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The Quintessentials | Illustrated Trading Cards Set

The Scarlet Sorcerer

Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Fireblood Pen
Special Attack: De Profundis
Secret Identity: Oscar Wilde

The Cinemancer
Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Luminary and Sound Slinger
Special Attack: Ora Pro Nobis
Secret Identity: Lino Brocka

The Galactic Gladiator
Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Stellar Magiphone and Tuning Sword
Special Attack: Bohemian Rhapsody
Secret Identity: Freddie Mercury

(hi my name is FIRST CHILD,
the real first child
of a woman i call my mother
and a man six feet under
and my mother did her damnedest
to keep me away from my father
for reasons kept a mystery.
when he talks to his new kids,
my name is preceded by “sister”
so they never forget this ghost is a
half-sister, barely there
on the edges of their reality
and then he died
and i came by
and we spent time together
and we love each other
aunts and uncles to my own kids
half-related, full-hearted)
hi my name is FIRST CHILD
call me canary in the coal mine
i don’t want you to teach me
i don’t want you to hug me
i don’t want you to pity me
i’ve done it all myself from day one
lies drip from my mouth like
blood drips from yours
if i can hold it, it’s mine
and if i can dream it, it’s mine
and if you touch what’s mine
you’ll pay more than you can afford
i’m the example and the leader
but don’t insult me with your pedestal
i’m no shining white angel
from my sins and discoveries
i’ll build my own throne
hi my name is SECOND CHILD
head in the clouds, heart on my sleeve
and if you want disaster,
if you want a story told true,
if you want blood self-spilled,
if you want tales told to trees,
i’m your go-to pal, gal.
i’ll bloody my knuckles for kith and kin,
but lock me in my bedroom,
set me to sleep in the bathroom,
give me bread and water once a day,
leave me bruises when you go,
and expect my tearful apology
in 1-3 business days.
text, don’t call, or i’ll assume the worst
no, you can’t come into my room
approach softly, no sudden movements,
and my bleeding heart may slow.
hi my name is THIRD CHILD
the likes of which you’ve never seen
a mind like a steel trap
and a soul like a ship bottle
though a boy, i am a mother
of a hundred spiders, a thousand tadpoles
and a language born of my tics
and jokes and calls and stims
and am i ever a whiz at math and science!
how many beatings till blood flows?
how many skipped meals till sobs stop?
how much can my fragile body take?
how many wrong ways are there to
be a normal person?
be a good son?
be a real man?
according to my calculations,
when abuse is set to zero
i do just fucking fine.
who’d have thought?
hi my name is FOURTH CHILD
but don’t call me that
i can’t wait to be out of here
perfect attendance, stellar grades,
fine-tuned appearance to all peers.
image perfected by blows and neglect.
fewer, now, i mellow him out.
that’s what happens with perfection.
but if you have CHILD blood like me
i will rip you apart
and wear your body parts as ornaments
so my friends tell me i’m marvelous
i’ll sell family secrets for love
i don’t know where to love
i can harm whoever i want because
my family will always love me
my family will never leave me
…. right?
oh, who needed you, anyway.
hi my name is FIFTH CHILD
and if i raise my voice, you’ll hear me
from a scalding mother and icy father
i’ve arrived with a warming charm
by now, the others have taken the blows
but they’ve also taken the titles.
but don’t tell me what’s left, i’ll find it
trust me to find the scapegoats
trust me to defend the friendless
trust me to help the weak
trust me to heal the hurt
i cried when the picture came from iraq
and i saw my dad with a sidearm
i was the only one who was worried
i knew he wouldn’t come back safely
i don’t know the right thing to do
i don’t know the right thing to be
but i’ll do the searching myself
and don’t you ask what i’m doing
you know i’ll answer
“my best”
hi my name is SIXTH CHILD
and i don’t know if i count just yet
i was mostly spared the cruelty
but my father died when i was too young
and i can’t remember his voice
no trophies on the shelf have my name
when the others’ minds outpace mine
and they don’t give ribbons for heart.
and just as i am growing into myself
my family is leaving me alone
one by one, right after the other
and coming back a year later
FIRST, by learning the hard way
SECOND, by doctor’s orders
THIRD, just for the summer, why not
my eyes see color like no one else sees
my heart sees pain like no one else sees
my voice is too tremulous to be heard
but my hands heal what they can
and more than anyone else’s
if you see me, wave hello,
and maybe you’ll see me smile
—  DYNAMICS by nephopsychus

