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Hola guys, I’m back! Splendour was absolutely incredible. It was just so much fun and the best experience ever - I highly recommend going if you’ve ever considered it, it is totally worth the money. Even though I now have the sucky Splendour flu and my legs don’t remember how to walk on stable, dry land. I have never seen so much mud in my life. Going back to uni today was potentially the most depressing thing ever; I’ve got the Splendour blues real bad. FYI, don’t expect the Splendy Insta spam to end, I still have so many cute piccies to share. Thank you to the few of you who said hello - you made my day!

To help me deal with my intense sulk, I donned this incredible fringe skirt from Stelly this afternoon and pretended I was frolicking in a paddock with my girl gang instead of alone in an industrial estate. It is just such a soft and groovy skirt; I’m already mentally planning future outfits. Bascially, I’m obsessed. 

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Jack Osbourne And Lisa Stelly Introduce Newborn Daughter Andy Rose

Jack Osbourne has introduced daughter Andy Rose to the world, a month after wife Lisa Stelly gave birth.

And, obviously, she’s all kinds of adorable. Congrats, guys!

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The 29-year-old sat down with his family, including three-year-old daughter Pearl, for a photoshoot with Hello! Magazine, revealing how lucky he feels to have had a second child after Lisa’s tragic miscarriage two years ago.

Speaking to the magazine, he explained: “Pearl is such an awesome kid and we can already tell that Andy’s amazing.

“It’s the weirdest thing when you already have one child, who you love so much. I look at Pearl and I think, ‘How can I have this twice?’.”

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Grandma Sharon Osbourne is equally as besotted with her second granddaughter, saying: "She’s like a precious little peanut - I’m just so happy. This is what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

You’ve hit the nail on the head, Sharon.

As well as gushing over their newest family member, Lisa also opened up about her miscarriage, which she suffered in her second trimester in 2013.

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She admitted: “Losing a baby really does do a lot of damage personally and to the whole family. I needed to take some time and come to terms with our loss.”

They waited a year before Lisa became pregnant with Andy, with the gorgeous mumma adding: “I’m really glad we did. When I got pregnant, I was fully prepared.

“It wasn’t like a Band-Aid. I still have moments here and there, of course.”

The pair suffered another scary moment when Lisa was involved in a car accident in May, but luckily, her and the baby were fine.

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At the time, she took to Instagram to say: “Baby is fine, but I am losing my mind up in here! Cried on the phone with Pearl bc I wasn’t there tonight to put her to sleep.

“Feeling so much sympathy for the women who have to be in this unit on bed rest for weeks and months due to serious complications. My heart goes out to you.”

We’re glad everyone’s okay, and we’re sending them a load of congratulations on such a beautiful little family!

To read the full interview, pick up the latest copy of Hello!

Kendall Jenner, wearing Jonathan Simkhai Oil Spill crop sweater, Solace London Stellis trousers, Sophia Webster Coco pumps, Louis Vuitton key pouch and Linda Farrow sunglasses, seen leaving Fred Segal with her sister Kylie, 10.07.2015


“My art can be called a theory of possibility for meeting with the gods… Invisible God;s in-person (Jewish, Islamic etc.) and prove that humans where very wrong when they created you all” - Interview with Paul Jaisini, “New Times” 1997 by Stelly Richie
Via Flickr:
“My art can be called a theory of possibility for meeting with the gods… Invisible God;s in-person (Jewish, Islamic etc.) and prove that humans where very wrong when they created you all” - Interview with Paul Jaisini, “New Times” 1997
Merchant /art dealer vs Paul Jaisini" Merchant: -How different are you from any other artists? For instance we will pay you a million dollars for your invisible art. Your invisible art is an instrument to realize your American dream. You belong to the same social structure as everyone else, using the same money and eating the same food. All you want is to over-smart the others. Paul Jaisini: -"Yes, I would take your million dollars, — is the answer. – So that there will be the next artist who will want to take a million dollars by the means of Invisible art. And this how the new art begins. This is how I turn your million dollars into the Invisible Million dollars. This is how the people will follow me because they had survived the devaluation of currency, the devaluation of the social systems as they had exploded with the end of human morality When the people were left without spiritual meaning in their life except the material survival. The Material morality is the one to finally bankrupt what is known as the civilized world. The promises of the new better era that will start in 2000 hadn’t come true. And it only got worse. The beginning of the end, if you will, when the morality was traded for the material values once and for all. The beginning of my invisible painting is like a revolutionary pamphlet with a slogan “bring down the king.” Why a true artist needs money? To buy time otherwise he can’t create the invisible painting. He sells himself as a prostitute and no longer thinks of the aspirations to achieve the invisible masterpiece. He had lost what was the original drive — his unique idea of creation. Now he is given the idea, what to paint, how to paint and get paid for it. If the artist refuses to commit to the social needs and what the society wants of him, he simply dies, ousted from the marketplace. Your million dollars helps to make the big-time Invisible art. For some people Invisible art is same as Communism, it destroys the material values these people possess. The diamonds turn into glass, the gold — simple metal. Nobody needs the old values when the Invisible painting had changed the perception." [rare documented online conversation with Paul Jaisini - date unknown)]

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