stem & thorn

“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 

Mission: Impossible Probably Doesn’t Have This Much Gay Panic

aka that ridiculous super tropey cliched jeremwood gta fic i started ages ago and have now finished as a valentine’s gift for @ryanthepowerbottomguy
rating: m for nonspecific dick mention
content warning for bad humor, deliberately vague heist details, and ryan “you can’t catch me gay thoughts” haywood
on ao3

“It just needs another minute.”

“We don’t have a minute,” Ryan says. He presses an ear against the door and shuts his eyes, tense, waiting, mapping out a dozen escape routes in his head. “We have maybe thirty seconds. Does that work?”

“Look, the thing—it says it needs fifty-three seconds, okay, do you want me to argue with the computer?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what Gavin does!”

“He—okay, wait, no? He definitely doesn’t just argue with the computer, what the hell, what exactly do you think Gavin does when he’s—” Jeremy cuts himself off, goes still and quiet when heavy footsteps stop in front of the door.

“Alright,” Ryan murmurs, shifting to move into a better position to intercept the guy when he comes through the door. “I’ll try to take him down quietly and maybe we won’t, uh, no, what are you doing,” he says, bewildered, when Jeremy vaults himself over the desk neatly and starts moving in Ryan’s direction.

“I saw this in a movie once,” Jeremy says seriously, and then he’s grabbing Ryan by the lapels of his ill-fitting suit and hauling him down to kiss him.

Fully. On the mouth. With tongue. It’s a little dirty.

Ryan wants to say he plays it cool.

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Feather-set’s Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers

This satchel idea was brought to me from a friend’s friend who went through a painful, abusive relationship. They left their harmful partner and wanted to find a way to protect themselves so that they can keep the ex-partner away. 

What it does: this satchel will help protect you from an ex-lover or abusive partner that you’ve decided to break contact with. This helps protect you from toxic people who might otherwise take advantage of or hurt you. 

Before making this satchel: make sure that you’re not going to allow your harmful ex back into your life. Don’t call them, text them, stop them on the street to say hello, etc. Do not allow them to puncture your space by any means. And if they do manage to come up to you, leave as soon as you can. 

What you’ll need:

  • A black satchel 
  • Rose stems with thorns 
  • Sea salt
  • Hematite, onyx, iron, or some black stones
  • Sage, rosemary, bay leaves (or two of these, or all three for maximum protection)
  • An item to represent you (charm, hair, clipped nails, personal trinket, etc)

Casting: You are free to cast the spell however you wish, though I would recommend burning a black candle while you put the items into the satchel, saying the intent of the pouch as you fill it. Chant something like 

This bag is my shield and these items keep it strong
All these things protect me from (name)’s wrongs

Everyone’s casting styles are different, so you are free to do your own version of whatever spell you want to accompany this. 

Meditate on the purpose of the satchel. Feel the powers of the herbs and stones protecting and holding the items that represents you; in turn, imagine your psychic shield wrapping around you, protecting you from the harmful person’s presence. 

Wear the satchel on you when you’re out or feel uncomfortable, until you feel safe and secure knowing they will no longer bother you ever again. 

Why I chose these items: I’m very fond of plant/herb magick and crystals, so there’s one. Salt is a very protective mineral that is very commonly used to ward off negative presences. Rosemary, sage, and bay leaves are also protective. Rose thorns are the shield that roses, the symbol of love and frailty. Hematite, onyx, and other dark crystals are protective, especially hematite. Black is a strong colour, and is very defiant and protective. 

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Hi Bartho! can you help me with character prompts for demons? thanks a bunches!

sure thing, some character ideas coming right up. hopefully these are what you wanted,,

💥 Their skin was inky. As they walked, it dripped onto the floor, leaving puddles behind them.

💥 It was dangerous to get this close to them, but from a couple feet away, he could see six different colors in their eyes.

💥 She could see them from the corner of her eye, everyday. The glimpses had her heart racing in her chest.

💥 They were unusually large, with a spiked tail that reminded them of a rose stem covered in thorns.

💥 They had yet to get a hang of modern clothes and the strange combination showed that clearly. Did they think that orange matched those purple pants? 

💥 She was danger wrapped in the body of a small child with soft golden hair. When she grinned, they could see that her teeth on the bottom row were a lot sharper than the top row. 

💥 He took pleasure in changing his form from conventionally attractive to something not so. Seeing how human nature changed their behavior towards him was truly fascinating.

💥 They lounging in the living room of their target’s house, enjoying the exasperation as they toyed with modern technology.

‘ Ghost Seed ‘   Hue altered scanned plant photograph by Bob Bauer.  When I put this image in photoshop, I decided to play a bit with the colors and this particular hue seemed ghostly to me and added to the image.   Part of my collection of extremely high resolution images.

You can buy an archival matted and mounted print at

Smoky Mountain Rain

Smoky Mountain Rain
A Supergirl Story- by superkara

For Supercat Week, day 1, abilities


This story came from the song Smoky Mountain Rain by Ronnie Milsap. Kind of. It’s not as close as I would have made it, or as long as initially intended, but as I thought this up 7 days before Supercatweek, and had 7 stories to write, that’s right I’m writing a fic for each day, then needless to say, it’s kinda rushed.

