stellate hairs


And the winner is …

Here are some of the winners from Science’s annual Visualization Challenge - you can see lots more here.

  1. Top image: “Invisible Coral Flows” by Vicente I. Fernandez, Orr H. Shapiro, Melissa S. Garren, Assaf Vardi, Roman Stocker (MIT).  The cilia of coral polyps stir up the water, helping them get food and dispose of nutrients.
  2. Middle image: “Stellate leaf hairs on Deutzia scabra” by Stephen Francis Lowry (Steve Lowry Photography). A technique called polarized light microscopy reveals the fine structure of the leaves of Fuzzy Duetzia.
  3. Bottom image: “Cortex in Metallic Pastels” by Greg Dunn, Brian Edwards (Greg Dunn Design), Marty Saggese (SfN), Tracy Bale (UPenn), and Rick Huganir (Johns Hopkins University). Dunn used gold leaf, aluminum and acrylic dye to show the layered cellular structure of the cerebral cortex. Dunn: “The neurons are painted by a technique wherein pigments are blown across the canvas using jets of air, a technique that closely emulates the spontaneous, random branching patterns of actual neurons.”