Friday, August 11: Accept, “Bound to Fail”

“Bound to Fail” was an ironic but prophetic title for Metal Heart’s closing track, since Accept’s crack at capturing a mainstream audience didn’t get them very far.  That said, the tune was a worthy anthem on the level of many great Accept tunes, with stellar Wolf Hoffmann intro and outro solos, a perfectly calibrated galloping march from Peter Baltes and Stefan Kaufmann, and Udo Dirkschneider’s inimitable caterwaul.  Even if Dieter Dierks’ production smoothed out some of the rougher edges, “Bound to Fail” was still prime Accept, raging with cantankerous spirit and demonstrating not only why the band was so unique, but also why they had no shot in hell at reaching Scorpions-level stardom.  Still, the song ended Metal Heart with as much style as the record’s monumental opening title track, and ultimately was a fine capper to Accept’s glory years.

I’ve been waiting till today for this video to drop for a new Wake Up, a new single from an exciting hip hop artist named NF. Gorgeous, melting melodies start up the 23 year old Michigan native’s stellar tune, but Wake Up quickly launches into solemn, dramatic intensity. Transfixing and fierce, the song quickly convinced me that Nate Feuerstein is an up and comer to watch. There’s an alt quality to his music that evokes Linkin Park and a raw energy that reminds me of Eminem. Wake Up is off NF’s self titled EP from last summer. A debut full length is in the works for spring, and Wake Up is its new single. Watch the video below, then listen to another superb, engrossing NF song, All I Have below it.

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This last photo of Katy Perry during the halftime show at the Super Bowl last night should be captioned: “Now that I have shown you the way, go forth and be startorialists. All of you." 

I leave it to Emily to find our more about who Katy Perry’s costume designer might be in the hopes that we can both look this stellar one day. Stay tuned. ;)

- Summer

I’ve been to my share of fests, but I’ve yet to go to Coachella, or legendary Woodstock. I know, huge mistakes. But Jon Bellion’s new song, Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction), sure tells a great tale to fill that empty void. Woodstock is a stellar Bellion tune, showcasing his finely crafted, signature indie pop meets electronic and hip hop sound. The ornately sugared tune is a bold reminder why Jon Bellion has such a bevy of devoted fans. With the new track comes an announcement that he’ll be embarking on a 27 city national headline tour set to start May 26th. I happened to catch this guy in San Francisco during his fall tour last year, and boy, did he kill it. It’s no surprise. He is a Grammy winner, since he contributed to Eminem and Rihanna’s The Monster. Watch for a huge break out year for Jon.

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First of all, let me just congratulate Charli XCX on making it into the big league charts with longstanding chart stars Boom Clap and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy. It’s no surprise, considering we all knew how adept Charli XCX is at crafting stellar pop tunes since we first heard songs like Nuclear Season and Stay Away some years ago. Then, of course, came Icona Pop’s I Love It, too. Charli XCX is currently working on a pop flavored sophomore album, and I can’t wait to hear the direction she takes on it. In the meantime, check out this fierce remix of Boom Clap by New York electropop duo ASTR, who’ve been rising up the buzz charts of late themselves.

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Synthis - Dreamchaser Stargazer

anonymous asked:

this is going a bit out there, but how do you think deacon would react to finding out he's in a video game

He probably asks, “Wait, do I really sound like that?” once or twice.

I bet it’s a mixture of flattered and fearful because of course people would want to take him adventuring for his quippy banter, show tunes, and stellar company, but then instantly worried that they’re gonna figure out his secrets.

But I bet he’d be a little overwhelmed that he has as many fans as he does, honestly. Plenty of people in his game-life write him off, don’t know him, and keep him at arms length but here’s a whole mess of people who are like “HE LIES ALL THE TIME BUT HE TRIES TO TEACH LESSONS AND SOMETIMES I CATCH HIM IN HIS UNDERWEAR AND I’VE SHOT HIM LIKE TEN TIMES BECAUSE HE’S ALWAYS DRESSED UP LIKE THE ENEMY AND HERE’S SEVERAL THOUSAND WORDS OF META ABOUT HIM. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS. HE’S SO GREAT I LOVE THAT DUDE.”