I might make an extended version at some point, but I have so many unfinished supercat fics at this point that I could write for months and not finish them all, I figure I should devote some time to those. But, alas, every time I start writing one, I think up 3 more, so I should have a fic for any situation now. Anyways, enough with my rambling, I hope you enjoy this.
Day 1, supercat week, abilities


Cat stared at the rain pelting the beach and deck of her vacation home and sighed, wondering what National City looked like tonight. Whether it was sunny or gloomy like it was here. Cold and wet. The thought of sunshine brought Kara into her mind for the trillionth time that day, and Cat sighed again, her breath fogging up the window before her, blurring the view.

“Was it a mistake, Kara? To let you go?” Cat asked to the window, watching with tears in her eyes as lightning crackled dangerously over a choppy, angry sea. “You told me heroes never run. I did exactly that. So why did you ever call me a hero in my own right? Clearly I’m nothing close to you.”


“She was the one that got away from me.” Cat explained sadly to the girl that had joined her at the bar a little while ago, asking if she could use company for a while. She was beautiful, Cat had to admit. Long white blonde hair, pale green eyes, a pouty smile. She was a stunner. But she was no Kara.

“Have you considered calling? Apologizing?”

“Mm. No.” Cat said, tear soaked eyes on her empty bourbon glass. “After running away first, I don’t get to do that. I don’t have the right to come crawling back for her forgiveness.” Cat smirked at the memory of their exchange outside CatCo. Kara looking at her in utter shock when Cat had blurted out that she loved her assistant. And then Cat’s mistake. Kara had wanted to speak. She’d been about to say something, her cape fluttering behind her in the wind blowing recklessly through the city streets, and Cat had left then. She’d left and stopped whatever Kara had wanted to say, and Kara being Kara, hadn’t followed, too struck to speak. “I just wish I’d had the courage to let her speak.”

“You were emotional, scared.” The girl, Kassandra was her name, said in a soft, caring tone, sipping at her mineral water.

“I don’t deserve the fear though.” Cat said sadly, twisting the delicate glassware in her fingertips as she spoke. “She takes fear and turns it into strength. She uses it as her power. If I can’t meet her like that… well. She’s so above me…”

“Tell me about her. Maybe it’ll help…”

“She’s… she is, no. She WAS my best girl. Best assistant I ever had. Through the yelling, the anger, even corporate destruction, she didn’t leave me. She stayed with me. I suspect I know why…” Cat stopped for a second, thinking. She knew why. Kara was Supergirl. But she didn’t have the right to reveal that name. “But, regardless, she was like a ray of sunshine, somebody I looked forward to seeing in my office. Which is exactly why I don’t have the right to a chance with her.”

“Because she was your employee.”


“But it happens. It happens so so much. If she hadn’t worked for you, you would probably never have met the girl. Maybe there’s a reason…”

“It’s not that.” Cat said, stopping the other girl. “I know it happens. I’ve seen it happen in my office. My photographic journalist, his girlfriend works on the same floor. She was his girlfriend and I still hired her on the spot. I know it can work. But it’s the fact that she deserves so much better. She’s such a bouncy happy little thing, the last thing she needs is me, such a cold, icy person. She needs someone who will treat her like a precious rose. I’d just wilt her with my cold words. I can’t give her what she wants.”

“What is it you think she wants?”

Cat looked at the woman beside her, eyes narrowed in concentration, wondering why this woman was being so mysterious. “She wants brevity. Happiness. Beach trips and flowers. Cuddling all weekend and calling in sick to work so she can spend another day with you because two days wasn’t enough. All I can give her is coffee addiction and more work. She’s 27, and I’m… this. She’s practically… I could be her mom. She deserves everything else, not coffee and am meetings and late nights at the office.”

“Maybe that’s what she wants?”

“I’m sorry?” Cat asked, a little defiant.

“Not all girls are the same, Cat. Maybe she wants to wake up with you at 4 am and go to CatCo together, with you. And then stay till 8pm and go home together and work until late into the night. Some girls aren’t fragile little flowers. Some are stronger, like the stem of the rose, holding up life.”

“That’s insane.” Cat scoffed softly. “If she’s the stem than I’m the thorn.”

“Every rose has it’s thorns, Cat. The stem holds the thorns.” Kassandra noted, turning to Cat to speak to her head on. “Is it insane? You say she’s your best. I think, if she kept coming back even after the yelling and company failure, and the cold lattes and the endless work, she’s not a fragile rose petal. Maybe she’s made or more.”

Now Cat said nothing. Because despite how much she wanted it to be false, to be right, she knew Kassandra was right. Not her.

“Oh, my girl is here. I’ve got to go.”

Cat looked up with a little smile as Kassandra slipped off the barstool and walked over to a beautiful Latina girl in the doorway, the turned back and came back over for a minute.

“Don’t be stubborn, Catherine. Call the girl. If she’s moved on, at least you’ll know. But if she’s as good as you make her seem, then she won’t desert you. She’s probably just as hurt as you. All you need is $1 and a pay phone to hear her voice.”

