cut yourself to pieces; a mix for gryffindor girls with swords at the ready 

hero regina spektor | brutality black box recorder | stood up a fine frenzy | youth knows no pain lykke li | in my favour katie stelmanis | glory wye oak | cherokee cat power | loneliest soul grace potter & the nocturnals | meant elizaveta | this ain’t no hymn saint saviour | eyes on fire blue foundation | black sheep gin wigmore | cheerleader st. vincent | beast nico vega | raise hell brandi carlile | bottom of the river delta rae

listen // hogwarts girls




3. THAT Go made us a video for Home and in doing so pushed me to “act.” Very much out of my comfort zone, I feel like the experience has strengthened my abilities as a performer.

4. Maya released LOSSLESS on vinyl her debut album as Princess Century.

5. Air Berlin lost all our intruments and we played a show in Finland on the fly to 5000 people (it was our favorite)
6. We toured in a board-room and took lots of photos of eachother sleeping

7. We finally got to tour in Japan (and while enjoyng Yakitori in Tokyo found the servers couldn’t keep up with our alcohol demands)

8. EXPLODING MOTOR CAR who are pro-puppeteers from Toronto made us a sick 90’s Sci-Fi video

9. Sari and Romy release TASSEOTAPE and started touring as Tasseomancy again

10. DIANA supported us in the US and Europe and we fell in love with this romanctico track:

11. One of our all-time fav bands “the knife” came to our show in stockholm
13. We played one of our biggest headlining shows ever at Koko in London

14. I got $5 thrown at me by a frat boy in Calgary whilst I was soundchecking
15. The XX took us on tour in the USA (we fell in love with their music)
16. Ryan did a collab with an LA fashion desinger and created his own wardrobe of neon vinyl

(photo cred romy lightman)

17. Maya got contacts
18. Claire Edmondson made a video for Forgive Me using night-vision cameras exploring queer love

19. Matt Lambert used some old unreleased Katie Stelmanis tracks and some new Austra tracks in his gorgeous rendition of Le Jetee
20. The Chinese opera in Toronto leant us their hand-painted backdrop for our album cover and we took it on tour and lost it. We are forever indebted to this organization and would have rather lost all of our possessions combined.

(romy lightman)

21. Olympia felt like a lesson in representation: the world of media wants austra to be a single iconic popular “star”, but austra wants to be a complex group less marketable, more fractured, always varying. I hope for idiosyncrasies in everything.
22. Our fans have grown closer and more visible to us, we are greatful for you who continue to support our music.

Much love to all of you. We wish you prosperity in 2014.


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