than happy to give this sort of fanmade album to whoever owns the game.

External image
Priority One: The Music of TRON

This is a cover album done by a guy called Stemage. He takes the original TRON soundtrack and puts some killer electric guitar to it, so it earned a spot on my playlist.

So am I missing anything?

“Lapis Lazuli” and “Wailing Stone” from The Message. “Lapis Lazuli” was written by multi-talented storyboarder Hellen Jo, and “Wailing Stone” was written by both Hellen and Rebecca!

I worked with Hellen’s demos to create the guitar arrangements for both songs, then passed it along to our guitarist, Stemage. He added his own touches to make the guitar parts even better and gave fantastic improv performances throughout the episode!

“Lapis Lazuli”
Music and lyrics by Hellen Jo
Arranged by Aivi & Surasshu
Sung by Zach Callison
Guitar by Stemage

“Wailing Stone”
Music and lyrics by Hellen Jo and Rebecca Sugar
Arranged by Aivi & Surasshu
Sung by Tom Scharpling
Guitar by Stemage

Art by Lamar Abrams

What Can I Do For You ft. Pearl (Steven Universe Parody)
  • What Can I Do For You ft. Pearl (Steven Universe Parody)
  • Perfectlyvindictive

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks and Stemage


What can I do, for, you?
what can i do, to make you see he’s not for you?

What can I do, for, you?
How can I convince you?

Oh rose, what do you see?

He’ll can’t understand, the world, you came from and command
I love your vision, (so beautiful) but I loath your decisions

You’re getting attached, to this human thing, and yet you have to realize

Woa-oh-oh-oh Woa-oh

What can I do, for, you?
I’ve been around, for a millennium or two

What can I do, for, you?
How can I keep you here?

What can I do, for, you?
How can I, Keep, you here?
Have I done something wrong?
Where will your heart take you?

surasshu and I collaborated with the Google Doodles team to create music and sound design for the 2016 Rio Olympics Doodle. Thank you to our musicians, Stemage (guitar), Kristin Naigus (piccolo), and Lachlan Day (trumpet) for their wonderful performances!

Video credits: design and animation by Nate Swinehart, with layout support by David Davis.

More about the Fruit Games here.

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