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khaleesivisanand asked:

Do you pray the rosary often? Do you find it helpful? Or do you prefer more personal prayer?

I generally pray the rosary when I need to let myself think–it’s a nice, repetitious rhythm that you can settle into during the first decade; after that it becomes rote, and you just let it unspool, let it bring down your heart rate and center you.

For everything else, though, I prefer personal prayers. And I use the word “prayer” in the looses sense of the word, generally I just…talk in an upwards direction, while doing dishes, or falling asleep.

Industrial room by innety featuring flower planters ❤ liked on Polyvore

Arteriors iron lighting, £415 / Biker shades, £240 / Restoration Hardware wall art, £350 / OKA flower planter / C F burlap home decor, £42 / Lettering sign, £46 / European sofa, £1,355 / Belle Meade Signature wing chair, £1,090 / CasaMia 3 shelf bookcase, £610 / CasaMia black table, £235 / Design House Stockholm furniture, £300 / DIAMOND, £220
Royal Tour: Kate Middleton in Australia and New Zealand - The Red Coat

Royal Tour: Kate Middleton in Australia and New Zealand - The Red Coat by of-simple-things featuring a jonathan adler rug ❤ liked on Polyvore
Tory Burch tube dress, $200 / Cashmere coat / Yves Saint Laurent suede pumps / Ted Baker black bow bag / Betsey Johnson rhodium earrings / Silver engagement ring / Retro hat / Jonathan adler rug
Eco-Industrial Chic

Eco-Industrial Chic by sanguine-marble featuring colored furniture ❤ liked on PolyvoreSucculent pot

Agate bookend

Iron home decor

Oak media console

Swedese low back chair
$2,015 -

Colored furniture

Boho & Co Trees Two Green - Coasters Set of 4

Set of 2 Industrial Loft Metal Numbers on Stands Set

Lexi Alexander Gives Us a Raw Sneak Peek at How Progress Got Stopped at the DGA
Something of importance and tererribly sad happened last night

at the DGA. Something we probably wouldn’t have heard much about if it wasn’t for the stellar work filmmaker Lexi Alexander has been doing without rest for months and months now, about tackling conversations Hollywood does not want to see tackled, from piracy to gender equality.

Last night at the DGA, the Ramaa Mosley motion was put to vote, to see if it would move to the next step, i.e. be considered by the DGA National Board.
The Ramaa Mosley motion asked a seemingly simple thing: that women and men of all ethnicities be separated into two categories. Why is that? Because at the moment, ‘the ethnic minority’ category includes both male and women, which means that by hiring a male director from this category, Studios comply with all quotas and don’t have to worry about the terrible, terrible task of hiring a woman (an ethnic woman!).

From Alexander’s tweets, it seems that the room was mostly composed of women filmmakers, and yet, it was denied.

By Natalie Sejean (and the tremendous Lexi Alexander) at the above link.




Galerie Junger + Taittinger present the Taittinger Collection Bottle Launch in China 

Clovis Taittinger, 4th generation of the Taittinger family, is currently export director of the Champagne house. He lives in Paris with his wife Corentine and his Children Alice and Alexis.

Taittinger is the reference for the most fine, feminine, light, delicate and elegant champagne. Its an esthetic champagne that resembles beautiful women, its also a champagne that never deceives.”- Clovis Taittinger


Filled with a Champagne Shower, Galerie Junger celebrated the famous French Champagne brand,Taittinger , through a Collection Bottle Launch for a Private Auction in Shanghai on March 15th at DMU’s beautiful and minimalistic Lifestyle Studio covered in Stellar Works Furniture and a great solo exhibition by one of the most praised and up coming Chinese artist Kim Xu.

Champagne is a relatively new wine that is about 300 years old. When it comes to the great Champagne houses, Taittinger is a newcomer and one of the last remaining houses that is still family owned. Today, Clovis and his father are running the Champagne house on global worldwide scale.

Having a conversation with Clovis, he freely explains his opinions and thoughts of the Champagne industry in the Chinese Marketplace.

 “Champagne is currently undergoing a full scale dynamic growth for the Chinese Market. However, the consumers still need education on the history as well as the time to discover the culture and “savoir faire” of our Champagne house and Champagne in general. There is no speculative bubble and the day the Chinese will become highly curious for Champagne, will be the start of a new era and story for the champagne history.

Moreover the French trade-show Bettane + Dessauve in Shanghai is an excellent form of education for the consumer as it reunites the elite French wine community to the Chinese public.”

Galerie Junger: Bridge 8, 7 Jumen road, Shanghai by nahed-samer featuring a crate and barrel sectional ❤ liked on Polyvore

Cut out sweater, $34 / Superdry over coat / New Fashion Women’s Splicing Leather Slim Zipper Pants Black / Pointed toe stiletto / Pu handbag / Flower stud earrings / Stellar Works matte screen, $3,565 / Crate and barrel sectional / DwellStudio mirror / Memory Box Wood Mounted Stamp Journey Collage

Art of Life" Group Exhibition, Private Vernissage Party, Shanghai

Design DMU Celebrated its grand opening and strategic partnership with Galerie Junger through a Private Vernissage Cocktail Party and Silent Auction with Taittinger Bottles for Charity on January 17th 2014.
The exhibition, “Art of Life” featured 6 Chinese artists and international artists from Austria, China, Germany and the United States.