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Ok so I've been playing Pokemon go recently and I was wondering if you could do like a scenario/headcanon about the konoha 11 + their senseis playing Pokemon go and like their teams or smth? Idk I just really love your blog and naruto and Pokemon go lol thanks!!

  • Sakura likes to tease Naruto because he looks a lot like Spark. Naruto doesn’t see the resemblance.
  • Ino and Sakura weren’t all that into the game until they found out the other also played it; then it was an all-out war.
  • Team 8 are all on the same team (Team Valor) and the game has improved their teamwork (which was already stellar) vastly. They work together constantly, and have been in ownership of the gym at training ground 3 for a month.
  • Lee loves the game because he sees it as a fun way to train. He hatches at least three eggs every day.
  • Tenten names her pokemon after her friends.
  • Naruto and Sakura beg Kakashi for days to download the app, and he’s rather reluctant because he sees is as a waste of time, but when he finally caves in, he becomes addicted to it.
  • There’s a pokestop at the Yamanaka Flower Shop. Ino boasts about her luck to anybody who will listen.
  • Sasuke only plays when Naruto persuades him to, which means he only has a charmander and three pidgeys.
  • Shino only bothers to catch bug-type pokemon. 

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So I wan’t happy with the way Lavellan was turning out in the picture earlier so I went ahead and redrew her in a much more natural looking pose and a more detailed outfit. The upside is that I like this Lavellan a lot more, the downside is that the project as a whole is going to take a few more days now. Gotta recolor everything and all, the saving grace is that the background is still usable.

On an unrelated note, I realized my works look different on my laptop and cellphone. On my laptop Lavellan looks pale with a hint of yellow, on my cellphone she just looks yellow. My reaction was “??????????????” but then I realized why so many tags were “I love the colors!” or “and the vibrancy” I’m starting to get a little worried about what my works actually looks like to you guys….

Good Thursday….

My coffee guy decided to half price my caffeine #wakeupwin

Been a stellar week, work wise this week….it never feels like work when I am at one of my old stores. Between “remember when” & Cosco hot dog day….the days flash by.

I need boxes…and a new apartment. October 1st….I am doing this! Change good…control even better….my own home will be best!


Printmakers as a group tend to be a generous, friendly sort of bunch. With this in mind I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I was greeted by Tom Murphy, Founder of South East Print Studio that I found  him to be exactly that - what a winner. SEPS is currently in a temporarily downsized state between studios but Tom has set up the studio in the most organized and economical manner and I think it’s really a testament to the quality of work that can be produced even when space is tight. 

Tom has structured the studio to focus on contract work for early career and established artists around the UK and he is currently printing some really stellar work. He also prints at the London screenprinting powerhouse K2 and the quality of his printing really reflects that added experience. Expect very big things from this fellow!


Guys, actually Ladies, 

I just want to apologize for my lack of/sporadic posting these last few months. I recently started a new job and things have been insane. Not only am I working non-stop, but I unfortunately walked into a pretty crappy situation and a not so stellar work environment so that has been eating up pretty much all of my mental space. I promise I’m not going away! I’m just asking that you be a leeettlle patient with me as I am hoping (praying to all the gods) that the work situation becomes easier or that I stop letting it eat away at me.

Look at all the amazing Bismuth pieces that @nickfriederich_amf brought me– he made them!! Bringing me rocks pretty much makes us best friends for life, whether you like it or not.
Thanks again sweet one- all of these gifts.. Totally made my day. And if anyone wants to check out some DROP-DEAD STELLAR tattoo work give him a follow. His artwork is simply insane!! 🤘🏻💘💞❤️

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