I drew Rosie the Riveter, Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, Cleopatra, Beyonce and Wonder Woman for an article titled ‘I AM A FEMINIST’ which is now up on the Ideas at the House blog for your enjoyment.

I’ve done quite a few commissions for the Opera House of the last month or so and its been really fun.

I’ll have some time over the next month if anyone wants commissioned portraits or illustrations of any kind. Just shoot me an email if you’re keen!

‘The Witching Hour’ (2014), Stellar Leuna

The term 'witching hour’ refers to the time of day (being midnight) where creatures such as demons, ghosts and witches are thought to be at their most powerful and when black magic is believed to be most effective. Women were thought to be witches if caught out after midnight without a legitimate reason to do so.