Cat watched as Kassandra slid a few coins across the tabletop and smiled, then turned back to her girlfriend, who waved shyly at Cat, and then they walked away together. Cat barely heard Kassandra speak, and saw her girl smile. “Work time?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Kassandra answered, and Cat smiled, nodding to herself. Well damn.

Cat watched for a minute, looking at everything and nothing, and then decided that maybe yes. Maybe Cat did need to make that call.

No answer. Cat sighed and waited, listening to the ever annoying ring of CatCo phones, and thought, praying to hear Kara pick up the other end. Finally someone picked up, but it wasn’t Kara’s sunny voice. Cat sighed and looked up, wondering where Kara was. It was mid afternoon in National City. Kara should be there, knowing Kara, this was very weird. Kara answered all the phones. Every damn time.


Cat sighed, her eyes on the rainy grey skies, and felt a stray raindrop land on her nose. James was there. Well, okay. Maybe Supergirl was busy, though Cat hadn’t heard anything from the girl on news or otherwise in days.

“It’s me.”

“Cat. Um… calling to check in?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure. Listen, is Kara around? I need to talk to her.”

“She actually isn’t. She took two days off sick, and hasn’t called in yet. I told her she can take as much time as she needs, but…”

“A Supergirl thing?” Cat’s asked without thought about her words, fear rippling through her veins at the thought of the girl of steel, sick.

“Uh… Ms.Grant…”

“Relax. I know about her little secret. Is she alright?” Cat asked, ignoring the rain that was now opening falling heavily, turning the grey world around her a dark brown, slipping through the thin fabric of her suit vest, cold on her shoulders.

“I don’t honestly know. You know she lost her powers before. She should be fine, I just told her to take it easy for a few days. Relax. Paint. Sleep. I haven’t heard from her besides a text two days ago saying she was a little sick. I wouldn’t worry much, Ms. Grant. She’s Supergirl. She probably just caught a cold when she lost her powers.”

“I see. Okay. Well, could I have her cell number? I need to give her a call.”

James relayed a number to her, and Cat hung up sadly, then decided to take her next call off her cell inside, because of the damn rain that felt more like a flood at this point.

When she got to her hotel room, soaking wet, went straight for her phone and punched in the numbers with shaking fingers. Both at having Supergirl’s private number finally, and because even though James claimed she was fine, Cat felt something off.

Cat held herself together for the three separate times she tried Kara’s cell, laughing at the message even though she felt sick with worry. Cat tried it one more time, listening through the 4 rings and then Kara’s message tone. “Hi, you’ve reached the Supergirl hotline, how may I save you?”

“Kara, please pick up. Let me know you’re okay. I know I don’t deserve to hear your voice, but Kara, please. Just say hi. That’s all I’m asking for.” Cat stopped the message, clicking the bar away, and fought the urge to throw her phone across the hotel room floor.

Cat knew that under all circumstances, Kara should be fine. Of course, Kara should be fine. But for some weird reason Cat couldn’t place, something here felt wrong. Something felt off. As if Kara wasn’t safe as everyone believed her to be. Cat had always had a sixth sense of Kara, something she also didn’t understand, and knew whether the girl was okay. If she wasn’t, Cat felt tingly. Every damn time. If Kara was hurt, Cat knew. She couldn’t explain it, something along the lines of how Kara always knew things before she did. Right now, Cat was buzzing out of her skin. Which told her something was very wrong. She’d rarely felt this before. Cat grabbed for her phone again, switching to messages.

Cat texted her too, leaving multiple messages, apologizing first and then asking for Kara to please get back to her. Even one word. If Kara as much as told her to fuck off and leave her alone, Cat would. But she would not stop this until Cat was sure the girl was okay, because this uncanny sense she had about Kara’s wellbeing was making her feel straight up sick to her stomach, and the last time she’d had that Kara had been nearly dead in an underground facility while the world fell apart above her. Cat hoped this wasn’t similar in any way.

After 15 minutes with no response, Cat couldn’t wrack her brain anymore, sitting here sopping wet and scared. She didn’t know how she felt Kara like this, she just did. But she was getting worse, and to figure this out, she needed a clear head. And that required a walk. So despite the rain, and the wind, and the cold, Cat grappled for her black trench coat, and stuffed her phone into her pocket and left, going mindlessly, not even looking up to see which street she headed onto. She needed to think. Calmly think. Better for her to mindlessly walk. It helped.

It didn’t help. 40 minutes later Cat brushed wet bangs from her forehead and sighed at her shaking hands. From the cold this time, not Kara. But her fear of Kara… Cat thought back to her days with Kara, the girl’s mismatched desk, oddities and weird things that the girl collected and placed. It became some sort of weird art, and despite Cat’s perfectly organized sense of style, Kara’s oddity appealed to her. Cat couldn’t fathom why, on anyone else it would come off as disgusting.

