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on the subject of weddings, what colour scheme do u plan on having?? (cough do gold and white,,totally not referencing to fukurodani or anything uhhh)

I’ve always loved the idea of soft, pale yellow and light grey! With sunflowers (my favourite) and eucalyptus stems and fairy lights everywhere :3

Miss Frizzle of the Magic School Bus teaches a class of 3rd graders that science is fun and full of exciting adventures. Her quirky style and sense of enthusiasm is an inspiration for STEM girls everywhere. She most recently made an appearance at the March for Science in a variety of forms:

As Miss Frizzle says, “Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy!”

Sam Winchester-Miss part 2

Title: Miss part 2

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1007

Request:YOU’RE DOING A PART TWO TO MISS RIGHT?! RIGHT?!!!! please it was amazing

Request:Are you going to write a second part to Miss?

Request:Any chance I could convince you to do more parts to the Miss fic with Sam? I just absolutely adored it?

Request:Are you going to do a second part to miss? (if nots that totally fine) Also I love your writing ❤️


Sam was in a mood. Anyone could tell. The door however, got the worst of it. The heavy, thick wood smashed harshly into the denting wall. Dean, who was innocently reading the back of a newspaper, jumped miles from his seat as he placed his broad hand on his thumping heart. He turned his head cautiously towards the 6,4ft giant who towered his way into the motel room.  

Dean’s forest, green eyes rolled over his brothers features, collecting details that would be the decider of whether it was safe to talk to his brother or not. Dean spotted his red, flushed face. His cheeks were hollowed in, sunken more than they normally were- he was biting his gums. His lip had splotches of dark red patterned into the soft, baby pink that showed how much his teeth had burrowed into the tender flesh. Sam never bit his lip, when he did he was normally trying to bite back cursed words. His fingers clenched and unclenched around his palm, nails digging slightly into the abused flesh. His back was strained against his plaid shirt.  

“Take it the date didn’t go well?”.

Dean worded it as if he was only teasing, but his voice was soft and soothing, concerned for his brother. Sam paused in place, his angered expression dropped to one of humiliation and shame. He shrugged, tucking back the long slightly waved lock behind his ear before bracing his large palms on the chairs back.  

“She stood me up’‘he shrugged, trying his best not to care. Dean knew he did care. Anyone who so desperately craved love like Sam did, would definitely care. Anyone like Sam would also overthink this, think that they just weren’t lovable enough or that they really were a bad person. It was a shame that his self esteem remained shockingly low.  

’'Ah, you don’t need her. Not like you could have stayed anyway, Sammy’'His voice softened as he tried to convince his brother it was for the best anyway. Sam nodded, the distant look in his hazel orbs highlighting to his brother that he was already taking the blame.  

Sam’s shoulders slumped, he shifted moodily to his room as he let his mind take over him.  

Why did you stand him up?

Sam really thought you were into him. He saw the signs, in fact, you made them clearer than day with the nervous stutter and the red cheeks, the way you were so shocked when he asked you out that you didn’t reply for what felt like a year. Maybe he was just getting his hopes to high. So desperate for someone to love him that he saw signs in anyone he found attractive and sweet.  

The tall hunter decided to put away his feelings as he laid on his bed and hoped for sleep to come easily. You couldn’t think when you were sleeping. You couldn’t hurt when you were sleeping.  


Crashes filled your ears, the pounding of metal against metal and the horrid, unearthly screech that left shivers dancing up and down your burned spine. Your wrists throbbed, your pulse uncomfortably beating against the thickly bound rope that held you captive. Blood trickled somewhere, you didn’t know where it was stemming from, it was everywhere. Crimson painted nose, crimson painted cheek… crimson surrounded you, unfortunately, it was yours.  

He paced back and fourth, the man you saw before. The man you described to Sam.  


You closed your eyes, a whimper leaving the tape that gagged your mouth shut but still the whimper floated away with ease and you were envious of all the free things in life. You were supposed to meet him for a date, next thing you know, darkness. You couldn’t even begin to explain what happened but you were guessing it was to do with those string of murders.  

You hoped Sam would be your night in shining armour and rescue you, but this wasn’t a fantasy and you weren’t a character in a happy ending movie. This was reality. And reality sucked.  

’'Now, now. Don’t get tired, pretty. They’ll be here soon, just wait till they heard what I’ve caught’'He snickered. You whimpered, thrashing away from his nails that raked down your tender cheek. Your head dropped, crown bowing as if you were giving in. You think you are. You’re not sure what’s happening, you feel like your dying.  

Maybe you are.  


Dean phone vibarted against the oak wood, the wood creaking in response as Dean shifted his heavy boots and picked up the buzzing phone that tried to tumble out of his grasp.  

