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Yoooooo just got the guard and pickups for @leoleoband’s Super~Sonic reissue! I’d say “@curtis_novak_pickups does it again” but that might imply that his work isn’t always freaking on point as it is. Stellar work. These fools are going to look great on Disco Kat!

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anonymous asked:

Apparently Kaze has joined Corrin as a Retainer. How do you think he'll fare, given the other retainers Corrin has?

“Given Corrin’s other retainers. Shall we review? We have a distinguished knight in his autumn years, a pony-tailed hooligan, one maid who cannot pour tea to save her life, and another with conflicting loyalties… I believe Kaze should fit right in.

In all seriousness, good stranger, Kaze may just stand out as one of Corrin’s best retainers. From the impression I got of the man, he seems to have an even demeanour and a stellar work ethic. While I did note that Corrin’s other retainers were unable to see eye to eye in certain respects, I believe that Kaze’s cool temperament shall help him work well with his new allies… providing that a certain butler does not take the good ninja’s presence as a threat to his position and try to undermine him at every opportunity.”

you. are. veeerryy. special.
  • I was such a stellar dj at work today, one of the editors asked me to send the playlist. Booking info in bio
  • For those who follow me on snapchat: my hair isn’t fire engine red, that was great lighting and a bomb filter. It’s still the burgundy/faded purple its always been
  • My brother is here to visit me!  hang out with Virgil Abloh and friends
  • Some of my friends are coming down for Panaroma, so of course my weekend will consist of drinking, the squeezing of and the throwing back of ass cheeks
  • I’m in a good mood today and I was doing that thing where I smile without knowing it…not the best idea on these Brooklyn streets  
  • “today is brand new day, and you can fuck it up anyway you like, don’t let anyone else have such privilege

its a beautiful day in Brooklyn, but not nearly as beautiful as you, I hope you’re enjoying it xxoo 

All this fake concern about Jen’s social media followers is equally making me laugh and making me angry.

No need to be concerned. Jennifer Morrison is an award winning actor and director that has worked in the business for three decades. The follower count of her social media is not something that is going to effect the stellar work she has done and continues to do.

Kindly take your latest attempt to trash her and try focusing your energy on something to celebrate your fave instead!

im so sick of people that don’t even take stellar’s hard work, improvement and talent into account and ONLY ever fucking remember marionette. i get it, you are an ugly and stupid person and don’t realize how hard its been on them to even get to this point of getting the smallest fraction of care like i fucking get it. i’ve followed them since their first debut under shinhwa’s eric and they’ve changed, and improved vastly over the years but all everyone thinks of them is the impression they made from marionette and enough. when they promoted study nobody gave a flying fuck because its a ‘cute’ concept, and when they started on a sexy route suddenly they are a ‘disgrace to women’ fuck off. sorry you can’t truly realize the growth and hardship that they’ve been through to just stay together, all the fucking while releasing hit after hit. sorry you can’t find one thing about them that you love and admire even when they have so much hidden potential and ability and sorry you cherish your nasty sweaty boyband member’s image way more than the actual careers of these hardworking girls fucking sorry

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The Alya you posted earlier with the orange/brown scheme is absolutely gorgeous. I would've put it in the tags but I know that you probably wouldn't have seen it if so. Keep up the stellar work!!

I actually try to check all the tags on my art posts, but thank you <3