But Kara, with the 4 pairs of vintage sunglasses on her desk, three yellow photo frames with no images, a cup that seemed meant for lost zipper ends, a rainbow of paper notes, and an even wilder array of pens, and a computer screen with so many star stickers on the edges that Cat would get dizzy. What was it about this girl and yellow, in her dresses, in her flowers, in her shoes, in her hair, and if one stared long enough, and Cat had, there was one tiny fleck of yellow gold in her gorgeous blue green eyes, just one. Seemingly only there to amuse. And to sparkle. Oh god how it sparkled. Oh Kara… how had Cat ever done something so idiotic as to leave the girl? Kara… Supergirl…

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Cat said softly, apologizing for bumping into another pedestrian while she was thinking about this so hard she didn’t know where she was walking, and looked up to watch the road more properly, and stopped, noticing the wild rainbow on the window beside her. Normally she wouldn’t notice, but she did, because Kara was on her mind, beautiful Kara, and Kara loved rainbows as much as she loved yellow and stickers.

Cat looked up at the poster and her lips parted. It was a portrait. Two women. Hugging. Blonde. Beautiful. One slightly older, but not as much as Cat was to Kara. Cat shook her head. She and Kara could never be this. But this, it was stunning. A rainbow of clothes on them, laughing over the same ice cream cone, the younger girl with sprinkles on her nose, the older one with the sweet treat melting down the cone and over her fingers, laughing at her younger girlfriend…

Her girlfriend. Cat smiled at the image, and then read the words, and her heart stopped. Everything stopped. The world around her seemed to stop and work in slow motion, broken, wet, cold, the rain falling in slow motion.

If she’s the one, tell her. Is she your super soulmate?


Part 2

Kara sat on one of the cold metal DEO tables, beneath the few sunlamps, and sighed. She didn’t feel off, not physically. She could still fly, breathe ice, X-ray anything, it was only her strength. How odd.

“Are you sure you feel alright? No weakness, dizziness, nausea? Maybe…”

“Nope.” Kara confirmed with a shake of her head. “I feel fine. I just don’t have my strength.”

“Kara?” Winn asked, walking into the room quickly.

“What’s up?” Kara asked, sliding off the tabletop resolutely.

“Cat’s texting your phone. 4 missed calls and 5 texts.”

“Ignore it.” Kara said tightly, and Alex turned to look at her directly, unable to remember the last time Kara had refused her boss anything.

“She wants to know if you’re…”

“I said ignore it. She… I can’t… I have nothing to say to her.”

“Didn’t you at she confessed her love to you?”

“And then she told me it was stupid of her to do so. She told me she loved me, and then left. She ran away from me. And she never mentioned Kara. She mentioned Supergirl. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be so emotional, but I can’t be good about this. I’ve loved her ever since I walked into her office for my interview. When she told me she loved me, I was thrilled. Then she told me she wished she didn’t. Listen, can we please focus on figuring out what happened to my strength, not my love life? Or, lack of it?”

Alex glanced around nervously, then focused back on her table of laptops, and thankfully everyone else did too, ignoring Kara’s little outburst. Supergirl was dangerous when she was mad, and thankfully everyone knew that enough to know when to let the girl deal alone.


Cat sat back and sighed, waiting for a response. Winn had texted her back on Kara’s number, which told her that Kara had to in fact be at the DEO, since Cat knew Winn worked there now. And that made her worry more, because if Kara was at the DEO, then that meant she was likely there because she was unwell, because James had said she was sick, a bit. Hopefully it was only a bit. Cat had that feeling that told her it was more. Way more.

When her cellphone beeped, Cat nearly jumped out of the seat in the back of the taxi carrying her back to the airport. Cat was going home. To Kara. Now. It was time to tell Kara. That Cat finally knew. That she believed in heroes and demons, in angels and devils, and that Kara was her soulmate. Because Cat had always followed rules. And regulations. Maybe it was time to dive for real, and this kind of diving required taking a beautiful woman’s hand in hers, and leaping with someone who could fly.

Cat had never believed in the preposterous idea of a soulmate, but Kara had. She’d mentioned the idea more than once in lazy conversations about other people, and now Cat couldn’t help thinking, maybe Kara hadn’t been that wrong. Because when the girl is your best assistant, your hero, your ultimate, then maybe she should be the one designed for you. Maybe she had been designed for Cat. And because Cat was who Cat was, then maybe the angels went a little nuts and sent her from a different universe. Just because special deserved unique. And Cat definitely deserved a heroine as a soulmate.

‘She’s losing her powers. She’s slowly fading. I don’t know what she did, but her powers… she looks tired. She never looks tired.’

Cat gasped at the text, then quickly responded.

'I know what’s happening. I’m coming home to her. This might sound stupid coming from me, but I think she’s losing her powers because of my being gone. It makes no sense, but I can feel her. I know she’s unwell. I’m on my way home now.“

'That’s not stupid. You’re her one. On her world, there was soulmates. She simply never thought she would find one on earth. She’s given up.’

'Tell her I’ll be home soon. And that I’m sorry. Tell her not to give up.’

'She… she said I should ignore you. She says she doesn’t care…’

'Tell her to believe. She’s a hero. It’s what she has to do.’


Part 3

’'I can drop you off as far as Houston. I’m turning back from there.”

“Anything. I can pay you…” Cat offered, ready to pull out her little wallet, or a cheque. $100, $1000, $1,000,000 she’d pay it to get closer to Kara.