’'Hello?’'Dean answered, pulling back for a second to look at the ID before frowning at it’s ‘Unknown Caller’.  

’'Hello, Winchester”

Dean cringed at the screechy voice, the sharp hiss it elicited. He knew who it was. His face fell, a pissed expression falling into place as he sat up, hand subconsciously twitching near his gun. His guard was up even though it did not mean to be.  

Dean lost colour in his face as the next words were thrown about lazily. He ended the call, tall, lean body standing up and grabbing a startled and tired Sam from his slumber. Sam’s legs stumbled clumsily, willingly following his brother as he found himself being shoved in the Impala.  

“Wh-Dean?’'Sam yawned, sleepy eyes blinking to push out any sleep that glued his eyes tight shut. ’'What’s going on?’'He mumbled, pressing the heel of his palm into his eye as he ground down. He blinked hastily before looking over at his brother who had his hands fit tightly on the steering wheel.  

’'Remember that chick?’'Dean asked quickly, face snapping to his brother and the road so quickly Sam thought it might just snap right there and then. Sam’s mood fell somber as he grutted out a grunt in response. ’'Well she didn’t stand you up”

Sam snapped his head towards his brother as he stared with narrowed eyes, confusion mixing into his features. “How do yo-”

“He called. He has her”

Wanting/Not Wanting/Particles

Wantingand Not Wanting:
철수: 저는아르바이트를원합니다.
영희: 저는아르바이트를원합니다.
철수: 하지만일을원하지않습니다.돈만원합니다.
영희: 저도일하고싶지않습니다.게임하고싶습니다.
철수: 저도 게임하고싶습니다. 하지만돈초벌고습니다.

**There are two ways to say “Want.” =>depends on if you are using a noun or a verb
1.] 자는한드폰을원합니다.= I want a cellphone

2.] 저는한드폰을받고싶습니다.=I want to get a cell phone.

**The differences in the two sentences is that the 1st one only uses a noun-the cellphone

**the 2nd sentence uses a verb- “to get”

*!* Want = Noun+ (을/를) 원합니다

*!*Don’t want = Noun + (을/를) 원하지않습니다

    *When you want to express you want something, take the Noun, attach the object marker- then add 원합니다

*저는음식을원합니다.=  I want food.

**저 (I or Me) (Topic Marker)음식 (Food)(Object Marker) 원합니다 (want)
* 저 는연필을원합니다.=  I want a pencil.
   **저(I or Me) (Topic Marker)연필(Pencil) 을(Object Marker) 원합니다(want)

*For opposite(Don’t want)- expressed by using 원하지않습니다.
*저는야채를원하지않습니다.= I don’t want vegetables.
  **저(I or Me) 는 (Topic Marker)야채(vegetables) 를(object marker) 원하지않습니다(Don’t want)

*저는돈을원하지않습니다. 사랑을원합니다.= I don’t want money. I want love.
*저 (I or Me) 는(Topic Marker) 돈( Money) 을(Object Marker)원하지않습니다.(I don’t want). ((dropped the “I” because we’re still talking about “I”)) 사랑(love) 을(Object Marker) 원합니다 (want)


“Want to” and “Don’t want to”

*Want to=  Verb Stem + 고싶습니다
*Don’t want to
= Verb Stem + 고싶지않습니다.
*when you want to express that you want to “DO an action” take the VERB STEM and attach , then add 싶습니다

Ehhhh, what is this Verb Stem?? O_O

*Getting the Verb Stem is easy! ^_^

*Just take a verb and remove the 다 at the end, and that is it, you have the Verb Stem =)
              *^*^*^ verb stems are used EVERYWHERE in Korean. So it’s good to remember this :D
Examples:  * 하다= 하                         *벌다= 벌                              *먹다= 먹

So, back to Want to and Not Wanting To now that we know the Verb Stem:

*저는과일을먹고싶습니다.= I want to eat fruits.
*=(I) =(Topic Marker) 과일=(fruits) =(object marker) =(verb stem of to eat)  고싶습니다=( want to)
*저는돈을벌고싶습니다.= I want to earn money.
*=(I) =(Topic marker) =(Money) =(Money) =(verb stem of to earn) 고싶습니다.= (want to)

*I don’t want to is: VERB STEM + 고싶지않습니다.
*저는야채를먹고싶지않습니다.= I don’t want to eat vegetables.
저는죽고싶지않습니다.= I don’t want to die.
저는웃고싶지않습니다.= I don’t want to laugh*.

–In 웃다 can mean either “laugh” or “smile” It can be translated for whichever fits the moment better.

