stem & thorn

‘ Ghost Seed ‘   Hue altered scanned plant photograph by Bob Bauer.  When I put this image in photoshop, I decided to play a bit with the colors and this particular hue seemed ghostly to me and added to the image.   Part of my collection of extremely high resolution images.

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Advice #390: Rose petals are too generic to put on your partner’s bed for valentines day. Spice it up by putting all the thorny stems on the bed instead! (Works best if they’re under the covers, so your partner only finds out they’re there when they go to bed.) #BadLifeAdvice

Some say gods have sweet nectar for blood, running through their veins fueling their everlasting hearts.

Only that’s not true.

Their blood is not sweet, it does not have everlasting properties, it does not glow, nor is it the golden of his hair,

it is not the reason for the gleam in his eyes or the flutter in your chest when he smiles.

His blood is not the honey of the sky or the sweet breeze of the ocean. His essence is not sweet or everlasting.

He is not filled with the nectar of a flower, but rather the thorns on the stem cut short.

The thorns that you can’t help but giud your mouth to and suck, foolish you, expecting sweet nectar or honey. The greed of your heart and the want of your brain fools you.

You will not be fooled twice.

You don’t have the chance,

his thorns which you take to your hands because there is no way you can’t, shred your skin and break your walls,

he is not nectar, he is not made for you.

Your bleeding lips are taken by his and you taste him
no, not nectar.

He is dripping down your throat curling around your neck, but you let him.

Your lungs burn and your chest stops, a weight settling in your heart.

His blood is not honey, not nectar, he is not sweet,

his blood is woven of tragedy and made from the silks of darkness,

his life is cut short and you were drawn to his thorns pickling your skin and killing you,

because he was not made for you,

you silly thing,

he was made for war.

Feather-set’s Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers

This satchel idea was brought to me from a friend’s friend who went through a painful, abusive relationship. They left their harmful partner and wanted to find a way to protect themselves so that they can keep the ex-partner away. 

What it does: this satchel will help protect you from an ex-lover or abusive partner that you’ve decided to break contact with. This helps protect you from toxic people who might otherwise take advantage of or hurt you. 

Before making this satchel: make sure that you’re not going to allow your harmful ex back into your life. Don’t call them, text them, stop them on the street to say hello, etc. Do not allow them to puncture your space by any means. And if they do manage to come up to you, leave as soon as you can. 

What you’ll need:

  • A black satchel 
  • Rose stems with thorns 
  • Sea salt
  • Hematite, onyx, iron, or some black stones
  • Sage, rosemary, bay leaves (or two of these, or all three for maximum protection)
  • An item to represent you (charm, hair, clipped nails, personal trinket, etc)

Casting: You are free to cast the spell however you wish, though I would recommend burning a black candle while you put the items into the satchel, saying the intent of the pouch as you fill it. Chant something like 

This bag is my shield and these items keep it strong
All these things protect me from (name)’s wrongs

Everyone’s casting styles are different, so you are free to do your own version of whatever spell you want to accompany this. 

Meditate on the purpose of the satchel. Feel the powers of the herbs and stones protecting and holding the items that represents you; in turn, imagine your psychic shield wrapping around you, protecting you from the harmful person’s presence. 

Wear the satchel on you when you’re out or feel uncomfortable, until you feel safe and secure knowing they will no longer bother you ever again. 

Why I chose these items: I’m very fond of plant/herb magick and crystals, so there’s one. Salt is a very protective mineral that is very commonly used to ward off negative presences. Rosemary, sage, and bay leaves are also protective. Rose thorns are the shield that roses, the symbol of love and frailty. Hematite, onyx, and other dark crystals are protective, especially hematite. Black is a strong colour, and is very defiant and protective. 

Modified Stems: Thorn

Thorns are modified branches or stems. Thorns and spines are derived from shoots and leaves respectively, and have vascular bundles inside, whereas prickles (like rose prickles) do not have vascular bundles inside. The tree shown in the picture above is called the honey locust tree, also known as the thorny locust. Just look at those thorns!

Modified Stems Part:   1     2     3     4     5     6


Rose of Intimacy ;; Love’s Embrace

Mark the sigil upon a slip of paper, and gather thereon a bed of dried rose petals – red for passion and romance, pink for youthful tenderness and infatuation, coral for a touch of both – and an affect of he/she whose heart you seek to soften. Burn the purse, and as you do, recite the spell as follows. When all is done scatter the ashes at their foot-tracks.

Embrace love – touch
Love’s embrace:
Chill of winter-heart –
Barren stem, 
Nigh thorn nor spade
Imbibe the rose of –

Flame ignite 
Thy hallowed blossoms
Beat the root in hollow chasms
I am blood – 
There-in cathedral
Breathing white the votive flames

Valentine once again.

Withered roses between
Iron aged pages
Coffee Brown
Paper edges

She had one each year
For seventy short years
Each of same color velvet
Each from the same
Gentle lover

Petal by petal
She preserved
There remained no
Fragrance of flowers
But essence of love

It’s stem thorns
Pricked no more
Roses left pink
Hue bulb imprints
Inside her favorite book
It said, to love
Is the greatest adventure

Reminiscing past Footprints
It was time for doorbell
To ring once again
It was time for
Her trembling hand
To flip another page

It was time for
A young rose to die
For an old adventure to live.

- Fahad Riyaz.

Tell me why there are flames in your heart and acid in your veins. Tell me why vines climb your lungs and thorns stem from your mind. Tell me why she planted and poisoned. But most of all tell me why you let her.
—  Jaime Ciarletto