“Please don’t. It’ll be good company, someone with me. Someone to talk to other than the radio. I leave in 30. Is there anything you need to get? Are you hungry before we leave?”

“No. I have everything.” Cat shook her head, messy curls falling over her coat shoulders, still wet. “Well, I don’t know about talking. I’m pretty boring, people tell me.”

“I’ve heard the rumors of your cold smile. I know who you are. It’s odd to me that you aren’t using your millions to get to her through the air, but I’m sure you’re willing to say. Take a seat.” He offered, and Cat gratefully took it and ordered a cup of bold coffee, black. Strong. Dark as hell and hot as fire. “But the thing is, and maybe is my heart talking here, but love is never boring. It’s wild, untamed, and painful as hell. But it’s good when it’s real. Tell me about this girl. I know you’ve had your share, I read a lot of magazines as I pass through towns, but if this one has you running across the country frantically to find her, well, she must be really something.”

“I… I’ll explain on the way. I… she has secrets I’d rather not reveal in… here.”

“I think I already know.” He said and slid over a magazine, he kept the pages parted with his thumb, and Cat took it and flipped it open partly, and gasped at the sight. Her, telling the world that she was naming the new hero Supergirl. Cat flipped to the front and found the magazine over 2 years old. That explained the faded edges and crippled pages, and met the man’s eyes, nodding slightly. He just smiled and finished his meal quickly, then dropped the napkin and a tip onto the counter and got up, offering his hand to Cat as he did so. She didn’t take it, but followed gratefully, settling into the passenger seat of the truck as he fired the car up, and the radio came on and softly blared something old and country. He went to flick it off, but Cat shook her head and told him to leave it if he wanted to. That she really didn’t mind.

And it might come as a shock, but Cat did have a soft spot for that old country, and besides, the sweet sweet love songs spoke of exactly what Kara was, all sugar and spice, all blueberry pie on sunny windowsills, and bluebirds singing. And suddenly all Cat wanted was her kitchen, with a slice of such a pie, Kara in her arms kissing whipped cream off her nose, and sunshine filtering through the curtains.

“So, she’s quite super, isn’t she?” The man said, quoting with his fingers as they slowly took off onto the highway, and Cat sighed and laughed, drying her hair in a few napkins she’d stolen from the tabletop inside the cafe.

“To find her, can you make these big wheels burn?”


By the time Cat arrived in the place the man had promised, it was a lot of days later, and Cat had long run out of battery in her phone, and had randomly stopped to make calls from phones to keep tabs on Kara’s situation, and had gotten more sad with every call in. Kara was getting worse. She was powerless, and currently so sick she just slept. Always slept. She talked to Alex directly now, no longer Winn, and Alex was as eager to have Cat back as Cat herself was. Kara still didn’t talk to her, until this call. Now, Cat wished she had enough power to crush the phone like Kara so often had at work when something ticked her off.

Now it was Kara that had ticked Cat off.

Kara was gone. Just gone. Alex didn’t know where, nobody did. Kara was just… gone. She had left at night, apparently for fresh air, and had gone for a short walk down to the grocery store and back, so she’d said. But now she’d been missing for 7 hours, and nobody knew where to look.

Cat told them to search everywhere, call everyone, and hung up. Kara Kara Kara. Where the hell would she go, silly girl?

“I’m off back to Washington, I hope you find her.” The man said gently, coming up beside her, and she wiped at her tears.

“I’ll never stop until I find her. She’s somewhere. Like this, in her state, she won’t get far. I have to go. I’m getting on the next plane flight to National City, and I might just crush her when I find her.”

“Might want to hug her first.” The man joked, and Cat laughed bitterly.

“Might buy a ring worth billions first, to show her I’m choosing her, the little heathen. She’s a bit nuts, doing this.”

“I don’t know much about aliens, but if she really is the one, then she should get better when you find her.”

“I know. I just hope I know where to look.”


When Cat landed in National City, she knew where to go. Her penthouse. Somehow, Kara would be there. How?
Cat had no clue how. She just knew. But finding Kara cold and wet, in the dark, crying, sitting on the beach, that wasn’t an expectation. She’d expected a powerless superhero, but still Kara Danvers. Not, this. Seeing Kara like this, sitting by the shoreline in her suit, watching the ocean, crying softly, Cat didn’t know whether to say something or not. After fighting her way back across the country to find Kara, Cat wanted nothing more than to wrap Kara in her arms and maybe smack her on the head for being so damn stupid. But seeing her like this, Cat knew Kara wasn’t just dealing with her lost powers. She was dealing with way more, stuff she’d lost, stuff she’d thought should no longer exist.

It was when Cat stepped up a few meters behind her, her feet hitting the sand as well, that Kara looked up and turned to meet her eyes.

Cat expected her to get up, maybe hug her, but she didn’t. Kara looked up, but she kept at the water, flexing her hands in the sand now that her powers were coming back.


It was a whisper. Cat didn’t know if she could say anything above that, seeing this girl so broken, even as she was powering back up. “Kara, I’m sorry, I had no idea. I didn’t know you could, that we were… I’ve never heard of something like this in my life, I didn’t think you and I could possibly be…”

“It’s not your fault, Cat.”