Advanced Notes: This form (*Want to=  Verb Stem + 고싶습니다) can only be used for “I” or “You” and cannot be used to mean “he or she”
*In Korean you can’t talk about the desires of another person directly.
*Although you can say “I want to go” or “you want to go” in Korean it is NOT acceptable to say “he wants to go” or “She wants to go” w/this same form.
*SO remember, this form *Want to=  Verb Stem + 고싶습니다 is only for when talking about yourself or someone you’re directly speaking to.

*&*Remember= If expressing you want to do something use, Verb Stem + 고싶습니다, but if you want to express that you just WANT something, use, Noun+ (을/를) 원합니다

*~*~* Please Give Me:
* Noun + (을/를) 주세요.
*Say what you want, followed by the Object Marker, then add주세요.

    *돈을주세요= Please give me money.
    *힌트를주세요= Please give me a hint.
     *책을주세요= Please give me a book.

**Culture Notes: 5% of Korean words are influenced from foreign languages, specifically English ^^

**Reading the Conversation:

철수: 저는아르바이트를원합니다.= I want a part time job.
영희: 저도아르바이트원합니다.=I want a part time job too.

==>Here in this convo we have 저(I or Me) followed by 도. Together, 저도 means “I also, or Me too”

The Last Part of this Post will be on two particles.

The Particle
*도 takes the place of 는 in the above sentence
*saying 저는도 would be incorrect. When using the particle, it replaces whatever particle was there before (if there was one)
* is placed directly after a word
means=> Also, Even, Too
*저도김치를좋아합니다.= I also like kimchi.
*저는김치도좋아합니다.=I like kimchi too.

*Notice how the meaning changes by placing도in a different spot.
*도 emphasizes also, even, or too, “ONLY” for the NOUN or PRONOUN it directly follows

*저도시동치를원합니다.= I also want a car.
*저는자동치도원합니다.= I want a car too.

**Because in this sentence is placed after car it means, “I want a car, in addition to whatever else I may want.” And NOT I also want a car like you do.
*the word car can be simply shortened to 차 but know that 차 also means tea. It should only be shortened when the meaning is clear from the context.

The Particle

* works grammatically similar to, in that it comes after a noun. It replaces whatever particle was there(if there was one) EXCEPT for the Object Marker, which you may replace if you want to.
*저만좋아합니다.= Only I like tuna.
*저는참치만원합니다.= I only like tuna.
*^*Here w/o the sentence would be 저는참치를원합니다.
*b/c it would normally use an Object Marker you could have also written it like this저는참치만원합니다. =I only eat tuna.
**to keep it simple, feel free to remove whatever particle was there before every time and you will be just fine

영희: 저도일하고싶지않습니다. 게임하고싶습니다.
   = I also don’t want work. I want to play games.
철수: 저도 게임하고싶습니다. 하지만돈도벌고싶습니다.
   = I also want to play games. But I want to earn money too.

~*~*~*~*~ Until next time friends!

*Hope this was helpful. Once again please let me know if I have made any mistakes/typos, I am not the best with typing in Korean yet. I will type the Vocab for this note collection tomorrow ^^ If you have any questions feel free to Ask me on here or hit me up on Kakao, NonEdibleHuman

Also, quick side note: I stopped doing breaking down every sentence, hopefully by now they should be easier to read? If they are still too confusing let me know. I will go back through and break the sentences down more simpler. ^_^ Fighting! :o]

A San Francisco cop’s texts prove racist police departments exist everywhere 

Stemming from a collection of legal documents filed in a California federal court on Friday, the San Francisco Police Department is investigating a series of text message exchanges between former SFPD Sgt. Ian Furminger and four other officers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. 

It’s yet another example of a much larger problem

I don’t like NBC Hannibal because it’s just so PRETENTIOUS.

idiots, everywhere

Pretentious stems from the same root as pretense: something is pretentious when it’s faking its merit somehow, when it’s pretending to be something it’s not. It has to be empty, unworthy, having a façade to cover a lack of substance.

Hannibal is not pretending to be anything it’s not, artistically or otherwise. It has emotional and thematic substance behind its imagery and sound design and a dedication to delivering its story in a theatrical, consistently operatic manner. It’s lavish, outrageous, extravagant, over-the-top, overtly stylized, sometimes egregious (I’m looking at you, Mr. Wendigo)–but never pretentious. 

There’s a part of the novel, Hannibal, from when Hannibal is preparing dinner for himself and Clarice, where he considers whether he has overdecorated, to the point of bad taste.

He could see that he had too many flowers in the room, and must add more to make it come back right again. Too many was too many, but way too many was just right. 

You can argue that you don’t like Hannibal’s style because it’s not to your taste, that you just prefer minimalism in cinema–although I would side-eye you if you said that minimalism is intrinsically better than that which is ornate or lavish–but you cannot argue that this is a flaw in the show itself. If you think it doesn’t have the substance to merit this level of chutzpah, you either didn’t watch long enough, or most of the show went over your head.