50 Pretty Words

I think I’d like to spend a life collecting beautiful words, like a magpie collects shiny things. So here’s 50 of them.

1) STELLIFEROUS: having or abounding with stars.

2) AEONIAN: eternal or everlasting.

3) JOCUND: marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness.

4) IRENIC: tending to promote peace or reconciliation.

5) WEIRD: relating to, or caused by, witchcraft or the supernatural. 

6) ETHEREAL: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

7) AMARANTHINE: immortal and everlasting beauty.

8) ANGELIC: (of a person) exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind.

9) KINESICS: a systematic study of the relationship between non-linguistic body motions (such as blushes, shrugs or eye movement) and communication.

10) EPOCH: a particular time in history or a person’s life.

11) HALYCON: defining a period of time characterised at idyllic, haooy and peaceful. 

12) VIGNETTE: a picture that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper.

13) KOMOREBI: sunlight filtering through trees.

14) SYBARITIC: characterised by or loving luxury or sensuous pleasure.

15) LABYRINTHINE: twisting and turning.

16) INTERNECINE: mutually destructive.

17) FRISSON: an intense moment of excitement.

18) EPHEMERAL: lasting a very short time.

19) APOSIOPESIS: a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to continue.

20) DULCET: sweet, sugary.

21) SOLILOQUY: the act of talking to oneself.

22) OPULENT: lush, luxuriant.

23) CRYOPHILIC: preferring or thriving at low temperatures.

24) ZEPHYR: a gentle breeze.

25) SUSURROUS: whispering, hissing.

26) PULCHRITUDE: physical comeliness.

27) DESIDERATA: things wanted or needed.

28) EPIPHANY: a sudden revelation.

29)  SCINTILLA: a spark or very small thing.

30) LISSOME: slender and graceful.

31) ALPENGLOW: the reddish glow often seen at the top of a mountain just before sunrise or just after sunset.

32) INCANDESCENCE: light produced by high temperatures.

33) HALE: free from defect or disease.

34) EFFERVESCENCE: bubbles in a liquid.

35) AMATIVE: disposed to love.

36) PASTICHE: an art work combining materials from various sources.

37) LILT: to move musically or lively.

38) NIMIETY: excess or overabundance.

39) QUANTAL: of, relating to, or having only two experimental alternatives (such as all or nothing, dead or alive).

40) HIRAETH: a homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was.

41) INTERSTITIAL: pertaining to, situated in, or forming small or narrow spaces or intervals between things.

42) EFFLORESCENCE: flowering, blooming.

43) PARAPRAXIS: a slip of the tongue or pen that reveals unconscious wishes or attitudes.

44) LOQUACIOUS: talking or tending to talk much or freely.

45) INFATUATION: an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

46) CUPIDITY: eager or excessive desire.

47) CELESTIAL: positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.  

48) SUPERCILIOUS: a person or facial expression which expresses disdain or contempt.

49) SYLVAN: relating to, or inhabiting the woods.

50) INEFFABLE: too great to be expressed in words.

Harry is the twenty-six year old librarian at Niall’s university, and Niall is the eighteen-year-old kid who likes fun-colored socks and outdated bands and getting into trouble at the worst of times and calling Harry daddy, and Harry just wants Niall to be okay, really, but Niall just wants Harry.

13.6k of growing affection, borderline love, and mentions of attempted sexual assault, mentions of murder, suicide, abortion, death, and [kind of] verbal abuse, but there’s also daddy/baby boy and daddy-dom/little-boy, too, as well as orgasm denial and body worship and a blowjob against the wall that leaves Harry’s soul shaking because he adores Niall so much.

Men Like Me is part two of five [part one]. 

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i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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