Cat stopped, Kara’s words ringing over the ocean, over the beach, cold and broken.

“Why did you say you love me?” Kara whispered, and Cat gasped, staring at her head on.

“Because I do.”

“And then you said you wish you didn’t.”

“Because I do.” Cat repeated.

Kara gasped now, and turned to face her, tears in her eyes. “You wish you didn’t love me?” Kara asked, getting up to talk to Cat head on.

“Yes. I do. Because I love you more than I ever should.” Cat whispered, walking towards Kara. Cat reached up and started running her fingers through Kara’s messy gold waves and settling them over her shoulder, fixing the strap of her tank top peeking out from the suit top as she did, a habit for perfection. “I shouldn’t want you as much as I do, because Kara, you’re my assistant, you work for me. If it ever gets out, that you and I… hell, I knew it wasn’t good before you came out as Supergirl. And then you did.”


“And… I lost my heart again. I fell all over again, you and your mad colour wheel of power. And I do love the suit. Maybe it is a kink, a stupid thing, but the cape… I have the same problem with Superman and Batman. But this one was you, a girl, so close to me every day, my god Kara… the dreams I have about you… and so I left.”

“You left Catco because of me.” Kara connected, shocked.

“I did. But apparently the universe won’t let me leave you. God knows I tried.”

Kara just laughed miserably, scoffing, something she’d no doubt learned from Cat.

“Cat, I… the universe only has one soulmate for me. When I lost Krypton, I thought I would lose the chance to find my soulmate. I never thought I’d find the one on another planet. When I figured it out, that it was you, thanks to my mother’s hologram, I… I lost it. Paired with what you said… I I should have contacted you back, I was scared. I didn’t know I would lose my powers, that it was a soulmate thing, I was scared that I was poisoned or hurt, or… sick, something. I… Alex told me you were coming back for me, and I ignored it. I was scared for my health, more than anything else, and I couldn’t even think about love. But when you got in the city, I felt it. The power. The… strength. I didn’t know what to think, so I came here. I…”

“Are you back at full strength?”

“Almost. It’ll come. Cat… I, we… do we have a chance?”

“I don’t know. You’re such a nerd, you’re strange, and you like comics and toys and… how? Why did the universe… pick you for me? An alien? Isn’t human enough?”

“You have high standards? Nobody on earth would do?” Kara joked.

“Okay, sure, I’ll accept that. It’s one answer in this mess. It makes no sense… but you fly and shoot lasers and ice and…”

“And we’re soulmates.”

“How did you know? On Krypton? How did you know your soulmate?”

“Not like this, we would have had an apocalypse…”

Cat laughed, and Kara joined her. It felt good to laugh, even like this, dirty and wet and soaked to the bone. Cat looked like hell, matted hair, no makeup, more dirt then bare skin on her, and Kara looked the same, a disaster, her suit messy and wet, muddy and covered in sand, and Cat seemed to have gone through some battles on the way back.

“Kara, I want a chance with you, with us. I don’t know if we can have one, but I want one.” Cat whispered, holding Kara’s hand tightly, laughing at the usually white simple manicure that was now dark brown and messy, dirty. “Can we find a way, Kara?”

“I don’t know if Kara can. Kara is just an assistant. But heroes can, and this hero will.”

“Well, do you want to come inside?” Cat said, gesturing to her penthouse on the cliff. “Get cleaned up? Then, we can talk.”

“I’d like that.”

Some say gods have sweet nectar for blood, running through their veins fueling their everlasting hearts.

Only that’s not true.

Their blood is not sweet, it does not have everlasting properties, it does not glow, nor is it the golden of his hair,

it is not the reason for the gleam in his eyes or the flutter in your chest when he smiles.

His blood is not the honey of the sky or the sweet breeze of the ocean. His essence is not sweet or everlasting.

He is not filled with the nectar of a flower, but rather the thorns on the stem cut short.

The thorns that you can’t help but giud your mouth to and suck, foolish you, expecting sweet nectar or honey. The greed of your heart and the want of your brain fools you.

You will not be fooled twice.

You don’t have the chance,

his thorns which you take to your hands because there is no way you can’t, shred your skin and break your walls,

he is not nectar, he is not made for you.

Your bleeding lips are taken by his and you taste him
no, not nectar.

He is dripping down your throat curling around your neck, but you let him.

Your lungs burn and your chest stops, a weight settling in your heart.

His blood is not honey, not nectar, he is not sweet,

his blood is woven of tragedy and made from the silks of darkness,

his life is cut short and you were drawn to his thorns pickling your skin and killing you,

because he was not made for you,

you silly thing,

he was made for war.


Rose of Intimacy ;; Love’s Embrace

Mark the sigil upon a slip of paper, and gather thereon a bed of dried rose petals – red for passion and romance, pink for youthful tenderness and infatuation, coral for a touch of both – and an affect of he/she whose heart you seek to soften. Burn the purse, and as you do, recite the spell as follows. When all is done scatter the ashes at their foot-tracks.

