consider this: the wano group gets split up. usopp tells zoro that he needs to continue south in order to meet up with everyone else. zoro “takes a wrong turn” on wano and ends up at the reverie. he barges through the doors and into the middle of the discussion and just stares at every royal face sitting in front of him. once he sees vivi and the other familiar faces, he gives them all a short nod. 

“what’re you guys doing in wano?”

when his question is returned with blank stares, his face completely darkens with realization. 


he backs out of the room with stelly yelling threats after him. 

bonus: he ends up punching stelly for no reason other than because he “looks like an irritating bastard”. then he leaves for real 

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can you do richjake with number 20 for the ask thing please thank u :)

For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!” Jake’s voice trembled in the stillness of the cool night. As much as he wanted to blame his shakiness on the Autumn air, he couldn’t lie to himself as the fear slowly began to reveal itself behind his tone. He couldn’t help himself. Rich had been distant for a while, and frankly Jake couldn’t wrap his brain around the situation. He pried more than he should have all week, but seeing Rich run out the door during the party sent Jake’s anxieties spiraling out of control. Somehow, it reminded him of his parents. Distancing themselves from him for so long, eventually leading to them leaving him on his own. He couldn’t see Rich go through that as well. He couldn’t go through it all again with the only other person he truly trusted. He had to pry. At the point, he was out of options. Rich glanced at him, taking a hit from his joint as he rested his foot against Michael’s car parked out front.

“Don’t know what to tell you, man. Told you I was fine. Go back inside and enjoy your party.” Silver streams of smoke escaped Rich’s parted lips as he exhaled slowly, taking in his environment. Jake stood no more than three feet away, arms crossed against his red jacket as the low hum of music echoed from down the street. He tapped his foot impatiently as Rich slid up to the hood of the car, resting his feet on the bumper with his back slouched. A glossed look hazed over his eyes as he ignored Jake’s presence, and continued smoking.

“I… I’m not good with this sort of thing, but-“

“Neither am I. So let’s stop there.” Rich interrupted as his lisp became more pronounced. Jake could tell he spiked Rich’s irritation by the sudden excessive slip up of his s’s. He took a step forward, admiring the short boy’s eyes for a moment. Red and hazy, he noted the remarkable strike of color his irises took whenever lighting was limited, as if the ocean was cursed with a sudden gloomy storm.  Jake rubbed his hands together, fidgeting around as if physically searching for his next words.

“I know something’s up and I…” Jake cursed to himself, wondering how Michael and Jeremy were able to be so open with each other with ease, while Jake felt his gut twisting up in terror, as if he’d break down any minute. It wasn’t his job to help Rich figure out his problems, but his thoughts didn’t stop him from getting closer to the car. Rich took a glance at Jake, one that was longer than before. Jake’s throat ran dry as he tried shaking away the dizziness from five shots.

“I want and… need.” The last word came out as weak and fragile as cracked glass. Unable to conjure the correct verbal expression to his emotions, Jake sighed.

“Need you. I need you to be okay and to want to be able to tell me what’s wrong because if you’re not okay, a-and then you think you’re okay without me and I just…” Jake stumbled over his words, the last shots from the night settled into his system as more words tumbled out than he anticipated. Rich’s eyes widen as he hoped off the hood of the car, inching closer to Jake and resting his hands around Jake’s arms.

“Whoa, man. Listen, you’re gonna be okay. You…” He paused.

“You don’t need me. No one here at this party needs me. Jeremy, Chloe, Christine, none of them!” Rich leaned closer to Jake’s face, staring up at him in attempts to calm Jake’s breathing down to a steady pace. Jake shook his head, colors around him distorting as he focused on Rich.

“W-what’re you talking about?” Jake couldn’t tell how slurred his speech was, but it was clear enough for Rich to understand. He stepped back a few inches, looking around as if to search for an eavesdropper before returning his attention to Jake.

“I can still hear it. Every night, I hear my squip yelling at me, taunting me about how I fucked up everyone’s lives. I get tormented about how I burned your house down last year, and how everyone has nightmares about their squips returning. And I can’t be around you guys as a reminder. This is all my fault, and if I slowly fade away, then maybe I don’t have to serve as that painful reminder.” Jake glanced over to Rich’s gesture to his burns. Pain hollowed out the usual life in Rich’s eyes as he noticed the tears forming in the corners. Jake was too drunk to tell if he had been crying or if it was because of the pot. He had so many unspoken words, and couldn’t understand which ones his brain wanted him to say.

“R-Rich. Without all that crap last year, I wouldn’t have met the best people in my life. None of us would be celebrating together if it wasn’t for you. Who cares if it was unorthodox? That’s always been you. You live life differently than everyone else and your squip claims it knows you the best but that’s bullshit. Y-you are amazing, and adventurous, and I can’t stop smiling whenever you enter a room a-and I just always wanna feel like that with you cause… Uh…” Jake lost his train of thought, unable to recall any of what he just said. He looked down at Rich, awe-stuck with his gorgeous eyes wide open, staring right back at him. He wasn’t sure what he meant to do next. Part of him wanted to pass out, while another wanted to say more. He ended up attempting to go in to hug Rich, but he drunkenly missed, and ended up falling into arms in a messy kiss. Jake’s conscious cleared for a brief moment, not fully understanding what he was doing. He felt his heart race as Rich pulled him down closer to him, the freckled boy’s back against the neighbor’s lawn with the smell of pot exchanged between them. Jake tangled his fingers through Rich’s hair, not entirely sure how much time had passed before they pulled apart. Rich smiled wide, his tooth gap exposed for Jake to admire. Jake let out a snorted laugh, the alcohol now completely tuning his brain out, but not before Rich kissing his cheek and adding,

“Okay, let’s talk after the party.”

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