Embrace love – touch
Love’s embrace:
Chill of winter-heart –
Barren stem, 
Nigh thorn nor spade
Imbibe the rose of –

Flame ignite 
Thy hallowed blossoms
Beat the root in hollow chasms
I am blood – 
There-in cathedral
Breathing white the votive flames

Teen!TFW + Flowers (Preference)


Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

From the moment in Freshmen year you heard Sam talk about the Easter Lilies in the school’s traditional spring ‘shrine’, as you called it, you kept it in the back of your mind for a day when you might need it. Maybe giving men flowers hadn’t been a conventional idea yet, but you thought the idea of someone not getting to enjoy something beautiful because of what’s between their legs was absurd, and remembered to never forget Sam and lilies.

Sure enough, you got a phone call from his mother one day saying that John had been in a fatal car crash, and that’s the reason Sam hadn’t been returning your many calls, you headed over to the closest department store and then to his house.

You hugged a crying and red-eyed Mary before asking to go upstairs, and weren’t surprised when your friend didn’t react to you opening the door.

Instead of saying anything, you walked over to the side of his bed, set the bouquet of flowers you had purchased on the space in front of him, before laying down beside him and pressed against his back in a backwards hug.

“You should have left those downstairs,” Sam’s voice was thick with tears and emotions alike, but didn’t pull away from your arms lacing on his sides.

“They’re for you,” Where the only words needed, kissing the base of his neck and staying there for as long as he needed.


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Open Starter ( Test Muse. ) 

“It is not wise for us to see each other. As much as I would love to be with you , I can not for I am not like you. People would deem it improper for us to be close for I am the very thing folk would tell scary tales off around a camp fire. I am a monster who feeds on the blood of people just to stay alive. I do not deserve you & you deserve someone special, someone who will not hurt you, someone who was not morphed into something dark.” Dracula’s words were soft already finding it difficult to separate himself from her. Having the need to stay as he loved her. Wanting to say his last goodbye to her while standing at the entrance to her own door. Hand was holding a thorn stem covered rose, petals were as crimson as blood. Eyes seemed soft as he was sympathetic forcing himself to leave not wanting the hunger to consume him as already he would fixate his attention to the side of her own neck, breath would hitch as jawline would clench.” Please, take this rose to remember me by.” Hand would be placed out holding the rose by the stem in between digits.

Another blurb for classifiedluke and tokyoluke because I’m thirsty like that ;)

Tattoo artist!Calum asking you what kind of tattoo you wanted and where you wanted it. You quickly pull up your shirt, pointing at the area of skin right above your hip, “A rose, please.”

He smiles at you, and you can’t help but notice that he is extremely attractive. “Why there?” He questions before clearing his throat, “I mean, if it isn’t too much to ask.”

You laugh, “No worries. It’s just so that I can cover it up if I need to.” He nods and gets to work, and soon, a bright red rose with a curling dark green stem and a few thorns is inked into your skin, Calum quickly applying a soothing cream and bandage.

“Don’t take this off for the next few days,” he says, and you nod. He scratches the back of his head sheepishly, “You know, my band and I are performing at a bar next week, you should come.”

He pats his pockets, cursing when he fails to find a piece of paper. “Here,” you say, extending your arm towards him, and he grins at you, glad that you seem just as eager.

He rapidly scribbles down the date, time and location, and you leave the tattoo parlour with a wide smile and a bit of an aching hip.

Needless to say, you aren’t all that surprised when you arrive at the bar the next week and take a seat, listening to Calum’s band, and hear the lyrics: “She’s got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered.”

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White Rose - name

Weiss had grown used to Ruby doing rather outlandish things as declarations of love. If she were honest with herself it never really surprised her to begin with given Ruby’s personality and nature of being, but it had still taken her some time to adapt to the sometimes rather ridiculous lengths Ruby would go to to show her affection.

She had made the mistake of thinking that it was something her girlfriend would grow out of the older she became. In fact, the more Ruby aged, the more extreme her displays of adoration became. It was all rather tiresome yet…endearing, though she was never quick to admit as much.

So it came as quite a shock when Ruby offered her just a single white rose on the night of their third annual anniversary.

Gingerly she took the flower, stem absent of thorns, and cradled the head of the flower, the petals soft under her fingertips. It was newly bloomed, a perfect circle of interlacing white silk that wafted a strong, airy fragrance. It would began to wilt within the evening, even if Weiss hurriedly placed in a a vase with water, but for now it was perfect and Weiss briefly wondered how Ruby was so lucky to catch the rose at the peak of its beauty.

“Thank you,” she mumbled softly, bringing it to her nose, deeply inhaling its scent.

Ruby smiled shyly, a pink hue dusting her cheeks - adorable. It was moments like this that Weiss remembered why she fell in love with the dork, despite her troublesome nature and obnoxious tendencies. She was beautiful and so eager to please, but most of all she cared deeply for those she held dear and Weiss liked to believe she was held dearest of all.

“It reminded me of you.”

Weiss hummed and twirled the stem between her fingers, an amused smile creeping on her lips. “And how is that? The color?”

Suddenly Ruby grew nervous, her teeth digging into her bottom lip and silver eyes averting away. “Something like that.”

Weiss quirked an eyebrow at her strange behavior and leaned forward, trying to capture Ruby’s attention once more. “Is there more to it?”

There was a brief moment of hesitation, the stubborn defiance of a child that Weiss was sure still rested inside the 22-year-old woman, but finally she broke and Weiss found herself under the gaze of silver once more. The dim light from the candle between them made the color glimmer and shine, resembling starlight shooting across the night sky.

The eyes of her protector. Of everyone’s protector.

“Well, uh, it’s a white rose, ya know?” she stammered out and Weiss was quickly brought back to their back patio, memories of a distant past behind her and the quiet night they were sharing. When she said nothing Ruby visibly gulped and pulled at the ends of shirt sleeves - a nervous habit she had picked up dust knows when. 

“I mean….your name is Weiss, right?” Regret instantly flashed across her features when she saw Weiss’ reaction, a mixture of amusement and incredulity.

“It’s only taken seven years for you to realize apparently, but yes. That is my name,” she said, struggling to hold in her laughter. Years ago that comment may have irritated her, but time had given her the graces to accept Ruby’s babbling, even as far as to be entertained by it.

“No like….it’s Weiss. Which is German for ‘white’, isn’t it?”

Weiss nodded. “A running theme in my family, considering our last name translates to ‘snow’.”

At this Ruby brightened, a burst of confidence gained by Weiss playing along with her ramblings. “Yeah! Exactly! So…White Rose?”

Weiss blinked slowly and the brunette realized that the pieces still hadn’t been connected. She broke out into a furious blush and mumbled something under her breath, chin tucked to her chest as she muttered to her lap.

“Ruby speak up. I can’t hear you.”

A few seconds passed where Ruby didn’t move and Weiss almost repeated herself when uncertain eyes glanced up to her, freezing her on the spot with their vulnerability.

“My last name is Rose.” Whispered so softly that Weiss almost didn’t catch it, she furrowed her brow over the vagueness of the statement. As she pondered just what Ruby was trying to get her to understand, her eye caught a glimpse of the rose she still cradled in her hand and she gasped softly, eyes wide in sudden realization.

White Rose.

Her head snapped up so quickly she was sure that she’d suffer from some sort of muscle pain later, her mouth parted in a gentle ‘o’. “Ruby are you…?” she trailed off breathlessly, hesitant to say the words lest they not be true and she suffer the humiliation for coming to such a drastic conclusion.

Ruby shuffled in her seat, more nervous than ever now that Weiss seemed to have come to some conclusion. She rolled her shoulders and blinked - a sign of guilt that Weiss picked up on over the years they’d been together. 

“I haven’t had time to get a ring since I’ve been back but I wanted this night to be special and I had been thinking about this a lot lately so this isn’t just one of my impulse decisions although it was kinda impulsive when I decided to do it tonight while I was away on my mission which is why I don’t have a ring so I’m sorry if this isn’t how you imagined it or whatever but I felt if I waited I would’ve backed out and also like I said I thought tonight would have been as a good a night as ever to do it and - oh god Weiss please don’t cry I’m sorry! I really should’ve just waited I really screwed up didn’t I?”

With tears trailing down her face Weiss broke out into laughter, shaking her head fervently as she stood from her seat, placing the rose down gently on the table before crossing over to where Ruby sat, a bundle of bumbling nerves, and taking her face between both of her hands and gently pulling her face to her own, their lips meshing together with a twinge of salt. Ruby relaxed immediately into the kiss, her nerves quelled by Weiss’ obvious lack of anger or discontentment, and even dared to rest her hands on the heiress’ hips, holding her in place.

They parted after just a short moment and Weiss blinked away more tears, her blue eyes shimmering and bursting with happiness when she whispered one word.


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Beautiful red rose (5) Enticing the eyes to hold (7) Long stem, full of thorns (5) -the flower anon's attempt at a haiku, cause they seem fun :v

Pretty, but I suddenly feel the need to issue a restraining order against you.

vamjust  asked:

For the energy readings: i can light a match with my teeth. (And put it out on my tongue)

Hey there! Your facts are cool! I’d be afraid of getting burned though! For your reading:

“I see a deep purple, rich and velvet. It’s dark but also inviting. A contradiction but not really. The darkness of the color and the softness of velvet compliment each other, they make sense even if to others they don’t.

I see a beautiful rose, a deep red. The stem is thick and riddled with sharp thorns to protect the delicate flower at the top. But it’s as though the flower needs for protection. It has a cage of more thorned rose stems swearing to keep the vulnerability safe. What is that rose flower hiding feom? What does it need to protect its soft petals from? For a moment a see the rose from The Little Prince but it flickers away. I also see a hurricane but that flickers away too. I’m getting the sense your emotions are sort of tangled, sort of like you can’t make sense of them yourself at times.

Lastly, are you an empath? I feel a sadness deep inside me, my heart feels like it’s being squeezed. The sadness you feel is a little bit for yourself but it’s also for other people. I can’t tell if it’s for the world in general or for someone else specifically.”

That’s all I got! I hope some of it resonated with you! Let me know what you think ♡